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File contributed by: Joyce Tunstead


1885 Sept.16
ELLEN BREEN, Female, Married, aged 24, Soldier's wife of
Curragh Camp. Pneumonia some days certified
Informant: Information received from Dr. O'Neill,
Coroner for Co. Kildare. Inquest held September 18th
1885 Registered 24th September 1885

1886 Dec 26
PATRICK BREEN, Male, Married, aged 45, Tank-man,
G.S.& W. Ry. of Sallins. Found dead in bed. No medical
attendant. Informant: Patrick Breen, son of deceased
who found the body, Sallins Registered 29th December

1886 Dec 26
PATRICK BREEN, Male, Married, aged 44, Engine Minder,
of Sallins. Sudden from natural causes certified.
Informant: Information received from Joseph Smyth,
M.D. Coroner for North Kildare. Inquest held 27th
December 1886 Registered 31st January 1887.