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File contributed by: Anna Ryan 

This is not a complete listing of burials!

Behan, Patrick, d. 18 Feb 1989, Punchestown.
Brady, Paddy, d. 23 Apr 1994, age: 77yr, Naas.
Browne, Nuala, d. 23 Jun 1995, age: 60yr, Mother of Peter.
Browne, Peter, d. 4 Feb 1995, age: 33yr, Son of Nuala.
Byrne, Joseph, d. 29 Nov 1976, age: 7Mths, Punchestown.
Byrne, Katheen, d. 17 May 1983, Wife of Patrick,
Byrne, Patrick, d 19 Jan 1987, Husband of Kathleen,
Carroll, Carmel (O'Reilly), d. 30 Sep 1998, age: 70yr.
Cassidy, Peter, d. 3 Feb 1995, age: 70yr, Naas.
Cavin, Bridget, d. 18 Mar 1987, age: 73yr, Wife of Michael,
Cavin, Michael, d. 24 May 1996, age: 90yr, Husband of
Bridget, Kill.
Chan Ling Choong, Maresa, d. 22 Aug 1996, age: 18yr.
Corbett, Louise, Died young, Daughter of Paddy.
Corbett, Mary, Died young, Daughter of Paddy.
Corbett, Paddy, d. 4 Dec 1985, Father of Louise and Mary,
Coyne, Maureen, d. 1 Sep 2000, age: 68yr, Wife of Paddy.
Coyne, Paddy, d. 8 May 1981, age: 57yr, Husband of Maureen.
Crowley, Frances, d. 1 Feb 1992, Wife of Jim, Naas.
Crowley, Jim, d. 7 Mar 1992, Naas.
Crowley, Mary Elizabeth, d. 9 Aug 1983, age: 2yr, Eadestown.
Cullen, Jim, d. 18 Aug 1991, age: 73yr.
Dear, George, d. 14 Oct 1992, age: 78yr.
Delaney, Patrick, d. 7 Sep 1984, age: 63yr, Punchestown.
Doyle, Joseph, d. 27 Mar 2000, age: 78yr, Husband of Renee,
Doyle, Renee, d. 21 Jan 1999, Wife of Joseph, Dublin.
Dunne, John, d. 26 May 1990, age: 83yr, Calliaghstown.
Fitzpatrick, Michael, d. 11 Oct 1985, age: 52yr, Father of
Theresa, Rathmore.
Fitzpatrick, Theresa, d. 12 Dec 1989, age: 18yr, Daughter of
Michael, Rathmore.
Flannelly, Kathleen, b 1941, d. 17 Oct 1996, Kill,
Gillis, George, d. 8 Jul 1984, age: 63yr.
Goslin, Elizabeth, d 20 Dec 1988, Sister of John.
Goslin, John, d. 10 Nov 1992, Brother of Elizabeth.
Grainger, Frank, d. 8 Jun 1983, age: 58yr, Brother of
Michael, Naas.
Grainger, Michael, d. 30 Jan 1992, age: 70yr, Brother of
Frank, Naas.
Grainger, Richard, d. 28 Jan 1999, age: 66yr, Eadestown.
Grainger, Stephen, d 19 Dec 1988, age: 57yr, Eadestown.
Harney, Anna Maria, d. 5 Mar 1993, age: 80yr, Wife of
Harney, Lisa, d. 2 Nov 1977, age: 3 Mths.
Harney, Lorcan, d. 5 Dec 1985, age: 69yr, Husband of Anna
Harold, John, d. 25 Mar 1983, age: 53yr, Son of William and
Mary, Baltracy.
Harvey, Hugh, d. 8 Jun 1999, age: 82yr, Naas.
Hayden, Agnes, d. 10 Feb 1996, age: 96yr, Wife of
Hayden, Stephen, d. 27 May 1989, age: 82yr, Husband of
Agnes, Eadestown, Naas.
Hetherington, Edward, d. 13 Jun 1995, age: 82yr,
Hickey, Seamus, d. 30 Aug 1993, age: 59yr, Craddoxtown.
Hogan, Catherine, d. 17 Jun 1997, age: 88yr, Newbridge.
Hyland, Madeline, d. 18 Jan 1990, age: 39yr, Punchestown.
Kavanagh, Joseph, d. 1 May 1997, age: 79yr, Husband of Mai,
Kavanagh, Mai, d. 18 Jan 1992, age: 69yr,Wife of
Kearney, E. Julia, d. 21 Jan 1996, Infant.
Kelly, Anthony, b, Kilteal, d. 30 Oct 1998, age:
Kelly, John, b 1917, d. 2000.
Kelly, Mae (Finnerty), b 1922, d. 1994.
Kenny, Peter, d. 3 Jul.1998, Infant.
Lambe, Thomas, d. 21 Aug 1977, age: 55yr, Kilteel.
Larkin, Cornelius, d. 5 Mar 1985, age: 89yr, Husband of
Mary, Eadestown,Naas
Larkin, Mary, d. 10 Jul 1978, age: 66yr, Wife of Cornelius,
Eadestown, Naas.
Lawler, Bridget, d 19 May 1986, age: 80yr, Wife of William,
Lawler, William, d. 10 Jan 1952, age: 52yr, Husband of
Bridget, Interred in Saggart.
Mason, William V, d. 12 Jun 1981, Naas.
McCormack, James, d. 21 May 1980, age: 67yr, Kilteel.
McGee, Barbara, d. 2 Apr 1985, age: 61yr, Sister of Patrick.
McGee, Christopher, d. 6 Mar 1999, age: 87yr, Brother of
McGee, Patrick, d. 12 Sep 1987, age: 73yr, Brother of
McGee, Thomos, d. 24 Oct 1992, age: 79yr, Brother of
McNamara, John, d. 5 Dec 1996, age: 63yr, Inchicore, Dublin.
McNamara, Mary, d. 30 Jul 1994, age: 89yr, Wife of Patrick,
McNamara, Patrick, d. 8 Jun 1981, age: 83yr, Husband of
Mary, Athgarrett.
Miley, Kathleen, d. 8 Oct 1986, Wife of Thomas,Newtown
Great, Naas.
Miley, Thomas, d. 24 Jul 1998, Husband of Kathleen, Newtown
Great Naas.
Mooney, John, d. 25 Dec 1978, age: 50yr, Tipper East.
Nolan, Ann (Quinn), d. 26 Mar 1993, Wife of James Joseph.
Nolan, Bernard, d. 18 May 1936, Son of Ann and James Joseph,
Interred in Elverstown.
Nolan, Marie Elizabeth, d. 19 June 1936, Dau. of Ann and
James Joseph. Buried Elverstown.
Nolan, James Joseph., d. 23 Jul 1993, Husband of Ann.
Nolan, Seamus d. 9 June 2010. (s/o James & Ann) Buried at
O'Connor, Charles A., d. 13 Aug 1987, age: 77yr, Newtown.
O'Connor, John, d. 13 Oct 1990, age: 80yr, Eadestown, Naas.
O'Donohoe, Geraldine, d. 21 Apr 1985, Wife of James A,
Walshestown Naas.
O'Donohoe, James A., d. 2 Jul 1983, Husband of Geraldine,
Walshestown Naas.
Redmond, Kevin, d. 26 Aug 1992, age: 57yr, Naas.
Sargent, William, d. 24 Apr 1988, age: 83yr, Saggart.
Woods, Mary, d. 10 Mar 1981, Kilteel.