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File contributed by: Mike Saunders 


Following is baptismal information from Windgap
parish which appears on the same sheets as my family.
Includes Name of Child, Names of Parents, Date of
Baptism, Sponsors Names, Abode.

Parochial Registers of Windgap (Kilkenny) 1822-1882
(FHL British Film 926205)

Anty McGrath
Parents: Richd. McGrath/Cathe. Crowdle
14 Nov 1827
Sponsors: John Power/Margt. McGrath
Abode: Ballygown

Catherine Costelloe
Parents: Martin Costelloe/Judy Brownrigg
25 Nov 1827
Sponsors: John Hunt/Margaret Baker
Abode: Coolhill

Nicholas Shunny
Parents: Richd. Shunny/Bridget Smith
26 Nov 1827
Sponsors: Richd. Larasy/Mary Costelloe
Abode: Cussane

Michael Murphy
Parents: Pierse Murphy/Nelly Brown
27 Nov 1827
Sponsors: Michl. Power/Nelly Hennessy
Abode: Ballygown

Michael Sullivan
Parents: James Sullivan/Biddy Corcoran
1 Dec 1827
Sponsors: Michl. Walsh/Anne Smith
Abode: Gurtenaglough

Martha Hayes
Parents: John Hayes/Peg Hanly
8 Dec 1827
Sponsors: John Phelan/Mary Lawler
Abode: Butlerswood

Catherine Brennan
Parents: Denis Brennan/Mary Roach
15 Dec 1827
Sponsors: Martin Roach/Mary Croak
Abode: Kildrommy

James Hicky
Parents: James Hicky/Ellen McGuire
18 Dec 1827
Sponsors: John Fitzpatrick/Ally Phelan
Abode: Kiltrassy

James Flemming
Parents: John Flemming/Bridget Barden
20 Dec 1827
Sponsors: John Landy/Biddy Hearn
Abode: Upper Oldcastle

Thomas Moore
Parents: Edwd. Moore/Judith Connell
7 Jan 1828
Sponsors: John Crowly/Nelly Tobin
Abode: Birchwood

Margaret Cloony
Parents: David Cloony/Mary McGrath
20 Jan 1828
Sponsors: Michl. Cloony/Mary Walsh
Abode: Tullahought

Edmond Grensil
Parents: Thomas Grensil/Cathe. Phelan
21 Jan 1828
Sponsors: Philip (no last name)/Biddy Murry
Abode: Rossenerra

Bridget Morah
Parents: Thomas Morah/Cathe. Kain
23 Jan 1828
Sponsors: James Jordan/Biddy Lawrence
Abode: Bush

Bridge Malley
Parents: Pat Malley/Anne Croak
25 Jan 1828
Sponsors: Thomas Malley/Anty Phelan
Abode: Bawnraigh

Anty Nowlan
Parents: Mathw. Nowlan/Honor Hawe
1 Feb 1828
Sponsors: Pierse Hawe/Mary Landy
Abode: Garrythomas

Mary Costelloe
Parents: John Costelloe/Mary Kennedy
4 Apr 1833
Sponsors: Michl. Grace/Biddy Brophy
Abode: Windgap

Peter Costelloe
Parents: John Costelloe/Mary Kennedy
4 Apr 1833
Sponsors: Philip Dwyer/Mary Hanly
Abode: Windgap

Mary Austin
Parents: John Austin/Mary Cahill
7 Apr 1833
Sponsors: John Wall/Cathe. Purcell
Abode: Kilemory

James Kelly
Parents: James Kelly/Sarah Farrell
8 Apr 1833
Sponsors: Thomas Morah/Mary Colclogh
Abode: Bush

Catherine Butler
Parents: Thomas Butler/Ellen Kelly
9 Apr 1833
Sponsors: Patrick Ryan/Margaret Cody
Abode: Springmount

Mary Aylward
Parents: Pat Aylward/Anty Manwell
9 Apr 1833
Sponsors: Michael Dunphy/Catherine Kieff
Abode: Kildromy

Patt Tobin
Parents: James Tobin/Bridget Maher
16 Apr 1833
Sponsors: William Grace/Bridget Daily
Abode: Mealagh

James Landy
Parents: Pierce Landy/Mary Lynch
17 Apr 1833
Sponsors: Nicholas Landy/Bridget Landy
Abode: Butlerswood

Bridget Brown
Parents: John Brown/Anty Macky
22 Apr 1833
Sponsors: Pat Hanly/Biddy Brown
Abode: Windgap

Bridget Hanrehan
Parents: Tho. Hanrehan/Mary Maughan
23 Apr 1833
Sponsors: James Maughan/Margaret Tobin
Abode: Cottierstown

Mary Kelly
Parents: John Kelly/Margaret Millea
24 Apr 1833
Sponsors: James Tobin/Mary Fox
Abode: Kilmacoliver

Mary Saunders
Parents: John Saunders/Mary Landrikan
28 Apr 1833
Sponsors: James Saunders/Mary Saunders
Abode: Rosscon

Michael Sexton
Parents: Thomas Sexton/Cecily Murphy
7 May 1833
Sponsors: Richard Grace/Margt. Murphy
Abode: Garryricken

Anty Cosgran
Parents: James Cosgran/Mary Neal
12 May 1833
Sponsors: James Dalton/Mary Walsh
Abode: Ballygown Ponsonby

Anty Fox
Parents: Pat Fox/Cathe. Whelan
13 May 1833
Sponsors: Michl. Power/Judith Cleary
Abode: Inch

James Doherty
Parents: James Doherty/Johanna King
25 Jul 1835
Sponsors: Pat Voss/Norry Hanly
Abode: Butlerswood

Bridget Hurly
Parents: Pat Hurly/Mary Summers
27 Jul 1835
Sponsors: John Neil/Biddy Summers
Abode: Cottierstown

Catherine Meighan
Parents: Pat Meighan/Judy Conway
29 Jul 1835
Sponsors: John Crowly/Mary Hawe
Abode: Cussane

Edmund Power
Parents: Pat Power/Ellen Flin
29 Jul 1835
Sponsors: Thomas Meighan/Cathe. Power
Abode: Lemogue

John Saunders
Parents: John Saunders/Mary Lonergan
31 Jul 1835
Sponsors: John Costelloe/Mary Larkin
Abode: Rosscon

William Breen
Parents: Michl. Breen/Cath. Walsh
1 Aug 1835
Sponsors: Michl. Nowlan/Nancy Deehy
Abode: Cottierstown

William Beaty
Parents: William Beaty/Bridget Coffee
2 Aug 1835
Sponsors: James Sheehan/Betty Durney
Abode: Ballygown Reade

Mary Moore
Parents: Thomas Moore/Bridget Cleary
3 Aug 1835
Sponsors: Thomas Cody/Nelly Breen
Abode: Birchwood

James Cassin
Parents: Harry Cassin/Cathe. Daulton
5 Aug 1835
Sponsors: Thomas Hawe/Mary Dowling
Abode: Windgap

Mary Tobin
Parents: Patk. Tobin/Cathe. Murphy
15 Aug 1835
Sponsors: Pat Norris/Judy Larkin
Abode: Lemogue

David O'Harah
Parents: Andrew O'Harah/Mary Griffith
16 Aug 1835
Sponsors: Andrew O'Harah/Mary Grant
Abode: Glencommon

Edward Quin
Parents: Tim Quin/Ellen Hayes
21 Aug 1835
Sponsors: Thomas Broders/Mary Fogarty
Abode: Poulroan

Anty Heffernan
Parents: Michl. Heffernan/Mary Hicky
22 Aug 1835
Sponsors: John Hicky/Anty Kearny
Abode: Gerryricken

Mary Grace
Parents: John Grace/Mary Kennedy
23 Aug 1835
Sponsors: James Hicky/Mary Macky
Abode: Butlerswood

James Kelly
Parents: James Kelly/Mary Brennan
28 Aug 1835
Sponsors: Michl. Hayes/Mary Macky
Abode: Butlerswood

Anne Duggan
Parents: Nic Duggan/Ellen Broders
27 Sep 1837
Sponsors: Thom. Norris/Ellen Fogarty
Abode: Birchwood

Mary Blake
Parents: John Blake/Margt. Tierny
7 Oct 1837
Sponsors: James Brennan/Cathe. Norris
Abode: Blackbog

Judith Nary
Parents: James Nary/Mary Larkin
7 Oct 1837
Sponsors: Michl. Brennan/Bridget Larkin
Abode: Seskin

John Kelly
Parents: Pat Kelly/Judy Hoynes
7 Oct 1837
Sponsors: Michl. Hoynes/Cathe. Shee
Abode: Springmount

Catherine Davis
Parents: Mathew Davis/Bridget Wall
9 Oct 1837
Sponsors: Willm. Wall/Mary Wall
Abode: Oldcastle

Eliza Anderson
Parents: Robert Anderson/Mary Recly
14 Oct 1837
Sponsors: John Costelloe/Mary McNamara
Abode: Windgap

Timothy Saunders
Parents: John Saunders/Mary Landrikan
15 Oct 1837
Sponsors: John Costelloe/Anty Malley
Abode: Rosscon

James Fleming
Parents: James Fleming/Cathe. Grace
19 Oct 1837
Sponsors: Edward Wallace/Biddy Grace
Abode: Boulaflugh

Pat Hearn
Parents: Philip Hearn/Bridget Moughler
22 Oct 1837
Sponsors: John Costelloe/Mary Power
Abode: Turkstown

Judy Walsh
Parents: Tho. Walsh/Judy Cullerton
22 Oct 1837
Sponsors: Thos. Going/Margt. Brien
Abode: Bush

John Callanhan
Parents: Ths. Callanhan/Mary Dalton
24 Oct 1837
Sponsors: Michl. Hecky/Nancy Dunphy
Abode: Butlerswood

Pat McNamara
Parents: Richd. McNamara/Judy Lacy
1 Nov 1837
Sponsors: David Coughlan/Bridget Walsh
Abode: Knockroe

Margaret Laurence
Parents: John Laurence/Mary Pembroke
2 Nov 1837
Sponsors: Martin Neil/Mary Shelly
Abode: Garryricken

Catherine Fleming
Parents: John Fleming/Margt. McNamara
3 Nov 1837
Sponsors: Pat Carroll/Judy Neil
Abode: Kilemory

Catherine Whelan
Parents: James Whelan/Cathe. Grace
6 Nov 1837
Sponsors: John Whelan/Cathe. Grace
Abode: Rossenerra

Margett Stack
Parents: Nicholas Stack/Anty Marlin
27 Aug 1840
Sponsors: Patt Shea/Elenor Pender
Abode: Killemery

Brigett Burk
Parents: Patt Burk/Mary Quinn
4 Sep 1840
Sponsors: Richd. Burk/Mary Maher
Abode: Tullahought

Patt Sexton
Parents: Cornelius Sexton/Mary Byrne
4 Sep 1840
Sponsors: James Byrne/Mary Sexton
Abode: Glencommon

Patt Tobin
Parents: John Tobin/Mary Tobin
10 Sep 1840
Sponsors: Tho. Mehan/Elenor Tobin
Abode: Killemery

Richard Broaders
Parents: Tho. Broaders/Johanna (no last name given)
13 Sep 1840
Sponsors: Matt Crowley/Cathe. Byrne
Abode: Tullahought

John Flynn
Parents: John Flynn/Mary Walsh
13 Sep 1840
Sponsors: James Fowley/Bridget Fowley
Abode: Ballygown

Martin Fleming
Parents: Martin Fleming/Ellen Grace
13 Sep 1840
Sponsors: James Mackey/Mary Davis
Abode: Lower Rossenarra

Michael Ryan
Parents: Edmd. Ryan/Ellen Tobin
16 Sep 1840
Sponsors: John Cody/Ellen Tobin
Abode: Birchwood

Margaret Flannery
Parents: Stephen Flannery/Bridget Maher
17 Sep 1840
Sponsors: Rev. John Lynne/Anty Mackesy
Abode: Kildrumy

William Fennely
Parents: John Fennely/Ellen Quigly
19 Sep 1840
Sponsors: Michl. Byrne/Anne Fennely
Abode: Windgap

Ellen Meighan
Parents: Patt Meighan/Joany Conway
25 Sep 1840
Sponsors: James Conway/Mary Fleming
Abode: Cussane

Mary Kelly
Parents: Tho. Kelly/Bridget Ryan
27 Sep 1840
Sponsors: Willm. Cashin/Mary Mackey
Abode: Tullabought

John Walsh
Parents: Willm. Walsh/Bridget Neil
5 Oct 1840
Sponsors: Willm. Crowly/Margt. Connelly
Abode: Bawnreigh Slate Quarry

Joseph Saunders
Parents: Joe Saunders/Mary Lonergan
6 Oct 1840
Sponsors: Michl. Costelloe/Margt. Shea
Abode: Roscon

Ellen Walsh
Parents: Patt Walsh/Cathe. Tobin
9 Oct 1840
Sponsors: Michl. Power/Mary Flynn
Abode: Ballygown Pousonby

Anthony Dunphy
Parents: Edmd. Dunphy/Cathe. Jackman
28 Mar 1843
Sponsors: Thomas Jackman/Ellen Ryan
Abode: Kiltrassy

Patt Kenedy
Parents: Patt Kenedy/Mary Kelly
29 Mar 1843
Sponsors: Thos. Healy/Mary Hickey
Abode: Frankfort

Thomas Hawe
Parents: Patt Hawe/Ellen Nowlan
30 Mar 1843
Sponsors: Edwd. Fleming/Mary Lee
Abode: Coolhill

Margaret Nugent
Parents: Martin Nugent/Norry Morisy
2 Apr 1843
Sponsors: Patt Lee/Mary Nugent
Abode: Garryricken

Judith Shea
Parents: Patt Shea/Margt. Butler
9 Apr 1843
Sponsors: John Crowley/Mary Butler
Abode: Bawnreigh

Patt Dillon
Parents: John Dillon/Anne Fox
9 Apr 1843
Sponsors: Patt Kelly/Bridget Dillon
Abode: L. Rossanerra

Edmond Purcell
Parents: Kyran Purcell/Ann Comerford
13 Apr 1843
Sponsors: Daniel Phelan/Cathe. Tobin
Abode: Lemogue

Mary Nugent
Parents: Patt Nugent/Mary Delany
14 Apr 1843
Sponsors: Patt Dwyer/Nelly Kelly
Abode: Cussawn

Anne Norris
Parents: Thos. Norris/Cathe. St. George
14 Apr 1843
Sponsors: Kyran Purcell/Mary Norris
Abode: Lemogue

Catherine Norris
Parents: Thos. Norris/Cathe. St. George
14 Apr 1843
Sponsors: John Dealy/Norry Bowe
Abode: Lemogue

Michael Walsh
Parents: Patt Walsh/Bridget Corcoran
15 Apr 1843
Sponsors: Michl. Cuddehy/Judy Duggan
Abode: Blackbog

James Saunders
Parents: John Saunders/Mary Londrigan
15 Apr 1843
Sponsors: Joseph Londrigan/Judy Saunders
Abode: Roscon

Mary Leahy
Parents: Bryan Leahy/Betty Bourke
15 Apr 1843
Sponsors: Joe Londrigan/Judy Saunders
Abode: Windgap

Patt Kelly
Parents: Thos. Kelly/Cathe. Rohan
16 Apr 1843
Sponsors: Thos. Maher/Judy Kelly
Abode: Springmount

John Magrath
Parents: Mathew Magrath/Mary Knox
18 Apr 1843
Sponsors: Patt Magrath/Peggy Byrne
Abode: Scough

Parochial Registers of Windgap (Kilkenny)
1822-1882 (FHL British Film 926205)