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Erected by, John Ryan, Dublin. In loving memory of
his father, Charles Ryan, Kilbline, died, April 1914,
aged, 101, yr., his daughter in law, Johanna, who died
at Barronsland, 11th Oct. 1930. aged, 50 years, and
two of his children who died young.

In loving memory of, Phil Barry (nee Fennelly),
Sugarstown House, Thomastown, died, 6th Nov. aged,
68 years.

In loving memory of, a dear husband, dad, and grand
father, Domhsnil Breathnach, Kilbline House, native
of Galway, died, 23rd Nov. 1998, aged 83 yr, his
brother in law, Patrick Butler, died, 24th Dec.
1997, aged , 69, yr.

This stone was erected by, Denis Ryan of Kilbline. In
memory of his son Philip Ryan, who departed this life,
1784, aged 19 yeas, also the body of, Robert Ryan, his
brother, who departed this life, July 30th 1786, aged,
6 years.

In loving memory of |Paul Murphy, Dunbell, Co.,
Kilkenny, who died, April 21st 1915, also his wife,
Anastasia Murphy, who died, 2nd April 1939, their
daughter, Mary, who departed, 2nd May 1956, their
son, Joseph, departed, 6th Nov. 1968.

In loving memory of, James Lawler, Bishopslough,
who died, March 24th 1916, aged, 73 years, and his
daughter, Annie Mary, who died, May 1930, also his
son, James Lawler, who died, 26th Fev. 1946, aged, 47
years, his wife, Bridget (nee Hughes), died, 4th April

To the memory of, John and Christina Donnelly.
Erected by, Mary O'Donnell, of Cah? In this Parish of
Powerstown. In memory of her husband, Thomas,P.C.
who departed this life, January 6th 1893, aged, 50
years, also his father, James O'Donnell, who departed
this life, 19th October 1820, aged, 50 years, also in
memory of her son, Andrew, O'Donnell, departed,
Nov. 17th 1848, aged, 17 years, the above, Mary
McDonnell, who departed, April 21st 1871, aged, 71

Erected by, Edward Flemming, Newhouse. In memory
of, Pierce Hayden, who departed this life, Dec?
Elisabeth Hayden, Bridget Hayden, who departed this
life, 9th June 1850, aged, 79 years. (old head stone
and hard to read).

Here lie the body of, Mary Hayden, wife of, John
Hayden, of Bishopslough. Who departed this life,
Sept. 1832, aged, 50 years, also her husband, John
Hayden, Clohilla?, who departed, May 1851, aged, 79
years of his age, also his brother, Charles, who
departed, 1839, aged, 30 years, five of their children,
also Charles Hayden, Bishopslough, who departed this
life, December 16th 1902, aged 87 years, his son,
Edward, died, 5th December 1878, aged, 47 years,
also, Charles Hayden, Clohikka, died, young, also,
Bridget Hayden, who departed, 15th March 1918,
aged, 83 years, Nicholas and Charles Hayden, who
died, young.

In loving memory of, Michael Bollard, Crowbally, died,
9th Feb. 1941, aged , 60 years, and his wife, Mary
Bollard, died, 26th Nov. 1853, aged 67 years, also
their grand son, Michael, died, 30th April 1960, aged
3 years, also their son, Joseph, died, 28th Sept. 1986,
aged, 70 years.

In loving memory of, Andrew Murphy, Bishopslough,
died, 24th August 1938, aged, 59 years, and his wife,
Mary, died, June 1946, their son, Andrew, died, 12th
Feb. 1993, aged, 83 yrs.

In loving memory of, Richard Walsh, Strchn? , died,
23rd Sept. 1938, his wife, Margaret, died, 10th Jan.
1962, aged, 94 yrs.

In loving memory of, Peter Carroll, Newtown, died,
2nd May1946, aged, 39 yrs. his wife, Julia (nee
Moran), died, 7th Nov. 1969, aged, 86 yrs.

In loving memory of, Elizabeth Walsh, Corbally,
Dungarvan, who died, 26th June 1946, aged, 72 years,
her husband, John Walsh, died, 18th Jan. 1957,aged,
77 years, their grand son, Sean Walsh, died, 20th Feb.
1955, aged, 3 and a half years, also their sons,
Michael Walsh, died, 2nd August 1981, aged, 71

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on the Soul of,
Patrick Robinson, Newhouse, died, 27th Aug. 1951,
aged, 64 years, his wife, Ada, died, 1st Nov. 1957,
aged, 66 years, James K.Doyle, died, Sept. 9th 1991,
aged, 68 years, James's wife, Anna, died, 29th March
2001, aged, 77 yrs.

Pray for the Soul of, Mrs. Bridget Prendergast,
Stoneen, Kilkenny, died, 20th July 1953, her husband,
Thomas, 1886- 1964, her sister, Mary Wall, died, 26th
Sept. 1969. Erected by, her husband.

In loving memory of, Patrick Ryan, Knockanore,
Thomastown, died, 21st April 1942, aged, 63, his wife,
Margaret, died 9th Nov. 1959, aged, 83, his brother,
Michael, died, 24th April 1970, aged, 86. In loving
memory of, Michael Ryan (Haul), son of Patrick and
Margaret, died, 19th March 1984, aged, 61 yrs.

In loving memory of, James Conway, Kilfane, died,
17th Dec. 1984, aged, 89 yrs. South Mayo Brigade.
Old I.R.A., his wife, Julia Conway, died, 19th April
1993, aged 89 yrs. also their daughter in law, Teresa
(nee Maher), died, 16th Oct. 1997, aged 52 years.
Erected by, his wife and family.

In loving memory of, Timothy Kelly, Killarney, died,
5th Nov. 1950, aged, 55 yrs. his wife, Ellen (nee
Gooley), died, 6th May 1980, aged, 82 yrs, his sister,
Mary Kelly, died, Feb. 3rd 1980, aged, 87 yrs.
Timothy Kelly, Killarney, son of the above, Timothy
and Ellen, died, 27th April 1992,aged, 57 years.

Erected by, Thomas Reddy, Sugarstown. In loving
memory of, his sister, Mary Reddy, died, 3rd Nov.
1980, aged, 69 yrs. also, Julia Reddy (nee Maher),
4th July 1986, aged, 74 yrs. also his sister, Annie
Reddy, died, 1st Nov.1991, aged, 81 yrs. and , Thomas
Reddy, died, 18th |June 1992, aged, 89 yrs.

Dedicated to the memory of, Thomas Galway,
Castlegarden, Kilkenny, died, 23rd Aug. 1999, aged,
48 yrs. husband of Breda. Erected by his loving wife,
Breda and family.

In loving memory of, Hugh McGauran, Fermanagh
and Bennetsbridge, died, 20th Oct. 1995, aged, 88
yrs. his beloved wife, Breda McGauran, died, 2nd
March 1996, aged, 87 yrs. Erected by, his loving wife
Breda and family.

In loving memory of, Philip James (Jim) Murphy,
Maidenhall, Bennetsbridge, died, 5th Aug. 1999, aged
57 yrs. The fisherman and the carpenter must rest.
May he sleep in the Lord.

In loving memory of my husband, Trevor Scott
(Artist), Freagh Hill, Coppenagh, who departed this
life, July 15th 2003, aged, 58 years. Saly missed.

Sacred to the memories of, Eithne Frances Purcell,
Beechpark, Kilkenny, late of Kilfane, died, 21st May

In memory of his beloved wife, Margaret Mary
Dunne, died, 26th March 1941, aged, 64 years, the
above, John, died, 31st Dec. 1954, aged, 83 yrs., also
in remembrance of, baby Margaret Mary Dunne,
aged, 15 months, daughter of, William and Gretta
Dunne (Marion Year).

Pray for the Soul of, Mrs. Bridget Prendergast,
Stooneen, Kilfane, died, 20th July 1953, her husband,
Thomas, 1886-1964, her sister, Mary Wall, died, 26th
Sept. 1969. Erected by, her husband.

In loving memory of, Bridie Murphy, Kilfane, who
died, June 27th 1957, her brother, Michael, died, 2nd
Jan. 1970, her sister, Kathleen, died, Jan. 18th 1982.

In loving memory of, Patrick Farrell, Summerhill,
Thomastown, died, Jan. 10th 1958, aged, 53 years.

In loving memory of, Mary Blackmore, (alias Hayden)

In loving memory of, Edward Roache, Tullaherin, died,
April 23rd 1966, his brother, John, died, August 10th

In loving memory of, Margaret Roache, Tullaherine,
died, February 11th 1966, aged, 65 years, also William

In loving memory of, Andrew Wallace, Kilbline, who
died, January 20th 1957, aged, 57 years, his wife,
Annie, died, April 13th 1969, aged 53 years, Patrick
Hanrahan, Castlegarden, Thomastown, died, Dec. 8th
1949, aged, 75 years.

In loving memory of, Patrick Fitzgerald, Crowbally,
Dungarvin, died, Oct. 22nd 1959,aged, 67 years, his
brother, Richard, died, Oct. 3rd 1975, aged, 81 yers,
his sister, Johanna (Ciss), died, Jan. 2nd 1979, aged,
82 years.

In loving memory of, James Hanrahan, Newtown,
Castlegarden, died, Oct. 12th 1974, aged, 85 years,
his wife, Mary Agnes, died, April 1st 1950.

In loving memory of, Michael Egan, Kifane, died,
August 17th 1957.

In loving memory of, Kieran Walsh, Killarney,
Thomastown, died, Feb. 18th 1969, aged, 71 years,
his wife, Catherine Walsh, died, Jan. 25th 1979, aged,
88 years.

In loving memory of, Thomas Phillips, Kilfane, died,
Feb. 15th 1979, aged, 78 yrs. also his wife, Mary, died,
Oct. 12th 1984, aged, 78 yrs.