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Owner Name			    Owner Residence-1873-75

McCabe, Denis			Lisdowney		Ballyragget
McCarthy, Daniel		xxxx			Kilkenny
McCarthy, Justin		13 Charlotte-quay	Cork
McCartney, John S.		Coolcullen		Leighlin Bridge
McCreery, Henry [Reps. Of] 	xxxx			Dublin
McCreery, James			Fermoy			co. Cork
McCreery, John			xxxx			Kilkenny
McCreery, Michl. [Reps. Of] 	xxxx			Kilkenny
McCreery, Rev. Thos. B.		Cloyne			co. Cork
McDonagh, Francis		Rutland-sq.		Dublin
McDonnell, James		xxxx			Ossoryhill
McDougall, William		Drumlish		Howth
McEvoy, Catherine		xxxx			Knocknew
McEvoy, Patrick			Tullore			Abbeyleix
McFarlane, H. J.		Mulhuddert		Dublin
McGrath, Patrick		xxxx			Kilkenny
Mackessy, G. I.			Agent: H.V. Mackessy	Waterford
Mackessy, John [Reps. Of] 	Agent: H.V. Mackessy	Waterford
Mackesy, William L.		xxxx			Waterford
Mackesy, Rev. Wm. P.		East Haddon		Northampton
McTernan, Hugh			Listowel		co. Kerry
Madden. Edward [Reps. Of]	xxxx			xxxx
Madden, Francis			xxxx			xxxx
Madden, Rev. Samuel		Kilmanagh		Callan
Magrath, William		xxxx			Altamount
Maher, Daniel			The Commons		Knocktopher
Maher, Edward			xxxx			Waterford
Maher, James			Physicianstown		Callan
Maher, Jeremiah			Columbkille		Thomastown
Maher, John			xxxx			Waterford
Maher, Matthias Aiden		Ballinkeel		Enniscorthy
Maher, Michael			xxxx			Cellerstown
Maher, Thomas			Physicianstown		Callan
Maher, William J.		xxxx			Freshford
Manning, James, sen. 		xxxx			Ossoryhill
Manning, Jas. (John)		xxxx			Ossoryhill
Manning, Thomas (John)		xxxx			Ossoryhill
Manning, Thomas, sen. 		xxxx			Ossoryhill
Mara, John			Commons			Ballyragget
Marsh, Francis			Springmount		Mountrath
Marshall, Rev. William.		xxxx			Limerick
Martin, James			xxxx			Ballydowel Big
Martin, Thomas			xxxx			Bennetts-bridge
Martin, Thomas			Cotterellsrath		Stoneford
Marum, E. Mulhallen		Aharney Ho.		Queen's co.
Mason, John S.			xxxx			Callan
Meagher, Patrick		xxxx			Kilkenny
Meany, Andrew			xxxx			Newpark
Meany, William			xxxx			Cellerstown
Meighan, Alice			Ballycloven		Callan
Meighan, Bridget		Ballycloven		Callan
Mercer, William			Slate Quarries		Carrick-on-Suir
Meredyth, Sir Edwd. N.		Office Of Guiness 	 - - - -
	- - - 			  & Mahon		17 College-green, Dublin
Meredyth, Henry W.		Norelands		Stoneford
Millea, Mrs. Michael		xxxx			Danville
Milward, Clement		Lincoln's Inn		London
Milward, Dawson A.		Tullogher		New Ross
Milward, George			Lady Lane		Waterford
Minogue, Edmond (Jas.)		Westcourt		Callan
Minogue, Edmd (Michl.)		Westcourt		Callan
Minogue, Judith			Kulevehagh		Callan
Minogue , Laurence		Westcourt		Callan
Mitchell, C. G. [Reps. Of] 	xxxx			xxxx
Monck, Viscount			Charleville, Bray	co. Wicklow
Mooney, William [Reps. Of] 	Abbeyleix		Queen's co.
Moore, Rev. Arthur		Emlaghfad Glebe		Ballymote
Moore, Edmond			Bauntha			Callan
Moore, Henry			Hanover-sq.		London
Moore, Lewis			Cremorgan		Queen's co.
Moore, Patrick			xxxx			Kilmoganny
Moore, Ponsonby Arthur		Whitehall Garden	London
Moore, Richard			Columbkille		Thomastown
Moore, Richard			xxxx			xxxx
Moore, William			xxxx			Waterford
Moran, James			xxxx			Mooncoin
Morgan, Hon. E. G. D.		xxxx			co. Wexford
Moriarty, Right Rev. Dr.	xxxx			Killarney
Morris, Bridget			Bauntha			Callan
Morris, George Wall		Gracedieu Lodge		Waterford
Morrissey, Michael		Moneen			Graigue
Mosley, James			xxxx			Waterford
Mosse, Arthur Wellesley		Ballyconra		Ballyragget
Mosson, Charles			xxxx			xxxx
Mountgarret, Viscount		South Audley-st.	London
Mulhall, Catherine		Galmoy			Johnstown
Murphy, Edmond			Coolagh			Callan
Murphy, James			Brownsford		New Ross
Murphy, James			xxxx			Knocknew
Murphy, John			Coolagh			Callan
Murphy, John			xxxx			Goresbridge
Murphy, John			Maudlin-st.		Kilkenny
Murphy, John			Mount Loftus		Goresbridge
Murphy, John J.			Bagnalstown		co. Carlow
Murphy, Mary			xxxx			Knocknew
Murphy, Matthew			Patrick-st.		Kilkenny
Murphy, Michael			xxxx			Desart
Murphy, Michael			Hebron House		Kilkenny
Murphy, Nicholas		Bonnybrook		Thomastown
Murphy, Patrick			xxxx			Kilkenny
Murphy, Richard			Brownsford		New Ross
Musgrave, Sir Richard		Tourin, Cappoquin	co. Waterford
Myles, John			Westcourt		Callan
Myles, Rev. Thomas		Fennor Glebe		Urlingford

Neary, John			Ballylarkin		Callan
Neary, Michael			xxxx			Callan
Neary, Richard			Ballylarkin		Callan
Neill, James & John		Derrylacky		Mullinavat
Neville, Major			Stradbally		Queen's co.
Neville, Thomas			Borrismore Ho.		Johnstown
Newport, The Misses		xxxx			xxxx
Nicholson, Mary Anne		xxxx			xxxx
Nixon, James A.			xxxx			Ballyragget
Nixon, Henry			xxxx			London
Nixon, Henry			xxxx			Ballyragget
Nolan, Jeremiah			Ennisnag		Stoneford
Nolan, John			Fahey			Waterford
Nolan, Joseph			Carrigeen		Baltinglass
Nolan, Patrick			xxxx			Joinersfolly
Normanton, Earl of		Rochecourt		Salisbury
Nowlan, Martha C.		34 Brunswick-sq.	London
Nugent, Albert			76 South Audley-st.	London
Nugent,  Anthony		xxxx			Thomastown

O'Donnell, James		Killeen			Graigue
O'Donnell, William		xxxx			xxxx
O'Gorman, Patk. Cogan		xxxx			Kilkenny
O'Gorman, Purcell		Springfield		Waterford
O'Grady, De Courcy		xxxx			xxxx
Oliver, Richard Silver		Bolton Lodge		Tadcaster
Oliver, Silver C.		Inchera			Dunkettle
O'Meara, Miss			xxxx			Dublin
O'Neill, Edmond J.		xxxx			Dublin
O'Neill, Anne			xxxx			Carrick-on-Suir
O'Reilly, Francis [Reps. Of] 	46 Upr. Mount-st.	Dublin
Orford, H.			xxxx			Carlow
Ormonde, Marquess of		The Castle		Kilkenny
Osborne, Edward			xxxx			Silverspring
O'Shee, Nicholas P.		Gardenmorris		Kilmacthomas
Ottley, Rev. J. B.		Thorpe Acre		Loughborough
Owen, Mrs. Francis		Foyle House		Freshford
Owen, William			Blessington		co. Wicklow

Palliser, Captain		xxxx			xxxx
Parker, Wm. Ponsonby		Kilcooley Abbey		Thurles
Parish Priest of Calla		(for the time being)	Callan
Parnell, H. D.			xxxx			xxxx
Pennefather, H. R.		Malvern Lodge		London
Percival, William		Stradbally		Queen's co.
Perry, William P.		xxxx			Blackrock
Persse, Burton R.		Moyode Castle		Athenry
Petrie, Jane			xxxx			Bonnettsrath
Phelan, Mrs. John		xxxx			Derdimas
Phelan, Thomas			xxxx			Newpark
Phelan, William H.		Kellsborough		Stoneford
Phillips, Richard		Gaile House		Cashel
Pilkington, Frederick		Middle Abbey-st.	Dublin
Pilkington, William		Borrismore Ho.		Urlingford
    - - -     and 		Carrick Mills 		Ballacolla, Queen's co.
Pilsworth, Ellen		xxxx			Thomastown
Poe, Arthur			Harley Park		Callan
Poe, James			xxxx			Troyswood
Ponsonby, C. B.			Glensouthwell		co. Dublin
Pope, Elizabeth			xxxx			Dublin
Pope, Ellen			Upper Norwood		Surrey
Pope, Sarah			Ferrybank		Waterford
Potter, John M. B. [Reps. Of] 	xxxx			Kilkenny
Power, Hugh			xxxx			Ballygoery
Power, James			Rathfarnham		co. Limerick
Power, James			xxxx			Tramore
Power, John			xxxx			Prospect
Power, J. O. N.			Snowhill		Waterford
Power, Nicholas A.		Belview			Waterford
Power, Sir Richd., bart.	Kilfane			Thomastown
Prendergast, Catherine		xxxx			Paulstown
Prendergast, William		xxxx			Paulstown
Prentice, Miss			xxxx			xxxx
Prince, William			xxxx			Waterford
Purcell, Frances A.		xxxx			Kilferagh
Purcell, Mrs. G.		xxxx			Kilferagh
Putland, George [Reps. Of] 	xxxx			Bray

Quinn, Michael			Lisdowney		Ballyragget

Extracted from - Return of Owners of Land In Ireland: A Summary for each
Province & For All Ireland Presented to both Houses of Parliament by
Command of the Queen [Out of Copyright]