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File contributed by:  C. Hunt & M. Taylor

Owner Name                                  Owner Residence-1873-75
McAdam, Dr.            			xxxx			xxxx
McCarthy. Alice    			Creve Beg		Croom
McCarthy, Chas. [Reps. Of]       	Blossom-hill		Rathkeale
McCarthy, Daniel     			Cross			Pallasgreen
McCarthy, Daniel         		xxxx			Dublin
McCarthy, Denis    			Blossom-hill		Rathkeale
McCarthy, Denis    			xxxx			Castleconyers
McCausland, Dominick  			12 Fitzgibbon-street	Dublin
McDonagh, Bridget         		Blossom-hill		Rathkeale
Macdonald, Neil            		Steyle Park		Rathkeale
McDonnell, Elizabeth    		xxxx			Rathkeale
McDonnell, Mahony and Co.          	xxxx			Cork
McDonnell, Robert      			xxxx			Rathkeale
McEneiry, Michael      			Liskennett		Croom
McEnerny, John 				Ballycasey		Bunratty, co. Clare
MacGauran, F.                		War Office		London
Mackey, James Vokes     		9 Beresford-place	Dublin
McMahon, Rev.  James    		Knockaney Glebe		Bruff
McMahon, John           		Kilreash		Ardagh
McMahon, Milo				Ballynash		Foynes
McMahon, Thomas        			Common			Ballingarry
McMurray, John                		Roxborough House	Limerick
McNamara, John    			Ballycahane Castle	Croom
McNamara, Thomas         		Corbally		Limerick
MacSheehy, John T.             		Portamount		Hollymount
Madden, Richard      			Cloghadoolarty		Fedamore
Madigan. Denis 				Lower Grange		Newcastle
Madigan, John            		Ballymacave		Rathkeale
Magner, Daniel				Lower Grange		Newcastle
Magner, Thomas John 			xxxx			Rathkeale
Magner, Thomas John and John jun.	xxxx			Rathkeale
Mahony, Pierce  [Reps. Of]              xxxx			Dublin
Mahony, William A.    			32 Leinster-road	Rathmines, co. Dublin
Maley, James          			Amoganbeg		Rathkeale
Malley, John, James and Edmund          xxxx			xxxx
Malone, William  [Reps. Of] 		Corkamore		co. Limerick
Mansergh, Captain            		Cappawurra		Cashel
Mansfield, J. Alex.                    	17 Royal York-crescent	Clifton, Bristol
Marley, Charles B.          		Belvidere House		Mullingar
Marshall, Laurence  [Reps. Of]          Toomaline		Doon
Mason, William Harte      		Cooleen			Bruree
Massy, Charles   			xxxx			Australia
Massy, Dowager Lady (Matilda) 		Milford House		Castleconnell
Massy, Edward Taylor			Cottermore, Haverford-west South Wales
Massy, Elizabeth 			Stoneville		Rathkeale
Massy, Frederick 			xxxx			Ballingarry, co. Limerick
Massy, George Rollo                 	Usher's-quay		Dublin
Massy, Hugh 				Ballincurra House	Limerick
Massy, John Bolton 			Ballywire		Tipperary
Massy, Jonathan B.          		Glenville		Ardagh
Massy, Lord             		Hermitage		Castleconnell
Massy, Mary      			xxxx			Cork
Massy, Rev. W.E.       			Castleview		Newcastle
Massy, William 				Basha Castle		Tipperary
Maunsell, Anne Jane			xxxx			London
Maunsell, Ven. Archdeacon [Reps. Of] 
 viz:                   		xxxx			xxxx
    Earl of Buckingham 			xxxx			xxxx
    Hon. Jane Knox 			xxxx			xxxx
    Col. Wm. W. Maunsell 		xxxx			xxxx
Maunsell, Daniel M.      		Ballywilliam		Rathkeale
Maunsell, Edmund and Frederick          xxxx			Adare, Limerick
Maunsell, Edward        		Deer Park		co. Clare
Maunsell, Elizabeth                  	Lr. Mount-st.		Dublin
Maunsell, Capt. George   		xxxx			Dundalk, co. Louth
Maunsell, Henry				George's-st.		Limerick
Maunsell, John				Edenmore		Raheny, co. Dublin
Maunsell, Joseph [Reps.  Of]      	xxxx			Limerick
Maunsell, Major [Reps. Of]              xxxx			Dublin
Maunsell, Major  R.G.S.             	xxxx			Limerick
Maunsell, Richard            		Oakley Park		Celbridge
Maxwell, Robert James            	Fitzwilliam-sq., north	Dublin
Metcalf, Rev. Edward               	Adelaide-rd.		Dublin
Molony, Edmund             		Ballyanin		Bruff
Molony, Patrick          		Cloghadoolarty		Fedamore
Molyneux, Sir Capel, Bart.		Castledillon		Armagh
Monteagle, Lord				Mt. Trenchard		Foynes
Moore, Edward             		Brighton-av.		Monkstown
Moore, Thomas Ottwell			xxxx			Kingstown, co. Dublin
Moreland, W.J.H.			Raheen Manor		Scariff
Morgan, Edward                  	Bridestown Ho.		Rathcormack, co. Cork
Morgan, John				Park			Shanagolden
Morgan, John Spiers                 	xxxx			Cork
Morgan, Peter W.     			Ballynolan		Kildimo
Moroney, Edmund      			Odellville		Ballingarry
Moroney, Edward				Kilbaha			Kilrush
Moylan.  John B.			xxxx			Rathkeale
Mulcahy, Michael        		xxxx			Ardagh
Mulcahy, Patrick 			Cloghakeating		Patrickswell
Mulqueen, John 				Cartown			Pallaskenry
Murphy, Edward                 		xxxx			xxxx
Murphy, J.                 		Merrion-square, East	Dublin
Murphy, Johanna				Ballyanin		Bruff
Murphy, John Nicholas           	xxxx			Clifton, Cork
Murphy, Michael     			Ballinoe		Ballingarry
Murphy, W.D.				Mt. Mungret		Limerick
Murray, Frances      			xxxx			Dublin
Murray, Matthew 			xxxx			Ardagh
Murray, Patrick     			Ballisten		Shanagolden
Muskerry, Lord 				Springfield Castle	Drumcolloher, co. Limerick
Nash, Charles F.			Ballycarthy		Tralee
Nesbitt, Miss and Count Susi 		xxxx			Leixlip and Paris
Neville, Thomas				India House 		Glengarry
Newenham, Edward E. 			Maryborough		Douglas, co. Cork
Newenham, William H.			xxxx			Monkstown. co. Dublin
Newman, Thomas       			xxxx			Listowel
Nixon, Rev. A.            		xxxx			Cork
Nolan, James       			Parkwater		Shanagolden
Noonan, David 				Common			Ballingarry
Noonan, James L.         		xxxx			Croom
Noonan, Jeremiah			xxxx			Coolrus
Norman, Henry        			xxxx			Rathkeale
Nugent, Walter [Reps. Of]          	28 Chester-street	Grosvenor-place, London
O'Brien, Alice				Common			Ballingarry
O'Brien, Aubrey Vere  			Oldchurch		Limerick
O'Brien, Daniel 			Common			Ballingarry
O'Brien, Edmond 			Common			Ballingarry
O'Brien, Edmond 			Blossomhill		Rathkeale
O'Brien, Edward W. 			xxxx			Carmoyle, co. Limreick
O'Brien, James     			xxxx			Ballinalacken, co. Clare
O'Brien. Capt. Michael      		Rockfield		Kilpeacon, Limerick
O'Brien, Miss 				Lower Hartsonge-st.	Limerick
O'Brien, Michael 			Assolas			Kanturk
O'Brien, Timothy 			Crescent		Limerick
O'Callaghan, Francis    		5 North Mall		Cork
O'Callaghan, Robert 			xxxx			Blackrock, Cork
O'Connell, Florence 			Hillview		Newcastle
O'Connell, Morgan, M.D.   		xxxx			Kilmallock
O'Connor, Charles 			Knockdromin		Croagh
O'Connor, Rev. George 			xxxx			Patrickswell
O'Connor, Michael   			xxxx			Newcastle
O'Connor, Patrick [Reps. Of]		xxxx			Portsmouth
O'Connor, Valentine O'Brien [Reps. Of]  Beresford-place		Dublin
O'Dell, John     			Common			Ballingarry
O'Dell, Mrs.       			xxxx			xxxx
O'Dell, The Misses  			Johnston House		Gounthane, co. Cork
O'Dell, Thomas H.    			(In Chancery)		xxxx
O'Dell, William   			O'Dell Villas		Ballingarry
O'Donnell, Bryan			xxxx			France
O'Donnell, Charles 			xxxx			Belfast
O'Donnell, John 			Moorestown		Kilfinane
O'Donnell, John				xxxx			Bruff
O'Donnell, Michael 			xxxx			Kilmallock
O'Donovan, William 			Millview		Shanagolden
O'Farrell, John 			Newenham-st.		Limerick
O'Grady, Hon. Cecilia			Rockbarton		Bruff
O'Grady, Edward S.			Stephen's-green		Dublin
O'Grady, James 				Castletown		Kildimo
O'Grady, James S.  			Erinagh			Castleconnell
O'Grady, Mary Jane [Reps. Of] 		Elton			Knocklong
O'Grady, Michael 			Blossomhill		Rathkeale
O'Grady, Hon. Richard [Reps. Of]   	Rathfreeda		Newcastle
O'Grady, Standish D. 			Aghamartir Castle	Carrigaline, Cork
O'Grady, Capt. Standish, D.C. 		Shanacloon		Castleconnell
O'Grady, Capt. Standish D.C. &			
  Mrs. Walthow				Shanacloon		Castleconnell
O'Grady, Standish  T.			Landscape		Clonara
O'Grady, The				Kilballowen		Bruff
O'Grady, Rev. Thomas			Hognaston Vicarage	Ashbourne, Derbyshire
O'Grady, Thos.  S., M.D.		xxxx			Dublin
O'Grady, Waller 			Castlegarde		Pallasgreen
O'Grady, William   			Martinstown		Kilmallock
O'Halloran, John 			Sixmilebridge		co. Clare
O'Hanlon, David, M.D.      		xxxx			Rathkeale
O'Hara, Mrs.       			xxxx			xxxx
O'Keeffe, Michael   			Common			Ballingarry
O'Keeffe, Richard 			xxxx			Newmarket
O'Leary, Henry Evan			xxxx			Forshan, Devonshire
O'Leary, John Evans 			Fortshannon		Glin
Oliver, Charles D. 			Rockmills		Cork
Oliver, Eliza [Reps. Of]       			
    Carleton, Christopher J.		xxxx			xxxx
Oliver, Richard C.D   			Rockmills Lodge		Kildorrey
Oliver, Silver C.			xxxx			Dunkettle, co. Cork
O'Meara, John 				Knockbally, Fooken	Pallasgreen
O'Neill, Charles 			Thomas-street		Limerick
O'Neill, Bridget			Blossomhill		Rathkeale
O'Neill, Patrick  			Blossomhill		Rathkeale
O'Regan, Thaddeus      			Mount Earl		Adare
O'Reilly -Dease Matthew			Ravenswell		Bray, co. Dublin
O'Shaughnessy, James 			George-street		Limerick
O'Shaughnessy, Michael, Q.C. 		Harcourt-street		Dublin
O'Shaughnessy, Pat.			Kilteery Lodge		Loughill
O'Shaughnessy, Thomas 			112 Lower Gardiner-st.	Dublin
O'Sullivan, W.H.  			xxxx			Kilmallock

Note: "Mc" names transcribed from "M'" for ease in search

Extracted from - Return of Owners of Land In Ireland: A 
Summary for each Province & For All Ireland Presented to 
both Houses of Parliament by Command of the Queen [Out of