Churches: Baptisms (1822 & 1824) & Marriages (1821/22) of Callan (R.C.)

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File contributed by: Mike Saunders 

CHURCHES: BAPTISMS (1822 & 1824) & MARRIAGES (1821/22) OF CALLAN (R.C.)
Parochial Registers of Callan (Kilkenny) 1821-1881 (FHL British Film 926189)


8 Dec 1822, No. 613, Robert
Parents: John Power/Mary Tobin
Sponsors: Luke Dunphy/Cathe Tobin
Abode: Lower Bridge St.

8 Dec 1822, No. 614, Michael
Parents: Thos. Woods/Mary Coughlin
Sponsors: John Shaw/Ellen Croft
Abode: Goals Bridge

10 Dec 1822, No. 615, Michael
Parents: Dennis Brophy/Mary Delany
Sponsors: Patt Shea/Bridget Walsh
Abode: Sheppards Lane

14 Dec 1822, No. 616, Johanna
Parents: Stephen Launrigan/Ellen Phelan
Sponsors: John Phelan/Cathe Cody
Abode: Lower Bridge St.

17 Dec 1822, No. 617, Bridget
Parents: John Butler/Cathre Brophy
Sponsors: Pierce Dunphy/Margret Maher
Abode: Ballywater

17 Dec 1822, No. 618, Thomas
Parents: John Saunders/Mary Landrigan
Sponsors: James Landrigan/Judy Landy
Abode: Screhan

18 Dec 1822, No. 619, Patrick
Parents: Philip Dollard/Augti?? Cuddahy
Sponsors: John Carroll/Magt Tobin
Abode: Ballyclaven

18 Dec 1822, No. 620, Edmond
Parents: Michl. Montogue/Mary Renshaw
Sponsors: Thomas Tobin/Mary Quinn
Abode: Westcourt

20 Dec 1822, No. 621, Mary
Parents: Patt Walsh/Ellen Dody
Sponsors: Nancy Langly (only one listed)
Abode: Green St.


The page of the following baptisms indicates 1825,
however, the pages before and after indicate 1824. I
believe they occurred in 1824 based on the birth date
of my relative. You will need to look at the actual film
to make your own determination. Because of this I am
omitting the year on this list.

13 Mar, No. 1145, Mary
Parents: Phillip Dollard/Anty Cuddehy
Sponsors: Wm. Cuddihy/Mary Ryan
Abode: Ballycloven

13 Mar, No. 1146, Cathrine
Parents: Rick Quirk/Kate Murphy
Sponsors: James Walsh/Betty Halloran
Abode: Fairgreen

13 Mar, No. 1147, Nelly
Parents: Michl. Connell/Honor Leary
Sponsors: Mary Barron (only one listed)
Abode: Fair Green

No Date, No. 1148, Cathrine
Parents: Michl. Keogh/Catty Dunphy
Sponsors: Tom Cummins/Judy Murphy
Abode: Bridge St.

No Date, No. 1149, Judy
Parents: John Saunders/Mary Landrigan
Sponsors: John Landrigan/Biddy Saunders
Abode: Scrihin

No Date, No. 1150, Wm.
Parents: Wm. Carr/Margt. Walsh
Sponsors: John Di??en/Ellen Summers
Abode: Clashavaha

No Date, No. 1151, Robert
Parents: John Condon/Kitty ??
Sponsors: Wm. Purcell/Mary ??
Abode: Bridge St.

No Date, No. 1152, Teresia
Parents: Patrick Larkin/Annette Walsh
Sponsors: ?? Fox/Ellen ????oyle
Abode: Mill St.

MARRIAGES (There are others on this sheet but difficult
to transcribe).

4 Nov 1821, James Kelly/Mary Heade
21 Nov 1821, Edmd. Gleeson/Mary Reily
30 Nov 1821, Wm Daley/Judy Shea
30 Nov 1821, John Connell/Judy Dow??
30 Nov 1821, Jerry Healy/Nancy Nowlan

11 Jan 1822, Edmd. Quinn/Margaret Keogh
26 Jan 1822, Richd. Morisy/El?? Gorman
10 Feb 1822, James Holden/Judy Henesy
11 Feb 1822, John Sanders/Mary Lonergan
13 Feb 1822, Michl. Brennan/Elisa Dunn
13 Feb 1822, James Na???/Cath. Griffith
14 Feb 1822, John Keogh/Elen Hickey
15 Feb 1822, Thomas K???/Mary Hickey
17 Feb 1822, James Doyle/Honor McGrath
17 Feb 1822, Jno. Bryan/Mary O'Donnell
18 Feb 1822, Pat Holden/Mary Fitzpatrick
18 Feb 1822, James Walsh/Peggy Malloy