Cemetery: Bodenstown Churchyard Cemetery

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File contributed by: Anna Ryan 


In this cemetery is buried the body of Theobald Wolf Tone
one of the leaders of the 1798 Rebellion.

??, John, d. 4 Mar. 1747, age: 72yr.
??, Moran, d. 17 Jun 1908, age: 74yr, Wife of Thomas,
Rahandoon Sallins, Leinster Regiment.
Barker, Mary (Carroll), d. ?, Sister of John.
Brennan, Timothy, d. 21 Apr 1940, age: 82yr.
Carroll, Catherine, d. 24 Jan 1899, age: 77yr, Naas.
Carroll, Christopher James, d. Died young, Son of Elizabeth,
Sallins. Co. Kildare.
Carroll, Christopher, d. 21 Mar 1897, age: 42yr, Naas.
Carroll, Eileen, d. 13 Mar 1932, age: 72yr, Sister of John,
Carroll, Eileen, d. 27 May 1847, age: 65yr, Mother of John,
Carroll, Elizabeth, d. 11 May 1871, age: 22yr, Daughter of
Elizabeth, Sallins. Co. Kildare.
Carroll, Elizabeth, d. 6 Feb 1928, age: 73yr, Sister of
John, Naas.
Carroll, James, d 20 May 1847, age: 14yr, Son of Margaret
and Patrick, Sallins. Co. Kildare.
Carroll, John, d. 6 Apr 1932, age: 75yr, Brother of
Elizabeth, Naas.
Carroll, John, d. 7 Jan 1882, Husband of Catherine, Sallins.
Co. Kildare.
Carroll, Joseph, d. 12 Jun 1865, age: 2yr, Son of John and
Catherine, Naas.
Carroll, Margaret, d. 5 Apr 1847, age: 42yr, Wife of
Carroll, Patrick, d. 21 May 1861, age: 57yr, Husband of
Margaret, Sallins. Co. Kildare.
Carroll, Patrick, d. 23 Mar 1874, age: 23yr, Son of
Elizabeth, Sallins. Co. Kildare.
Carroll, Patrick, d. 7 Dec 1937, Naas.
Carroll, Patrick, d. Died young, Son of Margaret and
Patrick, Sallins. Co. Kildare.
Chritchley, Ann, d. 10 Feb 1920, age: 72yr, Wife of Patrick,
Chritchley, Eileen, d. 2 Aug 1988, age: 88yr, Wife of
Matthew, Main St. Sallins.
Chritchley, Matthew, d. 29 Sep 1955, age: 75yr, Son of
Patrick and Ann, Sallins. Co. Kildare.
Chritchley, Patrick, d. 1 May 1895, age: 49yr, Husband of
Ann, Naas.
Culley, Mary, d. 14 Jan 1938, age: 67yr, Wife of Patrick.
Culley, Patrick, d. 4 Apr 1949, age: 69yr, Husband of Mary,
Cully, Cecilia, d. 26 Sep.1978, Wife of James, Sallins.
Cully, Christopher, d. 21 Mar 1987, age: 70yr, Husband of
Mary, Sallins.
Cully, James, d. 13 Jan 1978, Husband of Cecelia, Sallins.
Cully, Mary, d. 21 Dec 1994, age: 74yr, Wife of Christopher,
Daly, Jack, d. 1 Jan 1966, Husband of Mary, This stone was
erected by Edward Dunne, Blacksmith North Strand Dublin, s/o
Denis and Mary.
Daly, Joseph, d. 31 Mar 1938, Husband of Kathleen
Daly, Kathleen (Henderson), d. 13 Jul 1949, Wife of Joseph.
Daly, Mary, d. 2 Nov 1969, Wife of Jack.
Duffy, Private W.J. Duffy, d. 7 Jul 1918.
Dunne, Denis, d. 15 Dec 1855, age: 77yr, Husband of Mary.
Dunne, Mary, d. 1 Jan 1887, age: 65yr, Wife of Denis,
Ellis, Eliza, d. 15 Nov 1891, age: 30yr, Wife of John,
Ellis, James, d. 6 Jun 1911, age: 63yr, Husband of Eliza,
Ellis, John, d. 6 Jan 1901, age: 45yr, Son of John and
Eliza, Sherlockstown.
Ellis, William, d. 9 Feb 1903, age: 54yr, Son of John and
Eliza, Sherlockstown.
Farrell, Mary, d. 11 Feb 1946, Wife of Patrick,
Farrell, Patrick, d. 11 Oct 1979, age: 74yr, Husband of
Mary, Kerdiffstown.
Flannagan, Daniel, d. 6 Feb. 1798, age: 52yr, Father of
Patrick, Kerdiffstown.
Hannon, Kathleen, d. 3 Sep 1987, Naas.
Hannon, Marion Mary, d 19 May 1989, Naas.
Hannon, Mary, d. 12 Nov 1938, Wife of Patrick.
Hannon, Patrick, d. 3 Apr 1960, Husband of Mary, Naas.
Harrington, Mary, d. 21 Oct 1954, age: 79yr, Wife of
Michael, Naas.
Harrington, Michael, d. 14 Oct 1943, age: 78yr, Husband of
Mary, Naas.
Heffernan, Annie, d. 4 Jan 1962, age: 70yr, Mother of
Michael, Millicent.
Heffernan, Jennie, d. 14 Nov 1995, age: 78yr, Millicent.
Heffernan, Michael, d. 9 Nov.1984, age: 61yr, Son of Annie,
Heneghan, Catherine, d. 26 Jan 1969, age: 80yr, Daughter in
law of John and Mary, Millicent.
Heneghan, John, d. 22 Mar 1957, age: 73yr, Husband of
Catherine, Millicent.
Heneghan, Michael, d. 16 Jul 1991, age: 79yr, Husband of
Mary, Ladyhill.
Kelly, Margaret (Moran), d. 28 Sep 1923, age: 65yr, Daughter
of Thomas and ?, Ladyhill.
Kilduff, Paul, d. 3 Jan 2001, Son of Michael and Breege,
Kinsella, Peter, d. 7 May 1945.
Ledwich, Christopher, d. 26 Oct 1892, age: 56yr, Brother of
Richard, Prospect.
Masterson, Liam (William Thomas), d. 4 Jun 1991, aged 59yr.
McGrath, Bridget, d. 7 Mar 1856, age: 45yr, Wife of John,
Millicent. Clane.
McGrath, Ellen, d. ?, Daughter of John and Bridget, Sallins.
McGrath, John, d. 21 Sep 1873, age: 69yr, Husband of
Bridget, Millicent. Clane.
McGrath, John, d. ?, Son of John and Bridget, Sallins.
McGrath, Mary, d. ?, Daughter of John and Bridget,
Millicent. Clane.
McKenna, Annie, d. 3 Nov 1901, age: 12yr, Daughter of
Bridget and Edward, Church Ave. Sallins.
McKenna, Daniel, d. 4 Jan 1908, age: 15yr, Son of Daniel and
McKenna, Eddie, d. 17 Mar 1902, age: 11yr, Son of Bridget
and Edward, Church Ave. Sallins.
McKenna, Edward, d. 26 Dec, 1898, age: 37yr, Husband of
McKenna, Joseph, d 18 Dec 1898, age: 2Yrs. 3Mths,,Son of
Bridget and Edward.
McKenna, Mary, d 19 Oct 1907, age: 19yr, Daughter of Bridget
and Edward.
Moran, Thomas, d. 17 Mar 1902, age: 78yr, Husband of ?.
Murphy, Joseph, d. 1 Sep 1951, age: 61yr, Husband of Mary.
Murphy, Mary, d. 21 Jan 1971, age: 73yr, Wife of Joseph,
Murphy, Molly, d. 9 Oct 1948, age: 25yr, Daughter of Joseph
and Mary, Sallins Rd. Naas.
O'Brien, Ann, d. 27 Jun 1966, age: 60yr, Daughter in law of
Hannah and Patrick, Harbour View. Sallins.
O'Brien, Anthony, d. 26 Feb 1941, Kerdiffstown.
O'Brien, Christopher, d 19 Jan 1972, age: 66yr, Son of Ann,
O'Brien, Hannah, d 20 Dec 1945, age: 65yr, Wife of Patrick,
O'Brien, Patrick, d. 22 Mar 1958, age: 72yr, Husband of
Hannah, Harbour View. Sallins.
O'Brien, Patrick, d. 26 Dec 1930, age: 17yr, Son of Hannah
and Patrick, Sallins.
O'Grady, Bridget, d. 17 Nov 1962, Wife of Jeremiah,
O'Grady, Declan, d. 2 Mar 1975, age: 2Yrs. 6Mths,,Grandson
of Bridget and Jeremiah, Turning. Straffam.
O'Grady, Jeremiah, d. 3 May 1990, age: 93yr, Husband of
Bridget, Turning. Straffam.
O'Rourke, Andrew, d 19 May 1974, age: 61yr, Turning.
O'Rourke, Elizabeth, d. 2 Dec 1959, Bodenstown.
Rourke, Ellen, d. 3 Oct 1989, age: 78yr, Wife of Thomas,
Rourke, Thomas, d. 25 Oct 1957, age: 52yr, Husband of Ellen,
Rowley, Mary, d. 2 May 1962, Sister of Elizabeth Culley,
Osbeanstown Naas.
Roycroft, Bridget, d. 25 Oct.1942, Osbeanstown Naas.
Roycroft, John, d. 6 Dec 1980, Manor St. Dublin.
Roycroft, Mary, d. 8 Nov.1955, Manor St. Dublin.
Ryan, Edward, d. 27 Mar 1900, age: 59yr, Monread.
Ryan, Elizabeth, d 19 Nov 1873, age: 75yr, Wife of James,
Manor St. Dublin.
Ryan, James, d. 9 Oct 1969, age: 24yr, Husband of Elizabeth,
Manor St. Dublin, Interred in England.
Ryan, John, d. 28 Jul 1901, age: 70yr, Monread.
Ryan, Patrick, d. 27 May 1911, age: 65yr, Monread.
Ward, Elizabeth, d. 4 Oct 1943, Monread.
White, Mary, d 20 Aug 1936, Wife of Richard.
White, Patrick, d. 12 Jan 1924, Son of Mary and Patrick.
White, Richard, d. 30 Dec 1966, Husband of Mary.
Wolfe Tone, Theobald, b 20 Jun. 1763, d 19 Nov. 1798.
Wolfe, Nicholas, d. 5 Nov 1883, age: 84yr, Father of Thomas.
Wolfe, Thomas, d. 17 Dec 1888, age: 44yr, Son of Thomas.