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(a) Bishop of Derry. There are not any Popish Schools : 
Sometimes a straggling Schoolemaster sets up in some of ye 
mountainous parts of some Parishes, but upon being 
threatened, as they constantly are, with a Warrant, or a 
presentment by ye Churchwardens, they generally think proper 
to withdraw. Hen. Derry.

(b) Clogher diocese Innismacsaint parish. Owen Gallagher, an 
old Fryer, instructs a great many -Popish students.

(c) Clogher diocese Derrybrusk and Derryvollen parishes. No 
popish schools, but where protestant children are taught to 
read together with ye natives.

(d) Armagh diocese Loghgilly parish. There are...but two 
popish schools, where children are only taught to read.


(a) Dublin City St. Michael's Parish. We know of no... 
Popish Schools but three, Two of which (as wee are informed 
and believe) Teach Bookkeeping and Mathematicks onely, and 
the one other writeing and Arithmatick onely.

(b) Dublin City St. Michan's Parish. As for Schools, we have 
endeavour'd to get a knowledge of them, and are informed 
that there are the following Schools :

A Lattin School kept by Phil Reilly on ye Inns.

Do. by Murphy in Bow Lane.

An English School by M'Guire in Church Street.

Do. by Lyons in Do.

Do. by Kearnon in Do.

Do. by Cullin in Pill Lane.

Do. by Neal in Hamon Lane.

Do. by M'Glaughlin in Do.

Do. by Carty in Phrapper Lane.

Do. by Ward in Mary's Lane.

Do. by Burke in Do.

Do. by Gorman in Bow Lane.

(c) Dublin City Parish of St. Catherine. Popish Schools : in 
Earl Street, kept by Thaddeus Norton ; in Pimlicoe, kept by 
Egan Smith ; in Pool Street, kept by Charles Condron ; in 
Braithwaite Street, kept by Mary Cawlan.

(d) Dublin City Parish of S. Luke's in Donore. Popish 
Schools : in Mill Street, kept by Catherine Anderson ; in 
New Row on ye Poddle, kept by Catherine Hanley ; in the 
Coombe, kept by Mary Murphy ; in Fordom's Alley, kept by 
Terence O'Brien and MaryO'Brien ; in Truck Street, kept by 
Margaret Feelan ; in New Row on ye Poddle, kept by Cornelius 

(e) Dublin City The return of ye Seneschall of the Libty of 
St. Sepulchers. Reputed Popish Schoolmasters in sd Libty : 
Andrew Cruce -ffras- ffiney Wm. Magrath. School-master in 
Patrick's Close: Wm. Hoy.

(Signed) Boleyn Whitney.

(f) Kilkenny City :, (i) Return of Thomas Butler, Deputy 
Mayor : Seven reputed Popish Spelling, Writing, and Reading 
Schools in the sd City and County thereof. (2) Return of 
Henry Brennan, Portreeve of Irishtown near Kilkenny : Four 
Popish Spelling, Reading, and Writing Schools.

(g) Kildare Diocese : Carbury Parish : There are five Popish 
Schools, wherein the children of Popish parents are 
carefully educated.

(h) Kildare Diocese : Rosenallis Parish : There are little 
Irish schoolmasters in many places ; who they are I have not 

(i) Kildare Diocese : Naas Parish : As it was doubtless the 
intention of ye Lords to have their order thoroughly 
answerd, I could not till this week give ye return desired, 
having been in search of a Popish schoolmaster whose name I 
was but yesterday informed of John Spring, Rector, Deer ye 
gth, 1731.
(j) Wexford City : Mayor's Return : There are not any Popish 
schoolmasters in or near the said town of Wexford.


(a) Clonmel City : Mayor's Return : There is but one Private 
Popish Schoolmaster as I can finde in the said Town, whose 
name is Cornelius Lynchy, and goes from house to house to 
instruct Popish Children.

(b) Cork City : Mayor's Return : There are several Popish 
School Masters in the City and Suburbs, but can't find out 
the number of them... really it is with the utmost concerne 
we observe the great growth of Popery amongst us. Novr. 12, 

(c) Diocese of Ross : Tullagh and Creagh Parishes. I know of 
no Popish Schools in these parishes, but there are some 
petty schools where some pretended converts teach such 
Children as come to them they only fit... great numbers of 
Irish boys to be Mass- Preists, who... return home with the 
greater Prejudice to the Protestant Interest, and become 
more busy Pragmaticall Biggots than the old Romish Preists 
ever were. William Robinson, Rector : Scibereen, November 
2jth, 1731.

(d) Diocese of Killaloe : Nenagh Parish. Several itinerant 
Schoolmasters, but none have settled.

(e) Diocese of Killaloe : Union of Kilmore. In Kilmore, one 
popish philosophy master ; one Latin and English Master. In 
Killanafe, one schoolmaster. In Templederry, one Latin and 
English master.

(f) Diocese of Killaloe : Parish of Finoh. Three popish 
schoolmasters, whereof two are in private protestant houses.

(g) Diocese of Cashel : parish of Religmurry : ('very near 
Athassel'). Nor can I hear of any Popish Schoolmaster but 
one.... I shall use all means to expell him thence. Charles 
Isaack, Rector, to the Archbishop of Cashell, Novr. 24, 


(a) Diocese of Tuam : The Sheriff of Galway to the 
Archbishop. The enclosed pacquet and a couple of guns I 
found in the house of Father Thady Glin, Preist of ye Parish 
of Dunmore, who teaches Philosophy and Humanity in his Mass 
House, and boards some Gentlemen's children who are under 
his care. Stratford Eyre, Garbally, December ye ijth, 1731.

(b) Diocese of Tuam. Archbishop's Report : In the town of 
Gallway there are three Nunnerys, which the Papists commonly 
call Boarding Schools....! have an account of 32 schools 
taught by Papists... diverse of them teach Latin and 
Philosophy....And many Papists keep Tutors in their houses, 
who privately teach not only the youth of the family, but 
others of the neighbourhood who resort to them. There being 
scarce a Papist who will send his child to a Protestant 
School even to learn the Grammar, or so much as to read. 
Edw. Tuam, Novr. 25, 1731.

(c) Diocese of Fenabor, Kilfenora. There are ten popish 
schools. I have yet no information that Latin is taught in 
any of them. Altho I take it to be very probable that some 
of them teach Grammar. Edw. Tuam.

(d) Dioceses of Killala and Achonree : Bishop's Report. In 
Achonree, a school for philosophy, kept by Thady O'Hara...In 
Erris, many popish schools : a school in almost every two or 
three villages,and insomuch that a Protestant Schoolmaster, 
where to be had, can scarcely get bread... In Aderguile, 
Kilfian, and Moygaunagh, several poor English schools, teach 
children from 7 to 11....In Kilmoremoy and Ardagh, none : 
but many private familys keep a Tutor for their children by 
way of servant.

(e) Dioceses of Clonfert and Kilmacduagh : Bishop's 

(1) Clonfert : Popish Schools, 15. N.B. By a return made to 
me at my last visitation, there appear'd to be a much 
greater number of Popish Schools than are here return'd. But 
one of them being taken and convicted, the rest disappear'd. 
Many of them have not yet ventur'd to return : And of those 
who did, some have again absconded upon the first notice of 
the Order of the Lords Committees. There is commonly a 
popish school in every parish. Edw. Clonfert. Novr. 23, 

(2) Kilmacduagh. Popish Schools : 4. N.B. The reason why so 
few schools appear is : the same as in the Dioces of 

Nov. 23, 1731.

(Spelling kept exactly as in book.)

State Policy in Irish Education Published in 1916
[Extracts from the detailed Returns Diocesan, Urban, 
Parochial to the Lords Committee, in execution of Order 
dated November 6, 1731.]