Emigration: John McKearney, Declaration of Citizenship, 1847

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File contributed by:  Liz Dow (juliegoolyyarmouth@yahoo.com)


State of Maine, Cumberland SS. Be it remembered that on this 
thirtieth day of March A.D., 1847 before Charles C. HARMON, 
Esquire, clerk Protem of the Judicial Courts, within and for 
the County of Cumberland aforesaid, personally appears John 
McKEARNEY late of Sidney in the County of Kennebec now of 
Portland in the County of Cumberland and by his Declaration 
represents that he was born at Glynn in the County of 
Limerick in Ireland in the year of our Lord one thousand 
eight hundred and nineteen under allegiance to the King of 
Great-Britain and Ireland, that he came from Ireland on or 
about the second day of May A.D. 1842 and on or about the 
twenty sixth day of June A.D. 1842 arrived at St. John New 
Brunswick and afterwards to wit in the Spring of 1843 
arrived in Sidney aforesaid where he continued to reside 
until the Spring of 1845 and from thence he came to Portland 
afore said, in which city and its vicinity he has ever since 
continued to reside, with intention of making said  Portland 
his settled place of residence and he here on oath declares 
that it was bona fide his intention to become a citizen of 
the United States, and renounce forever all allegiance and 
fidelity to any foreign Prince, Potentate State or 
Sovereignty whatever, and particularly all allegiance and 
fidelity to Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great 
Britain and Ireland whose natural born subject he is and 
thereupon prays, that this, his Declaration of Intention may 
be received and recorded and a certificate thereof granted 
so that in due time, he may be admitted a citizen of said 
States, according to the laws of the same.


Received and sworn to this thirtieth day of March A.D. 1847 
Attest Chas. C Harmon, Clerk Protem aforesaid. Cumberland 
SS. Superior Judicial Court April Term A.D. 1847. The 
foregoing was entered in this Court at the term, and ordered 
to be put on file and recorded. Attest, Chas. C. Harmon, 
Clerk Protem of said Court

(This is my ggggrandfather. I currently live in the home he 
and his wife, Mary Scanlon McKearney built in 1847 in 
Yarmouth Maine.)