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Crooms was a small post town and parish, partly in the 
barony of Pubblebrien, but chiefly in that of Cashma, county 
of Limerick

NAME                             ADDRESS                  OCCUPATION

Bailey, Henry (Rev.)             Croom                    Curate
Bailey, Henry (Rev.)             Parish Church            Curate
Bevan, Joseph, Esq.              Glyn Bevan               Gentry & Clergy
Boyes, John                                               Shopkeeper
Browne, David,                                            Cooper
Browning, Edward, Esq.           Clorhane                 Gentry & Clergy
Browning, Thos., Esq.            Carass Court             Gentry & Clergy
Buckley, Daniel                  National Schools         master
Buckley, Ellen                   National Schools         mistress
Burrowes, Elizabeth                                       Shopkeeper
Canehy, John                                              Shoemaker
Cantlow, John M., Esq.           Manister House           Gentry & Clergy
Carmody, Patrick                                          Public Houses
Castello, James                                           Public Houses
Clifford, Catherine              Poor Law Union           Matron
Collopy, Edmund                                           Shoemaker
Costello, Edward                 Poor Law Union           Schoolmaster
Costello, Richard                Poor Law Union           Clerk to the Board o
Costelloe, James                                          Grocer & Leather sel
Costelloe, Richard                                        Linen Draper
Croker, Edward (Rev.)            Glebe House              Gentry & Clergy
Croker, Edward (Rev.)            Parish Church            Rector
Croker, Thomas (Rev.)            Maryville                Gentry & Clergy
Crowley, Daniel                                           Tailor
Danaher, Bridget                                          Baker
Delaney, James                   Poor Law Union           Relieving Officers
Devaney, John                                             Tailor
Dickson, Samuel A. (Colonel)     the Castle               Gentry & Clergy (J.P
Duhigg, Michael                                           Butcher
Dundon, William                                           Public Houses
Dundon, William                                           Grocer
Dwyer, William                                            Carpenter
Evans, Mary                      Poor Law Union           Schoolmistress
Fitzgerald, John                                          Tailor
Gormly, Edward                   Poor Law Union           Governor
Graddy, John                                              Wheelwright & Shopke
Grady, John                                               Tailor
Grady, John                                               Blacksmith
Grady, Michael                                            Slater & Plasterer
Grifin, John                                              Shoe maker
Hanrahan, Patrick                                         Shopkeeper
Hartigan, Thomas                                          Shopkeeper
Hartnett, Lawrence (Rev.)        Tory Hill                Gentry & Clergy (P.P
Hartnett, Lawrence (Rev.)        Roman Catholic Chapel    P.P.
Hayes, James                                              Stone Mason
Hayes, John, (Rev.)              Tory Hill                Gentry & Clergy (C.C
Hayes, John, (Rev.)              Roman Catholic Chapel    Curates
Hewitt, Owen                                              Tailor
Higgins, James                                            Stone Mason
Kelly, Thomas                                             Grocer
Kelly, Thomas                                             Draper
Lee, John                                                 Public Houses
Liston, William                                           Public Houses
Liston, William                                           Baker
Lynan, Edward                                             Shopkeeper
Lyons, Henry                     Croom Mills              Corn Merchant & Mill
Lyons, Henry, Esq.               Croom House              Gentry & Clergy (J.P
Madigan, Eugene                                           Public Houses
Maxwell, Robert, Esq.            Islandmore               Gentry & Clergy
McDonald, William, Esq.          Betiville                Gentry & Clergy
McMahon, Daniel                                           Stone Mason
McMahon, John                                             Stone Mason
Molony, John                                              Painter & Glazier
Molony, Patrick                                           Painter & Glazier
Moriarty, James                                           Grocer
Mulcahy, James                                            Grocer
Murphy, John                                              Stone Mason
Murphy, William C.                                        Physician & Surgeon
Murphy, William C.               Poor Law Union           Medical Attendant
Nealon, John                                              Stone Mason
Nunan, James L.                                           Apothecary
O'Brien, Michael                                          Shoe maker
O'Brien, Patrick                                          Car Proprietor
O'Brien, Timothy                                          Butcher
O'Connell, James                                          Shopkeeper
O'Connell, Thomas                                         Shopkeeper
O'Flaherty, Matthew, Esq.        Donoman                  Gentry & Clergy
O'Grady, Jeremiah (Mr.)          Betiville                Gentry & Clergy
O'Shea, James (Rev.)             Tory Hill                Gentry & Clergy (C.C
O'Shea, James (Rev.)             Roman Catholic Chapel    Curates
Parsons, Francis                 Poor Law Union           Relieving Officers
Phillips, Nicholas               Constabulary Barracks    Head Constable
Power, Mary                                               Shopkeeper
Rahilty, Catherine                                        Public Houses
Renahan, John                                             Carpenter
Renahan, Thomas                                           Carpenter
Renehan, Matthew                                          Draper
Renshaw, Mathw.                                           Public Houses
Roche, David, Sir                Carass Mills             Corn Merchant & Mill
Roche, David, Sir, Bart.         Carass Court             Gentry & Clergy (J.P)
Roche, Richard                                            Grocer
Scanlan, Patrick                                          Shopkeeper
Sellers, John                                             Nail Maker
Shea, James                                               Butcher
Sheehan, Cornelius                                        Process Server
Sheehy, Edward, Esq.             Cherry Grove             Gentry & Clergy
Shire, Henry                                              Shopkeeper
Thornhill, Adam                                           Public Houses
Thornhill, Adam                                           Baker & Grocer
Walker, Francis S., Esq.         Liskennett               Gentry & Clergy
Wallace, John                                             Blacksmith
Wallace, Maurice                                          Blacksmith
Walsh, John                                               Public Houses
Walsh, John                                               Grocer
White, Richard, Esq.             Abbeyville               Gentry & Clergy