Misc:  List of Insolvent Debtors - 1772

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Anderson, Robert, County Kildare, Innholder.

Aickin, Alexander, of Dublin, Silk Weaver.

Adams, Richard, of Carlow, Merchant.

Aylmer, Edward, of Church Street, Merchant.

Anderson, John, of Dublin, Merchant.

Archbold, Garret, of Dublin, Publican.


Brooke, Samuel, of Dublin, Merchant.

Butler, Charles, of Durrow, in the County of Kilkenny.

Bolfield, James, Silk Weaver.

Barber, Richard, Pinmaker.

Browne, George, of Werburgh-Street, Merchant.

Blake, Patrick, of Dublin, Grocer.

Burnett, Thomas, of Dublin, Haberdasher.

Brewer, Thomas, Jnr, of Dublin.

Bigley, Emanuel.

Burton, Anthony, of Kevin's Port, Dealer.

Burne, John, of New-Row, Narrow Weaver.

Browne, Thomas, of Dublin, Dealer.

Bushell, Richard, of the Liberty of Dublin, Grocer.

Brice, Joseph, lately a prisoner in the Marshalsea of the Four Courts.

Byrne, Timothy, of Cornmarket, Calandrer.

Brett, Michael of Queen's-Street, Writing Clerk.

Burne, John, of Francis-Street, Wool Comber.

Busby, Christopher, of the County of Dublin, Publican.

Bourke, Samuel, of Kilkenny, Carver.

Birmingham, Theobald, of Big-Butter-Lane, Writing Clerk.

Byrne, Patrick, of Stoneybatter, Weaver.

Byrne, John, of the County of Dublin, Labourer.


Collin, Anastatia, of Dublin, Widow.

Crosbie, Thomas, of Dublin, Lace-Maker.

Coulson, William, of Lisburne, Linen Weaver.

Caulfield, Thomas, of Dublin, Merchant.

Craig, William, of Dublin, Silk Weaver.

Callan, Laurence, of Dublin, Publican.

Campbell, Robert, of Dublin, Dealer.

Connor, Richard, of Dublin, Merchant.

Copinger, Robert, of Dublin, Linen Draper.

Conway, Thomas, of Bride-Street, Linen Weaver.

Conrahy, Edward, of Two-Mile-Bridge, Wool Comber.

Calcott, William, of Dublin, Baker.

Callen, Patrick, of Dublin, Baker.

Coates, Sibella, Widow.

Coulson, William, of Lisbourne, Damask-Weaver.

Casey, Mathew, of Dublin, Grocer.

Collier, Christopher, of Capel Street, Baker.

Cantwell, John, of Dublin, Publican.

Creed, Edward, of Cork, Merchant.

Crowe, Michael, of Cork, Baker.

Cheevers, George, of Church Street, Brush Maker.

Caffrey, James, Chairman and Publican.

Cullen, Edmond, Dublin, Linen Draper.

Connor, Luke, of Dublin, Bricklayer.

Collier, Christopher, Baker.

Cashell, John, of Dublin, Publican.

Cummin, Robert, of Newry, Merchant.

Costes, Joshua, of Dublin, Broker.

Coyle, Robert, of Dublin, Brush Maker.

Cusack, Richard, a prisoner in the Four Courts Marshalsea.

Connor, Martin, of Strokestown, Victualler.

Carney, Michael, of the County of Dublin, Labourer.

Christian, John, L.L.D.


Davis, Samuel, of Skinner's Alley, Dublin, Weaver.

Danger, Nathaniel, of Cork, Wool Comber.

Dunn, Denis, of Dublin, Linen Draper.

Drew, Francis, of Dublin, Sadler.

Dease, Edward, of Balliver, County Meath, Dealer.

Dalton, Richard, of Dublin, Hard Ware Merchant.

Dornan, John, of Dublin, Sugar Baker and Grocer.

Doran, Charles, of Moyvore, Merchant.

Darling, Luke, of Dublin, Publican.

Duck, John, of Cork, Blacksmith.

Doran, Nicholas, of Patrick Street, Basket Maker.

Dillon, James, of Dublin, Grocer.

Dunny, Peter, Shoemaker.

Dick, William.

Doyle, Mathew, a prisoner in Newgate.

Dowling, John, of Dublin, Vintner.

Drope, William, of Dublin, Merchant.

Duffy, Michael, of Dublin, Writing Clerk.

Dowling, Daniel, Maryborough, Wool Comber.

Doyle, Gilbert, of Patrick Street, Publican.

Debar, Benjamin, of Dublin, Coachmaker.

Dunn, Robert, of Dublin, Dealer.

Dillon, Martin, of Church-Street, Grocer.

Dillon, Robert, of Charles-Street, Writing Clerk.

Dowlan, Phillip, of Blind-Quay, Taylor.


Evans, Dixon, of Dublin, Merchant.

Enery, Edward of Dublin, Woolen Draper.

Blosset, Theo., of Dublin, Woolen Draper.

Egan, Mary, of Bridefoot-Street, Ale Draper.


Floyd, Hugh, of Dublin, Merchant, his Creditors.

Foster, Thomas, of Dublin, Merchant.

Foster, Francis, of Dublin, Weaver.

Flanagan, Joseph, of Dublin, Skinner.

Finn, David, of Youghall, Servant.

Fullam, Michael.

Fleetwood, Adam, of Raghra, Publican.

Fox, Charles, of Brown-Street,

Fisher, Thomas, of Drogheda, Shoemaker.

Farrell, John, of Dorset-Street, Grocer.

Fisher, Thomas, Of Dublin, Weaver.

Farrell, Francis, Thread Maker.

Fitzgerald, John, of Dublin, Carver.

Fox, Matthew, of Bull-Alley, Skinner.

Forbes, John, of Crow-Street, Taylor.

Fletcher, Thomas, of Dublin, formerly a Trooper.

Fitzgerald, James, of Dublin, Gent.

Armstrong, Robert, of Clara, Distiller.

Fahy, Phillip, of Galway, Taylor.

Fleming, John, of Dublin, Merchant.


Graves, Richard, of Limerick, Vintner.

Gorman, Francis, of Dublin, Victualler.

Glannan, Patrick, Weaver.

Griffin, Michael, of Dublin, Linen Draper.

Gardner, John, of Dublin.

Giles, John, of Thomas-Street, Grocer.

Gorman, Michael, of Francis-Street, Grocer.

Glynden, Patrick, of Cork, Victualler.

Glynn, Michael, of Castle-Market, Publican.

Gravill, Edward, of New-Market, Ribband Weaver.

Green, George, of Glassnevin Road, Dairy Man.


Hammond, Thomas, of Dublin, Merchant.

Henry, Hugh, Merchant.

Hughes, Daniel, of Heathstown, Farmer.

Hollister, David, of Dublin, Wine Merchant.

Harrison, Thomas, Gowran, Innholder.

Hannan, David, of Dolphin's Barn, Linen Draper.

Hanna, William, of Chequer Lane, Upholder.

Humphrys, George, Linen Printer.

Hogg, John.

Haughton, Edward, of Dublin, Gent.

Harley, Benjamin, of the County of Dublin, Silk Weaver.

Horgan, Thomas, of Ormond-Market, Victualler.

Hutchinson, Joseph, of Limerick, Stay-Maker.

Hoey, Patrick, of Dublin, Dealer in skins.

Hawkins, John, of Dublin, Merchant.

Hannon, Richard, Ballybroomhill, in the County of Carlow, Publican.

Harford, Patrick, of Aston's Quay, Baker.

Harrison, John, of Dublin, Silversmith.

Hayes, Patrick, of Leeper-Hill, in the County of Cork, Labourer.

Horgan, Daniel, of Leeper-Hill, in County of Cork, Labourer.

Harroll?, (Harroll in book), John, of Meeting-house-yard, Shoemaker.

Hamilton, John, a prisoner in the Four-Courts-Marshalsea.

Hearns, James, of Dublin, Butcher.

Holoran, Stephen, a Prisoner for Debt in the Marshalsea of the Four-Courts.


Johnson, Peter, of Cork, Tallow Chandler.

Jealous, John, of Dublin, Baker.

Johnson, Lawrence, of the Coal-Quay, Dealer.

Jackson, Thomas, of Barrack-Street, Soldier and Publican.


Kerr, Andrew, of Dublin, Haberdasher.

Kane, Richard, of Anderson's Court, Gent.

Kiernon, Patrick, of Dundalk, Brick Maker.

Kerin, Christopher, of Dublin, Goldsmith.

Knott, Samuel, of Dublin, Butcher.

Kathrens, Charles, of Meath-Street, Silk Weaver.

Keiffe, Lawrence, Merchant, a Prisoner.

Kane, John, of Dublin, Glass Grinder.

Keary, Richard, of Stephen-Street, Publican.

Kelly, Thomas, of Ballybough-Bridge, Publican.

Kearns, Henry, of Winetavern-Street, Grocer.

Kearney, Thomas, late of Ballyshannon, County Kildare, Farmer.

Kelly, Owen, of Dirty-Lane, Inn-Keeper.

Kindlan, Joseph, of Dublin, Carpenter.


Lenahan, Phillip, Carver and Gilder.

Lynam, Edward, of Summerhill, Farmer and Inn-Keeper.

Lynch, James, of Dublin.

Lovely, Jenkin, of Palmerstown, Callicoe Printer.

Lawless, Patrick, of Dublin, Grocer and Wine Merchant, and a prisoner in the
Four Courts, Marshalsea.

Labat, Joseph, of Youghal, Merchant.

Lacy, John, of Dublin, Victualler.

Lodge, George, of Dublin, Butcher.

Lester, John, of Rathmines, Mason.

Leslie, James, of Dublin, Breeches Maker.

Lyons, Peter, of Dublin, Linen Weaver.

Larkin, Bernard, of Dunsink, Carpenter.

Lapham, William, of Dublin, Silk Weaver.

Lynch, Francis, of Dublin, Merchant.

Laughlin, Michael, of Kill, Innholder.

Lynch, William, of Lazor's Hill, Silk Weaver.

Lodge, Andrew, of Dublin, Butcher.

Lucas, Thomas, of Thomas-Street, Publican.

Lee, Nicholas, of Dublin, Butcher.

Lyon, David, of Dublin, Taylor.

Landy, Michael, of Balrothery, in the County of Cavan, Farmer.

Lynch, Daniel, of Daly's Bridge, in the County of Cavan, Farmer.

Loughlin, Richard, of Dublin, Waiter.


Mothe, Robert, Silk and Worsted Manufacturer.

M'Dermot, Lawrence, of Dublin, Silk Weaver.

Mickle, Aaron, of Dublin, Clothier.

Murtagh, Patrick, of Dublin, Victualler.

Morris, William, Dublin, Shoemaker.

M'Gwire, Anne, of Cope Street, Dublin, Ale-Draper.

M'Donald, Edward, of Clarendon-Market, Dublin.

Manning, Thomas, of Kildare Street, Cabinet Maker.

Malcolm, Samuel, of Abbey Street, Grocer.

Mead, Patrick, of Cork, Merchant.

Mulvey, Michael, of Bridge-Street, Linen Weaver.

Mercer, Thomas, of Dublin, Merchant.

M'Donogh, George, of Dublin, Sadler.

Maguire, John, of Ennis, Dealer.

M'Gurn, Terence, of Dublin, Chairman and Publican.

Medcalfe, Theo, of Dolphinsbarn-Lane, Linen Stamper.

M'Donogh, Nicholas, of Dublin, Ale Draper.

Moore, Henry, of Dublin, Vintner.

Mathews, Patrick, of Bridge-Street, Ale Draper.

Medlicott, Theobald, of Dublin, Woolen Draper.

Morris, John of New Row, Dealer.

M'Crohon, Andrew, of Dublin, Vintner.

M'Crohon, James, of Dublin, Vintner.

M'Kenly, John, of the Coomb, Grocer.

Mahon, Thomas, A fugitive for debt.

Matignon, Lewis, of Kilkenny, Shoemaker.

Middleton, Joseph, Linen Draper.

Maguire, Conor, of Dublin, Writing Clerk.

Major, William, of Londonderry, Merchant.

Morris, John, of New Row, Publican.

Minchin, William, of the County Kilkenny, Dealer.

Mullen, Daniel, of Dublin, Publican.

M'Manus, William, of Watling Street, Skinner.

Mara, Patrick, of Drogheda, Carman and Dealer.

Malone, Patrick, Church Street, Cooper.

M'Nally, James, of New Market, Victualler.

M'Loughlin, Denis, Worsted Weaver.

Magrath, Elinor, of Dublin, Linen Weaver.

Morris, Francis, late of Tullyrone, Co. Armagh, Linen Weaver.

Mullen, Andrew, of Dublin, Working Jeweller.

Mullarkey, Brian, of Thomas Street, Publican.


Nowlan, James, of Skinner's Alley, Dublin, Silk Weaver.

Newman, George, in Kilkenny Marshalsea.

Nilan, Edward, of Dorset Street, Grocer.

Nangle, Thomas, of Dublin, Linen Draper.

Netterville, Thomas, of Dublin, Sugar Baker.


O'Neill, Russ Traver, of Dublin, Taylor.

O'Connor, Thomas, of Bridge-Street, Measurer.

O'Brien, Daniel, of Capel Street, Ironmonger.


Pope, Richard, of Cork, Merchant.

Pigott, Thomas, of Dublin, Wine Cooper.

Parry, Hans, of Dublin, Wine Cooper and Grocer.

Peery, William, of Dirty Lane, Coach Maker.

Parvin, Benjamin, of Dublin.

Parvisol, Robert, of Dublin, Hatter.

Plunkett, Henry, of Dublin, Worsted Weaver.

Patterson, Thomas, of Dublin, Taylor.

Pailisier, Francis, late of Dublin, Shopkeeper.

Poeckriche, Newburg, of Dublin, Gent.


Quin, Daniel, of Nicholas-Street, Vintner.


Russel, Thomas, of Cork, Leather Seller.

Ransford, Frances, Widow, of Kildare.

Reily, John, Esq. of Cork.

Reily, Myles, of Dublin, Publican.

Rogers, Leake, of Dublin, Hatter.

Rigny, Patrick, of Corn-Market, Dublin, Ale Drapers.

Roche, James, of Dublin, Sugar Baker.

Netterville, Richard, of Dublin, Sugar Baker.

Russel, Bernard, of Dublin, Joiner.

Roe, Edward, of Mountrath-Street, Publican.

Russel, Martha, Relic of the late George Russel.

Reily, Edward, of Coot-Hill, Linen Draper.

Richy, Thomas, of Dublin, Printer.

Reily, Michael, of Dublin, Gent.

Ryan, Timothy, of Fishamble Street, Grocer.

Read, James, of Francis Street, Ale Draper.

Reily, John, of Cork Hill, Shopkeeper.

Reily, Anthony, of Kevan Street, Carpenter.

Ravenscroft, Joseph, of Dublin, Peruke Maker.

Reily, Hugh, of Dublin, Flax Dresser.


Smyth, Thomas, of Dublin, Printer.

Sheridan, Terence, of Dame-Street, Vintner.

Seguin, Peter, of Dublin, Merchant.

Shea, Martin, of Dublin, Linen Draper.

Stack, John, of Cork, Cabinet Maker.

Sheridan, John, of Dublin, Vintner.

Scooly, Edward, of Dublin.

Sleane, Patrick, a Prisoner.

Sullivan, Daniel, of Cork, Gardiner.

Scurlog, John, of Dublin, Dealer in Spirits.

Sharman, John, a Prisoner in the Four Courts Marshalsea.

Stanley, Edward, Tallow Chandler.

Smyth, Owen, of Dublin, Merchant.

Shiel, Owen, of Dublin, Tavern-Keeper.

Sale, John, of Grafton-Street, Haberdasher.

Swiney, Eugene, of Cork, Printer.


Thwaites, Joseph and Ephraim, of Dublin, Brewers.

Taylor, Robert, of Dublin, Iron-Monger.

Tomes, John, of Dolphinsbarn-Lane, Linen Weaver.

Tracy, John, of Dublin, Slaughter Butcher.

Taaffe, John, of Balbriggan, Vintner.

Tanner, Andrew, of Watling Street, Spanish Leather Dresser.

Trant, William, of Limerick, Shop-Keeper.

Tisdall, Michael, of Dublin, Publican.

Surname U.

Usher, Joseph, of Dublin, Merchant.

Unthank, Timothy, of New Row, Skinner.


Weld, Anne, of Dublin, Merchant.

Warren, Marsden, of Dublin, Merchant.

Williams, John, of Dublin, Merchant.

Sadlier, William, of Dublin, Merchant.

Wall, James, Weaver.

Warren, William, of Swords, Coach Maker and Innholder.

White, James, of Ballinasloe, Distiller.

Walsh, Christopher, of Cooke Street, Dealer.

Wooburn, George, of George's Hill, Coach Maker.

Ward, Thomas, of Dublin, Gardener.

Walsh, Michael, of Cork, Cooper, a prisoner.

Wemys, Patrick, of Dublin, Gentleman.

Wyer, Cornelius, of St. John's Parish, Dublin, Publican.

Wild, Ralph, of Castlerea, Co. Roscommon.

Walsh, Denis, of Dublin, Grocer.

Wholaghan, John, of Philipstown, Farmer.

Woods, John, of Hog-Hill, Cabinet Maker.

Wadden, John, late a prisoner in the City Marshalsea.

Walsh, Peter, of James's Street, Publican.

(Spelling as per Book.)