Cemeteries: Muckalee Old Churchyard, Barony of Fassardinan

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File contributed by: C.Hunt & Celia Ewald

	[Contributed by the Rev. W. Healy, P.P.]

1."Erected by Dl. LYONS in memory of his Father
JAMES LYONS who departed this life January 1764
Aged 52. Also his Mother ELENOR LYONS al. BUTLER
who departed August 1792 Aged 76."

2."Here lies the body of MARGARET BLANCHFIELD al.
BRENNAN departed May 1760 Aged 60 years. Her
Husband EDWARD BLANCHFIELD Aged 70 and their
son WILLIAM who departed December year 1764 Aged
50. Also their daughter ELINOR with her husband

3."Here lies the body of RICHARD BLANCHFIELD who
departed Decebr. 21 1782 Aged 65 years. Also his son
JOHN departed March 1st 1788."

4."Here lies the body of PETER BLANCHFIELD deceased
Feby. ye 4th 1758 Aged 40 years. Erected by his Wife
mercy on his soul."

5."Here lies the body of MICHAEL COMERFORD who
departed on Easter Sunday in ye year of 1747 Aged 64
years. Also the body of JOAN COMERFORD and
CATHERINE COMERFORD who departed in the year
1767 Aged 78 years. Erected by EDMOND
COMERFORD. The Lord have mercy on their souls."

6."Here lieth the body of PATRICK FORISTAL of
Ballyfoyle who departed this life the 23rd day of
February 1793 Aged 58 years, with two of his

7."Erected by THOMAS FORRESTAL of Ballyfoyle in
memory of his Mother ANASTASIA FORRESTAL al.
HOYNE who departed this life Decr. 24 1804 Aged 66
years, with one of their grandchildren. May her soul
rest in peace. Amen."

8."Erected by THOMAS STAPLETON in memory of his
Father MARTIN STAPLETON who dyed August the 29th
1791 Aged 60 years. Also his son PIERCE STAPLETON
who dyed 22nd |. 1777 Aged 21" (sic).

9."Here lies the body of CATHERINE LARACY al. CAHEL,
who died July 10 1790 Aged 53 years. May her soul
rest in peace. Amen."

10."God be merciful to the souls of THOMAS and
departed this life 6th Oct. 1796 Aged 80 years.
CATHERINE GRACE al. McMAHON departed this life
8th Nov. 1794 Aged 74 years. CATHERINE MORAN al.
GRACE departed this life 3rd Aug. 1814 Aged 28 years.
Also JAMES GRACE who departed this life April 18
1838 Aged 98 years. And MARY GRACE departed this
life Decr. 14 1843 Aged 87 years. Also THOMAS GRACE
of Muckalee who departed this life Feby. 7th 1854
Aged 60 years."

11."Pray for the soul of PHILIP GRACE of Cellarstown
who departed this life March ye 19 1753 in the 66 year
of his age, and 6 of his children. This was erected by

12."Erected by JOHN MURRAY in memory of
ELIZABETH HOLORAN who departed this life on the 8th
Nov. 1770 Aged 32 years, with three of his children.
May they rest in peace."

13."God be merciful to the soul of JOHN FITZGERALD,
he departed Oct. 28 1789 Aged 60 years. Also JUDITH
HORAN al. McEVOY who departed March 29 1793
Aged 52 years. Erected by PIERCE HORAN her

14."God be merciful to the soul of CATHERINE
PURCELL, al. O'FARRELL of Mt. Oliver in the Queen's
County, who departed this life the 12th day of Decr.
1797 Aged 31 years. Also her daughter ANNE
PURCELL, who lies here interred. She was a loving
wife, a tender and affectionate mother, is universally
regretted by all who had the pleasure of her

15."Sacred to the memory of Mrs. MARGARET KELLY
al. PURCELL. This stone was erected by her husband
Mr. LAURENCE KELLY of Thomas Street, Dublin. She
departed this life the 27 day of April 1797 Aged 25
years. May her soul rest in peace. Amen. Gentlest
spirit, thou child of elegance and sweet simplicity,

16."Here lyeth the body of PHILIP PURCELL, he
departed this life the 4th of April 1788 Aged 63 years."

17."Pray for the soul of MARY PURCELL al. BUGSEY
deceased July 16 1751 Aged 25 years. Also her son
PATRICK PURCELL. May they rest in peace. Amen."

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland Microfilm of original
published: Dublin: The Association, v 3, 1897.