Misc:  List of Converts and Protestant Settlers in Ireland

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Egerton MSS. 77 in The British Museum.
Alpha list of Converts from Popery to Protestant Religion in 
Ireland, from the Commencement of the Reign of Queen Anne to 
Page 1-153 filed in Rolls Office, Dublin.
P. means Parish. D. Diocese.
Mostly Limerick names.

Arthur. A., of Ennis, Co. Clare, May 26th 1754.
Audly, and Castlehaven, Lord, July 21st 1758.
Brown, Vall., of Ellistrin. D. Tuam. Dec. 24th 1726.
Bernard, alias Pierce Mary, of Tralee, March 31st 1728.
Burke, Lucy, daughter of Lord Riverston, wife to Doragan 
Burke, Jan. 12th 1734.
Butler, John, of Kilcash, Co. Tipp. July 15th 1739.
Brenan, Bridget, alias D’Lacy, wife to John D’Lacy, of 
Kilkenny, Gent. Feb. 24th 1739.
Browne, John, of Elinogery, Co. Limerick, June 21st 1721.
Butler, William, Co. Tipperary. Feb 9th 1744.
Bourke, Wm., of Bruff, Co. Limerick. Dec. 7th 1746.
Barry, Frances, Limerick, Spinster. Sept 13th 1747.
Brien, Michael of Cloheen, Co. Tipperary and Catherine, his 
wife. Sept. 27th 1747.
Bourke, Michael, now of Dublin, May 24th 1761.
Bourke, Walter, P. St. Mary’s Limerick, Gent. July 6th 1760.
Bourke, Edmond, P. St. Munchin, Limerick, Dec. 18th 1763.
Boland, M. Anthony, of Limerick, May 20th 1765.
Barry, David of Rath, Co. Limerick, farmer. July 10th 1766.
Bourke, David, Co. Mayo, July 18th 1767.
Barnewall, Thos. Lord Tremlestown, May 2nd 1767.
Blewitt, Anne, of Limerick, Spinster. Oct. 30th 1770.
Connor, John, a Priest. April 29th 1739.
Cave. Thos. Of Tullybraky, Co. Limerick. March 21st 1741.
Callaghan, Jeremy, of Ballysalagh, Caherconlish, Co. Galway. 
March 1st 1746.
Cantillon, John P. Croom. Limerick. Gent. March 1st 1746.
Creagh, Bridget of Limerick, Spinster, July 15th 1750.
Croker, M. Pierce. Whitechurch. July 7th 1751.
Comane, John of Drew’s Court, Limerick. Farmer. Aug. 2nd 1752.
Conloghty, John. P. Fedamore. Limerick. July 18th 1753.
Considen, Daniel, of Limerick. Merchant. Sept 26th 1756.
Canny, Miss Jane, of Limerick, April 1st 1759.
Cholmondeley, Hon. Mrs. Mary, July 23rd 1760.
Creagh, Miss Mary, of Coonagh. Co. Limerick, Spinster. April 
22nd 1760.
Corban, Martin, of Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Farmer. Jan. 1st 1764.
Carpenter, Elinor, wife of Joseph Carpenter, of Limerick, 
Gent. June 25th 1769.
Collipy, Edmond, of Clahane, D. Limerick. Sept 17th 1769.
Cullen. M. of Nenagh, Wig Maker. Nov. 5th 1769.
Cahane, alias Keane, Robt., of Tullabrackey, Co. Limerick, 
now of Dublin. Jan. 8th 1771.
Dalton, Edmond, Gent of Killeshenally, Co. Tipperary. Oct. 
10th 1731.
Donnell, Jeremiah, Gent, of Clonmell, Co. Tipperary. D. 
Lismore. April 21st 1734.
Dobbins, Elinor, wife to John Dobbins, of Limerick. 
Merchant. Nov. 26th 1732.
Duhigg, Arthur, of Tuorin, Co. Limerick, Gent. May 20th 
Dowdall, Humphry and Magery, Dio. Ardagh, Nov. 19th 1758.
Dwyer, Mat. P. Abbington, Limerick. May 29th 1763.
Eustace, John of Ballynuna, Co. Limerick. May 18th 1746.
Fitzgerald, Maurice and Joan, his wife, of Rosslevan, Co. 
Clare, Nov. 6th 1713 and Oct. 17th 1714.
Fitzgerald, John, Gent, Eldest son of Thomas Fitzgerald, of 
Glyn, Co. Limerick, Knight of the Glyn, August 23rd 1730.
Fitzgibbon, Thos., of Limerick. Nov. 1st 1736.
Furnell, John, of Kilkerilly, Co. Limerick, Gent. Sept. 10th 
Fitzgerald, Richard of Glynn, Co. Limerick. July 17th 1740.
Fitzgerald, Edmond, of Glynn, Co. Limerick. Gent. Oct. 18th 
Fitzgibbon, Mrs. Margt. D. Limerick. July 4th 1743.
Fitzgibbon, Elizabeth. P. St. Nicholas. D. Limerick, 
Spinster. May 4th 1746.
Fitzgibbon, Mary. P. Adair. D. Limerick. Spinster. July 29th 
Fulham, Joan, wife of Isaac Fulham, of Limerick, Shoemaker, 
Oct. 20th 1751.
Fulham, Joane, wife of Isaac Fulham, of Limerick, 
Cordwainer, certify of receiving the Sacrament only. Nov. 
3rd 1751.
Fitzgerald, Catherine, P. Adair, D. Limerick, March 10th 
Fitzgerald, Gerald, of Limerick, Gent. Dec. 5th 1756.
Farrell, John, of Limerick. Feb. 4th 1759.
Fitzgibbon, John, Co. Limerick. Gent. July 17th 1763.
Friend, Mary, alias D’Arcy, wife of George Friend, of Co. 
Limerick, Gent. April 9th 1766.
Furnell, Thomas, of Killdery, Co. Limerick, Gent. July 20th 
Fullerton, Elinor, P. Tullebracky, D. Limerick. Sept. 17th 
Greatrakes, Edmond, late of Limerick, now of Dublin. March 
18th 1759.
Gough, Mary, alias Clarke, wife of Thomas Gough, of Toureen, 
Co. Liberties of Limerick, Gent. Jan. 20th 1765.
Herbert, Frances, alias Browne, of Kilcow. Sept 6th 1724.
Hussey, Ignatius, Gent, late of the Middle Temple, now of 
Dublin, received into the Church by the BP of London, Aug. 
10th 1740.
Hill, Mary wife of John Hill of Ardee, Co. Limerick, May 8th 
Hoar, Maurice, D of Limerick, April 23rd 1732.
Hartney, Patrick of Limerick, Sadler, June 25th 1782.
Hierlihy, David, of Ballintobber, Co. Limerick, Gent, July 
1st 1744.
Hayes, Edward, of Limerick. Glazier, Oct. 28th 1753.
Hanrahan, Margt. P. Shanagolden. D. Limerick, Spinster, July 
27th 1754.
Hourigan, alias Bradshaw, Mary, daughter of David Hourigan 
and wife of Griffith Bradshaw, Gent, both of Ballyadden, Co. 
Limerick. Feb. 4th 1770.
Kenny, Mary of Limerick, June 1st 1760.
Keane, Robt. P. Tullebracky. D. Limerick, Nov. 3rd 1754.
Kirby, Patrick, of Glanogra, Co. Limerick. Aug. 28th 1763.
Lacy, Michael, of Ballinderry, now of Dublin, Feb. 2nd. 
Lacy, Edmond., of P. Monegai, D. Limerick. Aug. 20th 1738.
Leake, Mary, alias Yeoman, late of Parish St. John, 
Limerick. July 24th 1757.
Loyd, Francis, late of Limerick, now of Parish St. John’s, 
Dublin. Nov. 20th 1761.
Lyons, Patrick, of Limerick, Weaver, Nov. 1st 1761.
Lynch, Mrs Mary, late of Galway, now of Castleconnell, Co. 
Limerick. July 11th 1762.
Leary, alias Marret, Anne, of Limerick. July 26th 1767.
Moore, Amb. Gent. D. Limerick, Mar. 23rd 1717.
M’Donnell, alias O’Brien, of Ennistymon, wife of Christopher 
M’Donnell, Gent, Nov. 23rd 1718.
Mason, Fran., alias Lacy of Knockarnane, April 5th 1730.
Mahon, James, Gent. D. Limerick, July 8th 1733.
M’Nemara, John of Limerick. Mar 17th 1733.
Mullins, Bryan, of Limerick, Gent, June 18th 1738.
M’Nemara, Mrs. Eliza., of D. Limerick, Aug. 13th 1738.
Magrath, James of Limerick, Aug. 20th 1749.
M’Sweeney, Owen, Romish Priest. D. Meath, July 30th 1749.
M’Duff, Hannah, alias Russell, wife to Peter M’Duff, of 
Limerick, Gent. Sept. 24th 1749.
Martin Daniel, P. Newcastle, D. Limerick. Feb. 3rd 1750.
M’Namara, Mary late of Limerick, wo., now wife to Edmond 
Cotter. Lieut., of General Otway’s Fort. Aug. 18th 1751.
Moore, Jane of Limerick, Spinster, Jan 20th 1754.
Mahony, James, of Mount Collins. P. Killeedy, Co. Limerick, 
Gent. June 7th 1752.
MacKenna, Edward, Captain in the Dutch Service, now in 
Dublin, Jan. 22nd 1757.
Mangane, Thomas of Rathkeale, Co. Limerick, Farmer. April 
8th 1764.
Murphy Mary, of St. Francis’ Abbey, D. Limerick. Jan 14th 
Nagle, Daniel of Clogher, May 23rd 1703.
Napper, Mrs Margaret, wife to Mr. Thomas Napper, of 
Limerick. June 27th 1711.
Netterville, Nicholas. Lord Vt. Oct. 27th 1728.
Nugent, Lady Riverston, Oct. 21st 1731.
Nugent, Lord Riverston, Jan. 28th 1738.
Nash. Mr. James, April 21st 1745.
Neale, Mary of Limerick, Spinster. May 18th 1746.
Nash, Frances, of Ballycullen, Spinster, June 21st 1747.
Neagh, Garrett, of Gortgarrold, P. Fedamore, D. Limerick. 
April 7th 1754.
Nash, Mary, P. Kilmurry. D. Limerick. May 13th 1760.
Nihell, Cathe. P. Kilmurry. D. Limerick. May 13th 1760.
Nunan. P. W., Pluly. D. Limerick May 13th 1760.
O’Bryen, Michael, a Popish Priest. P. of Toghenna and 
Killegerill, Co. Galway. Dec. 28th  1718.
O’Neal, Chas., of Cloneduff, Co. Limerick, Gent. Oct. 1st 
O’Brien Mathew, of Newcastle, Limerick, Gent. Nov. 5th 1752.
O’Sullivan, More, July 7th 1755.
O’Loghlin, Jeremy, of Limerick. Priest. Aug. 14th 1766.
O’Hurley, Murtough, a Priest. D. Cashell, June 4th 1769.
O’Callaghan, Daniel, of Limerick, Esq. Oct. 20th 1771.
Peppard, Mr. Patrick, of Kilmacow, Co. Limerick. March 14th 
Pierse, Dorothy. P. Ballingarry. D. Limerick, Spinster. May 
25th 1765.
Piers, Garrett, of Tralee, Nov. 3rd 1745.
Pierce, Richard, of Foxhall, Co. Limerick, Gent, Dec. 30th 
Pierce, Mrs Anne, of same. March 10th 1754.
Pierce, John, of Limerick, Gent. April 9th 1758
Pierce, Anne, of Foxhall, Widow, April 6th 1760.
Pierce, Barbara, of same, Spinster, April 6th 1760.
Pierce, Hanora, July 18th 1762.
Power, Revd., John, now of Tallow, Jan 9th 1763.
Potter, H., of Lissnemurk, P. Creagh. Sept. 30th 1764.
Purcell, Pierce, of Dublin, Nov. 16th 1765.
Quinn, James, of Limerick, Slater. May 6th 1759.
Rice, Ellen, of Limerick. March 7th 1729.
Roche, Dominick, of Limerick. March 27th 1739.
Rice, Thomas, late of Co. Kerry, March 19th 1749.
Ryan, Matthew, late of Tipperary, now of Dublin, Gent, June 
10th 1754.
Reilly, Cathe, of Ballytarsney, Sept 4th 1787.
Redden, John, Gent. P. St. Mary, Limerick. Dec. 9th 1759.
Reval, Jane. D. Limerick. April 6th 1764.
Supple, Elizabeth, April 18th 1718.
Sheehy, Roger, of Dublin. June 15th 1732.
Scanlan, Hanora, alias Burgy, D. Limerick, April 15th 1739.
Sarsfield, Dominick, May 4th 1740.
St. Alban, M. Victor, A French General, Aug. 28th 1763.
Supple, Thomas, Gent, D. Limerick, Oct. 28th 1764.
Sweeny, Rev. Patk. D. Kilmore. Mar 25th 1770.
Swyny, Edmond, of Limerick, Gent Oct. 13th 1771.
Swyny, Edmond, late of Thurles, now of Dublin, Gent. March 
29th 1772.
Townsend, Helen, wife to Phillip Townsend, and daughter to 
John Galway, of Cork. Aug. 20th 1709.
Touchett, Coll. James, Oct. 21st 1710.
Taffe, Thos, Dillon, now of Dublin, March 22nd 1770.
Vandelure, Elinor, of Garrane, March 19th 1737.
Walsh, Mr. Richard, of Ballentubber, Co. Limerick.
White, John, of Rossgownan, Co. Limerick, April 21st 1736
Walthoe, Bridget, alias M’Mahon, Wd., of Edmond Walthoe, 
late of Annagh, Co. Limerick, Gent. May 3rd 1741.
Warren, Sir Peter, July 9th 1752.
Westmeath, Thos. Earl of., Aug. 9th 1754.
Welsh, Michael and his wife Ellinor, of Limerick, Grocer. 
June 17th 1746.
Yelverton, Francis of Dublin. June 17th 1746.