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    A Market and parish, in the barony of Lower Connello, 
county of Limerick, is 120 miles s.w. from Dublin, 53 n.n.w. 
from Cork, and 17 s.w. by w. from Limerick; situated between 
the last named town and Newcastle, on the banks of the river 
Deel. it was formerly a corporation town, and of more 
importance than it now is, at least in the annals of 
turbulence and war, having obstinately and successfully 
resisted various assaults of the English army during the 
rebellion, which desolated this island in the reign of 
Elizabeth. At a very early age a priory for Augustinian 
canons, under the invocation of the Virgin Mary, was founded 
here by a person of the name of Harvey. The town consists 
principally of one long and wide street, extending from east 
to west, with some respectable houses and a few good shops. 
The court-house, in the Square, is a neat stone building, 
and the bridewell, a substantial one, beneath it. Petty 
sessions are held every alternate Thursday, and quarter 
sessions in January, April, July and October. Agriculture is 
the prevailing occupation of the inhabitants, the trade of 
the town is entirely of a character connected therewith, 
corn being the principal, but even that comparatively 
trifling; there	are two flour mills, one of which is on a 
large scale.

The places of worship are the established church, dedicated 
to the Holy Trinity, erected upon an acclivity at the west 
end of the town, and a Roman Catholic chapel, in 
Thomas-street, both handsome structures, the former has a 
lofty embattled tower with crocketted pinnacles. The 
surrounding country is highly interesting, presenting a 
number of rich and varied prospects, embellished with 
flourishing plantations and many seats of the gentry. A 
prominent object in the landscape is Matras or Matrix 
Castle, which stands about a mile from the town, in a fine 
situation, on the banks of the Deel, commanding extensive 
views of the country, including the Shannon river, and the 
Clare and Tipperary mountains. It was besieged by Cromwell, 
but received little injury at his hands, and within these 
few years it has been put in a state of complete repair. The 
markets, which are well supplied, are held on Thursday and 
Saturday. Fairs January 6th, February 7th, March 10th, April 
4th, June 19th, July 17th, August 25th, September 18th, 
October 14th and November 18th. The population of the 
parish, in 1841, was 8,293, inclusive of 4,201 inhabitants 
of the town.

     POST OFFICE, Main street, John Hammond, Post 
Master.-Letters from all parts of Ireland and England arrive 
(from Dublin) every forenoon at eleven, and are despatched 
every afternoon at twenty minutes past one.

     GENTRY AND CLERGY			Peppard Robt, Esq. Cappagh House       		     BAKERS
Bateman Miss Bridget, Main st.		Reardon Jeremiah, Esq. Rathkeale Commons	Cangney Patrick, Main st
Blennerhasset Gerald, Esq. Riddlestown.	Royse John, Esq. Ballintreddita.		Culhane Thomas, Main st
Bouchier Mr. Henry, Fort Henry		Royse Robert, Esq., the Square			Ryan Richard, Main st
Bouchier Rev. Jas.Hy, Castle Glebe	Royse Robert, Esq, Ballinvitrick		Sheehy John, Main st
Browne Mr. Francis, Mount Suthell	Royse Thomas Henry, Esq. Nantenan- House	BANK.
Browne Mr. Henry, Danes Fort		Smyth Richard Croker, Esq. Ballylin		National Bank of Ireland (Branch of ),
     											Main st-(drawn on Barnetts', Hoare
     											& Co., London.)
Browne Mr. Pierce, Brownsville		Smyth Richard D, Esq.SmithfieldHouse		     BLACKSMITHS
Browne Wm. P., Esq, Wilton hill		Stephenson Mr. Henry, Rock View			Fennell Thomas, Main st
Condon Mr. James, Seart			Stephenson Mr. John, Curraheen			M'Mahon Bryan, Pound lane
Condon Mr. James, Well Mount		Studdert Jonathan, Esq. Elm Hill		M'Namara Michael, Main st
Condon Mr. Richard, Kilscannel		Synan Rev. Daniel, C.C., Thomas st.		Miller George, the Bridge
Creagh George, Esq. Waterville		Warburton Venerable Archdeacon Charles, 
 					Ballywilliam Glebe				O'Shea Patrick, Well lane
D'Arcy Conyers, Esq, Kilscannel		     ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS			White John, the Bridge
Delmage Tobias, Esq. Court Lodge	Butler Bridget, Roche st			     BOOT AND SHOE MAKERS
Delmage Capt. Julius Rathkeale Cotge.	Conway Timothy, Well lane			Donovan James, Main st
Evans Mr. William John, Main st.	Donovan John, the Square			Donovan Patrick, New road
Ferguson Mrs. Mary, Abbey View		Casey Fergus, Thomas st				Hallinan Jonathan, Main st
Fitzgerald Gerald Browne, esq.
Ballinvira				Miller John (classical) Thomas st		Higgins John, Main st
Gould George Ignatius, Esq., P.P.	National School, Thomas st. Joseph Casey,
					master, Anne Cloyne, mistress			Malony John, Main st
Greaves Richard D., Esq., Farnaglanna	O'Neill Rev.__, Thomas st			Raynard Christopher, Main st
Hazard Rev. Edward, Main st.		O'Neill Ellen, Main st				Stark William, Main st
Hewson Mrs. Arabella, Main st.		     APOTHECARIES					BUTCHERS
Hewson John, Esq., Enniscousch		Collins Michael, Main st			Carey James, Main st
Hogan the Very Rev. Thomas, P.P.	
     and V.G. Thomas street		Fitzgibbon John, Main st			Carey John, Main st
Irwin Mr. Henry, Cappagh House		O'Hanlon Phillip, Main st			Creagan John, Well lane
Leake William Esq, Rathkeale Abbey	     ATTORNEYS					Dillon John, Well lane
Lloyd Thomas, Esq. J.P. and deputy-
     lieut of the county, Beach House.	Delmage Julius, Main st				Dore John, Main st
Massey Hugh, Esq., Stoneville		Ferguson Robert, the Square			Kennedy Cornelius, Main st
Massey Jas. Fitzgerald, Esq.
      Cloughanarid			M'Coy Mortimer, Abbey View			Kennedy Michael, Main st
Maunsell George Meares, Esq. Bally-
     william				Ruttle Daniel, Main street			Roche James, Main st
Nunan Rev. Richd. C.C. Thomas st	Smyth Charles, Main st				Roche Michael, Main st
O'Neill Rev._, Thomas st		Sullivan James, Main st
Peppard John, Esq. Rockfield Tower	Whittaker George, Main st


     CABINET MAKERS			Herbert Ellen, Main st				     SURGEONS
Morgan George, Main st			Moylan John, Main st				O'Loghlen Terence, Main st
Norman Henry, Main st			O'Connell Thomas, Main st			Patterson Charles, M.D., Main st

     CARPENTERS				Quaid Martin, Main st				     TAILORS
Dore Cornelius, Thomas st		Roche William, Main st				Fitzgerald James, Main st
Hickey Denis, Main st			     MILLERS					Meehan Michael, Well lane
Johnson James, New Road			Brown John, Castlematrix Mills			Taylor Richard, Main st
Johnson James, New Road			Enright Timothy, Main st			White Edward, Pound lane
Moran John, Pound lane			Casey Mary, Thomas st				Fitzgibbon Daniel, Main st
     CLOTHES DEALERS			Downes Eliza, Thomas st				Lynch John, Main st
Russell George, Main st			Flaherty Johanna, New road			M'Donnell John, Main st
Worrall Jacob, Main st			Gleeson Mary, Main st				     TOBACCONISTS
     COOPERS				Ives Celia, Thomas st				Fitzgibbon James, Main st
Connor James, Main st			O'Neill Catherine, Main st			Fitzgerald Robert, Main st
Hayes, James, Main st			     NAIL MAKERS				M'Donnell John, Main st
O'Connor Daniel, Main st		Griffin Patrick, Well lane			Spillane John, Main st
O'Connor Michael, Main st		Griffin Richard, Well lane			     WHEELWRIGHTS.
     CORN MERCHANTS			Hughes James, the Square			Burns Patrick, New road
Brown, John, Castlematrix Mills		Hughes Richard, New road			Costelloe Edward, Main st
Brown Patrick, Well lane		M'Daniel John, Main st				Ginna James, Main st
Dartnell William, Main st		Smyth William, Main st				Holland Thomas, New road
Enright Timothy, the Square		     OIL AND COLOURMEN				Madigan John, Main st
M'Carthy Charles, the Square		Collins Michael, Main st			     WOOLLEN DRAPERS.	
											     See Linen and Woollen Drapers.

     FLOUR FACTORS			Costelloe John, Main st				     MISCELLANEOUS
Burns James, Main st			Fitzgibbon John, Main st			Creagh John, cutler, Well lane
Dartnell William, Main st		O'Hanlan Phillip, Main st			Creagh Patrick, blacksmith, Well lane
Enright Timothy, Main st		     PAINTERS AND GLAZIERS			Corneal Christopher, gunsmith, Thomas
Ives Cornelius, Main st			Clanpett George, the Square			Fahy John, printer, Main st
Walsh John, Main st			M'Donnell Edward, Main st			Gerons Margt., bible depository, Main

     GROCERS AND DEALERS IN SUNDRIES	O'Hanlan Phillip, Main st			Hall John, clerk to magistrates, Main st
Cowhery Timothy, Main st		    PAWNBROKERS					Hanranan Fergus, skinner, Main st
Fitzgibbon Philip, Main st		Gill Bridget, the Square			Lowell Uriah, earthenware dealer, Well
Hall John, Main st			Latchford John, Main st				O'Hanlon Phillip, timber and slate
     												merchant, Main st
Hogan Maurice, Main st			Ruttle James, the Square			O'Neill Michael, stone mason, Main st
Madigan Denis, Main st			     PUBLIC HOUSES				O'Shaugnessy Rd., wool-comber, Main
Mangan Thomas, Main st			Costelloe Thomas, Well lane			Peacock Thomas Austin, supervisor of
     												excise, Thoams street
Moran Ellen, Main st			Downes Henry, Main st				Redmond Wm, temperance
     												coffee-house, Main st
Morony Matthew, Main st			Fitzgibbon Gerald, Well lane			Rose George, excise office, Thomas st
Mulcahy William, Main st		Gallery Ellen, Main st				Twiss Alexander, watch maker and
     												confectioner, Main st
O'Donohue Michael, Main st		Greene Roger, Main st				     PLACES OF WORSHIP
												And their Ministers
O'Donovan James, Main st		Keating John, Main st				ESTABLISHED CHURCH-the Bridge.-
                                                                                            The Venerable Charles Warburton,
                                                                                            archdeacon, Ballywilliam Glebe, Rev.
                                                                                            Edward Hazard, curate, Main-street.
O'Shaughnessy Richard, Main st		Lyons Michael, Main st				ROMAN CATHOLIC CHAPEL, Thomas st.,
                                                                                            Rev. Thomas Hogan, parish priest and
                                                                                            vicar-general, Thomas st., Rev. Daniel
                                                                                            Synan & Rev. Richard Nunan, curate,
                                                                                            Thomas street.
Power John, Main st			Mulligan Michael, Well lane			 PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS, &c.
Stokes John, Main st			Magee George, Main st				     CONSTABULARY STATION, Main-street-
                                                                                             Thomas Smith, sub-inspector.

     See Linen Drapers & Haberdashers	Magner Patrick, Main st					UNION WORKHOUSE. Rahtkeale-William
     												Bourke, master, Martha Bourke, mistress,
     												John Ball, clerk to the board of guardians.
    												Main st.

     (See also Public Houses)		Moran Denis, Main st				COACHES AND CARS.
King's Arms, Wm. Mulcahy, Main st	O'Regan Patrick, Well lane			TO LIMERICK, the Royal Mail (from Tralee),
     											calls at the Post Office, every afternoon
    											at twenty minutes past one-and Cars from
     											the King's Arms Hotel every morning
     											(Sunday excepted) at six and half-past
Lawrence's Hotel, Peter Lawrence, the
     Square				     SADDLERS AND COLLARMAKERS			TO NEWCASTLE, a Car from the King's
     											Arms, every evening (Sunday excepted) at
TO TRALEE, the Royal Mail (from Limerick) calls at the Post Office, every forenoon at eleven.
     IRONMONGERS AND HARDWARE DEALERS	Hegerty Daniel, Main st				
Bridgeman James, Main st		Seery Michael, Main st
Culhane Edmund, Main st			SPIRIT DEALERS
O'Flahavan Maurice, Main st		Cowhey Timothy, Main st
O'Regan Patrick, Well lane		Hogan Maurice, Main st

     LEATHER CUTTERS.			Mangan Thomas, Main st
Hayes Stephen, Well lane		Mulcahy William, Main st
Morony Matthew, Main st			O'Donohue Michael, Main st
O'Donnell Stephen, Main st		O'Donovan James, Main st

      HABERDASHERS			O'Shaughnessy Richard, Main st
Corcoran Cornelius, Main st		Power John, Main st
Costelloe John (& general merchant),
     Main st				     STRAW HAT MAKERS
Dore Cornelius, Main st			Casey Catherine, Main st
					Cummins Ellen, Main st
					Hallinan Catherine, Main st
					M'Namara Honoria, Main st
					O'Neill Catherine, Main st.