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Contributed by C. Hunt & Carol Hughes

            [Copied by James Franklin Fuller, Esq., F.S.A.]

'Some tablets which are in the old Church have
disappeared, notably one to Francis Bland by his friend
Sir Francis Lum, Bart. This Francis Bland was the son of
Dr. Nathaniel Bland, L.L.D., Judge of the Prerogative
Court of Derryquin Castle, Co. Kerry He took to the
stage, was disinherited by Dr. Bland and was father of
the famous Mrs. Jordan.'

Sacred to the memory of William Brereton late of the R R
Artillary | whose mortal remains were deposited here after
he was brutally murdered by the rebels on the of January
18 near Knocknacoppol Chapel [when conveying the
] mails by day between Killarney and Millstreet.
Through the merits of Our Lord Jesus Christ alone he
looked for Salvation knowing that in man there is
nothing to commend him to the mercy of his God.  In
memory of his [great] fidelity, and courage, this stone is
placed here by his employer C. D. Oliver, Esq.

The spelling is as above.  Tradition says that the murder
was a most barbarous one, and that three men were
hanged for it---one of them, named Leary, being
afterwards supposed to have been innocent.  A
magistrate who was active in the case was cursed by
Leary's mother; which was the cause (as is religiously
believed) of his having died a terrible death from
disease. C. D. Oliver was Charles Dean Oliver, of the
family of Cherrymount, Co. Wicklow, at that time
proprietor of the mail-coach.
Beneath this stone lies the remains of one dear to all
who knew him.  A brave soldier a sincere friend and a
devoted Christn Captn Hugh Forbes, who departed this
life Sept. 1845.
Erected by Michael Daly in memory of his wife
Margaret who died Apl. 8, 1831, aged 33 years.  May
they rest in peace, Amen.
Wm Giles, Corp. 3 R. V. B., died 2nd April A.D. 1821
aged 42.  This stone was erected by his brother soldiers
at Ross Castle.  A tribute to his worth.
To the memory of Charles Herbert, Commander in the
Royal Navy.  Departed this life December 1809, aged 52
On the 5th December 1773 Mrs King wife of Henry
King, Esq.  A most amiable and agreeable lady blessed
with many virtues which makes her death greatly and
sincerely lamented not only by a most fond husband
and numerous kindred but by all who had the pleasure
of her acquaintance.
This stone is erected by Michael Reen in memory of his
son John Reen Weavr, who departed this life Apl. 1812
aged 20 years.
To the memory of Timothy Coakly, and also Mrs Ellen
Eagar who died August 1866, aged 36 years.
Thomas Shaw's burial place 1826.
This tomb was erected by Daniel Foley for him and
posterity January 7, 1798.
Here lyeth the body of Henry Long who departed this
life January the 10, 1784, aged 36 years.
Here lieth the body of William Crowe who departed this
life Novr 15, 1786, aged 26 years.
The buring [sic] place of John Gilly who departed this
life the year 1785.
Darby Ceascy's buring [sic] place & Julian MacCarthy.
This tomb was erected by John Humphreys for him and
his posterity Nov. 9th, 1779.
Burial place of Daniel Crumpe, Esq., 1806
Pope Gray, Esq, died Jan. 10, 1821
Under this marble is deposited the remains of James
Dumas who departed this life the 7th day of February
Anno Dom 1782 aged 40 years.
McCarthy Eagar vault
John Lewis, family vault.
Creswell Roch & Hamilton vault.
In memory of The Right Honorable Henry fourteenth
Baron Aylmer of Balrath in the County of Meath.  He
died February 1785 aged 36 years.
To the Rev. Arthur Hyde 22 years Vicar of Killarney.
Sacred to the memory of a beloved parent.  A. H. 'He
was of the family of Hyde of Castle Hyde, and had, with
other issue, a son Frederick, J.P. for Co. Kerry, whose
eldest son Arthur married Louisa, sister of James
Franklin Fuller, and has surviving issue two sons and a
This stone is erected by Emily Eagar wife of Henry Y.
Eagar, Esq., to the memory of her revered father John
Lynch, Esq., of Dromin who departed this life 14 of
March 1815.  To her adored and beloved child Bessie
Charlotte Eager who died in the Island of Trinidad, West
Indies, 25 Sep. 1818, whose remains her afflicted
mother brought from thence and had conveyed to this
spot in the hope that she may rise at that awful and
glorious day with the rest of her departed kindred.
Sacred to the memory of Charlotte the beloved
daughter of Henry Doran of Rose Cottage who
departed this life the 17 July 1831 aged 6 years.
Sacred to the memory of Mary relict of the Revd
Edward John Herbert, M.A., Vicar of Ledbury,
Herefordshire, and of Overbury.  Worcestershire,
second son of the late Thomas Herbert, Esq., of
Mucross.  She was the youngest daughter of the late
Bastable Herbert, Esq, of Brewsterfield in this county,
and departed this life on the 12th day of Septr 1846
aged 80 years.  In his respected :  in death lamented.
This monument is erected by the Protestant
parishioners of Killarney and Bally McElligott in
testimony of their admiration of the talents, the piety,
and the truly Christian humility of the Revd William
Harding, A. B. who died of cholera on the 5 February
1834 aged 36 years, after a brief ministry in the parish
of two months.
This stone was erected by Timothy Conner Cooper Aug.
30 A.D. 1795.
Sacred to the memory of Isabella wife of Captain
Turner, 11th Regiment of foot, who died at Ross Castle,
Killarney, on the 10 Sep. 1825 aged 20 years.  She was
all that is amiable in woman.
William Brindle. 'This appears to be the oldest
headstone in the churchyard and is on an undressed
James Hease his buring [sic] place who departed this
life February the 27, 1788.
Erected by Denis and Elizabeth Brosnehan in memory
of their daughter Ellen aged 23 years.  For them and
their posterity.
Sacred to the memory of William Wadd., Esq., Surgeon
Extraordinary to the Prince Regent and His Majesty
George 4th.  He lost his life by a carriage accident
between Killarney and Millstreet on 18th August 1829
aged 52 years.
In the memory of their once fondly cherished has alas
now deeply lamented only son Arthur Herbert of
Brewsterfield this stone is erected by his heavily
afflicted parents in memory of his having been all that
the heart of fondest parent could wish him to be.  Died
June 23, 1833, aged 16 years.
Sacred to the memory of Richard Townsend Herbert,
Esq., of Cahirnane, Barrister at Law, who departed this
life on the 18 Sep. 1832 aged 78 years.  He was a fond
husband and parent, a sincere friend, the poor man's
counsellor, an incorruptible Member of the Irish
Senate, not less distinguished for his classical learning,
and his truly paternal love of his country, a man for the
purity of his mind and morals, beloved in life.  This
monument is erected by his dutiful and attached son
the Rev. Arthur Herbert of Cahirnane, Rector of Castle
Island, as a tribute of affection for so honoured and
loved a parent.
Here lyeth the body of Lucy the daughter of the Rd
Archdeacon Bland and Lucy his wife who died the 21st
of 8ber 1709 & in the 14 year of her age. 'Archdeacon
Bland was the first of his family who settled in Kerry.
He came over as Chaplain to Lord Deputy Sidney from
Sedbergh, Yorkshire, and founded the branch at
Derriquin Castle. He married Lucy, dau. of Sir Francis
Brewster, and was great- great-grandfather of Fanny
Diana Bland, mother of James Franklin Fuller.'

       [From Vol. XXVIII, p. 315, of  "The Journal of the

'The ancient church of Kilmakilloge stands on a rocky
eminence a little north of Bunaw. 'Burials have been
very numerous in the interior of the church ruins, and
many bones and portions of coffins are strewn about.
The gravestones clearly denote the overwhelming
proportion of O'Sullivan to any other name; and one
curious monument to the east of the church bears an
inscription worth recording. This monument is a high,
square altar-tomb raised on steps and supported on
four carved pillars, the intervening spaces being filled
with stone panels.  On the east end is the following
inscription' :---
                        I H S
contains the Last Remains
of the Late
of SEPT 1809 aged 58 years
Pater Patrie.

'This McFinin Duffe was an O'Sullivan, and the last of
his line.
                                    F. J. Bigger.

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland Vol. 6, 1904. (FHL #