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File contributed by:  Anna Ryan


 In loving memory of, Jeremiah Wilkinson, died, 11th 
September 1948 aged 61 years, also his son, Joseph, died, 
14th April 1946 aged 30 yrs. also his wife, Mary Anne 
Elizabeth, died, 9th Jan. 1970 aged 73 yrs.  also his son, 
Jeremiah, died, 27th Jan. 1981 aged 62 yrs. also his son, 
William, died, 18th April 1993 aged 71 yrs.

 In loving memory of, Staff Scg. Robert George Napier, 
M.P.S.C. died, March 1937 aged 38 years, also his mother, 
Harriet Elizabeth, died, 14th Aug. 1967 aged 93 years.

 Erected by, Joseph Wilkinson, who died, 10th Jan. 1928. In 
loving memory of his wife, Mary Anne Wilkinson, who died, 
10th Sept. 1916 aged 84 years.

 Erected by, Mrs.  Ellen Whitford, of Athy, in memory of her 
husband, James Whitford, died, Sept. 11th 1865 aged 35 

 William Dobson, Ballycarroll, who died, 28th Oct.  1862 
aged 66 years, his wife, Anna, died, 15th Nov. 1886, aged 80 
years, their son, Isaac, died, 27th July 1860 aged 18 years, 
their son, James, died, 14th April 1900 aged 64 years, his 
wife, Olivia Hancock, died, 22nd Sept. 1910 aged 69 years, 
their son, William Hancock Dobson, died, 23rd April 1942 
aged 74 years, his wife, Caroline, died, 13th Nov. 1966 aged 
89 years, their daughter, Frances Etta Dobson, died 6th 
February 2000 aged 86 years.

 In loving memory of George Dobson, The Rock, Ballycarroll, 
died, 21st September 1988 aged 78 years.

 In loving memory of, Jane Lewis, died, 8th March 1929 aged 
75 years, her husband Moses Lewis, Jan. 11th 1927 aged 79 
years, who is interred in Coolbanagher, their daughter, 
Sophie, died, May 11th 1954 aged 75 years, their daughter, 
Alice, died, July 4th aged 65 years.

 In loving memory of, William Furlong, Corrigeen, died, 
March 10th 1915 aged 65 years, also their son, Arthur 
Robert, died, March 2nd 1916 aged 21 years, and his wife, 
Susan, died, July 17th 1925 aged 68 years, Catherine Vera 
Furlong, died, 25th November 1957 aged 70 years, also her 
husband, John, died, May 2nd 1971 aged 87 years.

 In loving memory of, Olwen Annie Huggard, (nee Thompson), 
Mountmellick and Dublin, 30 Jan. 1930, 29 Dec. 2001.

 In loving memory of, John William Thompson, Market St., 
Mountmellick, died, 2nd April 1951, also his sons, Norman 
Twiss Thompson, died, March 1930, John Arthur Thompson, 
R.A.F. V.R., killed in action, 27th June 1943, buried in, 
Salermo, Italy, also his mother, Emily C. Thompson, died, 
march 1973, also their son, Sydney George Thompson, died 
25th June 1999, buried in Perth, Australia.

 Frances Geoghegan, born, 1843, died, 26th July 1916.

 Sacred to the memory of, Eliza, the beloved wife of, 
Captain Francis Lyons, Royal Navy, died, 9th May 1`867 aged 
66 years, also in memory of, Francis Lyons, R.N. died, 6th 
April 1868 aged 71 years.

 In loving memory of, Boyce S.J. Deverell, died, 22nd May 
1909 aged 68 years, also his wife, Henrietta Davis, died, 
22nd July 1920 aged 87 years.

 In loving memory of, Olaf John Alexander, Wycombe, Bucks, 
died, 25th June 1987 aged 73 years.

 Deverell. In loving memory of, William, died, 26th December 
1889, also  his wife, Mary, died, 12th August 1874, and 
their son, Robert, died, 10th December 1879, also his wife, 
Charlotte, died, 7th January 1879, and their son, William 
Robert, died, 15th November 1951, aged, 74 years, also his 
wife, Rebecca Maud, died, 31st July 1967 aged 7 years, also 
their eldest son, Major Robert Lionel, died, 4th August 1986 
aged 74 years, also his beloved wife, Mary Susanna (nee 
O'Connor) died, 2nd March 1999 aged 87 years.

 In loving memory of, The Rev. Cannon Philip M.Day 20-10-45, 
28-08-95, Rector, of Ballyfin, Portlaois, and the Rock. 

 In loving memory of, Clyde Aylin, died, 26th December 1922 
aged 35 years, his wife, Florence, died, 16th January 1968 
aged 77 years, their sons, Harry, died, 27th September 1990 
aged, 70 years, Clyde, died, 14th September 1995 aged 75 

 In loving memory of, Eric Meredith, husband of Joan, 
Corbally, died, 11th April 1967 aged 57 years.

 In loving memory of, Adelaide, dearly loved wife of, Robert 
Meredith died, 26th June 1949 aged 76 years, also the above, 
Robert Meredith, died, 3rd June 1966 aged, 91 years.

 In loving memory of Arthur William Bingham, dearly loved 
husband of, Emily Hinchlife, entered into rest, 10th March 
1948, also Emily, entered into rest, 24th September 1964.

 In loving memory of, Frances Emily Dobson, Dysart, Emo, 
died, 19th July 1975, her husband, James, died, 5th June 
1991 aged 81 years.

 In loving memory of, William Haslam, Rathleage, who died, 
27th June 1937, Sarah Jane Halsam, died, 12th December 1942, 
Henry Halsam, died, 14th January 1961, also Henry's wife, 
Mary (May) Halsam, died, 11th November 1996.

 In loving memory of, Maria, dearly loved wife of, George 
Charles Keegan, Rathleague, died, 20th June 1944, aged 78 
years, also her husband, George Charles Keegan, died, 3rd 
November 1954 aged, 82 years.