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This ancient burial ground is situated adjacent to the
main Kilkenny/Clonmel road (N76) about a mile south
of Callan, County Kilkenny.

In loving memory of Francis O'Brien, Collins Park,
Callan who died 29th June 1946 aged 46 yrs. His son
James (London) died 22nd June 1991 aged 60 yrs.
Catherine O'Brien wife of the above Francis died 25th
Dec. 1992 aged 85 yrs.

In loving memory of Edmund Burke, Bauntha who
died 14th Oct. 1955. His wife Ellen, nee Bartley died
19th Feb. 1980. Their son James died 20th Sept 1986
aged 74 yrs.

(Horizontal slab near stile). Master James Agar Stuart
died Easter Sunday March 27 1842 aged 24 yrs.
Master John Agar Stuart died on Palm Sunday March
15 1845 aged 18 yrs. Also Lieut. James Agar Stuart on
14 Sept. 1849 he died aged 74 yrs. (Agars were major
Callan Landlords in 18th & 19th centuries).

Martin Funcheon, Bridge St. Callan died 1st April 1951
aged 80 yrs. His wife Johanna, nee Ryan died 8th July
1945 aged 78 yrs. Their son Patrick died 22nd Sept.
1990 aged 83 yrs, and his wife Alice, nee Walsh died
12th March 1996 aged 68 yrs. (An older tombstone
now gone reads) - Erected by Richard Funchion in
memory of his daughter Elenor Funchion died Jan.
19th 1823 aged 4 yrs.

Marker stone.

In loving memory of James Cody (Senior), Broadmore,
Callan who died in 1957. His wife Catherine, nee
Neary died 27th Feb. 1966 aged 72 yrs. Their sons
Jimmy died 2nd June 1982, aged 42 yrs. and Paddy
died 29th Nov. 1959 aged 27 yrs. Also all deceased
members of the Cody family.

In loving memory of Joseph O'Brien, Clonmel Road,
Callan. Born 1930. Died 1962

In loving memory of William Burke, Attatinoe, Callan
who died 26th Feb. 1955 aged 79 yrs. Also Margaret
Lyons, nee Burke who died 16th July 1980 aged 69

Judith Maher, alias Egan wife of Michael Maher

Erected by Alley Cain alias Heany in memory of her
husband Mr. Thomas Cain died May 14th 1825 aged
44 yrs.

In memory of David Robinson of Westcourt died 18th
July 1866 aged 70 yrs. His wife Mary Robinson died
17th March 1850 aged 50 yrs, and 3 of their children
who died young. Also his father Cornelius Robinson
died 4th April 1827 aged 88 yrs.

Erected by Patrick Cody of Killaloe in memory of his
wife Bridget Cody alias Leighlin died 16th March 1836
aged 65 yrs, and his daughter Bridget Cody died 4th
May 1822 aged 28 yrs.

In memory of John Coonan died 23rd Nov. 1851 aged
82 yrs. Also John Barry died 12th May 1879 aged 61
yrs. Also John Barry died 20th July 1880 aged 70 yrs.

Erected by Michael Dawson in memory of his father
John of Ahenure died Dec. 24th 1817 aged 44 yrs.
Also his son Patrick Dawson died Sept. 24th 1810
aged 10 yrs.

Erected by Patrick Cuddihy of Moonarch in memory
of his father Richard Cuddihy died April 11th 1869
aged 74 yrs. Also his brother Michael Cuddihy died in
New Zealand 1854 aged 22 yrs. (Family tradition
states he was drowned). (plaque) - The above
Patrick Cuddihy of Moonarch died in the year 1900
aged 72 yrs. His wife Alice Cuddihy, nee Maher died
in the year 1901 aged 62 yrs. Their son Joseph
Cuddihy of Moonarch died in the year 1951 aged 77
yrs, and his wife Johanna Cuddihy, nee O'Neill died in
the year 1974 aged 98 yrs.

In loving memory of Mary Sexton, nee Kane who died
9th May 1916 aged 42 yrs. Her husband Thomas died
25th June 1957 aged 87 yrs. Their son Michael (Lar)
Sexton died 26th Oct. 1993 aged 85 yrs.


Here lies Denis Quirke of Knockbutton died 29th Jan.
1830 aged 79 yrs. His wife Mary Quirke alias Shelly
died Feb. 12th 1804 aged 44 yrs.

(Stone with crucifixion and urn on each side) - Erected
by John Conan of Broadmore in memory of his wife
Margaret nee Kealy died March 19th 1836 aged 63

Erected by John Cody of Poulacapple in memory of
his father Thomas Cody died 6th Feb. 1842 aged 90
yrs. Also his mother Bridget nee Brennan died 1844,
8th Nov. aged 70 yrs. His wife Anastasia Cody nee
Walsh died 20th July 1836 aged 40 yrs.


(Cross headed slab). John Molloy, Bridge Street
Callan died April 29th 1899 aged 68 yrs. His wife
Johanna nee Dunne died 21st Jan. 1913 aged 75 yrs.
His daughter Mary. His son Michael died 7th May
1916 aged 35 yrs. His parents Michael and Mary
Molloy. Grandchild baby Anne died in infancy. John
P. Molloy died 2nd April 1954 aged 84 yrs. (On the
plinth) - "Mamie" O'Keeffe died 12th August 1959
aged 75 yrs.

Erected by Patrick Walsh, Whitesland in memory of
his father Thomas Walsh who dept this life 16th Dec.
1806 aged 56 yrs. Also his mother Catherine Walsh
alias Molloy died 3rd Oct. 1832 aged 82 yrs. His sister
Honora died 2nd December 1806 aged 14 yrs.

Erected by James Dwyer of Ballylarkin in mem. of his
wife Elizabeth Dwyer alias Shee died 19th March 1803
aged 63 yrs.

(Small stone on kerb) - "Shelly family, Poulacapple".

Erected by Edmund Cody of Boheravaragha in
memory of his dear daughter Alley Cody died 7th Oct.
1822 aged 22 yrs. Also his son Rev. Thomas Cody
died 17th April 1862 aged 50 yrs. (Died in
Newfoundland. Served in California during the 'Gold
Rush' era). Also his daughter Elenor Tobin alias Cody
died June 1860 aged 50 yrs. Also his wife Mary Cody
alias Drew died Feb. 1846 aged 68

Erected by Michael Cody of Killamory in mem. of his
father James Cody dept...4th June 1822 aged 59 yrs.
Also his brother Patrick dept...29th June 1834 aged 40

Erected by Patrick Cody of Ahenure in mem. of his
father William Cody died 10th May 1845 aged 66 yrs.
Also his brother Edmund Cody died 4th Jan. 1847
aged 36 yrs.

Here lieth the body the body of Stephen Wilde who
deceased 20th Dec. 1725. (Oldest surviving stone in
the graveyard).

(Tall triangular pediment surmounted by cross) -
Erected by Richard S. Ryan in memory of his mother
Catherine Ryan alias Steuart died 4th Sept. 1813 aged
36 yrs. Also his father John Ryan died 10th Feb. 1837
aged 68 yrs. Also his cousin Michael Maher died 13th
May 1843 aged 23 yrs. Infant child Ellen died March
25th 1815 aged 3. His sister Sarah died April 5th 1875
aged 65 yrs. Also his wife Mary Ryan alias McGrath
died 7th April 1880 aged 64 yrs.

Erected by Edmund Dwire in memory of his father
James Dwire who dep... March 14th 1807 aged 76 yrs.
Also his daughter Catherine Green alias Dwire died
Jan. 17th 1819 aged 20 yrs. And his daughter Mary
Shea alias Dwire died 25th Jan. 1819 18 yrs. Also her
father Edmund Dwire of Ballylarkin who dept... 25th
Oct. 1829 aged 68 yrs.

Erected by Richard Meagher in memory of his wife
Anastasia Meagher alias Cassin who dept... 27th
March 1817 aged 46 yrs. Also his grandson Thomas
Glendon who dept... 24th August 1835 aged 2 yrs.
Also the above Richard Meagher dept... 17th Oct.
1858 aged 84 yrs.

(Large encrusted table tomb) - Rev. John Cassin died
24th Sept 1806 aged 66 yrs. (See Carrigan vol. 111
p319 & 349).

Erected by John Shelly of Ahenure in memory of his
father Thomas Shelly died Nov. 1st 1818 aged 65 yrs.
Also his sister Margaret died 3rd April 1825 aged 35
yrs. The above John Shelly of Ahenure died in the
year 1866 aged 79 yrs. His wife Ellen Shelly, nee
Walsh died in the year 1850? aged 53 yrs? Their
daughter Elizabeth Shelly died in the year 1898 aged
73 yrs; her husband Robert Kennedy of Ahenure died
in the year 1867 aged 50 yrs and their son John
Kennedy of Clonygarra died in the year 1911 aged 59

(Decorated tombstone - wreath with bow cross.
Inside wreath are 2 bent nails supported by 2 bones.
Wreath and swags in high relief down the sides of
stone) - Here lieth the body of John Quinlan. His wife
Mary Quinlan alias Ryan dept. this life July 19th 1772
aged 64 yrs.

Erected by Catherine Maher alias Walsh in memory of
her husband Edward Maher died 4th April 1806 aged
40 yrs. Also 4 of their children who died young.

Erected by Richard Brennan in memory of his father
John Brennan of Westcourt died Sept 2nd 1879 aged
80 yrs. His son Thomas died Sept 10th 1851 aged 22
yrs. His daughters Anastasia and Mary died young.
His mother Mary Brennan nee Lawlor died May 29th
1896 aged 88 yrs.

Here lieth the body of John Calahan, Broadmore died
18 June 1795 aged 45 yrs. May his soul rest in peace.
Erected by his wife Catherine Calahan alias Sullivan.

Here lies the body of Denis Cahill who dept this life
May 21st 1783 aged 73 yrs. Also his wife and children
rest in peace. Also the body of Philip Cahill died 30th
Oct 1800 aged 70 yrs. Also Mary Cahill alias Kelly of
Monarch died 30th Oct 1831 aged 60 yrs. Also
Thomas Cahill.

Here lieth the body of Mary Hefferin who dept this
life October 4th 1785 aged 22 yrs.

Erected by Patrick Cody of Gurteen in memory of his
father John Cody died 1st Oct 1816 aged 50 yrs. Also
his mother Mary Cody alias Cantwell died 24th Feb
1827 aged 55 yrs, and 2 of their children who died

Erected by Mary Bergin alias Cody in memory of her
husband Matthew Bergin who dept this life Feb 10th
1808 aged 43 yrs.

(Small stone. This stone disappeared in 1984) - Here
lieth the body of Nell Huish?, alias Hannifin who dept
this life in 1731 aged 66 yrs.

(Small stone with IHS in relief. This stone disappeared
in 1984) - Here lieth the body of Patrick Shea who
deceased the 8th day of September anno domn 1729.

Erected by Thomas Cullinan in memory of his mother
Mary Cullinan alis Morrissey died 18th Dec 1870 aged
73 yrs. Also his grandfather John Morrissey of
Boheravaragh died 5th Sept 1847 aged 72 yrs. Also
his grandmother Elizabeth Morrissey alias Cody died
25th May 1861 aged 79 yrs, and 2 aunts Bridget and
Elizabeth who died in the USA.

Erected by Michael Dillon, Callan in memory of his
wife Mary Dillon alias Doherty who dept this life 28th
January 1834 aged 42 yrs.

(New stone) - In loving memory of our dear father
John Ryan, Tullamaine who died 23rd Feb. 1949, and
our dear mother Catherine who died 8th May 1982.
Also our aunt Anastasia O'Connor, nee Ryan of
Mountphillips, Newport who died 21st Feb. 1979

(Altar tomb). This tomb was erected by Richard Shea
of Foulksrath as a tribute to the memory of his father
Michael Shea who dept January 1826 in the 80th year
of his life.

(Modern stone). In memory of Robert St. Leger,
Coolagh, Callan died 2nd July 1953, and his wife
Catherine died 15th Oct 1966. His brother Denis died
6th January 1962.

In the hands of Jesus inflamed by divine charity pray
for the souls of the Rev. Father of the order of St.
Augustine in whose memory Father Daniel Tierney, a
priest of aforesaid order erected this 1774 RIP.
(Translation by Rev. Fr. Fergus O'Farrell 15/8/1984.
A.M.J. could mean "ad minibus Jesus", but unusual
the R.R.R.P. means plural Rev. Fathers).

In loving memory of our grandparents John Dunne,
Collins Park, Callan who died 30th March 1958, and
his wife Mary Dunne, nee Fennelly died 19th Feb.
1950. Sons Jackie Dunne died 21st Nov.1981, and his
wife Mary, nee O'Shea died 11 March 1975. Their son
Tony Dunne died 29th Nov. 1996. Also Tom, brother
of above John died 13th Feb. 1954.

In memory of Richard Grainger, Westcourt died 10th
July 1934. His wife Mary, nee Banim died 10th Aug
1970, and son Peter died 16th Dec. 1916.

Erected by Patrick Callaghan in memory of his father
Mr. Anthony Callaghan died April 19th 1799 aged 85
yrs., and his mother Honora, nee Butler who died
15th Aug. 1802 aged 87 yrs.

(Small stone). This stone was erected in memory of
Michael Maher who dept this life 13th April 1786
aged 60 yrs.

This was erected by Michael Meagher in memory of
his father Edmund Meagher of Killaloe who dept this
life Dec. 10th 1804 aged 47 yrs. (White marble
addition). Margaret Meagher of Killaloe, Callan died
10th July 1911, and her husband Edmund Meagher
died 31st March 1930 and 3 children. Ellen Meagher
died died 16th March 1953.

(Fallen). Erected by Thomas Walsh of Ballinashig in
memory of his wife Anstice Walsh, also Larkin who
died 6th June 1822 aged 47 yrs.

God be merciful to the soul of James Tobin who died
March 10th 1783 aged 68 yrs.

(Large Celtic Cross). Erected by James Brennan,
Ballintee in memory of his father Philip who died 15th
August 1905 aged 67 yrs. His sister Catherine died
5th Jan. 1914 aged 40 yrs. Also his grandfather James
Brennan died 6th Jan. 1867 aged 70 yrs. His wife
Alice, nee Walsh died 4th April 1920. His daughter
Bridget died 16th March 1922. His mother Bridget,
nee Treacy died 5th Feb. 1927. His sister Mary died
10th Dec. 1938. His brother, Rev Br. B. Brennan died
3rd July 1939. The above James Brennan died 23
Feb. 1950... (On the side of the cross):- Thomas
Maher died 1936. Elizabeth Maher died 1950. Ellen
Brennan died 1958. Ann died 1967. Julia died July
21st 1970.

Erected by John Kelly, Brittas in memory of his wife
Mary Kelly, alias Brennan who dept. this life in 1840
aged 30 yrs. Also his mother-in-law Bridget Brennan,
alias Fitzgerald died 7th Jan. 1838 aged 80 yrs.

God be merciful to the soul of John Brenan. He died
May 27th 1770 aged 61 yrs. Erected by John Brenan,
Boheravoraga in memory of his father Michael who
dept this life October 17th 1838 aged 80 yrs.

(Tall standing stone behind Celtic Cross). Erected by
Catherine Lahy of Boheravaragh in memory of her
father Mr. Thomas Lahy died 20th May 1830 aged 63
yrs. Her mother Mary Lahy, alias Cass died 18th Nov.
1805 aged 37 yrs. Her brother Michael died 9th June
1865 aged 64 yrs. Also 3 of her sister who died

Here lies the body of Michael Rafter died 1782 aged
46 yrs.

Have mercy on the soul of William Wall of Kilbride
who died 27th Feb. 1943 aged 89 yrs. Also his wife
Bridget Wall, nee Wallace.

God be merciful to the soul of William Mahony who
died 4th June 1769 aged 37 yrs.

Erected by Laurence Dunne in memory of his parents
John Dunne who died 1st March 1838 aged 42 yrs,
and Catherine Dunne, alias Cass who died 19th June
1889 aged 76 yrs. Brother Patrick Dunne died 11th
Nov. 1884 aged 34 yrs. His sister Ellen Dunne died
12th June 1894 aged 55 yrs. Mrs Dargan died 22nd
March 1894 aged 48 yrs. (White slab at base):-
Laurence Dunne died 1901. His wife Margaret died
17th Nov. 1937. Their daughter Alice died 23 July

(Slab. IHS in sunburst). Erected by Thomas Dunn of
Castletobin in memory of his father and grandfather.
His father Michael Dunn died 28th June 1809 in the
59th year of his life. His grandfather Mr. Thomas
Dunn died 2nd May 1805 in the 78 year of his age.

Erected in loving memory of Mr. James Dunne died
Oct. 1907. His wife Mary Dunne, nee O'Keeffe died
Sept. 1910 aged 60 yrs. Their 6 children - Elizabeth
died July 1901 aged 10 yrs, Anastasia died June 1922
aged 30 yrs, Thomas died Aug. 1927 aged 48 yrs, Kate
and Bridget died in infancy. Their son Patrick,
Kilbricken died Jan. 1933 aged 16 yrs. Their son
Michael died Nov. 11th 1936 aged 53 yrs. (White
slab at base):- Also Mary Dunne, Green St., Callan
died 1960. Mary Dunne, nee Delaney died 8th Dec.
1963. Mary Dunne, nee Purcell, Tullamaine died Jan.
24th 1973.

Erected by Pat Grainger, Kenny St., Callan in memory
of his father Andrew Grainger, his uncle Michael
Grainger, and his grandfather Henry Grainger. Also
his son Rev. Joseph P. Grainger (sub deacon St.
Kierans College) died 11th Feb. 1915, feast of Our
Lady of Lourdes aged 20 yrs. James Grainger died
19th May 1934. Mary Grainger died 20th Nov. 1934.
Their father Patrick Grainger died 8th Dec. 1940. (On
the other side):- also interred Julia Grainger, nee Shea
died 13th Jan. 1939 wife of Patrick Grainger.
(On a stone scroll in the middle of the grave):- In
memory of Rev. J.P. Grainger from his fellow students
11 February 1915.

Here lieth interred Margaret Tobin alias Butler died
July 1818 aged 57 yrs.

Stump of a tombstone. No Inscription.

This tomb was erected by Patrick and Catherine Shea
in memory of their children John and Elanor Shea.
John died the 3rd March 1777, and Elanor died 14th
July 1788. Also in memory of Margaret Shea an aunt
of the above children who died Sept. 1796 in the
42nd year of her life.

Erected by Daniel Maher of Trenchmore in memory
of his father Laurence Maher who died 7th July 1810
aged 98 yrs. His wife Alice Maher alias Beaghan died
April 19th 1825 aged 82 yrs.

(Large Celtic cross now fallen and broken). Erected by
the Most Rev. Dr. Thomas O'Shea (S.M. Archbishop of
Wellington, New Zealand) in memory of his grand
uncle Rev. Robert O'Shea C.C. Kilmoganny, son of Mr.
Patrick O'Shea of Cappahenry who died Jan. 7th 1814
in the 30th year of his life and the 6th of his sacred
ministry (Latin tag). Thomas O'Shea born 1875, died

(Large Celtic cross with swag). Here lies the remains
of James Morris of Ballywalter who died April 14th
1869 aged 71 yrs. His wife Mary Fitzpatrick died Dec.
1870 aged 75 yrs, his son William died 23rd April 1870
aged 37 yrs, and his daughter Mary Corcoran died
march 19th 1875 aged 37 yrs. Here also are buried
his father William Morris who died Jan. 22nd 1829
aged 56 yrs. His grandfather John Morris of Earlsland
who died May 16th 1801 aged 61 yrs. Also his great
grandfather William Morris of Ballywalter. (On the
other side of the base). - This stone was erected by
Thomas Shelly and Ellen Morris his wife in pious
memory of those who sleep beneath and in the hope
of awakening with them to a happy eternity.
Margaret Morris died 7th June 1910, her husband
Patrick Morris died 30th March 1942. (Thomas Shelly
1823-1905, Green Street).

Erected by John Phelan of Kilminick in memory of his
brother James who dept. this life 24th June 1830
aged 25 yrs. His father William died Aug. 4th 1805
aged 55 yrs, and his mother Catherine Phelan alias
Neail dept. this life 18th Dec. 1810 aged 58 yrs.

Thomas Dunphy died 12th May 1797 aged 53 yrs.
Erected by his wife Margaret Dunphy alias Bryan.

In memory of James Moore, Green St. Callan died 7th
June 1970 aged 72 yrs. Erected by his family.

Erected by Patrick Dooley in memory of his father
Thomas Dooley, Callan who died 17th April 1917 aged
72 yrs. His mother Mary Dooley nee Murphy died
Oct. 1st 1927. The above Patrick Dooley died 20th
May 1977 aged 92 yrs.

(Altar tomb). Erected in memory of Rev. Patrick
Brennan of Dunamaggin who died 29th April 1823 in
the 31st year of his life. In this monument are also
interred the mortal remains of his beloved brother
Robert Brennan died Sept. 10th 1846 aged 42 yrs.

Here lieth the body of Richard Keefe who died March
16th 1772 aged 60 yrs. Also his wife Mary Keefe who
dept. this life May 19th 1782 aged 50 yrs. Robert
Keefe dept this life on April 10th 1782 aged 40 yrs.

Erected by Patrick Brennan in memory of his father
Denis Brennan of Dunamaggin who dept. this life
Dec.13th 1786 aged 64 yrs. Also his son Denis who
died Sept. 12th 1802 aged 11 years.

Erected by Thomas Brennan in memory of his father
Matthew Brennan who dept. this life July 15th 1806
aged 43 yrs. Also his mother Catherine Brennan alias
Fitzgerald who dept. this life July 10th 1796 aged 55
yrs. Also his grandfather Patrick Brennan who dept
this life Jan. 3rd 1815 aged 98 yrs. Caith Brennan died
18th March 1822 aged 28 yrs. Antis Brennan died
10th April 1832 aged 60 yrs..

Erected by Richard Funchion in memory of his father
William Funchion who died April 1st 1829. Also his
mother Mary funchion who died 1818.

Erected by William Funchin in memory of his father
John of Modeshel who died Dec. 6th 1790 aged 72
yrs. Also his wife Anne Funchin alias Laffin who died
July 2nd 1790 aged 60 yrs. Edmond Funchin died 6th
June 1789 aged 21 yrs. Their daughter Elinor died
June 7th 1787 aged 21 yrs. Their daughter Margaret
died February 23rd 1790 aged 32 yrs. Repaired by
Patrick Funchin of Drangan in memory of his father
Martin Funchin who dept. this life May 5th 1806 aged
50 yrs. Also his wife Elanor Funchin who dept this life
6th March 1831 aged 76 yrs.

Here lies the body of Thomas Walsh who dept. this
life on June 4th 1772 aged 83 yrs. Also his wife Gillian
Walsh alias Shanahan who dept. this life Jan. 1st 1769
aged 72 yrs. Erected by John Walsh.

Small stone with cross cut into it - no inscription.

Erected by Martin Hackett of Ballingarry in memory of
his wife Catherine alias Rafter who died 17th Jan.
1862 aged 21 yrs. Also his brother-in-law Thomas
Rafter who died 1847 aged 16 yrs.

Erected by Margaret Rafter alias Bryan of the city of
Kilkenny in memory of her husband Mr. Michael
rafter who dept. this life 22nd May 1812 aged 55 yrs
with three of their children who died young.

Erected by Richard Aylward in memory of his father
and his mother. Also his son William Aylward who
dept this life August 10th 1819 aged 19 yrs.

In memory of Thomas O'Shea, Kilbride who died 5th
April 1949 aged 34 yrs.

Erected by Michael Kerwick in memory of his father
and mother. Also his son Michael who died April 23rd
1810 aged 13 yrs. (Callan Kerwicks).

Erected by Martin Dunne in memory of his father
John Dunne, mother Bridget Dunne nee Cody,
brother Michael Dunne, and his uncle William Dunne
died 1927.

Erected Laurence Maher of Springmount in memory
of his sons John Maher who died Sept. 9th 1847 aged
23 yrs, Patrick Maher who died July 3rd 1849 aged 19
yrs., and Pierce Maher who died April 12th 1857 aged
20 yrs.

(Small slab). Erected by James Miles in memory of his
father Mr. William Miles who died March 10th 1809
aged 40 yrs, and his mother Ally Miles alias Keefe who
died Dec. 15th 1809 aged 38 yrs. His brother Patrick
died 1825 aged 48 yrs.

Erected by Mary Tobin alias Walsh of Physicianstown
in memory of her husband Thomas Tobin who died
20th June 1820 aged 46 yrs.

(Small stone). In memory of Dora Moore died Nov.
16th 1922 aged 23 yrs.

Erected by Mary Ryan of Tullamaine in memory of her
husband Mr. John Ryan who dept this life 28th June
1827 aged 42 yrs. Also his mother Elinor Ryan alias
Northan who dept this life 22nd Sept. 1811 aged 53

Erected by John Ryan in memory of his wife Mary
Ryan alias Morrissey who dept. this life 1st Jan. 1777
aged 55 yrs. Also their son Daniel Ryan who died
25th March 1788 aged 30 yrs.

Erected by Stephen Meany in memory of his father
Thomas Meany of the city of Kilkenny died 12th
March 1777 aged 49 yrs, and his mother Catherine
Meany alias Ring died 6th May 1796 aged 63 yrs.

In memory of Jeremiah Larkin died March 20th 1838
aged 80 yrs. Erected by John Larkin of Callan. Also in
memory of his mother Mary Larkin nee Finn died 18th
Nov 1842 aged 70 yrs. Also his son James Larkin died
29 July 1857 aged 19 yrs.

In memory of Jeremiah Larkin of Cappahayden who
died June 1875 aged 77 yrs. His wife Margaret Larkin
died July 1887 aged 93 yrs. Their daughter Alice
Hawe died 1869 aged 35 yrs. Their son Jeremiah
Larkin died Sept. 1897 aged 69 yrs, Patrick Larkin died
March 1899 aged 70 yrs. and his wife Mary died July
1895 aged 40 yrs. His daughter Ellie died young. Also
Daniel Larkin, Ballycloven died 25th Jan.1967 aged 85
yrs. His wife Bridget died 3rd Jan. 1954 aged 58 yrs.
Also their daughter Mary died 3rd March 1927 aged
13 yrs.

Erected by Margaret Morris alias Tobin in memory of
her husband Richard Morris died 29th Oct 1794 aged
36 yrs. Also his father John Morris who died 12th
May 1791 aged 63 yrs.

Erected by Julia Costigan in memory of her daughter
Bridget who died Aug 21st 1921 aged 23 yrs.

Erected by James Hickey of Poulacapple in memory of
his father Michael Hickey who died 3rd June 1798
aged 65 yrs.

Erected by Thomas Grace of Kilminnic in memory of
his father Patrick Grace who dept. this life Jan. 13th
1831 aged 65 yrs. Also his mother Mary Grace alias
Ryan who dept. this life 20th Nov. 1837 aged 72 yrs.

Erected by Joseph Keefe of Gurteen in memory of his
mother Catherine Keefe alias Larkin who dept. this
life March 21st 1820 aged 63 yrs.

Erected by Patt Keefe of Boheravaragha in memory of
his father Michael Keefe who died Feb. 9th 1820 aged
76 yrs. His mother Catherine nee Power died March
15th 1813 aged 65 yrs. His son Michael died May
12th 1836 aged 33 yrs.

Here lies the body of Walter Ryan who dept. this life
March 4th aged 54yrs 1726 and his wife Mary who
dept. March 26th aged 63 yrs 1743. Erected by their
son John wife and his wife Mary.

Here lies the body of Mary Mooney alias Hennessy
wife to James Mooney who died March 9th 1765
aged 61 yrs. Erected by her son Thomas Mooney and
his son Richard.

Erected by James Holden of Maxtown in memory of
his son Michael Holden who died Sept 1844 aged 17
yrs. Also one of his children who died young. His son
John Holden died Sept. 1861 aged 19 yrs.

Erected by Nancy Shea alias Funchion in memory of
her husband Denis Shea who dept. this life Jan 18th
1813 aged 30 yrs. and his father Mr. Nicholas Shea
who dept. 17th May1800 aged 66 yrs. Norry Shea
died April 7th 1828 aged 21 yrs.

Erected by Pierce Grace in memory of his son Patt
Grace who dept. this life 8th May 1817 aged 25 yrs.

Erected by Joseph Lonergan of Poulacapple in
memory of his father James Lonergan who died 9th
Feb. 1864 aged 82 yrs.

Erected by Andrew Lonergan of Poulacapple in
memory of his father Thomas Lonergan who died
January 6th 1817 aged 75 yrs.

Erected by Joseph Doyle of Great Oak in memory of
his father William Doyle who died 12th March 1830
aged 43 yrs. Also a sister who died young.

Here lies the body of Richard Aylward who died 16th
April 1787 aged 97 yrs. Also his wife Margaret
Aylward alias Williams who died March 1781 aged 67

Erected by Patrick Aylward of Ahenure in memory of
his wife Judith Aylward alias Shea who died 6th
March 1846 aged 56 yrs.

In memory of Ella McCormack of Ballaghtobin who
died 1st Jan. 1952. Iris McCormack nee Burnett died
22nd June 1982. Erected by her loving husband

In memory of Bridget Dawson wife of George
Dawson, Callan who died 17th June 1864 aged 74 yrs.
The above George Dawson died 22nd Nov. 1874 aged
84 yrs. and his daughter Mrs Dunne alias Dawson died

Erected by parents Daniel and Mrs. Barry of
Tinnamona, Callan in loving memory of their fond son
Michael (Mickey) Barry who died July 19th 1941 aged
14 yrs.

In loving memory of Philip Byrne, Castletobin, Callan
who died 6th June 1944 aged 52 yrs, and his wife
Mary Byrne nee Gunne who died 27th Oct. 1970 aged
79 yrs.

Erected by Michael Tobin of Mohober in memory of
his father John Tobin who died Jan. 12th 1826 aged
68 yrs, and his wife Catherine Tobin alias Bates who
died Dec. 10th 1789 aged 30 yrs. Son Thomas died
March 10th 1809 aged 28 yrs. Richard Tobin died
Nov. 5th 1813 aged 19yrs.

Erected by Edmond Long in memory of his wife
Margaret, late of Callan who died 29th Oct. 1846
aged 49 yrs.

Erected by Mary Byrne of Coolalong in memory of her
husband Mr. Cornelius Byrne who died 7th March
1877 aged 70 yrs. Also his sister Mary Byrne.

Here lies the body of James Cody and his wife
Catherine Cody alias Shee and their son Pierce Cody
who dept this life Oct 8th 1806 aged 42 yrs. Erected
by his wife Mary Cody alias Walsh. (Ancestors of
American genealogist Peter Hanley).

(Large slab with pointed top) - Erected by Thomas
O'Doherty, Brittas, Kilmanagh in memory of his
parents William O'Doherty died 18th May 1891 aged
75 yrs. Johanna O'Doherty died 1st May 1896 aged
65 yrs. His uncle Patrick O'Doherty died 4th June
1886 aged 72 yrs. His aunt Johanna died 19th Feb.
1870 aged 35 yrs. His grandparents John and Mary
O'Doherty and his sister Bridget who died young.

Here lieth the body of Cornelius Kelly who dept. this
life Dec. 1804 aged 80 yrs. Also his son John died Dec.
22nd 1805 aged 48 yrs. Erected by his son Daniel

(Large stone beside yew trees) - Garreth Haw dep.
this life 27th March 1736 aged 77 yrs. Also his wife
Honor Haw. Erected by their sons Richard Haw and
James Haw.

Erected by Mortimor Sinnet in memory of his father
John Sinnett died 30th Aug. 1804 aged 40 yrs. His
brother James Sinnett died 28th Jan. 1844 aged 52

In memory of Patrick Fanning died 3rd Jan. 1954. His
wife Mary died 21st June 1953. Erected by their
children and grandchildren.

(Small triangular block) - Pray for the soul of Anastasia
Cass who died 13th Jan. 1903. Her husband John Cass
died 3rd March 1925.

Erected by Thomas Tobin in memory of his wife
Bridget who died 25th March 1810 aged 40 yrs.

(Large slab with 2 urns) - Erected by William Keough
of Kileveigha in memory of his father Michael Keough
dept. 20th Dec 1846 aged 67 yrs. John Keough, 10
Mellowes Park died 25th March 1940 aged 39 yrs. His
wife Agnes died 4th March 1973 aged 77 yrs. (White
marble slab attached) - Mary Durney nee Keough died
Feb. 1961.

Erected by Thomas Keough of Modeshill in memory
of his son Silvester who died the 25th Oct. 1814 aged
4 yrs.

Erected by Michael Shea of Castletobin in memory of
his father-in- law James Keough died Feb 21st 1825
aged 82 yrs. His mother-in-law Mary Keough, alias
Nowlan died May 12th 1825 aged 72 yrs.

Erected by James Miles and John Miles, Westcourt in
memory of John Miles their father who dept. this life
the 1st day of May 1819 aged 60 yrs. Also two of
their sisters Bridget and Mary Miles.

God be merciful to the soul of Michael Byrn who
dept. this life 17th of March 1796 aged 49 yrs.
Erected by his wife Catherine Byrn, alias Mullally.

(Celtic cross) - In loving memory of Patrick (Paddy)
Dawson, 34 Collins Park, Callan who died 5th Oct.
2001 aged 78 yrs.

(Large slab with ivy decoration) - Erected by Richard
Dawson in memory of his mother Anty Dawson, alias
Shea of Ahenure who dept. this life Aug. 10th 1818
aged 62 yrs. Michael Dawson, his wife Mary and son
Michael, Mill St., Callan.

Erected by Pierce Phelan in memory of his son James
who died July 10th 1831 aged 30 yrs.

Here lies the body of Edmond Malone, Callan died
16th March 1836 aged 76 yrs., and his wife Honora
Malone, alias Croak died 1st Sept. 1835 aged 80 yrs.
Also his daughter Catherine who died 20th Feb. 1838
aged 45 yrs.

Erected by Judith Murphy, alias Drew of Callan in
memory of her husband Daniel Murphy dept. this life
20th Feb. 1837 aged 46 yrs, and also the remains of
the above Mrs. Judith Murphy who died 20th Oct.
1837 aged 46 yrs.

(Under the yew trees) - In loving memory of Thomas
Bolger of Poulacapple and his wife Ellen, nee O'Brien.
Also their sons Jack, Jim and Thomas. Also his
daughter Bridget who died 2nd March 1986. (An
older stone, now missing, had the following
inscription on it) - Erected by Patrick Bolger of Callan
in memory of his father Patrick Bolger of Poulacapple
who died Aug. 10th 1847 aged 76 yrs. Also his
mother Honoria Bolger who died Aug. 30th 1843 aged
50 yrs. Also his daughter Bridget who died No. 1872
aged 71 yrs.

Erected by Michael Brophy of Grove in memory of his
son Patrick who dept this life Aug. 5th 1865 aged 25
yrs. Also his daughter Anastasia who died in America.

Erected by Mary O'Mahony in loving memory of her
husband James died 4th Sept. 1897 aged 48 yrs, and
his mother died 10th Feb. 1895 aged 78 yrs. Also his
sons Patrick died 19th May 1900 aged 20 yrs., William
died May 1907 aged 21 yrs., Robert died Jan. 20th
1918 aged 27 yrs. Joseph died May 5th 1925 aged 33
yrs. In loving memory of Mary O'Mahony died April
13th 1935 aged 80 yrs.

Erected by Mary Gorman, alias Connelly of
Mallardstown im memory of her husband Timothy
Gorman died 8th May 1833 aged 61 yrs. Also her son
Michael Gorman died 20th Aug. 1845 aged 40 yrs.
Also two children who died young.

Erected by James Gormon of Mallardstown in
memory of his son Michael Gormon died 31st July
1825 aged 21 yrs. Also his sister Margaret died Jan
26th 1828 aged 5 yrs.

Erected by Robert Mahony of Cecilstown, Cork in
memory of his sister Anne Mahony died 14th March
1849 aged 21 yrs.

(Replica. Original stone is in Molloy's monumental
works, West Street, Callan. This is the only stone in
the cemetery inscribed in Gaelic except for the
bottom two lines. It was erected by Amhlaoibh
O'Suileabhain [Humphrey O'Sullivan] who kept a
famous diary in Callan between the years 1827 and
1835). Translated as follows - Under the flat of this
stone in heavy sleep, until awakened by the last
trumpet lies the body of a sound generous Christian,
the melodious Irishman Donogh O'Sullivan. His son
Michael beneath his breast to protect him from rain
and cold. Also his wife Mary by his side, and children
of Amhlaoibh sweet and beautiful. Pray for them
pious reader. Eternal rest in the heavenly kingdom.
My father Donogh O'Sullivan died in the year 1808
aged 70 yrs. My mother Mary died in the year 1797
aged 56 yrs. Also three children of mine. In English -
Also the remains of Humphrey O'Sullivan of Callan
who departed this life 28th Sept. 1838 aged 58 yrs.
(A small plaque in the form of a book inscribed in
Gaelic is erected at the foot of the grave. It was
unveiled on May 1st 1938 by the American Minister
to Ireland John Cudahy whose father Patrick Cudahy
was born in Mill street, Callan) - On the left side: Or
do Amhlaoibh O'Suileabhain 1780-1838. Ar dheis De
a nanam. On the right side: Cuirfear me fein Cill
Bhride mairig mara mbeidh ag id na greine ar mo
leabaidh. 2V1829.

Erected by James Kelly in memory of his son Patrick
died Oct.18th 1818 aged 35 yrs. Also his mother Mary
Kelly, alias Dawson died Oct. 6th 1818 aged 74 yrs.

Erected by Patrick Magrath in memory of his father
Justen Magrath who dept. this life Dec. 5th 1806 aged
..(part missing).

In loving memory of Michael Dawson, Baunta, Callan
died 30th Jan. 1952 aged 70 yrs. His loving wife
Catherine Dawson died 8th July 1945 aged 36 yrs.

Erected by Michael Dawson of Ahenure in memory of
his son John Dawson who dept. this life 28th Sept.
1840 aged 30 yrs.

Here lies the body of Anthony Williams died 2nd April
1792 aged 70 yrs. Also his brother William Williams
died 7th Oct. 1793 aged 63 yrs. Also their brother
Dennis died 29th March 1792 aged 63 yrs.

Erected by Patrick Merry in memory of his wife
Bridget Merry, alias Costigan died July 8th 1805 aged
30 yrs.

Erected by Martin Mullany of Gurteen in memory of
his father John Mullany died 10th May 1819 aged 60
yrs. Also his sister Bridget Mullany died Aug. 19th
1832 aged 22 yrs. and his children who died very
young. Also his brother Michael Mullany died 20th
May 1816 aged 18 yrs.

(Iron inscription - broken cross) - In loving memory of
Mary Dwyer, Ballymack died Jan. 18th 1936 aged 16

Erected by Margaret Murphy of Baunta Commons in
memory of her mother Mary Delaney died 4th Nov.
1862 aged 74 yrs. Also her grandfather James
Delaney of Kilminick and her grandmother Ellen Cody
aged 88 yrs. Simon Delaney Kilminnick.

In loving memory of William McCarthy died Oct. 28th
1901 aged 48 yrs. Also his daughter Rose O'Sullivan,
nee McCarthy died Oct. 28th 1927 aged 28 yrs. Also
his wife Anastasia McCarthy died July 25th 1937 aged
80 yrs. Erected by his daughter Johanna Dooley.


Agar Stuart Old Kilbride 3 1842
Aylward Old Kilbride 89 1819
Aylward Old Kilbride 116 1787
Aylward Old Kilbride 117 1846 Ahenure
Banim Old Kilbride 52 1970
Barry Old Kilbride 13 1880
Barry Old Kilbride 120 1941 Tinnamona and Callan
Bartley Old Kilbride 2 1980
Bates Old Kilbride 122 1789
Beaghan Old Kilbride 72 1825
Bergin Old Kilbride 42 1808
Bolger Old Kilbride 143 1986 Poulacapple and Callan
Brenan Old Kilbride 60 1770 Boheravoraga
Brennan Old Kilbride 20 1844
Brennan Old Kilbride 37 1879 Westcourt
Brennan Old Kilbride 58 1905 Ballintee
Brennan Old Kilbride 59 1840
Brennan Old Kilbride 81 1786 Dunamaggin
Brennan Old Kilbride 82 1806
Brennan (Rev) Old Kilbride 79 1823 Dunamaggin
Brophy Old Kilbride 144 1865 Grove and America
Bryan Old Kilbride 76
Bryan Old Kilbride 88
Bryn  Old Kilbride 137 1796
Burke Old Kilbride 2 1955 Bauntha
Burke Old Kilbride 8 1955 Attatinoe and Callan
Burnett Old Kilbride 118 1982
Butler Old Kilbride 53 1802
Butler Old Kilbride 69 1818
Byrne Old Kilbride 121 1944 Castletobin and Callan
Byrne Old Kilbride 124 1877 Coolalong
Cahill Old Kilbride 39 1783 Moonarch
Cain  Old Kilbride 10 1825
Calahan Old Kilbride 38 1795 Broadmore
Callaghan Old Kilbride 53 1799
Cantwell Old Kilbride 41 1827
Cass  Old Kilbride 61 1805
Cass  Old Kilbride 65 1889
Cass  Old Kilbride 131 1903
Cassin Old Kilbride 32 1817
Cassin (Rev) Old Kilbride 33 1806
Cody  Old Kilbride 6 1957 Broadmore and Callan
Cody  Old Kilbride 12 1822 Killaloe
Cody  Old Kilbride 20 1842 Poulacapple
Cody  Old Kilbride 26 1822 Boheravaragha,
Newfoundland, California
Cody  Old Kilbride 27 1822 Killamory
Cody  Old Kilbride 28 1845 Ahenure
Cody  Old Kilbride 41 1816 Gurteen
Cody  Old Kilbride 42
Cody  Old Kilbride 45 1861
Cody  Old Kilbride 92
Cody  Old Kilbride 125 1806
Cody  Old Kilbride 158
Conan Old Kilbride 19 1836 Broadmore
Connelly Old Kilbride 146  Mallardstown
Coonan Old Kilbride 13 1851
Corcoran Old Kilbride 74 1875
Costigan Old Kilbride 103 1921
Costigan Old Kilbride 155 1805
Croak Old Kilbride 141 1835
Cuddihy Old Kilbride 15 1869 Moonarch and New
Cullinan Old Kilbride 45 1870 Boheravaragha and USA
Dargan Old Kilbride 65 1894
Dawson Old Kilbride 14 1817 Ahenure
Dawson Old Kilbride 119 1864 Callan
Dawson Old Kilbride 138 2001 34 Collins Park, Callan
Dawson Old Kilbride 139  Mill Street, Callan
Dawson Old Kilbride 150 1818
Dawson Old Kilbride 152 1952 Baunta
Dawson Old Kilbride 153 1840 Ahenure
Delaney Old Kilbride 67 1963
Delaney Old Kilbride 158 1862 Kilminick
Dillon Old Kilbride 46 1834 Callan
Doherty Old Kilbride 46
Dooley Old Kilbride 78 1917 Callan
Dooley Old Kilbride 159
Doyle Old Kilbride 115 1830 Great Oak
Drew  Old Kilbride 26 1846
Drew  Old Kilbride 142 1837
Dunn  Old Kilbride 66 1809 Castletobin
Dunne Old Kilbride 22 1913
Dunne Old Kilbride 51 1958 Collins Park, Callan
Dunne Old Kilbride 65 1838
Dunne Old Kilbride 67 1907 Kilbricken, Green Street,
Dunne Old Kilbride 92 1927
Dunne Old Kilbride 119 1881
Dunphy Old Kilbride 76 1797
Durney Old Kilbride 133 1961
Dwire Old Kilbride 31 1807 Ballylarkin
Dwyer Old Kilbride 24 1803 Ballylarkin
Dwyer Old Kilbride 157 1936 Ballymack
Egan  Old Kilbride 9
Fanning Old Kilbride 130 1954
Fennelly Old Kilbride 51 1950
Finn  Old Kilbride 100 1842
Fitzgerald Old Kilbride 59 1838
Fitzgerald Old Kilbride 82 1796
Fitzpatrick Old Kilbride 74 1870
Funcheon Old Kilbride 4 1951 Bridge Street and Callan
Funchion Old Kilbride 83 1829
Funchion Old Kilbride 84 1790 Modeshel and Callan
Funchion Old Kilbride 111
Glendon Old Kilbride 32 1835
Gorman Old Kilbride 146 1833 Mallardstown
Gorman Old Kilbride 147 1825 Mallardstown
Grace Old Kilbride 105 1831 Kilminnic
Grace Old Kilbride 112 1817
Grainger Old Kilbride 52 1934 Westcourt
Grainger Old Kilbride 68 1915 Kenny Street, St. Kierans
Green Old Kilbride 31 1819
Gunne Old Kilbride 121 1970
Hackett Old Kilbride 87 1862 Ballingarry
Hanley Old Kilbride 125
Hannafin Old Kilbride 43 1731
Haw  Old Kilbride 128 1736
Hawe  Old Kilbride 101 1869
Heany Old Kilbride 10 1825
Hefferin Old Kilbride 40 1785
Hennessy Old Kilbride 109
Hickey Old Kilbride 104 1798 Poulacapple
Holden Old Kilbride 110 1844 Maxtown
Huish? Old Kilbride 43 1731
Kane  Old Kilbride 16 1916
Kealy Old Kilbride 19 1836
Keefe Old Kilbride 80 1772
Keefe Old Kilbride 94 1809
Keefe Old Kilbride 106 1820 Gurteen
Keefe Old Kilbride 107 1820 Boheravaragha
Kelly Old Kilbride 39 1831 Monarch
Kelly Old Kilbride 59 1840 Brittas
Kelly Old Kilbride 127 1804
Kelly Old Kilbride 150 1818
Kennedy Old Kilbride 34 1867 Ahenure and Clonygarra
Keough Old Kilbride 133 1846 Kileveigha and Mellows
Keough Old Kilbride 134 1814 Modeshill
Keough Old Kilbride 135 1825
Kerwick Old Kilbride 91 1810
Laffin Old Kilbride 84 1790
Lahy  Old Kilbride 61 1830 Boheravaragh
Larkin Old Kilbride 56 1822
Larkin Old Kilbride 100 1838 Callan
Larkin Old Kilbride 101 1875 Cappahayden and
Larkin Old Kilbride 106 1820
Lawlor Old Kilbride 37 1896
Leighlin Old Kilbride 12 1836
Lonergan Old Kilbride 114 1817 Poulacapple
Lonergan Old Kilbride 113 1864 Poulacapple
Long  Old Kilbride 123 1846 Callan
Lyons Old Kilbride 8 1980
Magrath Old Kilbride 151 1806
Maher Old Kilbride 9
Maher Old Kilbride 15 1900
Maher Old Kilbride 30 1843
Maher Old Kilbride 36 1806
Maher Old Kilbride 54 1786
Maher Old Kilbride 58 1936
Maher Old Kilbride 72 1810 Trenchmore
Maher Old Kilbride 93 1847 Springmount
Mahony Old Kilbride 64 1769
Mahony Old Kilbride 148 1849 Cecilstown, Cork
Malone Old Kilbride 141 1836 Callan
McCarthy Old Kilbride 159 1901
McCormack Old Kilbride 118 1952 Ballaghtobin
McGrath Old Kilbride 30 1880
Meagher Old Kilbride 32 1858
Meagher Old Kilbride 55 1804 Killaloe and Callan
Meany Old Kilbride 99 1777 City of Kilkenny
Merry Old Kilbride 155 1805
Miles Old Kilbride 94 1809
Miles Old Kilbride 136 1819 Westcourt
Molloy Old Kilbride 22 1899 Bridge Street and Callan
Molloy Old Kilbride 23 1832
Mooney Old Kilbride 109 1765
Moore Old Kilbride 77 1970 Green Street and Callan
Moore Old Kilbride 96 1922
Morris Old Kilbride 74 1869 Ballywalter and Earlsland
Morris Old Kilbride 102 1794
Morrissey Old Kilbride 45 1870
Morrissey Old Kilbride 98 1777
Mullally Old Kilbride 137
Mullany Old Kilbride 156 1819 Gurteen
Murphy Old Kilbride 78 1927
Murphy Old Kilbride 142 1837 Callan
Murphy Old Kilbride 158  Baunta and Callan
Neail Old Kilbride 75 1810
Neary Old Kilbride 6 1966
Northan Old Kilbride 97 1811
Nowlan Old Kilbride 135 1825
O'Brien Old Kilbride 1 1946 Collins Park, Callan and
O'Brien Old Kilbride 7 1962 Clonmel Road and Callan
O'Brien Old Kilbride 143
O'Connor Old Kilbride 47 1979 Mount Phillips and
O'Doherty Old Kilbride 126 1897 Brittas and Kilmanagh
O'Keeffe Old Kilbride 22 1959
O'Keeffe Old Kilbride 67 1910
O'Mahony Old Kilbride 145 1897
O'Neill Old Kilbride 15 1974
O'Shea Old Kilbride 51 1975
O'Shea Old Kilbride 90 1945 Kilbride
O'Shea (Rev) Old Kilbride 73 1814 Kilmoganny,
Cappahenry, New Zealand
O'Sullivan Old Kilbride 149 1838 Diarist (1827-1835)
O'Sullivan Old Kilbride 159 1927
Phelan Old Kilbride 75 1830 Kilminick
Phelan Old Kilbride 140 1831
Power Old Kilbride 107 1813
Purcell Old Kilbride 67 1973 Tullamaine
Quinlan Old Kilbride 35
Quirke Old Kilbride 18 1830 Knockbutton
Rafter Old Kilbride 62 1782
Rafter Old Kilbride 87 1862
Rafter Old Kilbride 88 1812 City of Kilkenny
Ring  Old Kilbride 99 1796
Robinson Old Kilbride 11 1866 Westcourt
Ryan  Old Kilbride 4 1945
Ryan  Old Kilbride 30 1813
Ryan  Old Kilbride 35 1772
Ryan  Old Kilbride 47 1949 Tullamaine
Ryan  Old Kilbride 97 1827 Tullamaine
Ryan  Old Kilbride 98 1777
Ryan  Old Kilbride 105 1837
Ryan  Old Kilbride 108 1726
Sexton Old Kilbride 16 1916
Shanahan Old Kilbride 85 1769
Shea  Old Kilbride 31 1819
Shea  Old Kilbride 44 1729
Shea  Old Kilbride 48 1826 Folksrath
Shea  Old Kilbride 68 1939
Shea  Old Kilbride 71 1777
Shea  Old Kilbride 111 1813
Shea  Old Kilbride 117 1846
Shea  Old Kilbride 135 1825 Castletobin
Shea  Old Kilbride 139 1818 Ahenure
Shee  Old Kilbride 24 1803
Shee  Old Kilbride 125
Shelly Old Kilbride 18 1804
Shelly Old Kilbride 25  Poulacapple
Shelly Old Kilbride 34 1818 Ahenure
Shelly Old Kilbride 74
Sinnet Old Kilbride 129 1804
Steuart Old Kilbride 30 1813
St'Leger Old Kilbride 49 1953 Coolagh and Callan
Sullivan Old Kilbride 38
Tierney (Rev) Old Kilbride 50 1774
Tobin Old Kilbride 26 1860
Tobin Old Kilbride 57 1783
Tobin Old Kilbride 69 1818
Tobin Old Kilbride 95 1820 Physicianstown
Tobin Old Kilbride 102
Tobin Old Kilbride 122 1826 Mohober
Tobin Old Kilbride 132 1810
Treacy Old Kilbride 58 1927
Wall  Old Kilbride 63 1943 Kilbride
Wallace Old Kilbride 63
Walsh Old Kilbride 4 1996
Walsh Old Kilbride 20 1836
Walsh Old Kilbride 23 1806 Whitesland
Walsh Old Kilbride 34 1850
Walsh Old Kilbride 36
Walsh Old Kilbride 56 1822 Ballinashig
Walsh Old Kilbride 58 1920
Walsh Old Kilbride 85 1772
Walsh Old Kilbride 95
Walsh Old Kilbride 125
Wilde Old Kilbride 29 1725
Williams Old Kilbride 116 1781
Williams Old Kilbride