Emigration: Hamilton, Michael;  Kings Co., NY - 1915

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File contributed by: C. Hunt

Hamilton, Michael; Declaration of Intention - 1915

No. 48691
Name: Michael HAMILTON
Age: 38
Occupation: Fireman
Color: White
Complexion: Fair
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150
Hair Color: mixed Gray
Eye Color: Blue
Marks: none
Where Born: Limerick City Ireland
Date of Birth: 2 Dec 1876
Resides: 193 Court St., Brooklyn, NY
Emigrated from: Queenstown Ireland
Vessel: Oceanic
Foreign Residence was: Limerick City Ireland
Arrived at Port of: New York, NY
Date of Arrival: 20 Jul 1904
Date Sworn: 8 Mar 1915

The Declaration of Intention was the first step in becoming 
a U.S. Citizen. It is also called First Papers. After 1906 
it was a 3 step process to become a citizen. First this 
Declaration. Then the Petition for Naturalization and when 
the Petition was granted the person became a citizen and got 
their citizenship.

Source: FHL #2314450