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File contributed by: C. Hunt


 Erected by Denis Dunne of Hungtington in memory of his 
beloved wife Anne Dunne who departed this life January 22nd 
1863. Aged 55 years. Also his daughter Catherine Dunne who 
departed this life June 18th 1851, aged 16 years. Also his 
son Charles Dunne who departed this life 27th April 1908 
aged 70 years.

 Lord have mercy on the soul of Jane Wyre, Depd this life 
June 15th 1812 Aged 28 yrs.

 Erected by Laurence Clear of Courtwood in Memory of his 
beloved Father Michael Clear, who died Jan 12th 1829 aged 72 
years, and his Mother Bridget Clear, who died April 18th 
1832 aged 63 years, and his son Michael who died July 27th 
1839 Aged 25 years Bridget Mallon died August 28th 1868 Aged 
33 years.

 Sacred to the memory of Timothy Cadogan who died Decr 3rd 
aged 58 years. Also his wife Catherine died May 12th 1839 
aged 87 years. Also his son Thomas died Feby 10th 1813 aged 
19 years. Also Mary Kelly died 11th April 1812 aged 7 
Months. Daughter of Mrs. Mary Anne Kelly Rockey Hill, 
Connecticut, United States of America, by who this Stone was 
erected in Memory of her family. Requiescant in peace.

 In Memory of Patrick Gallagher, who departed this life June 
15th. Aged 72 years Also of his daugh _ Anne who died 1860.

 Lord have Mercy on the Soul of Anne Dunn who Depd this life 
August the 29th 1807 aged 44 years Erected by her fond son 
Denis Dunn. R.I.P.

This stone was erected by Elenor Rorke in Memory of her 
uncle James McDonald who departed this life April the 7th 
1808 Aged 72 years May he rest in peace. Amen.

 Here lieth the body of Darby Phelan who departed this life 
July 30th 1804 aged 19 years May he rest in Peace.

 Here lies the mortal remains of Andrew Congreve? junr who 
died Feb. ix. M.D.C.C.C.X.L.I.L. Aged 22 years. This stone 
is dedicated to his provate virtue as a record of his 
genius, amiability, and... affection and of the esteem of 
his friends and acquaintances by who he was and sincerely 
regretted and is erected as this last tribute of parental 
affection Rest in Peace. Amen I.H.S.

 I.H.S. Erected by John Lawlor in memory of his father 
Daniel Lawlor. Depd this life, March 22nd 1811 Aged 62 
years. Lord have mercy on his soul. Amen.

 I.H.S. This tomb is Erected by John Byrne in memory of his 
4 sons and one daughter who died young, also the above 
Erector who departed this life November the 14th 1834 lived 
in Vickearstown Aged 71 years. Margret Byrne depd this life 
26 th May, 1840. Aged 88 years Also his grandson John, who 
died 25th July 1855 Aged 21 years and his son Pat Byrne who 
died Jan 11th 1877 Aged 86 years May they Rest in Peace. 

 Erected by William Dunne in memory of his beloved Son John, 
who depd this life December 17th 1833 Aged 35 years. Also 
his daughter Mary who departed May 23rd 1813 Aged 29 years 
May They Rest in Peace. Amen.

 I.H.S. O Lord have Mercy on the soul of Patrick Fennelly 
Who depd this life March the 21st 1807. Aged 80 years Also 
his wife Mary Fennelly who depd this life March 10th 1807. 
Aged 69 years. Also James Fennelly, Ballybrittas died 
January 15th 1875. Aged 64 years Also his wife Mary died 
September 24th 1889. Aged 75 years.

 I.H.S. Erected by Mary Kelly in memory of her son John 
Kelly who depd this life March the 8th 1837. Aged 24 years 
Also her son Bernard who depd this life Jan 3rd 1843 And her 
son Thomas depd young. R.I.P.

 Erected By Peter Murphy of Ullard in memory of his mother 
Elizabeth Murphy who departed this life Dec 25th 1835 Aged 
85 years Also his children who died young R.I.P.

 Erected by James Connor of Ballintoher in memory of his 
wife Catherine Connor who depd this life September 30 in 
1835 aged 60 years. Also his Daughter Mary Connor. Aged 21 
years died 1820. Also to the memory of James Connor, who 
Departed this life the 6 of Dec. 1846. Aged 75 years.

 Of your charity Pray for the soul of James Mulhall who died 
May the 11th 1854, aged 46 Also of his wife Marcella who 
died Feb. 2nd 1879 Aged 62 yrs. Erected by their son 
Laurence Mulhall of Bichpswood [sic]

 Erected by John Lawler of Dublin in memory of his beloved 
Father Jeremiah Lawler who departed this life 14 Nov. 1884 
Aged 84 years. And his mother Elizabeth Lawler Died 30th 
July 1858 aged 60 And his sister Mary Lawler Died 28th June 
1855 aged 30 yrs. Also his Uncle John Sullivan Died 30th 
Jan. 1812 Aged 88 yrs. Also his beloved daughter Lizzie 
Lawler Died 27th of May 1891 Aged 35 yrs. Eternal rest grant 
them, O Lord and let Perpetual light shine upon them R.I.P.

 Erected By Thomas Gowan and Family in memory of his Aunt, 
Bridget Ryan who departed this life Nov 5th 1843. Aged 70 

 This stone is erected by Nicholes Dooley of Courtwood to 
the Memory of his Father Richard Dooley who departed this 
life 26th November 1853 Aged 78 yr. Also to the memory of 
Bridget Dooley who died Sept 17th 1889 Aged 48 yrs. Also to 
the memory of Patrick Doley who died July 20th 1900. Aged 92 
yrs. Also to the memory of Anne Dooley of Killenure wo died 
June 7th 1901 Aged 32 yrs. Requiescat in Pace Amen

 Erected by Stephen Malone to the memory of his beloved 
Father John Malone, who died Dec the 9th 1832. Aged 40 yrs, 
also of his grandfather Bartholemew Malone who died 8 of 
March 1834 aged 75 yrs. And of his grandmother Margret 
Malone who died Jan. 12th 1853 Aged 85 yrs.

 Lord have mercy on the soul of Murty Slavin who dep. this 
life January 13th 1814. Aged 23 yrs. Erected by his Father, 
Patrick Slavin.

 Erected by Thomas Tynan of Jamestown in memory of his 
beloved Father William Tynan who Departed this life December 
17th 1854 Aged 70 yrs. Also his widow Bridget Tynan who 
departed this life May 12th 1857 Aged 66 yrs. Also the above 
Thomas Tynan who died 20 March 1885 Aged 65 yrs. Also his 
sister Kate Tynan, who died 28th February 1886 Aged 65 yrs. 
Requiescat in Pace. Amen.

 I.H.S. Erected by Mary Toole in memory of her son Martin 
Toole, who departed this life July 28th 1827 Aged 36 yrs.

 I.H.S. Here lyeth the Body of Jeremiah Lalor, who departed 
this life the 26th of October 1793 aged 45 yrs Lord have 
mercy of his soul. Amen.

Journal of the Memorials of the Dead in Ireland Vol IX. 
Dublin. FHL #1279285.