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File contributed by:  Mary Heaphy         


The following are the names of people who subscribed.


Michael Dunne, Esq. M.P.

Miss Dunne,

Joe Lyons, Esq. J.P.

Wm. Lyons, Esq.

Jos. Lyons, jnr.

Rev. Hume, P.P.

Rev. Dunne. C.C.

Rev. Donoghue. C.C.

Dan Dunne,

Mrs Connell.

Thos. Fitzgerald.

Thos. Dillon.

Maurice King.

Edward Byrne.

D. Drennan.

Jas. Kelly

John Murphy.

Jas. Mahon.

Mrs Timmons.

Mrs. Comerford.

Joe Byrne.

Mrs. Shortell

Mrs Fitzgerald.

Peter Farrell.

Mrs Quinne,

Mrs John Kelley,

Mrs Denis Shortell.

Mrs John Wall.

Miss Stapleton.

P. Deegan,

P. Dunne.

J. Hannegan.

Mrs. J. Murphy.

M. Coughlan.

M. Carroll.

Martin Daley.

John Higgins.

W. Molloy.

John Dowling.

Miss Ransbott.

Jas. Byrne.

Mrs. Power

Mrs Bell.

M. Shaughnessey.

Mr. Keshan.

Mrs. Dooley,

Miss Essy Maginess.

A. Whelan.

Mrs Whelan.

Mr. Bowe.

Bryan Dunne.

Mrs Murphy,

Mrs Harris.

Lou Byrne.

Daniel Carroll.

Mrs M'Conety.

Pat Hanigan,

J. Bowe.

Wm. Ryan.

Miss Graves.

Thos Hurley.

M. Connelly.

Miss Connell.

Miss Flemming.

M. Dunne.

Mr. Lalor.

Daniel Ryan.

Mgt. Farrell.

Mr. Russell.

Mrs Dunne.

James Doodey.

John Scully.

John Dowling.

Pat Hanigan.

Mrs Shortall.


Michael Corcoran.

John Lalor

James Kenna.

William Moore.

James Ramsbottom.

Denis Dunne.

John Ramsbottom.

Patrick Cody.

Patrick Cremor.

William Delany.

Randle McDonald.

Patrick Daly.

Terce Byrne.

Stephen Byrne.

Fantin Lalor

Patrick Drenan.

Peter Scully.

James Mooney.

Richard Ramsbott.*

Jeremiah Lowry.

Mrs Stapleton.

Mrs Drenan.

H. Ramsbottom.

Thomas Byrne.

Martin McDonald.

Michael Moore.

Andrew Campion.

Patrick Kelly,

James Cormack.

Peter Tierny.

Patrick Brenan.

Mrs Corcoran.

John Lenon.

John Moore.

Daniel Moore.

Thomas Ruin.

John Fitzpatrick.

William Fogarty.

Thomas Delany.

William Kenna.

James Hoyle.

William M'Cue.

James Dunne.

William Browne.

James Shortell.

John Byrne.

Peter Wall.

John Cormack.

Patrick Cormack.

John Ramsbott.*

John Bowe.

Patrick Daly.

Susan Bradshaw.

Patrick Dunne.

John Pigott.

Michael Moony.

John M'Cue.

Daniel Lalor

Martin Lalor.

Timothy Dowling.

John Neal.

J. Dunne.

Michael Noclar.

Daniel Cormack.

Patrick Ramsbott.*

Edward Buggy.

Patrick Carroll.

Laurance Antony.

Patrick Dunne.

Patrick Whelan.

Condron, School Master.

William Lalor.

Michael Bowe.

Martin Bowe.

John Brenan.

Patrick McCabe.

Patk McDonald.

Thomas Byrne.

William Foyle.

William Murphy.

Hygh Dunne.

*This could be Ransbott*

Vicarstown District.

Michael Dunne.

Miss Dunne.

Joseph Lyons.

Wm. Lyons.

Joseph Lyons.

Mrs Millar.

Mr. Whalen.

Terence Connell.

John Davey.

John Stapleton.

Mrs Thomas Connell.

John Millar.

James Connell.

Patrick Byrne.

John Malone.

Christy Connell.

Michael Scully.

Peter Doolan.

John Tynan.

Hugh Conrahy.

Mrs Whalen.

Mrs Feneley.

James Whalen.

Michael Connell.

Edward Deegan.

Garret Tynan.

Patrick Feeney.

James Scully.

Edward Kelly.

Owen McGough.

Patrick Gray.

Con Whalen.

Mrs Purtell.

Anne Bean.

Daniel Connell.

James Feeney.

William Clery.

Mark Brophy.

Anne Kelly,

Mrs Dixon.

Thomas Whelan.

Michael Kelly.

Patrick Stapleton.

Anne Whalen.

Denis Bergin.

Laurance Mack.

Richard Kelly.

Christy Connell.

Darby Mulhall.

Martin Connell.

Patrick Keogh.

Patrick Fitzsimons.

John Dunne.

Freeman's Journal 16 July 1860