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Minutes of Examinations and Informations in 1803 October, 1803

William VALLANCE, slater of Naas, gave information
against many Nass people, as having met them on the
road going to Dublin, between four and six o'clock, 23rd

John PATTERSON, butcher had many people with him: -
John DOYLE, of Tipper, a miller;
John DUNN, of Naas, a baker;
Patrick DANIEL,carpenter, Naas;
John Beirne, of Hill, carpenter;

Before Solicitor-General and Colonel WOLFE, J.P., 3RD -

John REYNOLDS, Apprentice to Surgeon BOLTON, in
Dublin 23rd July.Said his father wasa loyal man; died in
Naas in 1802; saw Lord KILWARDEN'S carriage stopped,
from hisuncle's window in Thomas Street.

Peter HAMILTON told by John DUFF and MARTIN, all of
Naas, there was a French officer inNaas, organizing the
people and that DWYER was to go to Dublin with a great


Richard FLOOD, baker of Kilcullen Bridge said to the
principal leader gave out the orders. Two of the Naas
men killed the night of the 23rd in Dublin. Causeof the
failure attributed to their turning out two hours before
the time appointed.

Peter HAMILTON examined. - stated about a month
before the rising, saw 150 to 200 men going down the
banks of the canal to exercise by night, close to
Ladytown.The intention was to take Naas; to attack it at
nine o'clock in the evening when the time came.

That Kiernan LACKEY was in correspondence with the
Naas people; lives in Dublin, corner of Temple Lane, at
DOLMAR'S; that he had killed a Scotch corporal; that he
was a great coiner.
of Naas, etc. Daniel BROPHY went out from Naas to raise
the country, 23rd of July.
William ANDREWS, publican, rode out from Naas, 21st of
July, for the rising on the 23rd,and his house a place of
meeting for rebels.
Benj. BUSHELL, nailer, rode out from Naas on July 21, for
the rising on 23rd.
Richard SCOTT, skinner, went out from Naas to raise the
country ON THE 23rd.
Pat. DUNN, publican, Naas; meetings at his house
frequently - meetings of rebels.
Matthew DODD, publican; meetings at his house
frequently - meetings of rebels.
John PATTERSON, butcher, left Dublin in the evening,
23rd July, to stop Kildare rebels.


James TOOLE, shoemaker went to Dublin 23rd July; with
DOYLE the miller.
HAMILTON says the serjeant (DUFF) gave the orders;
went to house of meeting; droppedthe written orders,
but said nothing; no name to them.
Matthew DODD examined. - Said that Mr. MADDEN, a
grocer in Bridge Street, on the 23rd ofJuly at four
o'clock, told him that a disturbance would break out that
evening in Dublin.
DOWLING, Blackhall Row Market, a whitesmith; much
visited by the Naas men on the 23rd of July.
A great many carpenters of Naas men, who went to
Dublin on the 23rd.Michael McDANIEL, one.
Richard EUSTACE examined. - Says Pat RORKE had twelve
perch (query pikes), CUSHION one hundred perch, in
Thomas Street, FARRELL'S eating-house.
William M'DERMOT, a publican, Naas, a distressed man
and likely to give information that would be useful, in
Dublin on the 23rd.
Richard LYNCH, in Dublin on the 23rd.
James CORCORAN, in Dublin on the 23rd.
Simon CULLEN, shoemaker, in Dublin 23rd July; a leader
of the rebels in tne last rebellion.
Pat. WHITE, carpenter, in Dublin 23rd July.Strong
symptoms of guilt on being examined, and likely to give
Daniel DOLAN, publican, in Dublin 23rd July.
John DOYLE, miller, a leader in Dublin, in Dublin 23rd July.
John DUNN, baker, of Naas in Dublin 23rd July.
John KEATING, labourer, in Dublin 23rd July.
Two M'MAHONS, one of them killed it is supposed on the
23rd July; the other lately returned and was in Dublin
23rd July.
Michael M'DANIEL, publican, Johnstown, in Dublin on the
23rd July.
TIERNEY of Sallins, not returned and supposed to be
Shawn KING, not returned and supposed to be killed.
James BYRNE, baker, Naas in Dublin, and taken with a
pike; convicted and executed on LAZOR"S Hill.
David CASSIDY, in Dublin as well as Michael.
James TRACY, coal factor, went to Dublin 23rd July, with
DOYLE the miller and TOOLE, the shoemaker. in Dublin
23rd July.
Michael KELLY, present when Lord KILWARDEN was
George KELLY of Mandlins, mason, distributed money to
the rebels at Johnstown, 23rd July.
John BYRNE of Kill, publican in Dublin 23rd July.
JORDAN, of Kill, a tailor, in Dublin 23rd July.
Myles HANLON, of Kill, publican in Dublin 23rd July.
GILLESPIE, of Kill, blacksmith in Dublin 23rd July.
Michael DALTON, of Johnstown, clerk to KENNEDY, the
miller, one of the leaders in the last rebellion.
Daniel BYRNE, of Tipper; meetings held at his house; in
prison for treason last rebellion.
Michael KILROY, of Naas, in Dublin 23rd July and fled in
the battle.
An apprentice to PLUNKETT, butcher, in Naas, went to
Dublin on 23rd July, butnot returned; supposed to be

One hundred and fifty people left Naas for
Dublin on 23rd July.
John WALKER, herd, to BROPHY, the _________, Dublin.
Martin BYRNE, of Blackchurch; his house a place of
meeting for the rebels.
Peter BURCHELL, of Kilteel, a farmer and an esquire,
returning from town on the23rd July, was met by a
party at the Canal Bridge, and brought back to town, a
timid man and likely to give useful information.
COSTIGAN, (the distiller of Thomas Street) had two rebel
officers dine withhim the 23rd.
MADDEN, lives corner of the new street from Corn
Market, at that corner next New Row; counselled the
Naas rebels that night in Dublin.
HALPIN, the distiller, or brewer, an active rebel. GRANGE,
a distiller in Dublin has a store in Naas.One of them is
_______. Their clerks came down to Naas to raise, 20th
of July,_________ and gave the ordersfor the country,
and the four first in the list executed their orders.
John MAHON, formerly servent to William B. PONSONBY,
a leader in Thomas Street, 23rd July.
Widow RYAN'S, 99 Thomas Street, the place where the
Naas men met (within three doors ofJohn's Lane).
John PEPPARD, of Athy, shopkeeper, got three casks of
gunpowder from Cork gunpowder office.
Mr. William MURPHY, of Smithfield, set out on Friday,
22nd July and rode through Kildare, raising the

** The gentleman above referred to informed me,
the statement [cont'd from page 68] of his taking part in
the insurrection of 1803 was utterly unfounded. He had
no knowledge of it.

I showed him the original book, in which an
account for his suspected treason was dulyopened with
his name and occupation in large letters at the head of
the page and with amysterious * prefixed to it.

He laughed when he read the account of his riding
through Kildare on the 22nd 0f July 1803,raising the
country and after some minutes' conversation said he
remembered perfectly riding fromDublin to Wicklow
and the borders of Kildare with his friend, Mr. B_____
c______ on the dayspecified.

The object of this Sunday excursion was the trial
of a horse newly purchasedby Mr. M [Murphy].He
remembered the circumstance he stated because
EMMET"S insane attempt was made the next day.

Nicholas GRAY, secretary to B.B. HARVEY, 23rd July.
Thomas FITZGERALD, of Geraldine; if in Dublin is at
CONRAN, of Castle Corner, superintendent of Lady
ORMOND"S works; in Dublin the23rd July and a leader
of rebels.
Michael QUIGLEY, of Rathcoffey, a leader, had been out
of the kingdom, and came backprior to the outbreak in
Richard EUSTACE, Naas carpenter; in Dublin 23rd, where
examined there forexpectations held out to him.
THE WHITE BULL INN, a rendezvouz of the Naas men, the
23rd July.
ROUKE, kept the "YELLOW BOTTLE INN", in Thomas

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