Cemetery: Killelan Cemetery (partial transcription)

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File contributed by: Dale Ivens 


There is an old graveyard at Killelan, Co. Kildare, a few
kilometres from Timolin and Moone. I've been there a
few times on my visits to Ireland as my ancestor was
born in Timolin in 1791. There's a very old and
enchanting ruin on the same site. According to Mario
Corrigan of the Kildare Historical Society in Newbridge,
it's what is left of a monastery of the Knights
Hospitallers and built sometime before 1212. It has a
round tower [believed to be a 15th century structure] It
has a narrow spiral staircase in extremely good condition
with just enough room for one person to climb and from
the top presented a beautiful view of the surrounding

I was able to decipher some of the headstones in the
cemetery. Some of the writing is illegible.

"Here lyeth the body of Garret Nowlan late of Graphill
who departed this life the ? day of March 1763 Aged 78
years. Momentomori. Also his son Christopher Nowlan
of Corbally formerly of Knockpatrick who departed this
life 14 March 1813 Aged 85 years and John Nowlan of
Corbally who departed this life 10 August 1825 Aged 50
years. May those . . . . . . ."

The rest of the stone was buried.

The other reads:

"This stone is erected by Rose Keogh in memory of
husband . . . . . . Keogh who departed this life May 28 17
[possibly 72 but hard to read] Aged 49 years. . . .
. . .
Momentori to John Keogh who departed this life 29th . .
. . [possibly 66?] Aged 30 years" This stone was partly
buried too.