Censubs: Limerick City Tradesman Guild Members 21 Oct 1840

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File contributed by:  Kathy Rhodes  littlehouseantiques@att.net


Synopsis:  Weekly meeting of the Repeal Association of 
Ireland took place on the day before (20 Oct 1840) at the 
Corn-Exchange at 1 o'clock p.m. in the city of Limerick.  
Mr. Daniel O'Connell was in attendance at this meeting.  
Minutes were read by the Secretary, Mr. Ray who next 
proceeded to read an address from the Trades of Limerick 
which was written on 7 Oct 1840 at Trades' Hall, Arthur's 
Quay, Limerick City.  This address was a long list of 
various trade guilds in the city and the members and 
associates of said guilds who offered monetary support for 
the Repeal movement.  Estimated number of people at this 
gathering between 60,000-100,000.  Number of Guild Member 
names extracted from this article = 873.  

NOTES:  Names have been placed in alpha order by surname, 
forename.  Trade Guild to which each individual belonged is 
noted.  There are a few names which appear multiple times 
within a given Guild; these are not transcription errors; 
however, it is not known if the person was listed multiple 
times in error in the article itself, or if the multiple 
entries actually represent separate individuals with the 
same names.

Ahern, Patrick, Stone-cutters
Ahern, Thomas, Smiths
Armstrong, Geo., Masons
B-------, William, Carpenters
Bachelor, William, Ironfounders
Banks, John, Masons
Banks, Thomas, Masons
Banks, Wm., Masons
Barclay, Michael, Cabinet-makers
Barrett Jun., Thomas, Carpenters
Barrett Sen., Thomas, Carpenters
Barrett, Patrick, Carpenters
Barrett, Thomas, Carpenters
Barrett, Thomas, Masons
Barron, John, Painters
Barron, Patrick, Painters
Barry, James, Carpenters
Barry, James, Nailors
Barry, John, Bakers
Barry, John, Coopers
Barry, Joseph, Coopers
Barry, Michael, Weavers
Bermingham, John, Painters
Blake, John, Coopers
Blake, John, Coopers
Blake, Patrick, Tobacconists
Bloomfield, John, Coopers
Bloomfield, John, Hatters
Bloomfield, Thomas, Coopers
Bourk, John, Ironfounders
Bourke, John, Weavers
Bourke, P., Masons
Bourke, Patrick, Fishermen
Bourke, Patrick, Nailors
Bourke, R., Cabinet-makers
Bourke, Thos., Masons
Bowles, David, Broguemakers
Bowles, John, Broguemakers
Boyle, Wm., Smiths
Bradshaw, Thomas, Bakers
Brew, John, Weavers
Brisnan, John, Carpenters
Brommel, John, Nailors
Brooks, Essy, Woolcombers
Brooks, Grace, Woolcombers
Brooks, John, Woolcombers
Brown, James, Carpenters
Brown, John, Ironfounders
Brown, John, Ironfounders
Browne, James, Carpenters
Browne, James, Carpenters
Buckley, Francis, Carpenters
Buckley, John, Coachmakers
Bullard, George, Carpenters
Burke, James, Cabinet-makers
Burke, Michael, Cabinet-makers
Burke, Standish, Broguemakers
Bush, George, Masons
Butler, Richard, Carpenters
Byrne, Henry, Nailors
Byrne, John, Nailors
Byrne, Peter, Hatters
Byrnes, John, Tobacconists
Byrnes, Maurice, Carpenters
Byrns, Patrick, Carpenters
Cahill, Daniel, Coopers
Cahill, John, Masons
Cahill, Michael, Fishermen
Callaghan, William, Weavers
Carey, M., Masons
Carmody, John, Broguemakers
Carmody, Stephen, Broguemakers
Carroll, Bryan, Coopers
Carroll, Michael, Sandmen's Society
Carthy, Andrew, Woolcombers
Casey, James, Coopers
Casey, Michael, Founders
Cassen, James, Carpenters
Charry, Michael, Coopers
Clanchy (Red), Thomas, Fishermen
Clanchy, James, Pipemakers
Clanchy, John, Coopers
Clanchy, John, Fishermen
Clanchy, Patrick, Pipemakers
Clanchy, Thomas, Fishermen
Clancny, Patrick, Fishermen
Clarke, Mathew, Ironfounders
Clarke, Thomas, Cabinet-makers
Clifford, John, Coopers
Clifford, Laurence, Coopers
Clifford, Patrick, Coopers
Clifford, Thomas, Coopers
Clifford, William, Nailors
Clooney, John, Cabinet-makers
Clooney, Michael, Cabinet-makers
Coghlan Jun., Michael, Cabinet-makers
Coghlan, Michael, Cabinet-makers
Colanan, Edward, Cabinet-makers
Colein, Chr., Cabinet-makers
Colgan, Patrick, Weavers
Collins, John, Coopers
Collins, Maria, Coopers
Comars, Martin, Coachmakers
Comerford, Michael, Carpenters
Conerty, John, Carpenters
Connell Jun., John, Sandmen's Society
Connell Sen., John, Sandmen's Society
Connell, Benjamin, Smiths
Connell, James, Sandmen's Society
Connell, John, Coopers
Connell, P., Sandmen's Society
Connell, Patrick, Coopers
Connell, Thomas, Sandmen's Society
Conners, Richard, Cabinet-makers
Conners, Simon, Cabinet-makers
Conners, Timothy, Cabinet-makers
Connery, Jeremiah, Cabinet-makers
Connolly, Edward, Cabinet-makers
Connolly, John, Cabinet-makers
Connolly, William, Ironfounders
Connor, Denis, Ropemakers
Connors, James, Broguemakers
Connors, Peter, Coachmakers
Connors, Thomas, Ironfounders
Conroy, John, Painters
Conway, Daniel, Founders
Conway, James, Masons
Conway, John, Bakers
Conway, Stephen, Masons
Conway, T., Masons
Coonan, David, Masons
Copnel, Mr., Tobacconists
Corbet, John, Nailors
Corbett, Michael, Smiths
Corbett, Wm., Masons
Corcoran, Cornelius, Bakers
Corrig, John, Cabinet-makers
Cosgrave, Martin, Bakers
Cosgrave, Thomas, Founders
Coughlan, Patrick, Fishermen
Cowley, David, Chandlers
Crane, Patrick, Carpenters
Creagh, John, Carpenters
Creagh, Michael, Carpenters
Creagh, Michael, Carpenters
Cronan, James, Masons
Crowe, E., Sandmen's Society
Crowe, John, Sandmen's Society
Crowe, Lott, Sandmen's Society
Crowe, Mathew, Sandmen's Society
Crowe, Michael, Sandmen's Society
Crowe, Patrick, Carpenters
Crowe, Ralph, Carpenters
Cunningham, George, Masons
Currey, Patrick, Broguemakers
Curtin, Michael, Coopers
Cusack, Jeremiah, Coachmakers
Cusack, Michael, Coachmakers
Cusack, Michael, Painters
Cusack, Patrick, Carpenters
Cusack, T., Pipemakers
Cusack, Thomas, Hatters
Cusack, William, Carpenters
Dalton, Edward, Weavers
Daly, Daniel, Slaters and Plasterers
Daly, Isaack, Slaters and Plasterers
Daly, Laurence, Ironfounders
Daly, Michael, Bakers
Daly, Michael, Slaters and Plasterers
Daly, Patrick, Slaters and Plasterers
Daly, Wm., Smiths
Davis, James, Masons
DeCourcy, Patrick, Bakers
Dee, William, Bakers
Denn, Jeremiah, Hatters
Dennan, Malachy, Bakers
Dillon, Michael, Broguemakers
Doherty Jun., Michael, Stone-cutters
Doherty Sen., John, Stone-cutters
Doherty, John, Masons
Donohoe, James, Bakers
Donohoe, John, Masons
Donohoe, Patrick, Ironfounders
Donohoe, Stephen, Masons
Dooley, John, Slaters and Plasterers
Dooley, William, Slaters and Plasterers
Dorgan, John, Coopers
Dowd, Charles, Slaters and Plasterers
Downey, Henry, Slaters and Plasterers
Downey, John, Slaters and Plasterers
Downey, Thomas, Broguemakers
Downey, Thomas, Slaters and Plasterers
Downs, Andrew, Coopers
Downs, John, Coopers
Doyle, Edward, Ironfounders
Doyle, John, Ironfounders
Drew, William, Weavers
Dubig, Thomas, Coopers (note; difficult to read maybe Duhig?)
Duffy, Michael, Nailors
Duggan, Daniel, Carpenters
Duggan, Edward, Carpenters
Duggan, Nicholas, Ironfounders
Dumphy, William, Ironfounders
Dundon, T., Coopers
Dunne, Denis, Stone-cutters
Dunne, John, Masons
Dunne, Wm., Masons
Dwyer Jun., Thomas, Fishermen
Dwyer Sen., Thomas, Fishermen
Dwyer, Edmond, Slaters and Plasterers
Dwyer, Edward, Bakers
Dwyer, Mathew, Bakers
Dwyer, Michael, Bakers
Dwyer, Thomas, Bakers
Earls, James, Bakers
Edwards, John, Slaters and Plasterers
Edwards, Robert, Slaters and Plasterers
Egan, Daniel, Carpenters
Egan, Maurice, Masons
Egan, Michael, Carpenters
Egan, Nicholas, Woolcombers
Elliott, John, Slaters and Plasterers
English, Owen, Painters
Evans, Mathew, Weavers
Evans, Nathaniel, Cabinet-makers
Evans, Samuel, Weavers
Everett, John, Smiths
Eyres, James, Cabinet-makers
Fagan, John, Coachmakers
Farrell, David, Cabinet-makers
Farrell, James, Coachmakers
Farrell, John, Carpenters
Farrell, John, Coachmakers
Farrell, Lewis, Slaters and Plasterers
Farrell, Patrick, Carpenters
Farrell, Thomas, Slaters and Plasterers
Farrell, William, Millwrights
Fennicane, Michael, Ropemakers
Finn, James, Hatters
Fitzgerald, James, Carpenters
Fitzgerald, James, Chandlers
Fitzgerald, John, Coopers
Fitzgerald, John, Masons
Fitzgerald, John, Nailors
Fitzgerald, Patrick, Coopers
Fitzgerald, Peter, Slaters and Plasterers
Fitzgerald, Richard, Nailors
Fitzgerald, William, Ironfounders
Fitzgerald, William, Stone-cutters
Flaherty, John, Millwrights
Flanagan, P., Masons
Flanagan, P., Masons
Flanagan, Patrick, Hatters
Flynn, John, Stone-cutters
Foarde, Thomas, Stone-cutters
Foley, John, Bakers
Foley, John, Broguemakers
Ford, Thomas, Broguemakers
Forde, Thomas, Coachmakers
Forest, James, Coopers
Forrest, Benjamin, Coopers
Forrest, Jeremiah, Coopers
Forward, Thomas, Cabinet-makers
Fox, James, Weavers
Freney, John, Ironfounders
Frost, George, Stone-cutters
Gaffney, James, Weavers
Gallagher, Charles, Ironfounders
Galway, William, Slaters and Plasterers
Garry, Laurence, Tobacconists
Garvey, John, Stone-cutters
Garvey, Richard, Stone-cutters
Gavin Jun., James, Painters
Gavin, Daniel, Painters
Gavin, James, Painters
Gaynor, John, Founders
Gaynor, John, Founders
Georghegan, Patrick, Weavers
Gilmore, John, Bakers
Gilmore, Thomas, Bakers
Gleeson, James, Masons
Gleeson, Michael, Ironfounders
Glynn, John, Bakers
Glynn, Patrick, Hatters
Goggin, John, Cabinet-makers
Goggin, John, Tobacconists
Gorman, Jeremiah, Nailors
Goss, Jas., Nailors
Grace, John, Hatters
Grady, J., Chandlers
Grady, James, Slaters and Plasterers
Grady, James, Weavers
Grady, John, Slaters and Plasterers
Grady, Patrick, Slaters and Plasterers
Green, Michael, Bakers
Gribbins, Daniel, Bakers
Griffin, Patrick, Weavers
Griffith, David, Bakers
Griffith, Thomas, Tobacconists
Griffith, Thomas, Tobacconists
Griffith, Francis, Ironfounders
Grimes, Denis, Tobacconists
Groggin, Michael, Weavers
Gubbins, Robert, Carpenters
Gubbins, Thomas, Carpenters
Guinnane, Henry, Weavers
Hallinan, Michael, Bakers
Hallinan, Patrick, Carpenters
Halloran, John, Sandmen's Society
Halpin, Michael, Smiths
Halpin, Michael, Weavers
Halpin, Patrick, Weavers
Hanley, John, Slaters and Plasterers
Hanlon, John, Carpenters
Hanly Jun., Thomas, Carpenters
Hanly Jun., Thomas, Carpenters
Hannahan, Matthew, Hatters
Hannon, Wm., Tobacconists
Hanrahan, James, Coachmakers
Hanrahan, John, Coachmakers
Hanrahan, P., Tobacconists
Hart, Patrick, Smiths
Hartigan, Denis, Carpenters
Hartigan, Denis, Coopers
Hartigan, John, Coopers
Hartigan, Michael, Fishermen
Hartigan, Thomas, Carpenters
Hartshorn, John, Carpenters
Harty, Michael, Carpenters
Hayes Jun., John, Stone-cutters
Hayes Sen., John, Stone-cutters
Hayes, Garrett, Stone-cutters
Hayes, James, Fishermen
Hayes, James, Painters
Hayes, Laurence, Hatters
Hayes, Michael, Carpenters
Hayes, Michael, Smiths
Hayes, Patrick, Bakers
Hayes, Patrick, Bakers
Hayes, Thomas, Bakers
Hayes, William, Bakers
Hayes, William, Coopers
Head, Jeremiah, Bakers
Healy, John, Masons
Healy, Thos., Carpenters
Hedigan, John, Bakers
Heffernan, John, Chandlers
Heffernan, Michael, Carpenters
Hennessy Jun., James, Weavers
Hennessy Sen., James, Weavers
Hennessy, Francis, Hatters
Herrott, James, Fishermen
Hewson, James, Coachmakers
Hickey, John, Nailors
Hickey, Laurence, Nailors
Higgins, Daniel, Woolcombers
Higgins, Michael, Stone-cutters
Higgins, Thomas, Woolcombers
Hill, Thomas, Founders
Hinchy, John, Ironfounders
Hoey, John, Weavers
Hogan, Denis, Bakers
Hogan, James, Chandlers
Hogan, James, Chandlers
Hogan, John, Millwrights
Hogan, Patrick, Broguemakers
Hogan, Patrick, Chandlers
Hogan, Patrick, Ropemakers
Hogan, Thomas, Masons
Houlehan, Michael, Smiths
Houlehan, Thomas, Smiths
Hourigan, Daniel, Stone-cutters
Hourigan, William, Stone-cutters
Howard, Maurice, Painters
Howard, Michael, Ironfounders
Howard, Richard, Masons
Howard, William, Stone-cutters
Hughes, Bryan, Bakers
Hughes, Daniel, Carpenters
Humphrys, John, Smiths
Hurley, James, Carpenters
Hutchinson, Charles, Coachmakers
Hutchinson, Michael, Carpenters
Hynes, Henry, Weavers
Hynes, Michael, Weavers
Irwin, James, Stone-cutters
Irwin, John, Ironfounders
Irwin, Michael, Ironfounders
Jackson, John, Coachmakers
Jackson, John, Stone-cutters
Jackson, William, Chandlers
Jacus, Isaac, Woolcombers
Jacus, Joseph, Woolcombers
Kane, James, Bakers
Keane, John, Ropemakers
Keane, Michael, Bakers
Keane, Thomas, Ropemakers
Kearney, Denis, Cabinet-makers
Keily, John, Coopers
Kelly, James, Millwrights
Kelly, John, Masons
Kelly, John, Ropemakers
Kelly, Martin, Sandmen's Society
Kelly, Michael, Ropemakers
Kelly, R., Masons
Kenna, John, Coopers
Kenna, John, Coopers
Kennedy, Daniel, Pipemakers
Kennedy, Daniel, Sandmen's Society
Kennedy, James, Broguemakers
Kennedy, James, Ironfounders
Kennedy, James, Ironfounders
Kennedy, James, Slaters and Plasterers
Kennedy, James, Stone-cutters
Kennedy, John, Pipemakers
Kennedy, John, Slaters and Plasterers
Kennedy, John, Stone-cutters
Kennedy, John, Tobacconists
Kennedy, Michael, Pipemakers
Kennedy, Michael, Slaters and Plasterers
Kennedy, Thomas, Bakers
Kennedy, Thomas, Tobacconists
Kennedy, Timothy, Broguemakers
Kenny, Edward, Tobacconists
Kenny, John, Weavers
Kenny, Myles, Tobacconists
Kenny, Thomas, Masons
Keogh, John, Fishermen
Keogh, Peter, Fishermen
Keogh, Wm., Smiths
Kidney, James, Smiths
Kiely, Edmond, Coopers
Kiley, Edmond, Coopers
King, Patrick, Smiths
Kirby, John, Stone-cutters
Kitt, Michael, Coopers
Lacy, Stpehen, Carpenters
Laurence, James, Pipemakers
Lee, Michael, Nailors
Lennan, Patrick, Smiths
Leonard, John, Painters
Lillis, John, Hatters
Liston, John, Sandmen's Society
Locke, William, Weavers
Long, Frederick, Coachmakers
Long, Wm., Tobacconists
Lonigan, Mark, Smiths
Loory, James, Masons
Loory, Wm., Masons
Loughlin, Byran, Coopers
Loughlin, Denis, Smiths
Love, James, Ropemakers
Lyddy Jun., James, Fishermen
Lyddy Sen., James, Fishermen
Lyddy, John, Fishermen
Lynce, Patrick, Bakers
Lynch, Denis, Ironfounders
Lynch, James, Cabinet-makers
Lynch, John, Cabinet-makers
Lynch, John, Smiths
Lynch, Michael, Bakers
Lynch, Michael, Cabinet-makers
Lyons, Bartholomew, Weavers
Lyons, Michael, Coopers
Lyons, Philip, Cabinet-makers
Lyons, Thadeus, Coachmakers
Lyons, Thomas, Slaters and Plasterers
Lysaght, Patrick, Ironfounders
Macnamara, Thomas, Masons
M'Adam, Michael, Coopers
Magrath, Daniel, Millwrights
Magrath, James, Coachmakers
Magrath, Michael, Millwrights
Magrath, Patrick, Broguemakers
Maher, Bartholomew, Nailors
Maher, James, Smiths
Mahony, John, Nailors
Maigh, Edward, Nailors
Mangan, John, Cabinet-makers
Mannin, Daniel, Masons
Mannin, John, Coopers
Mannin, John, Masons
Manning, Michael, Coopers
Mara, Daniel, Smiths
Mara, Edmond, Sandmen's Society
Marshall, William, Ironfounders
Massey, Edward, Chandlers
Massy, Hugh, Tobacconists
Massy, Mary, Tobacconists
M'Auliff, John, Slaters and Plasterers
McAlister, John, Hatters
M'Carthy, Batholomew, Slaters and Plasterers
M'Carthy, Daniel, Hatters
M'Carthy, Daniel, Weavers
M'Carthy, John, Carpenters
M'Carthy, John, Masons
M'Carthy, John, Ropemakers
M'Carthy, P., Hatters
M'Carthy, Patrick, Smiths
M'Carthy, Thomas, Stone-cutters
M'Carthy, Timothy, Tobacconists
M'Cormack, Michael, Bakers
M'Cormick, ----------, Painters
M'Cormick, Denis, Coopers
M'Cormick, John, Coopers
M'Dole, Bernard, Pipemakers
M'Donald, John, Cabinet-makers
M'Donnell, Michael, Coopers
M'Donnell, Peter, Carpenters
Meade, John, Masons
Meade, John, Weavers
Meade, Joseph, Masons
Meade, Michael, Masons
Meehan, John, Bakers
Meehan, Joseph, Woolcombers
M'Elroy, Patrick, Ironfounders
M'Emery, John, Bakers
M'Emery, Michael, Bakers
M'Enery, C., Masons
M'Enery, Michael, Smiths
M'Evoy, Thomas, Smiths
M'Grath, Daniel, Carpenters
M'Grath, Michael, Hatters
Minahan, Daniel, Weavers
Minahan, John, Coopers
Minahan, Michael, Coopers
Minanan, Mathew, Weavers
Minton, Patrick, Coachmakers
M'Keon, Joseph, Weavers
M'Mahon, Charles, Carpenters
M'Mahon, Denis, Stone-cutters
M'Mahon, Francis, Coopers
M'Mahon, Jeremiah, Ironfounders
M'Mahon, John, Weavers
M'Mahon, Michael, Carpenters
M'Mahon, Michael, Stone-cutters
M'Mahon, P., Masons
M'Mahon, Patrick, Carpenters
M'Mahon, Peter, Masons
M'Mahon, Thomas, Bakers
M'Mahon, Thomas, Carpenters
M'Manus, Martin, Nailors
M'Namara, Geo., Ropemakers
M'Namara, James, Coopers
M'Namara, James, Coopers
M'Namara, James, Founders
M'Namara, James, Weavers
M'Namara, John, Chandlers
M'Namara, John, Coopers
M'Namara, John, Coopers
M'Namara, John, Coopers
M'Namara, John, Weavers
M'Namara, John, Slaters and Plasterers
M'Namara, Mathew, Coopers
M'Namara, Mathew, Coopers
M'Namara, Mathew, Slaters and Plasterers
M'Namara, Michael, Bakers
M'Namara, Michael, Ropemakers
M'Namara, Michael, Slaters and Plasterers
M'Namara, Michael, Tobacconists
M'Namara, Michael, Weavers
M'Namara, Patrick, Broguemakers
M'Namara, Thomas, Coopers
M'Namara, Thomas, Slaters and Plasterers
M'Namara, Thomas, Weavers
Mollony, J. P., Tobacconists
Moloney, John, Coachmakers
Molony, Hugh, Tobacconists
Molony, John, Slaters and Plasterers
Molony, Miles, Coachmakers
Molony, Thomas, Coachmakers
Mooney, Patrick, Bakers
Moran, Michael, Coachmakers
Morony, John, Stone-cutters
M'Teague Sen., Patrick, Weavers
M'Teague, Patrick, Weavers
Muir, John, Ironfounders
Mulcahy, W., Smiths
Mullane, John, Woolcombers
Mulready Jun., James, Cabinet-makers
Mulready, James, Cabinet-makers
Mulready, James, Cabinet-makers
Murnane, James, Coopers
Murnane, Michael, Coopers
Murphy, Edward, Painters
Murphy, James, Cabinet-makers
Murphy, John, Chandlers
Murphy, John, Coopers
Murphy, John, Smiths
Murphy, John, Stone-cutters
Murphy, Michael, Cabinet-makers
Murphy, Patrick, Painters
Murphy, Stephen, Painters
Murphy, Timothy, Cabinet-makers
Murray, Michael, Carpenters
Myres, Thomas, Ropemakers
Nagle, Richard, Weavers
Nash, John, Bakers
Naughton, Edmond, Coopers
Nealon, James, Painters
Nealon, John, Bakers
Nealon, Patrick, Weavers
Nealon, William, Painters
Nealor, John, Founders
Nealor, Michael, Founders
Nealson, John, Carpenters
Neville, Patrick, Slaters and Plasterers
Noonan, Cornelius, Masons
Noonan, E., Masons
Noonan, George, Carpenters
Noonan, Patrick, Painters
Noonan, Thomas, Carpenters
O'Brien Jun., Charles, Weavers
O'Brien Sen., Charles, Weavers
O'Brien, Cornelius, Smiths
O'Brien, James, Cabinet-makers
O'Brien, James, Chandlers
O'Brien, James, Weavers
O'Brien, John, Chandlers
O'Brien, John, Weavers
O'Brien, Michael, Broguemakers
O'Brien, Michael, Cabinet-makers
O'Brien, Michael, Smiths
O'Brien, Michael, Weavers
O'Brien, Mortimer, Broguemakers
O'Brien, Patrick, Chandlers
O'Brien, Patrick, Smiths
O'Brien, Thomas, Chandlers
O'Brien, Timothy, Weavers
O'Callaghan, Edward, Tobacconists
O'Connell, Daniel, Bakers
O'Connell, Daniel, Bakers
O'Connell, Daniel, Ironfounders
O'Connell, Edmond, Coachmakers
O'Connell, James, Bakers
O'Connor, Charles, Fishermen
O'Connor, Charles, Painters
O'Connor, Daniel, Millwrights
O'Connor, Denis, Weavers
O'Connor, James, Fishermen
O'Connor, James, Millwrights
O'Connor, John, Fishermen
O'Connor, John, Ironfounders
O'Connor, Martin, Painters
O'Connor, Mary, Millwrights
O'Connor, Michael, Broguemakers
O'Connor, Michael, Smiths
O'Connor, Owen, Fishermen
O'Connor, Patrick, Fishermen
O'Connor, Patrick, Fishermen
O'Dea, James, Bakers
O'Dea, James, Masons
O'Dea, John, Carpenters
O'Dea, John, Fishermen
O'Dogherty, James, Tobacconists
O'Dogherty, P., Tobacconists
O'Donnell, John, Stone-cutters
O'Donnell, Michael, Bakers
O'Donoghoe, Daniel, Painters
O'Donoghue, Edmond, Ropemakers
O'Donoghue, Michael, Ropemakers
O'Donohoe, Francis, Stone-cutters
O'Dowd, John, Broguemakers
O'Farrell, Bartholomew, Nailors
O'Farrell, Christopher, Fishermen
O'Farrell, Denis, Hatters
O'Grady, Denis, Stone-cutters
O'Halloran, Michael, Nailors
O'Halloran, Timothy, Tobacconists
O'Keefe, Patrick, Nailors
O'Keeffe, Andrew, Masons
O'Keeffe, Arthur, Smiths
O'Keeffe, Cornelius, Masons
O'Keeffe, John, Masons
O'Keeffe, Thomas, Masons
O'Leary, Daniel, Nailors
O'Loughlin, B., Cabinet-makers
O'Neill, Charles, Bakers
O'Neill, Edward, Bakers
O'Neill, John, Ironfounders
O'Neill, Roger, Carpenters
O'Reilly, Daniel, Hatters
Organ, John, Coachmakers
Organ, Martin, Weavers
O'Shaughnessy, Anthony, Tobacconists
O'Shaughnessy, William, Nailors
O'Sullivan, Daniel, Broguemakers
O'Sullivan, James, Broguemakers
O'Sullivan, John, Nailors
O'Sullivan, Timothy, Broguemakers
O'Sullivan, Timothy, Nailors
Parker, James, Bakers
Peacock, Thomas, Weavers
Pegum, Thomas, Coopers
Pelican, James, Cabinet-makers
Pendergast, Garrett, Millwrights
Pendergast, George, Millwrights
Pendergast, Michael, Millwrights
Perse, George, Nailors
Prendergast, James, Broguemakers
Punch, John, Smiths
Purcell, Patrick, Masons
Purcell, Richard, Stone-cutters
Quigley, Terence, Weavers
Quin, James, Coopers
Quin, John, Weavers
Quin, Michael, Coopers
Quin, Patrick, Weavers
Quinlan, Michael, Cabinet-makers
Quinlan, Stephen, Weavers
Quinn, Austin, Slaters and Plasterers
Quinn, David, Painters
Quinn, Thomas, Coopers
Raleigh, Cornelius, Masons
Raleigh, Edward, Carpenters
Raleigh, James, Masons
Raleigh, Richard, Slaters and Plasterers
Raleigh, Richard, Tobacconists
Read, Miss Ellen, Tobacconists
Readdon, Wm., Tobacconists
Reddan, James, Carpenters
Reidy, Patrick, Ropemakers
Reilly, Edward, Ironfounders
Reilly, Thomas, Ironfounders
Reilly, William, Nailors
Renedy, Jeremiah, Cabinet-makers
Rickson, Edward, Nailors
Rinneck, Edward, Carpenters
Ronan, John, Nailors
Ronan, Patrick, Nailors
Roughan, Matthew, Hatters
Rouhan, Patrick, Slaters and Plasterers
Rouhan, Thomas, Slaters and Plasterers
Russell, David, Ironfounders
Ryan Jun., John, Hatters
Ryan, Anne, Fishermen
Ryan, Anthony, Ropemakers
Ryan, Daniel, Nailors
Ryan, Denis, Coopers
Ryan, James, Cabinet-makers
Ryan, James, Hatters
Ryan, James, Millwrights
Ryan, James, Smiths
Ryan, John, Fishermen
Ryan, John, Hatters
Ryan, John, Slaters and Plasterers
Ryan, John, Tobacconists
Ryan, Mary, Fishermen
Ryan, Mathew, Carpenters
Ryan, Michael, Hatters
Ryan, Michael, Sandmen's Society
Ryan, Owen, Hatters
Ryan, Patrick, Carpenters
Ryan, Patrick, Carpenters
Ryan, Patrick, Weavers
Ryan, Peter, Ironfounders
Ryan, Richard, Coachmakers
Ryan, Thomas, Carpenters
Ryan, Thomas, Millwrights
Ryan, William, Hatters
Ryan, William, Ironfounders
Ryan, William, Tobacconists
Saddler, John, Coopers
Sargent, David, Nailors
Sarstield, Philip, Cabinet-makers
Scales, John, Cabinet-makers
Scanlan, James, Bakers
Scanlan, John, Masons
Scott, Patrick, Weavers
Sexton, James, Carpenters
Sexton, James, Carpenters
Sexton, John, Masons
Sexton, John, Tobacconists
Sexton, Patrick, Bakers
Seymour, George, Nailors
Seymour, John, Hatters
Shanny, Conor, Fishermen
Shanny, Edmond, Fishermen
Shanny, James, Fishermen
Shanny, John, Fishermen
Shanny, Patrick, Fishermen
Shanny, William, Fishermen
Sharkey, Denis, Stone-cutters
Shaughnessy, James, Coachmakers
Shaughnessy, James, Weavers
Shaughnessy, John, Cabinet-makers
Shaughnessy, Michael, Weavers
Shaw, William, Nailors
Shea, John, Tobacconists
Shea, Martin, Bakers
Shea, Thomas, Tobacconists
Sheedy, Michael, Cabinet-makers
Sheehan, James, Masons
Sheehy, Patrick, Slaters and Plasterers
Sheffield, Thomas, Painters
Sheil, Michael, Stone-cutters
Sheil, Thomas, Stone-cutters
Shields, James, Coopers
Silver, Patrick, Fishermen
Skiddy, Edward, Cabinet-makers
Slattery, Daniel, Carpenters
Slattery, James, Carpenters
Slattery, Jas., Masons
Slattery, Michael, Carpenters
Smith, George, Cabinet-makers
Smith, Michael, Coopers
Smyth, Denis, Carpenters
Smyth, William, Coopers
Spellan, Patrick, Tobacconists
St. Laurence Jun., William, Hatters
St. Laurence, John, Hatters
St. Laurence, Thomas, Hatters
St. Laurence, Timothy Francis, Hatters
Stokes, John, Masons
Stokes, Phillips, Nailors
Sullivan, James, Ropemakers
Sullivan, Michael, Carpenters
Sullivan, Peter, Founders
Sullivan, Timothy, Coopers
Sutherwood, James, Bakers
Sweeney, P., Sandmen's Society
Sweeny, Denis, Hatters
Sweeny, Patrick, Hatters
Sweeny, Stephen, Cabinet-makers
Sweney, Stephen, Bakers
Tierney, Michael, Weavers
Tierney, William, Weavers
Toole Jun., Thomas, Ropemakers
Toole Sen., Thomas, Ropemakers
Toole, John, Weavers
Toomey, Joseph, Coachmakers
Toomy, John, Coachmakers
Tracy, Edmond, Ropemakers
Tuohy, John, Broguemakers
Tuohy, Michael, Fishermen
Turner, James, Sandmen's Society
Turner, Thomas, Coachmakers
Turner, Thomas, Sandmen's Society
Tyrrell, Barthw., Masons
Tyrrell, Henry, Cabinet-makers
Tyrrell, James, Cabinet-makers
Tyrrell, Thomas, Masons
Walker, Denis, Weavers
Wall, Edward, Smiths
Wallace, John, Cabinet-makers
Wallace, Michael, Cabinet-makers
Wallace, Thomas, Carpenters
Wallace, William, Carpenters
Waller, Joseph, Cabinet-makers
Walsh, Arthur, Cabinet-makers
Walsh, John, Coopers
Walsh, John, Masons
Walsh, John, Smiths
Walsh, Michael, Coachmakers
Walsh, Michael, Masons
Walsh, Thomas, Founders
Ward, Michael, Smiths
Ward, Thomas, Bakers
Ward, Timothy, Broguemakers
Watson, Charles, Millwrights
Weldon, Thomas, Painters
Whelan, John, Coopers
Whelan, Patrick, Carpenters
White, Henry, Nailors
White, James, Nailors
White, James, Weavers
White, John, Carpenters
Wilkinson, John, Ironfounders
Wilson, Loughlin, Ironfounders
Wilson, Michael, Weavers
Woods, Denis, Nailors
Woods, John, Nailors
Young, Robert, Weavers

in the Newspaper "Freeman's Journal"
Publication Date:  21 Oct 1840
Contributed by:  K. L. Rhodes 22 Mar 2008