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Travel straight through the village of Kilcullen and after a
mile and a half turn left at the 2nd green bollard. The
graveyard is about two miles on this road on the left
hand side. The round tower in the graveyard were used
as refuges and as a storehouse during the Norse raids in
the 9th and 10th century A.D. ad served also as watch
towers and Belfrays during the 1798 insurrection in the
course of a successful Irish stand at this point the upper
portion of the tower suffered much damage. This is not
a complete list of burials. Most of the old headstones
are too worn to read. These graves are not listed in any
particular order.

In loving memory of Patrick Blanney, Halverstown, died,
18th September 1936.

Erected by William Blacker, Esq. of Castlemartin in
affectionate memory of Patrick Keough, who died, at
Castlemartin, on 28th February 1885 aged 80 years.

This stone was erected by Patrick Brennan, for his
daughter, who departed this life, 18th November 1807
aged 16

Erected by Thomas Brennan, for his beloved mother,
Ellen Brennan, of Old Kilcullen, who departed this life,
1822? aged 44, also his sister, Eliza Brennann who died
22nd July 1867 aged24, and his brother, John, who died
April 25th 1871 aged 22, his brother, Patrick, died 1879
aged 69, also the above Thomas Brennan, died, 1889
aged 68 years.

Pray for the soul of, James Brennan, Old Kilcullen, who
died, 15th February 1884 aged 64, Catherine, relict of
above, died, 16th December 1911 aged 95, Frances
Brennan, died, 16th May 1978, her husband, James
Brennan, died, 24th January 1964 aged 62 years.

Sacred to the memory of Thomas Buckley, of Linnrith?
Lodge who departed this life, 26th November 1858 in
the 84th year of his life, also his wife, Annie, who died
on, 15th March 1860 aged 75, also their children, Sarah
and Thomas. Erected by their daughter, Ellen.

In loving memory of John Burke, Old Kilcullen, who died,
19th July 1974 aged 77 years, also his brother, Robert,
died 5th July 1977 aged 75 years, and their sisters, Sr.
Mary Imelda Burke, Franciscan Sisters, Rome, died, 27th
October 1975 aged 87 years , also the parents of above,
John Burke, died 17th May1940, Mary Burke, 28th
October 1944, and their daughters, Anna Costello, died,
13th July 1962 aged 72 years, Mary De Decker, died,
31st July 1974 aged 81. May they rest in peace.

In fond remembrance of Bernard Casey, who died, 26th
February 1939. Also his wife, Ellen Casey, who died, 4th
February 1961, their son, Edward Casey, died, 3rd May
1972, their daughter, Louise Moran, died, 16th
December 1993 aged 81. Erected by Neal and Nellie

Patrick Cullen, departed this life, May 24th 1798 aged
24, also William Cullen.

In loving memory of John Doyle, Halverson, who died,
16th December 1944, his wife, Elizabeth, died August 1st
1936, and their sons Willie, died, July 22nd 1979, James
Doyle, died, 8th April 1986 their son, Christopher (Dinty)
died, 11th December 1999 aged 78 years.

Erected by Eliza Doyle, of Calberstown, in memory of her
beloved father, Patrick Doyle, who died, 24th March
1886 aged 77 years.

In loving memory of Edward Dunne, Old Kilcullen, died,
10th September 1932 aged 62 years, his wife, Sarah,
died, 12th June 1964 aged 64 years, their sons, Thomas,
died, 31st March 1978 aged 60 years, Edward, died, 31st
December 1980 aged 70 years, Mary (Molly)Dunne ,
died 24th March 1993 aged 67 years, her loving
husband, John (Jack) Dunne, who died on April 2nd 1997
in his 82nd year.

Erected by Mary Ennis, Knockbounce, in memory of her
aunt, Eliza Moran, who died, 29th September 1892 aged
83 years.

Erected by Patrick Keogh, of Castlemartin, in memory of
his father, John Keogh, who departed this life, January
21st 1832 aged 78 and his son, William Keogh, who died,
15th September 1863 aged 26 years, also his daughter,
Annastatlna Keogh, who departed this life, 4th July 1890
aged 38 years.

In loving memory of Kathleen Willis (nee Whittle), Old
Kilcullen, who died, 6th September 1994 aged 66 years,
her husband, Patrick Willis, died, 6th October 1994 aged

In loving memory of, Brien Bernard Whittle, born, 31st
March 1920, died, 30th September 1995, husband of
Betty and father of Brenda.

In loving memory of William Reddy, died, 16th July 1943,
Robert Whittle, died, 26th February 1939, Mary Whittle,
died, January 24th 1957, Patrick Whittle, died, May 21st
1939, Margaret Delaney, died, February 1935, Bridget
Whittle, died , January 29th 1960, Patrick Reddy, died,
October 4th 1967.

Erected by Joseph Perkins, in memory of his father,
William Perkins, who departed this life, November 1800
aged 75 years, also his grand father, John Perkins, who
departed this life, March 1789 aged 60?

Erected by Mary Tougher, of Old Kilcullen, in memory of
her beloved husband, Patrick Tougher, who died, 6th
April 1910 also the above Mary Tougher, who died, 3rd
November 1940, Esther Reddy, died, 18th January 1947,
and her husband, John Reddy, who died, 3rd October
1960, their son, John (Monsie) Reddy, who died, 18th
February 1991 aged 64 years.

Erected by Bridget Tougher, Abbeybawn, Kilcullen, in
memory of her husband, John Tougher, who died, 26th
April 1918.

Pray for the souls of John and Peter Tougher, of Old
Kilcullen. Mary Flanagan, died, 18th May 1925, Margaret
Tougher, died, 13th March 1928.

Erected by Patrick Tougher, in memory of his father,
John Tougher, of Old Kilcullen, who departed this life,
10th June 1916 aged 74 , the above Patrick Tougher,
who died, 2nd August 1951 aged 72, his wife, Mary Ann
Tougher, who died, 7th May 1971 aged 89 years.

Different format:

Blanney, Patrick, d. 18 Sep 1936, Halverstown.
Brennan, Catherine, d. 16 Dec 1911, age: 95, w/o James.
Brennan, Elizabeth, d. 22 Jul 1867, age: 24.
Brennan, Ellen, d. 1822 ?, age: 44, m/o Thomas.
Brennan, Frances, d. 16 May 1978, w/o James.
Brennan, James, d. 15 Feb 1884, age: 64, h/o Catherine,
Old Kilcullen.
Brennan, James, d. 24 Jan 1964, age: 62, h/o Frances.
Brennan, John, d. 25 Apr 1871, age: 22, bro/o Thomas.
Brennan, Patrick, d. 1879, age: 69, brother of Thomas.
Brennan, Thomas, d. 1889, age: 68.
Buckley, Annie, d. 15 Mar 1860, age: 75, w/o Thomas.
Buckley, Sarah, no dates, d/o Thomas & Annie.
Buckley, Thomas, d. 26 Nov 1858, age: 84, h/o Annie,
Lunnrite Lodge, erected by their daughter Ellen.
Buckley, Thomas, no dates, s/o Thomas & Annie.
Burke, John, d. 17 May 1940, h/o Mary.
Burke, John, d. 19 Jul 1974, age: 77, s/o John & Mary,
Old Kilcullen.
Burke, Mary, d. 28 Oct 1944, w/o John.
Burke, Robert, d. 5 Jul 1977, age: 75, s/o John & Mary.
Burke, Sr. Mary Imelda, d. 27 Oct 1975, age: 87, d/o John
& Mary, Franciscan Sisters, Rome.
Casey, Bernard, d. 26 Feb 1939, h/o Ellen, erected by
Ned & Nellie.
Casey, Edward, d. 3 May 1987, age: 72, son of Bernard &
Casey, Ellen, d. 4 Feb 1961, w/o Bernard.
Casey, Nellie, d. 8 Feb 1972, d/o Bernard & Ellen.
Costello, Anna (Burke), d. 13 Jul 1962, age: 72, d/o John
& Mary.
Cullen, Patrick, d. 24 May 1798, age: 24.
Cullen, William, d. Can't read date.
De Decker, Mary (Burke), d. 31 Jul 1974, age: 81, d/o
John & Mary.
Delaney, Margaret, d. Feb 1935.
Doyle, Christopher (Dinty), d. 11 Dec 1999, age: 78, s/o
John & Elizabeth.
Doyle, Elizabeth, d. 1 Aug 1936, w/o John.
Doyle, James, d. 8 Apr 1986, s/o John & Elizabeth.
Doyle, John, d. 16 Dec 1944, h/o Elizabeth, Halverstown.
Doyle, Patrick, d. 24 Mar 1886, age: 77, father of Eliza,
Doyle, Willie, d. 22 Jul 1979, s/o John & Elizabeth.
Dunne, Edward, d. 10 Sep 1933, age: 62, h/o Sarah, Old
Dunne, Edward, d. 31 Dec 1980, age: 70, s/o Edward &
Dunne, John (Jack), d. 2 Apr 1997, age: 82, h/o Mary
Dunne, Mary (Molly), d. 24 Mar 1993, age: 67, w/o Jack.
Dunne, Sarah, d. 12 Jun 1964, age: 64, w/o Edward.
Dunne, Thomas, d. 31 Mar 1978, age: 60, s/o Edward &
Flannagan, Mary, d. 18 May 1925, buried in Tougher
Keogh, Annastatlna, d. 4 Jul 1890, age: 38, d/o Patrick.
Keogh, John, d. 21 Jan 1832, age: 78, father of Patrick,
Keogh, William, d. 15 Sep 1863, age: 26, s/o Patrick.
Keough, Patrick, d. 28 Feb 1885, age: 80, erected by
William Blacker, Castlemartin.
Moran, Eliza, d. 29 Sep 1892, age: 83, aunt of Mary
Moran, Louise (Casey), d. 16 Dec 1993, age: 81, d/o
Bernard & Ellen.
Perkin, John, d. Mar 1789, age: 60 ?, grandfather of
Perkin, William, d. Nov 1800, age: 75, father of Joseph.
Reddy, Esther, d. 18 Jan 1947, w/o John, buried in
Tougher grave.
Reddy, John, d. 18 Feb 1991, age: 64, s/o Esther & John.
Reddy, John, d. 3 Oct 1960, h/o Esther.
Reddy, Patrick, d. 4 Oct 1967.
Reddy, William, d. 16 Jul 1943.
Tougher, John, d. 10 Jun 1916, age: 74, father of Patrick,
Old Kilcullen.
Tougher, John, d. 26 Apr 1918, h/o Bridget,
Tougher, John, no dates, Old Kilcullen.
Tougher, Margaret, d. 13 Mar 1928.
Tougher, Mary Ann, d. 7 May 1971, age: 89, w/o Patrick.
Tougher, Mary, d. 3 Nov 1940, w/o Patrick.
Tougher, Patrick, d. 2 Aug 1951, age: 72, s/o John.
Tougher, Patrick, d. 6 Apr 1910, h/o Mary, Old Kilcullen.
Tougher, Peter, no dates.
Whittle, Bridget, d. 29 Jan 1960.
Whittle, Brien Bernard, b. 31 Mar 1920, d. 30 Sep 1995,
h/o Betty, f/o Brenda.
Whittle, Mary, d. 24 Jan 1957.
Whittle, Patrick, d. 21 May 1939.
Whittle, Robert, d. 26 Feb 1939.
Willis, Kathleen (Whittle), d. 6 Sep 1994, age: 66, w/o
Patrick, Old Kilcullen.
Willis, Patrick, d. 6 Oct. 1994, age: 73, h/o Kathleen.