Censubs: Oaths of Allegiance 1775

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File contributed by:  Mary Heaphy


At the General Sessions at the House of Robert
Butler, Esq. at Ballyragett, 4th Dec. 1775 before Henry
Larieve, and Christopher Hewtson, Esqrs. The Right
Hon. Thomas Lord Knapton, the Rev. Chamberlain
Walker, Clerk. Sir Ribert Staples, Bart. And Robert Stubber,
Esq. Justices of the Peace, the following persons took the
Test Oath as required. (This is a very bad copy but will do
my best)

Richard Shee, Grange, Gent.
Ter. Fitzpatrick, Lisdowney, Gent.
Pierce Purcell, Ballycorra, Gent.
William Smith, Ra?aff, (Could be a d).
George Brennan, Ballyragett.
William Purcell. Ballyragett.
Dan Brennan Ballyragett.
John Thornborn, Ballyragett.
John Maher, Nicholastown,
John Phelan, Graiguewood.
Denis Lalor. Ballyragett.
Edmund Byrne, Ballyragett.
Michael Stapleton,Ballyragett.
Dudley Kavanagh, Farmer.
Laurence Paver, Ballyragett.
John Lalor, Snr.Ballyragett.
John Lalor Jnr. Ballyragett.
William Maher, Nicholastown.
Edmund Stapleton, Ballyragett.
Robert Butler, Ballyragett.
James Stapleton. Ballyragett.
Arthur Kavanagh, Fannan.
Daniel Byrne, Ballyragett.
Jeremiah Brennan, Ballyragett.
Peter Connely, Ballyragett.
John Dun, Bolygrog.

Sworn before us, at Ballyragett, at an adjournmant of
the Quarter Sessions of the Peace for said County, 4th
November. 1775.

Henry La Rieve,
Chr. Hewston Knapton.
Cham. Walker.
Rob. Staples.
Rt. Stubber.

At a meeting for the Justices of the Peace for the said
County, At Grace's Old Castle, 7th Dec. 1775, the following
Gentlemen of the said County took the new Test Oath.

Daniel Fitzpatrick, Freshford, Gent.
William Maher, Freshford, Merchant.
Denis Fitzpatrick, Coolcashin, gent.
John Fitzpatrick, Freshford, Gent.
Pierce Byrne, Newtown, Gent.
John Butler, Sheestown, gent.
Charles Byrne, Ballyspellan, Gent.
John Mansfield, Freshford.
Matthew Murphy, Lodge, Farmer.
Walter Mansfield, Freshford, Miller.
Patrick Murray, Summerhill, Farmer.
Martin Murray, Summerhill, Farmer.
James Murray, Summerhill, farmer.
Luke Connell, Jenkinstown, Farmer.
William Murphy, Newtown, Farmer.
Richard Murphy, Newtown, Farmer
Michael Murphy, Newtown, Farmer
Patrick Hayes, Bonestown, Smith.
Martin Murphy, Newtown, Farmer.
Alexius Fitzgerald, Knockinarbane, Farmer.

Sworn before us at Grace's Old Castle in and for the
said County 7th Dec. 1775.

Thomas Hewtson,
John Warring.
Attested by William Wheeler. C.P.

At a general Quarter sessions held for the said County
at Castlecomer, by adjournment, at the house of Henry La
Rieve, esq. this 19th Dec. 1775 before Henry La Rieve and
the Rev. Cham. Walker, the following persons took the Test

Darby Brennan Suttons Rath, Farmer.
James Brennan, Clara, Farmer.
Joseph Brennan, Crutt, Farmer.
James Brennan, Smithstown, Farmer.
Denis O'Brien, Shankil, Farmer.
Tho. Cooke, Kellymount, Farmer.
James White, Esker, Farmer.
Nicholas Brennan, Knockanadogue, Farmer.
Pat. Purcell, Castlecomer. Farmer.
Laurence Hughes, Merchant, Castlecomer.
Ed. Brennan, Cloneen, Engineer.
Kieran Mulholland, Coolnaleen, Farmer.
John Mulhall, Farmer, Clasduff.
William Kavanagh, Clough, Farmer.
John Hendricken, Ballycommy, Tanner.
Andrew Ryan, Castlecomer, Distiller.
Matthew Ryan, Clough, Clerk.
Pat. Don, Chatsworth, Esq.
Walter Devereux, Castlecomer.
Laur. Power, Castlecomer, Farmer.

Sworn before us at Castlemore this 19th day of Dec. 1775.

Henry La Rieve,
Cham. Walker.
Attested by W. Wheeler. C.P.

The following Priests came before me, Sir Robert
Staples, Bart. One of the Justices of the peace for said
County, and voluntarily took the new Test Oath.

Alexander Cahill, PP of Ballragett.
John Byrne, PP of Freshford.

Sworn before me this 19th Day of December, 1775 at Ballyragett.

Thomas Grace, of Ballyroe, in the County of Kilkenny, Farmer.

Sworn before me, the Revd. Thomas Hewtson, one of
the Justices of the Peace for said County, 20th Dec.
1775. Thomas Hewtson.

I, John Watters, Mayor of the City of Kilkenny, certify
that on the 7th day of Dec. inst, and on several days
since, the under named persons came before me at
the Old Tholsel in said city, and took the Oath of
Allegiance, dated this day 18th Dec. 1775.

Walter Butler, of a large Estate, Castle of Kilkenny, Esq.
Patrick Molloy, PP of St. James's, Kilkenny.
Oliver Grace, Esq. of Good Fortune, esq. Kilkenny.
William Knaresborough, of Good Fortune, Esq. Kilkenny.
Edmond Forstall, of Good Fortune, Esq. Ringville, Kilkenny.
Peter Ryan, son of John Ryan Esq. Wine Merchant, Waterford.
Edmond Stanton, Gent. Kilkenny.
James Laffan, Wine Merchant. Kilkenny.
Joseph Laffan, Gent, Kilkenny.
James Holmes, School Master, Kilkenny.
James Fitzgerald, Merchant. Kilkenny.
Patrick Roth, Innkeeper, Kilkenny.
Redmond Duffy, Apothecary, Kilkenny.
James Murray, Merchant, Kilkenny.
William Rattican, Flour Merchant, Kilkenny.
Pat. Carroll, Lether Seller. Kilkenny.
Dominick Scott, Merchant. Kilkenny.
William Dowling, Glazier. Kilkenny.
James Fennell, Merchant. Kilkenny.
Jasper Roth, Baker. Kilkenny.
Thomas Shee, Merchant. Kilkenny.
John Shee, Merchant. Kilkenny.
John Ryan, Dancing-Master. Kilkenny.
Richard Galway, Esq. Anvil. Kilkenny.
Redmond Purcell. Gent. Kilkenny.
James Callaghan, Butcher. Kilkenny.
John Robinson, Taylor. Kilkenny.
James Carroll, Distiller. Kilkenny.
John Purcell, Merchant. Kilkenny.
Dominick Scott, Snr. Merchant. Kilkenny.
Mathias Scott, Millwright. Kilkenny.
Barnaby Scott, Clothier. Kilkenny.
George Murphy, Merchant. Kilkenny.
Laurence Kervan, Carpenter. Kilkenny.
William Shee, Innkeeper. Kilkenny.
Roger Meighan, Wine Merchant. Kilkenny.
Patrick Butler, Gent. Kilkenny.
John Kinchela, Merchant. Kilkenny.
Edward Kearcy, Cabinet Maker. Kilkenny.
Lott Scott, Taylor. Kilkenny.
Denis Kervan, Sawyer. Kilkenny.
Edmond Finn, Printer. Kilkenny.
Edmond Foley, Gent, Freshford. Kilkenny.
James Fitzpatrick, Esq. Kilkenny.
Richard Fitzgerald, Gent, Freshford. Kilkenny.
Thomas Hyre, Doctor of Physic. Kilkenny.
John Blake, Skinner. Kilkenny.
John Meagher, Merchant. Kilkenny.
Peter Forstal, Merchant, Kilkenny.
Thomas Laffan Tanner. Kilkenny.
Joseph Delaney, Merchant. Kilkenny.
Emanuel Murphy, Merchant. Kilkenny.
James Comerford, Merchant. Kilkenny.
Thomas Arkright, Merchant. Kilkenny.
Henry Scott, Miller, Kilkenny.
John Brennan, Merchant, Kilkenny.
Francis Shearman, Merchant, Kilkenny.
Matthew walsh, Baker, Kilkenny.
Michael Cormick, Shopkeeper, Kilkenny.
Richard Cormick, Shopkeeper, Kilkenny.
Thomas Lyons, Hair-Dresser, Kilkenny
John Fennell, Merchant, Kilkenny.
Martin Fennell, Hair Dresser, Kilkenny.
John Delaney, Merchant, Kilkenny.
Nicholas Knaresborough, Gent, Kilkenny.
Charles McCarthy, Gent, Kilkenny.
Thomas Stapleton, Merchant. Kilkenny.
James Fitzgerald, Gent, Knockinbawn, Co. Kilkenny.
Michael McGrath, Maltster, Kilkenny.
Charles Kavanagh, Gent, Kilkenny.
Henry Shee, Merchant, Kilkenny.
John Murphy, Farmer, Co. Kilkenny.
William Lyndsay, School Master, Kilkenny.
William Reilly, Servants Man, Kilkenny.
Edmond Smithwick, PP of St. Patrick's, Kilkenny.
Pat. McLaughlin, Dyer and Clothier, Kilkenny.
Richard Pecan, Innkeeper, Kilkenny.
John Watters, Mayor.

Examined by Wm, Aatters, Clerk, Tholsel.