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In the county of Limerick, is a market, post and fair town, 
agreeably situated on the river Deel, 108 miles south west 
of Dublin, 14 south west of Limerick, and 42 north north 
west of Cork. It was formerly a corporation town, and of 
much more consequence than it is at present, as it 
obstinately and successfully resisted various assaults of 
the English army during the rebellion, which desolated this 
island in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. At a very early age 
a priory for Augustinian canons, under the invocation of the 
Virgin Mary, was founded her by a person of the name of 
Harvey. The public buildings are the church of the 
establishment, a small but neat edifice at the entrance of 
the town, on the Newcastle road; and the Catholic chapel, an 
unadorned but commodious building, erected about eleven 
years ago. The greater part of Rathkeale is the property of 
J. Pigott, esq. of the county of Worcester.The market, which 
is held on Saturday, is well supplied. The fairs are on the 
7th of February, the 4th of April, the 1st and 19th of June, 
the 25th of August, the 18th of September and the 18th of 

POST OFFICE- Main-street-Post Master, Mr. John Hammond. The 
Dublin and all by-mails are despatched at six in the 
morning, and arrive at three in the afternoon. The mail for 
Tralee, Dingle, &c. leaves at a quarter past three in 
the afternoon and arrives at three in the afternoon.


Bateman, John, esq. Altavilla
Blennerhasset, Gerald, esq. Biddlestown
Browne, John P, esq., Mount Browne
Condon, Mrs. Catherine
Condon, James, esq. Scart
Condon, Richard, esq., Killskanna
D'Arcy, Evans, esq., Knockaderra
Delmage, Christopher, esq., Main-st and 19, Lower 
Glo'cester-st, Dublin.
Delmage, Tobias, esq. Court-lodge
Dolmage, John, senr, esq, Rathkeale-   cottage
Griffith, Rev. Dr. James, Curate
Hardy, Henry Wm. esq., Barrack   Master.
Heard, Thos, esq. Smithfield
Hewson, Rev. Henry
Hewson, Robert, esq.
Hogan, Rev. Thomas. P.P.
Lloyd, Thos. esq., Beechmount
Massey, Eyre, esq., Carmoyle
Massey, Godfrey, esq. Abbey
Massey, Hugh, esq. Stoneville
Massey, James, esq. Clonnarold-House
Massey, Wm., esq. Glenville
Maunsell, George M., esq. Bally-William
Odell, John, esq., Odellville
Odell, Wm. Butler, esq. Main-st
Peppard, Robert, esq., Cappagh
Royse, Robert, esq., Ballyavirick
Royse, Thos. Henry, esq., Nantenan
Smyth, Wm., esq., Ballylinn
Studdert, J, esq., Elm-hill
Warburton, Archdeacon, Bally-William    Glebe
Yielding, Wm, esq, Mount-Henry


Delmage Christopher, attorney, Main-st, and 19, Lower 
Glo'ster-st, Dublin
Delmage Julius, junr, attorney
Evans Wm. James, M.D.
Ferguson John, attorney
Murray Richard, surgeon and apothecary.
O'Hanlon Phillip, surgeon and apothecary.
O'Sullivan Thomas, M.D.
Smyth Charles Richard, attorney, Main-street, and 31 
Marlborough street, Dublin


 Dartnell William
 Rose Richard, Matrix-mills


Bourk Richard, china and earthenware   dealer
Can?ney Patrick, baker
Condon Denis, hardware dealer
Condon Thomas, hardware dealer
Costelloe Wm., wheelwright
Curten Wm., linen draper
Dartnell John, linen draper
Deady Ann, linen draper
Deely Patrick, grocer
Delahunt, James, King's Arms Hotel and Livery Stables
Dolen, Mary, publican
Donovan, James, hardware dealer Mulcahy Michael, baker
Downes, Bridget, publican
Eagan, James, boot and shoe maker
Fitzgibbon, James, oil & colour man
Ferguson, David, junr., grocer, salt manufacturer and tanner
Ferguson, George, linen draper
Fletcher, Edward, publican
Gearon, John, carpenter and builder
Griffith, Patrick, publican
Hall, Samuel, publican
Hayes, Stephen, leather seller
Hiffernan, James, linen draper
Hishon, Joseph, hardware dealer
Inscoe John, parish clerk
Lane Edward, watch and clock maker
Latchford Alice, pawnbroker
Lawrance, Samuel, inn and livery stable keeper
Leake, Samuel, woollen draper
Lyons, Denis, publican
M'Carthy, Ann, publican
M'Carthy, John, publican
Maley, Edmund, linen draper
Mangan, Cornelius, baker and publican
Meany, Maurice, grocer and spirit dealer
Meany, John, linen draper
Morony, Matthew, leather cutter
Morshead, Eliza, linen draper
Murray, Richard, grocer and stamp distributor
Murray, Terence, linen draper
O'Brien, James, spirit dealer
O'Brien, Thomas, woollen draper
O'Connell, Michael, saddler
O'Connell, Thomas, woollen draper
O'Loughlan, Wm, apothecary
O'Regan, Patrick, hardware dealer
Power, Patrick, tobacconist and tallow chandler
Roche, Patrick, bolting miller
Roche, Wm, linen draper
Rose Ann, haberdasher
Ruttle Julius, pawnbroker
Sheehy John, grocer & spirit dealer
Walker, Michael, publican
Wallace, James, millwright
Wallace, Michael, millwright
Walsh, Thomas, coach maker
Weeks, John, publican
Weeks, Thomas, publican
Meany, Patrick, publican
Morgan Wm., printer
M'Donnell, John, woollen draper
White, Edward, ironmonger
Windle, Patrick, publican
LIMERICK -- Car from Mr. Walsh's at six every morning and 
returns at three in the  afternoon.

NEWCASTLE- a Car at three every afternoon and returns at six 
every morning.