Censubs: Landowners in Limerick City, 1870's - A-W

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File contributed by: C. Hunt & M. Taylor

LIMERICK County Extractions (City) - ( 1 Acre & Over) Names & Addresses Only-A-W
Owner Name                                    Owner Residence-1873-75
Alexander, Isabella			Evergreen Cottage		Limerick
Alexander, James			Beech Lawn  			Limerick
Alexander, The Misses			Circular Road   		Limerick
Anglim, Mrs Eliza			Catherine-st.			Limerick
Arthur, David L.			Hydepark     			Cork
Barry, James				George-st.			Limerick
Brazill, Stephen			xxxx				London
Browne, Robert L.			Eden-terrace			Limerick
Bussett, George W.			Sunville    			Limerick
Butler, Rt. Rev. Dr. D.D.		The Palace, Corbally     	Limerick
Chandler, Benjamin			Sherbourne    			Dorsetshire
Christian Brothers			Sexton-st.     			Limerick
Church Representative Body		Stephen's-green 		Dublin
Church Temporalities			Upper Merrion-st.		Dublin
Coleman, Patrick			Rutland-st.			Limerick
Colthurst, Colonel			xxxx				London
Commissioners of Limerick Harbour	George-st.			Limerick
Commissioners of National Education	xxxx				Dublin
Commissions of Public Works		Custom House    		Dublin
Convent of Presentation Nuns		Sexton-st.			Limerick
Cook Versus Hall			In Chancery			xxxx
Cork Steamship Co.			Office,  Penrose-quay   	Cork
Corporation of Limerick			Town Hall   			Limerick
Cregan, Thos., M'Mahon			Cecil-street     		Limerick
Croker, John				xxxx				London
Cruise, Edward				Sunville   			Limerick
De-Vere, Sir V., Bart			Curragh Chase  			co. Limerick
Dupont, Madame				Convent, Laurel Hill    	Limerick
Fennell, Emily				xxxx				Limerick
Fitzgerald, F.				George-st.			Limerick
Gabbett, Daniel Fitzgerald		xxxx				Caherconlish
Gabbett, Mrs. Edmond			Corbally    			Limerick
Gabbett, Rev. Joseph			Ardvullen    			Kilmallock
Gabbett, Rev. Robert			Vicarage    			Foynes
Gleeson, Miss				Courtbrack   			Limerick
Hall, Rev. James  [Reps. Of]		Diocesan School House    	Limerick
Harold, Daniel and Edward		Hartestronge-street    		Limerick
Harold, Edward				George-st			Limerick
Harvey, Frances				Upper Cahir Abbey   		Cahir
Hogan, Patrick				Prospect House   		Limerick
Jacob, Rev. Benjamin			Circular-road 			Limerick
Jones, Mrs. Margaret			Military-road     		Limerick
Kelly, James [Reps. Of]			Castle Bagot   			Rathcoole, co. Dublin
Knox, Hon, Jane				xxxx				London
Lansdowne, Marquis of			xxxx				Deereen, co. Kerry
Limerick, Earl of			Dromore Castle    		co. Limerick
Lloyd, Eyre				Prospect     			co. Limerick
M'Kern, George				Circular-road     		Limerick
M'Namara, Denis				Corbally   			Limerick
Mahon, John				xxxx				Ennis, co. Clare
Mahony, Captain				11 Sydenham-terrace    		Kingstown
Maunsell, Henry				George-st.   			Limerick
Maunsell, Rev. W.F.			Kildimo    			co. Limerick
More, Thomas Otwell			xxxx				Kingstown, co. Dublin
Morris, James				Corbally   			Limerick
Mulqueen, John				Rathbane			North Limerick
Murray, Archibald			Bellview 			Limerick
O'Brien, Hon. Judge			92 Stephen's-green		Dublin
O'Brien, Mortimer			Charlotte-quay    		Limerick
O'Brien, Robert V.			Old Church    			Limerick
O'Brien, Timothy			Corbally     			Limerick
O'Callaghan, Eugene			Lota     			Limerick
O'Donnell, Rev. Ed.			Henry-street   			Limerick
O'Donnell, William			Thomas-street    	 	Limerick		
O'Halloran, John			Sixmilebridge     		county Clare
O'Shea, Henry				xxxx				London
O'Shea, Thaddeus			Mallow-st.    			Limerick
O'Sullivan, Charlotte			Monamuch   			Limerick
Palmer, Robert				Circular-road    		Limerick
Phayre, William				Corbally   			Limerick
Pinchin, George				xxxx				Cavan
Quinlan, Jas. Thomas [Reps. Of]		Corbally    			Limerick
Railway Co.: Limerick and Ennis		Terminus 			Limerick
Railway Co.: Limerick and Foynes	Terminus 			Limerick
Railway Co.: Waterford and Limerick	Terminus 			Limerick
Revington, Thomas			Ardhue  			Limerick
Roger, Robert				Parteen   			co. Clare
Roman Catholic Cathedral		xxxx				xxxx
Russell, Arthur				Lemonfield     			Limerick
Russell, Arthur and Thompson		Office,  Henry-street		xxxx
Russell, Thompson			Shelbourne   			Limerick
Secretary of State for War		War Office  			Pall Mall, London
Sexton, James				Tivoli    			Limerick
Seymour, Edward W.			4 Kildare-st.   		Dublin
Shannon, Mrs. Eliza			xxxx				Dublin
Shanon, Mrs. Jane			Corbally    			Limerick
Sheehan, William			Thomas-street   		Limerick
Sikes, Elizabeth and Henry		Kilrush   			Limerick
Sisters of Mercy			St. Mary's-place		xxxx
Sisters of Mercy			Mount St. Vincent    		Limerick
Spillane, William			Shannon Lawn   			Limerick
Synan, Edmond J.			Ashbourne     			Limerick
Tait, Sir Peter				Clapham    			London
Taverner, William F.			xxxx				Limerick
Trustees of Bishop Young		The Palace, Corbally  		Limerick
Trustees of Limerick Market		George-st     			Limerick
Trustees of Magdalen Asylum		xxxx				xxxx
Trustees of St. John's Fever Hospital	St. John's Hospital		xxxx
Vereker, Elizabeth			xxxx				Dublin
Vincent, John A.  and Mary Jane		Erina    			Castleconnell
Vokes, William Wilson			George-st.     			Limerick

Watson, Rev. Mahony Vincent		Odogh Glebe     		Kilkenny
Watson, John Vincent			8 Upper Mount Pleasant-avenue   Dublin
Watson, Rev. Arthur N.			25 Longwood-avenue    		Dublin
Watson, Miss A.  and Miss J.		Trichinopoli    		India
White, William H.			Courtbrack   			Limerick
Wilson, William D.			George-st.   			Limerick
Wormleighton, Samuel			Military-road   		Limerick

Extracted from - Return of Owners of Land In Ireland: A 
Summary for each Province & For All Ireland Presented to 
both Houses of Parliament by Command of the Queen [Out of