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Situated on the ruins of a 13th century Franciscan Friary.
This is a partial listing of headstones which are not listed
in any particular order.

In loving memory of Patrick Ahern, Clane, died, 23rd
February 1983 also his wife, Josephine, died, 16th
September 1988. Erected by his wife and family.

Bridget Baker, Blackhall, Clane. Died, 15th February 1982
aged 83 years.

Edward Behan, Green View, Clane, died, 22nd July 1980
aged 57, his daughter, Patricia, died, age 1 year and 11
months, his wife, Ina, died, 27th May 1996 aged 72

Joseph Bracken, Blackhall, Clane, died, 2nd December

Erected by, Daniel Boyle, Blackhall, Clane, in memory of
my brother, William,  died, 2nd February 1940, his wife,
Katie Boyle, died, 10th May 1952, his brother in law,
Patrick Esmonda, died, 1st March 1952, Daniel Boyle,
died, 3rd April 1955.

In Loving memory of, Patrick Brennan, died, 18th March
1948, also his wife, Mary Catherine, died, 5th January
1965. Resting in Dean's Grange.

James Buchanan, Clane, died, 17th April 1979 aged 46

In loving memory of Con Burke, 87 Coill Dubh, died, 9th
December 1984 aged 74 years, also his wife, Kathleen,
died, 31st December 1992 aged 71 years.

In loving memory of John Byrne, died, 20th October
1987 aged 49 years, also his mother, Nancy Byrne, who
died 25th June 1930? Aged 32 years, also his brother in
law, Billy Keating, died, 13th October 1999 aged 61
years. Formerly of Limerick.

John Byrne, Capdoo, Clane, died, 22nd January 1974
aged 77 years, his wife, Elizabeth, died, 14th May 1987
aged 92 years.

In loving memory of, Patrick Byrne, Dublin Road, Clane,
died, 6th April 1955, his wife, Catherine, died, 14th April
1967, their son, Joseph Thomas, died, 27th September
1980 aged 61 years.

Thomas Campbell, Blackhall, Clane, died, 2nd January
1964 aged 58 years.

In Loving Memory of, Christopher Campbell, who died,
1st December 1939, also his wife, Catherine, died, 26th
March 1952, and their son, Patrick, died, 23rd January
1950, and her brother, Patrick Judge, died, 17th
February 1950.

In Loving Memory of, Michael Carey, died 13th January
1939 aged 55, his wife, Elizabeth, died, 8th May 1967
aged 51, William Carey, died, 6th September 1955 aged
45,their sons, William, died, 25th January 1975 aged 47,
Michael, died, 25th August 1991.

In loving memory of John Casey, Dublin Road, Clane,
who died, 2nd May 1983 aged 82 years, also his wife,
Ellen, died, 24th January 1990 aged 86 years.

In loving memory of John (Jackie) Casey, Dublin Road,
Clane who died, 14th October 1999 aged 68 years.

In Loving Memory of, Dr. William Cahill, Straffan Lodge,
Clane, died, 16th January 1940, his wife, Catherine
Cahill, died, 21st June 1968.

Leo Carroll, Clane, died, 23rd October 1966 aged 29, his
father, Bernard, died, 21st July 1968 aged 76, his
mother, Lucy, died, 22nd August 1978 aged 79 years.

Mary Colgan, Firmount, Clane, died, 14th July 1966 aged
82, her husband, Denis, died, 21st December 1976 aged
89 years.

Elizabeth Coffey, Fairmount, Clane, died, 28th
September 1960, her husband, James, died, 6th June

Pray for the soul of Patrick Coffey, who died, 24th June
1944 aged 51 years, and his brother, Richard, died, 7th
February 1970 aged 67 years, Margaret Coffey, (Nee
Grace), died, 7th May 1992.

In loving memory of , Katie Cooper, died, 10th August,
1961 aged 71 years, her husband, John, died, 11th
January 1966 aged 87 years, their sons, John, died, 12th
October, 1986 aged 87 years, and Edward, died, 30th
October 1989 aged 69 years.

Richard Corrigan, Blackhall, Clane, died, 28th January
1952 aged 73, his daughter, Catherine, died, 11th
August 1932 aged 16 , his daughter, Mary, died, 7th
August 1914 aged 3 years, his son Richard, died, 24th
July 1959, aged 52 years, his son, Patrick, died, 22nd
January 1945 aged 22, his son, Hughie, died, 8th
November 1945 aged 32, his daughter in law, Kathleen,
died, 12th July 1945 aged 24, Teresa, died, 27th May
1973 aged 88 years.

Peter Curran, Capdoo, died, 17th April 1971 aged 64, his
wife, Elizabeth, died, 11th July 1982 aged 59.

Erected by, Peter Delaney, Loughanure, Clane, in loving
memory of his wife, Anne Delaney, died, 11th April 1934
aged 54, also his son, Peter Delaney, died, 4th December
1946 aged 34, the above, Peter Delaney, died, 20th July
1951 aged 75 years.

Paddy Delaney, Capdoo, Clane, died, 2nd January 1988
aged 70, also his mother, Mary Delaney, died, 17th
November 1920 aged 38, also his father, Patrick
Delaney, died, 12th December 1952 aged 73 years, R.I.P.
Erected by his loving brothers.

In loving memory of Patrick (Podge) Delaney, Railway
Cottages, Sallins, who died, 9th January 2006 aged 51.

In loving memory of Oliver Delaney, St. Bridget's Tce.
Clane, died, 27th October 1998 aged 79, Baby Agustain,
died, 8th October 1969. Erected by his loving wife and

(Old stone)
Erected by, John Dillon, in memory of his Parents, James
and Ellenor? Who died, and his son, James Dillon died,

In Loving Memory of, Nan Doherty, Mortcommon,
Clane, who died, 14th October 1941, her husband,
Patrick, died, 1st September 1955, their daughter in law,
Martha, died, 4th April 1957.

Matthew Donnellan, Clane, died, February, 1827 aged
73, his wife, Esther, died, 25th July 1873 aged 79, their
son, Thomas, died, 28th September 1886 aged 75 years.

In loving memory of, Christopher (Christy) Donnelly,
Firwood, Clane, died, 7th June 1983 aged 76 years, his
brother, Matthew Donnelly, died 3rd April 1987 aged 66

In loving memory of Peter Donnelly, died, 30th
November 1968, also his wife, Annie Donnelly, died,
28th October 1996, 3 Lohunda Road, Clonsilla, Dublin.
And late of Firmount, Clane. Erected by their loving son,
Peter and daughter, Sheila.

In loving memory of John Donnelly, Sherlockstown, who
died, 11th January 1939 also his daughter, Mary
Donnelly, who died, 29th September 1954, his sons,
Christy Donnelly, who died, 11th February 1959, also his
son, Michael Donnelly, who died,4th January 1990, also
his daughter, Marcella (Cella) who died, 29th November

Gerald Fitzgerald Dunne, born at Aghovoe, 1850, died, in
Ballinagappa, County Kildare, 22nd September 1902,
husband of Julia Mary.

Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of, Annie
Dunne, Maryfields, who died, 23rd January 1959, also
her beloved husband, Patrick, who died 31st May 1971

Mary Ennis, Firmount, died, 10th January 1967 aged 36

In Loving Memory of, Michael Farrell, Butterstream,
Clane, who died, 26th June, 1936 aged 63 years, is wife,
Mary, died, 15th May 1962 aged 90 years, their son,
Patrick, died, 1st March 1989 aged 75 years.

In Loving Memory of our dear Mother, Elizabeth Fox, of
Millicent, died, 13th August 1931 aged 76, her son,
Joseph Fox, died, 25th May 1953,aged 63 years, his wife,
Margaret, died, 5th May 1955, her daughter, Elizabeth
Minghin, died, 24th February 1966 aged 73 years.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Have Mercy on the Soul of My
Dear Father, John Francis Fox, Claremont, Castle knock,
died, 20th September 1974,also my dear mother, Annie
Fox, died, 28th September 1931, my dear
brother,Joseph,37 Woodbine Road, Black rock, Dublin
died, 11th January 1973, interred in Dean's Grange
Cemetery, my sister, Elizabeth, died, 6th February 1996.

In loving memory of Elizabeth Fox, who died at Raheny,
21st December 1945, also her son Peter, who died, 4th
May 1926, also her dear husband, Peter Fox, who died
at Raheny, 18th May 1958, also their son James Fox,
died, 5th January 1994 and their daughter, Agnes Fox,
died 3rd February 2004.

Michael Fox, Millicent, died, 6th March 1979 aged 84
years, his wife, Annie, died, 12th April 1979 aged 84

Patrick A. Fox, died, 17th April 1986.

In Loving Memory of, Anne Greene, who died, May 14th
1938 aged 68, Michael John Greene, died, 28th October
1965 aged 68 years, Esther Greene, died, 21st
November 1969 aged 73 years, Anne Greene, died 10th
October 1976 aged 76 years. In Special Remembrance
of, Mary Greene, who died, 31st March 1982. Erected by
Michael and Kay.

Peter Hackett, Loughbollard, Clane, died, 1st September
1977 aged 44 years.

In affectionate Remembrance of a devoted husband and
father, Charles Henry, died, 21st August 1981 aged 81
years, his wife, Mary, died 1990 aged 86 years.

William Hickey, Capdoo, Clane, died, 19th December
1982, also his loving wife, Teresa (Tess) died, 3rd August
2005. R.I.P.Erected by his loving wife and son.

Catherine Hogan, Ballymyraagh, Nenagh, died, 18th
February 1942. John Kinsella, Kilmurry, erected this
stone for his wife, Mary, who died, 4th January 1909
aged 51 years.

Michael Holligan, Castlebrown, died, 11th September
1969, his wife, Elizabeth, died, 9th July 1994.

In Memory of, James J. Jones, Clane, who died, 21st
October 1942, his wife, Matilda, died, 22nd August
1985, also, Joseph Whelan, died, 6th January 1953,
Kathleen Whelan, died, January 13th 1979.

In Loving Memory of Delia Greoghegan, Clane, who died,
22nd August 1944, Margaret Casey, died, 18th March
1966, Michael Greoghean, died, 26th September 1966,
Mai Fielding, died, 13th April 1971, and all the relatives
of the Greoghegan Family.

Thomas Kearney, Curry Hills, Prosperous,died,26th
November 1954 aged 80, his wife, Elizabeth, 25th June
1983 aged 80, Susan Kearney, died, 19th October 1991
aged 44 years.

In loving memory of Mrs. Anne Kelly, died, 22nd January
1941, and her husband,  John Kenny, died, 2nd January
1916, also their grandson son, Brendan Kearns, died,
28th May 1946, and their nephew, Patrick Corrigan,
died, 22nd January 1946.

Pray for the soul of Very Rev. Laurence J. Keogh, Parish
Priest of Clane, 1926 ?" 1948, died, 20th July 1948 aged
78 years.

Patrick Kinsella, died, 19th February 1843 aged 83 years,
his wife, Elizabeth, died, 6th August 1819 aged 60 years.
This stone was erected by his son, Thomas.

Thomas Langan, Clane, died, 29th December 1973.

In Loving Memory of, Maurice Lee, Clane, County
Kildare, died, 20th January 1968, aged 78 years, his wife,
Mary, died, 26th December 1970 aged 61 years, his son,
Laurence, died, 16th December 1957 aged 23 years.

Bridget McGuire, Mount Armstrong, died, 9th April 1979
aged 53 years.

Cherished memories of a dear husband and father,
James Manzor, Clane, who died, 13th January 1985, also
his wife, Sheila, died, 26th October 1999.

In loving memory of Michael McDonald, Millicent,
Sallins, who died, 17th April 1949 aged 56 years, his wife
Teresa, who died, 28th May 1982 aged 85 years, their
son in law, Patrick Walsh, died 3rd May 2004 aged 73

Pray for the Repose of the Soul of, Andrew Joseph
McEvoy, who died, on the 29th August 1943, John
McEvoy, who died, 22nd January 1965, Catherine
McEvoy, who died, 16th May 1966.

Joseph McCormack, Ballinacappa Road, Clane, died, 30th
July 1979 aged 16 years, his mother, Ann, died, 7th
December 1986 aged 62 years, her husband,
Christopher, died, 16th October 1994 aged 83 years.

In Loving Memory of, Thomas Meskell, died, 23rd
January  1944,aged 74 years, his wife, Elizabeth, died,
15th July 1968 aged 80years, their children, Anne, died,
15th April 1939 aged 22 years, Thomas, J.K. died, 25th
May 1947 aged 26, Edward Ignatius Meskall, died, 24th
July 1972 aged 56, his wife, Elizabeth Ann, died, 5th April
1995 aged 84 years.

In Loving Memory of My Dear Wife, Ena Mescall, died,
18th June 1975 aged 43.

In Loving Memory of, Bridget Marrow, Clane, died,4th
January 1949, her husband, Peter A. Marrow, died, 21st
July 1`977, and their son, John, died, 3rd November
1955, also their daughter, Patricia Rooney, died, 1st
November 1986. Laid to rest in Shellharbour, Australia.

Patrick McManmon, died, 4th October 1967 aged 59, his
wife, Bridget, died, 10th August 1982 aged 66 years.

In loving memory of Seamus Moore, Millicent, Clane,
who died, 10th December 1930 aged 52 years, also his
daughter, Theresa, who died, 9th April 1991 aged 10
years, his grandson, James Curran, died, 17th October
2001 aged 14 years.

Erected by Bryan Murray, In loving remembrance of his
father, Billy Murray, who died, 1856, also his mother,
Nora, and his sister, Jane.

Mary O'Brien, Blachhall, Clane, died, 10th November
1966 aged 86, her son, Daniel, died, 16th September
1984 aged 73 years.

In loving memory of Norman O'Brien, who died 28th
December 1979, also Lorraine Shannon (Niece) who
died, 23rd September 1975 aged 2 years and 6 months.

In loving memory of James O'Donnell, Capadoo, Clane,
who died, 29th November 1982 aged 83 years, and his
wife, Mary, died, 15th November 1997 aged 89 years. In
Loving Memory of Sheila O'Neill, Abbeylands, who died,
18th October 1961, her father, Charlie O'Neill, died, 8th
December 1978, also his wife, Mona O'Neill, died, 22nd
September 1992.

Erected to the memory of, Stephen O'Rourke, who died,
3rd May 1879 aged 72 years, also his wife, Jane, who
died, 3rd June 1875 aged 52 years.

In loving memory of Joe Reddy (Uncle Joe), James, Ester,
Reddy, their daughter, Kathleen, Tess.

Christopher Rorke, died, 3rd May 1879 aged 73, his wife,
Jane, died, 31st July 1875 aged 63.

In loving memory of Peter Shortt, died, 23rd February
1975 aged 70, his wife, Agnes, died, 9th July 1988 aged
79 years.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have mercy on the soul of, Patrick
Shortt, Clane, who died, July 27th 1945, his daughter,
Elizabeth Kelly, died, September 29th 1945, also his
wife, Rose Shortt, died, September 11th 1960, his son in
law, Jeramiah (Jer) Kelly, died, 16th April 1986, his
daughter in law, Kathleen Shortt, died, 1st June 2000,
and his son, Edward (Ned) Short.

In Loving Memory of our father, Thomas Slevin,
Blackhall, Clane, who died, 19th August 1946 aged 40
years, also his wife, Margaret, died, 27th March 1986
aged 80 years, also their daughter, Kathleen O'Connor,
died, 16th August 1996.

Peter Slevin, Rathmore, Clane, died, 24th May 1966, his
wife, Catherine, died, 5th October 1978.

Erected by, Mrs. Anne Staunton for her beloved
husband, Charles Staunton, died, 25th May 1858 aged
49 years, and their beloved children, Michael and
Joseph, who died young.

In Loving Memory of, Kate Tomkins, who died, 26th
September 1941 aged 56 years, her husband, John
Thomkins,who died, 19th January 1944 aged 70, late of
Landenstown, also my dear husband, Hugh Casey, who
died, 22nd April 1980 aged 62 years, late of Clonfert,
and his wife, Mary (Mai) (Nee Tomkins), died, 22nd
September 2000 aged 87 years. Plaque on grave reads
from: Ivan, Colin and Tricia.

In loving memory of, Bridget Wallace, Clane, died, 20th
April 1948, her son, Peter, who died, 26th February 1982

Pray for the soul of Bridget Walsh (nee Moynihan),
Clane, who died, 28th January 1955, Dr. Michael Walsh,
died, 12th June 1972.

In loving memory of Herbert Delamare, Whyte,
Viewmount, who died, 13th October 1917 , his wife,
Mary, died, 3rd March 1949 , also John Cecil Ferris, died,
31st October 1986.

In loving memory of Patrick J. Woods, Clane who died,
2nd September 1983 aged 71 years, his wife, Ellen, died,
26th January 1988 aged 60 years.

Another set of headstones:

Archer, Ann, d. 6 Jun 1914, age: 14yr, Daughter of James
and Sarah, Moat Commons, Clane.
Archer, Frederick, d. 4 Mar 1963, age: 72yr, s/o James
and Sarah, Moat Commons, Clane.
Archer, James, d. 5 Mar 1927, age: 72yr, Husband of
Sarah, Moat Commons, Clane.
Archer, Michael, d. 24 Apr 1982, age: 77yr, Brother of
Margaret Kelly, Moat Commons, Clane.
Archer, Patrick, d. 15 Mar 1958, age: 48yr, s/o James and
Sarah, Moat Commons, Clane.
Archer, Sarah, d. 11 Feb 1947, age: 77yr, Wife of James,
Moat Commons, Clane.
Archer, Winerfred, d. 7 Jun 1914, age: 3yr, Daughter of
James and Sarah, Moat Commons, Clane.
Baker, Bridget, d. 15 Feb 1983, Blackhall, Clane.
Behan, Edmond, d. 22 Jul 1980, age: 57yr, Husband of
Ina, Green View Clane.
Behan, Ina, d. 27 May 1996, age: 72yr, Wife of Edmond,
Green View Clane.
Behan, Patricia, d. ?, age: 1Yr. 11Mths.yr, Daughter of
Edmond and Ina, Green View Clane.
Bracken, Joseph, d. 2 Dec 1978, Blackhall, Clane.
Buchanan, James, d. 17 Apr 1979, age: 46yr, Clane.
Byrne, Elizabeth, d. 14 May 1987, age: 92yr, Wife of
John, Capdoo, Clane.
Byrne, John, d. 27 Jan 1974, age: 77yr, Husband of
Elizabeth, Capdoo, Clane.
Campbell, Thomas, d. 2 Jan 1964, age: 58yr, Blackhall,
Carey, Elizabeth, d. 8 May 1947, age: 51yr, Wife of
Carey, Michael, d. 13 Jan 1939, age: 55yr, Husband of
Carey, Michael, d. 25 Aug 19551, s/o Michael and
Carey, William, d. 25 Jan 1975, age: 47yr, s/o Michael
and Elizabeth.
Carey, William, d. 6 Sep 1955, age: 71yr.
Carroll, Bernard, d. 21 Jul 1968, age: 76yr, Husband of
Lucy, Clane.
Carroll, Leo, d. 23 Oct 1966, age: 29yr, s/o Bernard and
Lucy, Clane.
Carroll, Lucy, d. 22 Aug 1978, age: 79yr, Wife of Bernard,
Coffey, Elizabeth, d. 28 Sep. 1960, Husband of James,
Firmount, Clane.
Colgan, Mary, d. 14 Jul 1966, age: 82yr, Wife of Denis,
Firmount, Clane.
Corrigan, Catherine, d. 11 Aug 1932, age: 16yr, Daughter
of Richard, Blackhall, Clane.
Corrigan, Hughie, d. 8 Nov 1945, age: 32yr, s/o Richard,
Blackhall, Clane.
Corrigan, Kathleen, d. 12 Jul 1945, age: 24yr, Daughter in
law of Richard, Blackhall, Clane.
Corrigan, Kathleen, d. 27 May 1973, age: 88yr, Blackhall,
Corrigan, Mary, d. 7 Aug 1914, age: 3yr, Daughter of
Richard, Blackhall, Clane.
Corrigan, Patrick, d. 22 Jan 1945, age: 22yr, s/o Richard,
Blackhall, Clane.
Corrigan, Patrick, d. 22 Jan 1946, Nephew of Anne and
John Kearns..
Corrigan, Peter, d. 28 Jan 1952, age: 73yr, Father of
Catherine, Blackhall, Clane.
Corrigan, Richard, d. 24 Jul 1959, age: 52yr, s/o Richard,
Blackhall, Clane.
Cross, Margaret (Fanning), d. 17 Feb 1952, age: 29yr,
Daughter of Michael J, Ballinagappa.
Cullen, Christina (Archer), d. 8 Dec 1971, age: 68yr,
Daughter of James and Sarah, Moat Commons, Clane.
Curran, Elizabeth, d. 11 Jul 1982, age: 59yr, Wife of
Peter, Capdoo.
Curran, Peter, d. 17 Apr 1971, age: 64yr, Husband of
Elizabeth, Capdoo.
Delaney, Anne, d. 11 Apr 1934, age: 58yr, Wife of Peter.
Delaney, Peter J., d. 4 Dec 1948, age: 34yr, s/o Anne and
Delaney, Peter, d. 20 Jul 1951, age: 75yr, Husband of
Donnellan, Esther, d. 25 Jul 1837, age: 79yr, Wife of
Matthew, Clane.
Donnellan, Matthew, d. Feb 1827, age: 73yr, Husband of
Esther, Clane.
Donnellan, Thomas, d. 28 Sep 1886, age: 75yr, s/o
Matthew and Esther, Clane.
Donnelly, Elizabeth, d. 25 Nov 1964, age: 82yr, Wife of
Matthew, Firmount, Clane.
Donnelly, Matthew, d 18 Dec 1961, age: 85yr, Husband
of Elizabeth, Firmount, Clane.
Ennis, Mary, d. 10 Jan 1987, age: 36yr, Firmount.
Fanning, Lissannagh, d. 23 Apr 1978, Ballinagappa.
Fanning, Michael J., d. 16 Jul 1963, age: 77yr, Father of
Margaret, Ballinagappa.
Fitzgerald, Andrew John, b. 9 Oct 1932, d 19 Feb 1991,
Firmount, Clane.
Fitzgerald, Elizabeth, d. 16 Sep 1989, age: 84yr, Wife of
Elizabeth, Firmount, Clane.
Fitzgerald, Ernie, d. 4 Nov 1956, age: 20yr, s/o John and
Elizabeth, Firmount, Clane.
Fitzgerald, Gerald, b 1859 Aghavoe, d. 22 Sep 1902,
Husband of Julia Mary, Ballinagappa.
Co. Kildare.
Fitzgerald, John, d. 8 Aug 1966, age: 73yr, Husband of
Elizabeth, Firmount, Clane.
Fox, Annie, d. 28 Sep 1931, Wife of John Francis,
Claremont Castleknock.
Fox, Elizabeth, d. 13 Aug 1931, age: 76yr, Mother of
Joseph, Millicent.
Fox, Elizabeth, d. 6 Feb 1996, d/o John and Annie.
Fox, John Francis, d. 20 Sep 1974, Husband of Annie,
Claremont Castleknock.
Fox, John Joseph, d. 11 Jan 1979, s/o John and Annie,
Woodbine Rd. Blackrock.Co. Dublin, Interred in Dean's
Grange.cemetery. Dublin.
Fox, Joseph, d. 25 May 1953, age: 63yr, s/o Elizabeth,
Fox, Margaret, d. 5 May 1955, Millicent.
Fox, Michael, d. 6 Mar 1979, age: 84yr, Husband of
Annie, Millicent.
Fox, Patrick A., d. 17 Apr 1986.
Hackett, Peter, d. 1 Sep 1977, Loughbollard.Clane.
Healy, Andrew, d. 20 Apr 1959, age: 76yr, Loughanure.
Healy, Catherine, d. 1 Feb 1998, age: 90yr, Wife of
Michael, Loughanure.
Healy, Catherine, d. 12 Apr 1969, age: 88yr, Wife of
Thomas, Loughanure.
Healy, Michael, d. 3 Jul 1983, age: 72yr, Husband of
Catherine, Loughanure.
Healy, Thomas, d. 3 Dec 1939, age: 72yr, Husband of
Jane, Loughanure.
Hickey, William, d 19 Dec 1982, Capdoo, Clane.
Hogan, Catherine, b. Ballymyraagh, Nenagh, d. 18 Feb
Holligan, Elizabeth, d. 9 Jul 1994, Wife of Michael,
Holligan, Michael, d. 11 Sep 1969, Husband of Elizabeth,
Kearney, Elizabeth, d. 25 Jun 1983, age: 80yr, Wife of
Thomas, Curryhills. Prosperous.
Kearney, Susan, d 19 Oct 1991, age: 44yr, Curryhills,
Kearney, Thomas, d. 26 Nov 1964, age: 61yr, Husband of
Elizabeth, Curryhills. Prosperous.
Kearns, Brendan, d. 28 May 1946, Grands/o Anne and
John Kearns.
Kelly, Margaret, d 18 Feb 1992, age: 89yr, Sister of
Michael, Moat Commons, Clane.
Kenny, John, d. 2 Jan 1946, Husband of Mrs. Anne.
Kenny, Mrs. Anne, d. 22 Jan 1941, Wife of John.
Kinsella, Elizabeth, d. 6 Aug.1819, age: 60yr, Wife of
Patrick, Son Thomas erected this stone.
Kinsella, Mary (Archer), d. 4 Jan 1909, age: 51yr, Wife of
John, Kilmurray.
Kinsella, Patrick, d 19 Feb 1843, age: 83yr, Husband of
Langan, Thomas, d. 29 Dec 1973, Clane.
McCarr, Mary, d. 23 Feb 1968, Wife of Patrick,
McCarr, Patrick, d. 27 Nov 1956, Husband of Mary,
McCormack, Ann, d. 7 Dec 1986, age: 62yr, Wife of
Christopher, Ballinacappa Rd, Clane.
McCormack, Christopher, d. 16 Oct 1994, age: 83yr,
Husband of Ann, Ballinacappa Rd, Clane.
McCormack, Joseph, d. 30 Jul. 2001, age: 16yr, s/o
Joseph and Christopher, Ballinacappa Rd, Clane.
McDonald, Michael, d. 17 Apr 1949, age: 56yr, Husband
of Theresa, Millicent.
McDonald, Theresa, d. 28 Jun 1982, age: 85yr, Wife of
Michael, Millicent.
McGuire, Bridget, d. 9 Apr 1979, age: 53yr,
Meskell, Anne, d. 15 Apr 1938, age: 22yr, Daughter of
Thomas and Elizabeth.
Meskell, Edward Ignatius, d. 24 Jul 1972, age: 56yr, s/o
Thomas and Elizabeth.
Meskell, Elizabeth Ann, d. 5 Apr 1995, age: 84yr, Wife of
Edward Ignatius.
Meskell, Elizabeth, d. 15 Jul 1968, age: 80yr, Wife of
Meskell, Ena, d 18 Jun 1975, age: 43yr.
Meskell, Thomas J.K., d. 25 May 1947, age: 26yr, s/o
Thomas and Elizabeth.
Meskell, Thomas, d. 23 Jan 1944, Husband of Elizabeth.
Minghim, Elizabeth (Fox), d. 24 Feb 1966, age: 75yr,
Daughter of Elizabeth, Millicent.
O'Brien, Daniel, d. 16 Sep 1986, age: 74yr, s/o Mary,
Blackhall, Clane.
O'Brien, Mary, d. 10 Nov 1966, age: 86yr, Mother of
Daniel, Blackhall, Clane.
Reilly, Maura (Sammon), d. 17 Jun 1988, Wife of
Michael, Celbridge.
Reilly, Michael, d. 20 Aug 1986, Son in Law of Michael,
Sammon, Elizabeth, d 19 May 1971, w/o Elizabeth,
Sammon, Michael, d. 24 Apr 1947, Husband of Elizabeth,
Selvin, Peter, d. 24 May 1966, Husband of Catherine,
Rathmore, Clane.
Slevin, Elizabeth (Fagan), b. 18 Dec 1867, d. 18 Dec 1930,
Wife of Michael.
Slevin, Michael, b. 1866, d. 24 Nov 1939, Husband of
Elizabeth (Fagan).
Staunton, Charles, d. 25 May 1858, age: 49yr, Husband
of Annie.
Staunton, Joseph, d. Died young, s/o Charles and Annie.
Staunton, Michael, d. Died young, s/o Charles and Annie.
Walsh, Bridgid (Moynihan), b. 28 Jan 1955.
Walsh, Dr. Michael G., d. 12 Jun 1972.