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[From Mr C.J. Hobson.]
Here lieth ye body of Patrick Dowling depd May ye 18th 1766 
Aged 77 years May he rest in peace Amen. Here also lie the 
body of his son Denis Dowling who departed this life august 
24 1813 aged 66 years may he rest in peace Amen. Erected by 
Dennis Dowling son to sd deceased.
This stone was erected by Thomas KENNA of Burtown for 
himself and his Posterity, Here lieth the body of his son 
Patrick KENNA who departed this life the 17th day of 
November 1785 Aged 17 years.  The Lord have mercy on his 
Soul Amen also his son Thomas KENNA who departed this life 
Feb. the 20th 1795 aged 16 years. Here lie
also interred the body of the above Thomas KENNA who
depd. this life on the 17th May of January 1813 in
the 97th year of his age.
Lord have mercy on his soul Amen.
The above inscription is copied from a headstone, now lying
upon a grave where it has fallen.
Erected by Thomas COFFEY of Athy in memory of his
wife Mary Coffey alis DOWLING who depd. this life the
30th October 1828 aged 64 years.
Erected to the memory of Michael DEMPSEY of Jerusalem
who died 23rd Oct. 1850 aged 62 years of his wife Dorah
Dempsey who died 28th of Jany. 1860 aged 60 years
and of their son Michael who died 25th Nov, 1867
aged 24 years.
[Small headstone.]
On the base of a Celtic cross about the centre of this 
burying ground, there is the following inscription - In 
memory of Michael and Catharine Rooney Their children Peter, 
James, Patrick, Michael, and Thomas and their grandson James 
COMMERFORD who died 17th April 1865 aged 23 years.
Here rest the remains of Thos. KENNA of Fox Hill who 
departed this life the 26th day of March 1814 aged 49.
Requiscat in Pace.
[Upright stone]
Erected by Catherine in memory of her husband Mr. John
Simmons of Arles who departed this life June the 7th 1821
aged 53 years.
In an angle formed by the wall surrounding the Hartpol 
burial plot and the wall surrounding this whole burial 
ground, the following inscription is on a tablet.  This plot 
is enclosed by a wall, and has an entrance gate quite 
separate from the rest of the burial ground - Here lie the 
remains of Mr. John DOWLING late of Graigue Carlow who depd. 
this life on the 25th of Oct. 1825 aged 76 years.  Also here 
are interred the Remains of Mrs. Mary Ann Dowling who 
departed this life the 24th June 1836.  Lord have mercy on 
their Souls.

Family Burying Ground of Wm EDGE (late) of TOLERTON.
To the Memory of Anne The beloved Wife of George EDGE
Esqr. Who departed this life 11th June 1851 Aged 70 years.
Family Burying Ground of John Edge Esq. (late) of Crettyard. 
Erected by Ann Haskins of Coon in memory of her beloved 
Husband Henry Haskins who depd. this life Oct. 21st 1859 
Aged 50 years. Also his father John HASKINS who depd. this 
life Septr. 28th 1856 aged 74 yrs. Also his mother Mary 
HASKINS died May 13th 1847 Aged 70 yrs.
Sacred to the memory of William HASKINS died January 1860 
aged 53 years. Also his Wife Mary HASKINS died 12th May 1892 
aged 61 yrs. Also their Daughter Elizabeth died 9th June 
1855 aged 11 mos. This Tribute is erected by their 
affectionate Daughters Ann Wilson and Eleanor Haskins.
Sacred to the memory of Esther Ann the beloved Wife
of Samuel Edge M.D. Died at Fairmount on 23rd Decr.
1843 Aged 19 yrs. And her infant Son aged 7 days.
Also her son George Valentine died 28th Oct. 1848
aged 6 yrs.  2nd Tim. 3, 15.
Erected by James Tunsted TOLERTON In Memory of his
beloved Parents.  Maria Tunsted who died 14th April 1881
Aged 42 years.  George Tunsted died 2nd May 1881
Aged 45 yrs.  1st Cor. 15, 55.
Interior of Church -
Sacred to the Memory of Ellen and Frances The beloved 
Daughters of HOVENDEN and Henrietta STAPLETON whose Remains 
are deposited in an adjoining Vault.*  They were taken from 
their afflicted Patents within 7 weeks of each other.  Ellen 
died 11th Oct. 1828 in the 18th year of her age, and Frances 
on 14th Decr. following aged 17 yrs. * The vault alluded to 
has an inscription, but is too overgrown with ivy, &c.  It 
was opened for one of the family about 30 years ago.  This 
family seems to be extinct.

Blame not the monumental stone we raise Tis to the Saviour's 
not the creature's praise Sin was the whole that they could 
call their own Their goodness all derived from him alone To 
sin their conflicts, pains and griefs they owed Their 
conquering faith and patience he bestowed Reader may'st thou 
obtain like previous faith To smile in anguish and rejoice 
in death. This Tribute is erected by their Affectionate 
In affectionate remembrance of George Edge Lieut. in 11th 
Regt. Eldest and dearly loved Son of William and Maria Edge 
of TOLERTON Who died at Queenstown on the 8th Feb. 1864, 
aged 25 yrs. Tho' thou hast called me to resign What most I 
prized it ne'er was mine I have but yielded what was thine 
Thy will be done. This Tablet is erected by his fond Father 
and Mother.
Memorial window (East) -
They will be done.
In Memory of Ann wife of Saml. R. CARTER, C.E., Died Feb. 
17th, 1892.  This Window is erected by her affectionate 
Husband and Loving Children.
In Memory of William Cater of Monawee in this Co., Esquire, 
who died May 18th, 1866 aged 58 years.  He was eldest son of 
late Staff Surgeon Henry Colles CARTER, M.D., M.A., and 
Charlotte, daughter of Joseph NEYNO, Esq., C.B., Capt. R.N., 
and Sister of Colonel W. Brydges NEYNO, C.B., Commanding 
27th Inniskilling Regt., of Castle Neyno, Co. Sligo. - John 
11, 25. Fortis Cadit sed non cedit.
Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland, vol. iii, 1897. FHL#