Censubs: Alphabetical List of Landowners in 1870's - P-R

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File contributed by: C. Hunt & M. Taylor


Owner Name                                 Owner Residence-1873-75
Palmer, Robert S.  			4 Trafalgar-square	London
Patterson, Dorothea 			xxxx			Rathkeale
Peacock, Mary 				1 Wave Crescent		Bray
Peacock, G.F.   			Bride-street		Dublin
Peacock, Rev. Price [Reps. Of] 		xxxx			Limerick
Peacock, Thomas G.    			xxxx			Paris
Pearson, Charles  [Reps. Of] 		St.Andrew		Blandford, Dorset
Peppard, John    			Salestown, Dunboyne	co. Meath
Peppard, Robert S.  			Salestown, Dunboyne	co. Meath
Philips, Richard 			Gale House		Cashel
Philips, Captain Wm. 			xxxx			Portarlington
Piele, W.T. 				St. John's Wood Park	Hampstead
Pigott, H.A. Robert 			Cappard, Rosenallis	Queen's county
Pigott, Mrs.  John  			Dromagh			Kanturk
Pigott, William     			St. Catherine's 	Leixlip
Pim, John 				93 Upper George's-st.	Kingstown
Pitts, Catherine 			Newcastle West		co. Limerick
Plummer, Brudenel			Killoory Glebe		Causeway, co. Kerry
Plummer, Rev. T.F.G. [Reps. Of]		xxxx			Newcastle
Pollock, William 			xxxx			xxxx
Poole, Rev. Hewitt 			Fitzwilliam-st.		Dublin
Powell, Caleb 				Clonshavoy		Barrington's-bridge
Powell, James				xxxx			Ballylanders
Power, Daniel D. [Reps. Of]		xxxx			Ballingarry
Power James				xxxx			Chesterfirld
Power, William D.  			Clonshire		Adare
Preston, Rev. M. [Reps. Of]		xxxx			xxxx
Purcell, John  [Reps. Of]     		Allamira		Liscarroll
Quaid, Martin				xxxx			Rathkeale
Quaid, William      			Common			Ballingarry
Quinn, Lord George    			Belgrave-sq.		London
Rafferty, John 				Gortakillean		Oola
Rahilly, John				xxxx			Kanturk, co. Cork
Railway Co.: Cork and Limerick Direct	xxxx			Limerick
Railway Co.: Gt.S. & W.			King's Bridge		Dublin
Railway Co.; Limerick and Castleconnell xxxx			Limerick
Railway Co.; Limerick and Ennis		xxxx			Limerick
Railway Co.; Limerick and Foynes 	xxxx			Limerick
Railway Co.: Limerick and Waterford 	xxxx			Waterford
Railway Co.: Rathkeale and Newcastle    xxxx			Waterford
Rea, Henry Jas. [Reps. Of]     		xxxx			Dublin
Ready, Michael 				Common			Ballingarry
Readon, Robert, M.D [Reps. Of]     	xxxx			Doneraile
Reardon, Thomas, M.D.			xxxx			Kildorrey
Reddin, David  [Reps. Of] 		xxxx			Pallaskenry
Reeves, Edward  H.			Castlekevin		Mallow, co. Cork
Reeves, Robert E.			Capard, Rosenallis	Queen's county
Reilly, Hon.  Mrs. Augusta  		St. Brigid's		Clonskeagh, co. Dublin
Reilly, Patrick				Martinstown		Kilmallock
Revington, Thomas 			Ardhue			Limerick
Ribton,  Sir John Sheppy, Bart. 	Woodbrook		Bray
Rice, Edward      			Clogheen		Tipperary
Riche, Captain John    			Woodlands		Castleconnell
Richardson, (Minors)  			xxxx			Doon
Riordan, Patrick			Blossomhill		Rathkeale
Riordan, James				Blossomhill		Rathkeale
Roche, Charles P. [Reps. Of]		29 Royal-terrace	Dublin
Roche, Sir. D.V., Bart.   		Carass			Croom
Roche, John     			Kilbreedy		Kilmallock
Roche, Maurice 				Common			Ballingarry
Roche, Thomas R. 			Rye Hill, Moniveal	co. Galway
Roche, William				xxxx			Dublin
Roche, William 				xxxx			Kingstown
Roe, George  				Boylast			Clara
Roe, Robert    				Loon Park		Roscrea
Rogers, Jane Mary       		112 Gardiner-street	Dublin
Rose, Francis  				xxxx			America
Rose, Henry (a Minor) 			xxxx			Paris
Rose, Miss  				xxxx			Paris
Rose, Robert de Ros 			xxxx			Ahabeg, co. Limerick
Ross, Rev. Henry 			xxxx			County Clare
Rowan, Elizabeth    			Annagurra		Ballylanders
Rowly, Hon. R.T. 			Hotel Pavilion		Cannes, France
Royce, The Misses			Ballinvyrick		Askeaton
Russell, Anne Maria			Kilrush			Limerick
Russell, Arthur 			Lemonfield		Limerick
Russell, George 			xxxx			Dublin
Russell, Henry 				Gurtseagh		Newcastle
Russell, James 				xxxx			Blackrock, Cork
Russell, Jane 				xxxx			Limerick
Russell, John 				Richmond-place		Limerick
Russell, John 				Glenview		Ballyneety
Russell, Mark				xxxx			Dublin
Russell-Norris, John  			Plassy			Limerick
Russell, Patrick 			Mount Russell		Charleville
Russell, Patrick			xxxx			Kilmallock
Russell, Thompson    			Shelbourne		Limerick
Russell, John Norris and Sons       	xxxx			Limerick
Ruttle, Daniel [Reps. Of]		xxxx			Dublin
Ryan, Alice  				Scarteen		Knocklong
Ryan, Edmond 				Oola 			Hill Oola
Ryan, James 				Ballyclogh, Garryfine	Bruree
Ryan, John 				Derreen			Castleconnell
Ryan, John, M.D.    			xxxx			Tipperary
Ryan, John, M.D.			xxxx			Pallasgreen
Ryan, Michael				Bruree Lodge		Bruff
Ryan, Miles   				Castlecluggin		Oolla
Ryan, Thomas    			xxxx			Canada
Ryan, Thomas 				Rose Cottage		Pallasgreen
Ryan, Valentine 			Woodpark		Castleconnell
Ryan, Valentine    			Bellville		Mountrath
Ryves, William H.  			xxxx			England

Extracted from - Return of Owners of Land In Ireland: A 
Summary for each Province & For All Ireland Presented to 
both Houses of Parliament by Command of the Queen [Out of