Misc:  Assorted Indentures: Crawford & Rowley, Peacock & 
Lloyd, Taylor & Nixon 

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Indenture made 29th April 1797, between (1) John Crawford, 
the elder, of Laurencetown, Co. Meath, Esq., and Robert 
Crawford of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, Esq., and the Rev. 
Jason Crawford, the younger, of Laurencetown, Clerk, eldest 
son and heir apparent of John Crawford, (2)Henry Rowley of 
Meaprath, Co. Meath, Esq., and Henrietta Rowley, spinster, 
his eldest daughter, (3) James Crawford of the City of 
Dublin, Esq., and Launcelot Fisher of Drogheda, Esq., (4) 
Rowland Betty of Dublin, Esq., administrator of the Rev. 
Christopher Betty, late of Cherry Mount, Co. Meath, Clerk, 
deceased, (5) Richard Chaloner of Kingsfort, Co. Meath, 
Esq., and Richard Vincent, late of Enniskillen, now of Bath, 
Esq., (6), Thomas Vincent of Dublin, Esq., and (7) William 
Weldon of Gravel Mount, Co. Meath, Esq., and Richard Gilbert 
Bethel of Dublin, Esq..

By indentures dated the 6th Nov 1761, between (1) Jason 
Crawford, the elder, of Laurencetown, Esq., (2) Robert 
Crawford, his eldest son, and Alice his wife, (3) John 
Barlow of Dublin, Gent, (4) Honourable Barry Maxwell, of Co. 
Meath, and John Chaloner of Kingsford, (5) John Fleming of 
Stohalmack, and Ralph Crawford, of Petersville, Co. Meath, 
Esq., and (6) Andrew Crawford of Arbor Hill, Dublin, and 
Ralph Crawford, of Snowhill, Co. Fermanagh, Jason Crawford 
granted certain lands in County Fermanagh to form a jointure 
for Alice, wife of Robert Crawford.

By indentures dated 23rd November 1765, on the marriage of 
his 2nd son, John Crawford with his present wife Elizabeth 
Vincent, only daughter of Ann Vincent of Dublin, relict of 
the Rev. Richard Vincent, late of Enniskillen.


Indenture made July 1807 between (1) Thomas Gooderick 
Peacock of Fort Etna, Co. Limerick, Esq., (2) Alice Lloyd of 
Castle Connell, Co. Limerick, spinster, (3) John Lloyd of 
Dublin, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, and Edmund Bourke of 
Ballyvoreen, Co. Limerick, Esq., and (4) Joseph Gabbett, the 
younger, of Limerick, Esq., and the Rev. Richard Lloyd of 
Towerhill, Co. Limerick, Clerk.

By Indenture made 1807, between (1) Alice Lloyd, (2) her 
brother, the Rev. Edward Lloyd, and (3) their nephew, Joseph 
Gabbett, Edward Lloyd granted to Alice an annuity of £240 on 
her releasing to him one-third part of the lands at 
Towerhill, Co. Limerick, she being also entitled to an 
annuity of £70 on the lands at Connegevall, Co. Limerick, 
payable by her brother, the Rev. Thomas Lloyd, and is 
possessed of a house in William Street; also Thomas 
Gooderick Peacock is possessed of sufficient estates 
chargeable with a sum of £3000 for his children by his late 
wife Mary Peacock, alias Lloyd, by her marriage settlements 
dated 6th Oct. 1787; so now, in consideration of her 
intended marriage with Thomas Gooderick Peacock, Alice Lloyd 
grants unto John Lloyd and Edmund Bourke her said annuities, 

Signatures of Thomas G. Peacock, Alice Lloyd.


Indenture made 19th Dec. 1741, between (1) Thomas Taylor of 
the City of Dublin, Merchant, and Jane his wife, and their 
son, James Taylor, of the same, Brewer, (2) John Nixon of 
the same, Dyer, and his daughter, Mary Nixon, (3) Robert 
Nixon of Cranalaghbeg, Co. Longford, Gent, and Samuel Taylor 
of Dublin, Brewer, and (4) Edward Torton of Dublin, 

By indenture dated 4th March 1726, William Connolly, Esq., a 
Lord Justice General of Ireland, demised unto Thomas Taylor, 
of the Grange, Co. Dublin, Gent, (father of the above Thomas 
Taylor), land, etc., at Rathfarnam, Co. Dublin, to hold for 
the lives of Thomas Taylor, the son, and his only son James 
Taylor, then aged about 12 years, and Thomas Taylor, eldest 
son of John Taylor of the City of Dublin, Brewer, (eldest 
son of the lessee) and by indenture made 6th Oct. 1736, 
William Connolly, Esq., nephew and heir of the aforesaid 
William Connolly, demised unto Thomas Taylor, the son, lands 
in the Lordship of Rathfarnam to hold for the lives of 
Thomas Taylor and Jane his wife and their son James.

In consideration of an intended marriage between James 
Taylor and Mary Nixon, Thomas Taylor grants unto Robert 
Nixon and Samuel Taylor the above named lands to the use of 
Thomas and Jane Taylor for life, then to the use of the said 
James and Mary and their issue.

Signatures: Thomas Taylor, Jane Taylor, James Taylor, John 
Nixon, Mary Nixon.

Witnesses: Matt Pageitt, Ben Johnston.

28th Jan. 1741. James Taylor married Mary Nixon, by licence, 
and by Mt. Nesbit, Curate. Registers of St. Catherine’s,