Laois - Dublin Journal, 12 Oct 1745

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy         


We whose names are hereunto subscribed, being Gentlemen of 
the Queen's County in Ireland, do think its absolutely 
necessary to unite into an association (which we hope all 
protestants will do), when a daring unnatural rebellion is 
broke out in Scotland. We do hereby associate ourselves, and 
solemnly promise and engage to the utmost of our power, to 
defend his sacred Majesty King George.

Given under our hands this 10th day of October 1745, at a 
general Quarter Session of the Peace, held in and for the 
said County.

S. Stubber, Sheriff.

John Denny Ve?ey.

J. Walsh.

Warner Vestenra.

William Wall.

Wm. Gilbert.

Thomas Barrington.

Johah Barrington.

J. Barrington, Jnr.

Anthony Sharp.

Lewis Moore.

Ephraim Dawson.

Wm. Henry Dawson.

Arthur Weldon.

Bowen Southwell.

Richard Despard.

George Despard.

Martin Delany

Alexander Barrington.

Thomas Kanneny.

Arthur Mosse.

Lewis Moor the Yr.

Arthur Brereton.

Robert Brereton.

John Kelly.

John Moore.

Charles White.

Friend Twydd.

Rev. Frederick Trench.

Wm. Gray.

Joseph Baldwin.

Joshua Strangeman.

Wm. Ridgeway.

Francis Cosbe.

C. Stewart.

John Morton.

John Doxey.

James Bryan.

James Stewart.

Tho. Pigott.

John Ralple.

Francis Ralple.

Henry Fisher.

Matthew Cassan.

Jon Lyon.

Wm. Fitzgerald.

Francis Duggan, Jnr.

Stephen Cassan.

Stephen Cassan, Jnr.

Periam Pole.

William Pole.

Thomas Fitzgerald.

Thomas Hawshead.

Henry Lewis.

John Bowen.

Francis Duggan.

Charles Duggan.

William Despard.

William Pleasants.

Edward Gray.

Christopher Lodge.

Stephen Fitzgerald.

William Willcocks.

Lamly Higgins.

Rev. John Orr.

Walter Stephens.

Wm. Carden.

Thomas Piggott.

Robert Fitzgerald.

Geo. Hartpole.

Dualy Fitzgerald.

Jonathan Baldwin.

Wm. Handcock.

Wm. King.

Wm. Conway.

Tho. Whittle.

Ephraim Stewart.

John Mullhalland.

Wm. Dawson Clark.

Jos. Cuffe.

Benjamin Fisher.

John Whitley.

Jos. Pleasants.

P. Whitley.

John Short.

Thomas Short.

Thomas Prior.