Laois - Dublin Evening Post March 12, 1801

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy         


Whereas a Paper was posted up in Ballybrittas, the 25th of 
last Feb. which was as follows;

"Threatening the Gentlemen and Farmers of the Parish of Lea, 
in said County, immediately to give provisions and 
employment to the poor, otherwise their houses should be 
burned, their cattle taken and destroyed, and that they 
might expect to be attacked every night-and denouncing death 
to the persons that would take down said Paper."

And whereas, another paper was posted up against the wall of 
the Thoisel or Market House of Portarlington, the 28th day 
of last Feb. threatening the life of Richard Dowdall, Esq. a 
Magistrate of the said County, as it is imagined for taking 
down the Paper so posted up in Ballybrittas.

Now we, the undersigned inhabitants of Portarlington, and 
its vicinity, having a just sense of the evil tendency of 
such atrocious acts, will pay the sum of one hundred guineas 
to the person or persons who will discover and bring to 
justice the person or persons that wrote or caused to be 
written the above papers, so as he or they may be prosecuted 
to conviction in six calendar months from the date hereof.

Richard Warburton,

Jonathan Chetwood,

John Vignoles,

George Core,

Paul Mazych,

Cottrell Mercier,

John Kelly, King's County

Denis Kelly,

Thomas Stannus,

James Stannus,

Richard Clarke,

Richard Grattan,

George Harrison,

George Harrison, Jnr.

Edward Geoghan,

George Phelan,

Joshua Kemmis,

Arthur Cary,

John Blair, M.D.

George Chapman,

Henry Cary,

Anthony Cary,

Robert Vicors,

Thomas Terson.

N.B. Any person giving private information, so as to lead to 
conviction, will be entitled to the reward, and the 
strictest secrecy observed.

As a further reward I will give the sum of 20 guineas to the 
person or persons who will discover the person or persons 
that wrote or caused to be written that Paper that 
threatened my life, so as he may be convicted of the same.


March 7th 1801.

R. Dowdall.