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File contributed by: C.Hunt & M. Taylor

      [From Lord Walter FITZGERALD]

'An extensive burial-ground surrounds the ancient
church of where there is little left except the east end in
which are two tall, narrow windows set wide apart and
built of uncut stonework. This Nurney lies in the Barony
of Offaly West. There is another parish of the same
name in the Barony of Carbury, also in the County
Kildare.' 'There are no ancient monuments now existing
here,  The following inscription is copied from a
headstone under the east windows on the outside. I
noticed none of an older date :-

Paul FITZGERALD died Feb'y the 1st 1777 Age 66 years
His wife Ann died Augut the 1st 1771 Aged 53 years
Their Son, Christopher died July the 15th 1783 age 40

      [From Lord Walter FITZGERALD]

'On the south side of this churchyard is a new polished
granite monument at the back of which is inserted an
old fractured slab, with the inscription placed so as to be
invisible.  On the  front of the monument is this

This is the Burial Place of Willm READ Sen'r  where He
and his wife Catherine lyeth And also Elizabeth
GUINNESS daughter to said Willm & Catherine & wife of
Richard GUINNESS who departed this Life ye 28 day
August 1742 Aged 44 years. This Stone Erected by ye above

The original headstone stands behind this stone the
above inscription is copied from it. 1899

'The new monument was put up by Lord IVEAGH who to
preserve the remains of the old inscription placed it
unfortunately so that it will never be read and in time
probably forgotten. The Richard  GUINNESS mentioned
here was Lord IVEAGH'S ancestor. 'Other inscriptions in
connection with the READ and GUINNESS families from
this place have already  appeared in Vol. V., p. 79 of The
Journal.  This one was also given, but incorrectly on p.
398, Vol. V of the Journal.

Transcriber's note: The above Vol V Journal referenced is
from Volumes of the source listed below

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland Vol. 6. 1904, (FHL #