Misc:  Licences to Roman Catholics, to carry arms, March 30th 1705

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An Alphabetical List Of The Names Of All Such Persons Of The 
Popish Religion Within The Kingdom Of Ireland Who Have 
Licenses To Bear Or Carry Arms.

All below were licenced to carry 1 sword, 1 case of pistols, 
and 1 gun.

Arthur, John. Caberagh, Dublin.

Aylmer, Colonel George, Lyons, Kildare.

Allan, Patrick. St. Woolstans, Kildare.

Butler, Theobald, City of Dublin.

Bellew, Sir Patrick. Barmeath, Lowth.

Bagott, Mark. Now of Dublin, late of Mountarran, Caterlogh.

Byrne, Daniel. Dublin.

Butler, Colonel Walter. Memphin, Wexford

Bellew, Lord Richard.

Barnwell, John, commonly called Lord Tremblestown.

Butler, Colonel Thomas, Kilcash, Tipperary.

Burk, Colonel Thomas, Portumna, Galway.

Brown, Colonel John, Westport, Mayo.

Burk, Lieutenant Colonel John, Milford, Co, Galway.

Burk, Sir Ulick, Glinske, Galway.

Bryan, James, late of Kilkenny, now Jenkinstown, Kilkenny.

Butler, John, West-Court, Kilkenny.

Burke, Lieutenant Colonel Richard, Gortamadin, Gallway.

Barnwall, Nicholas, Dublin.

Bryan O, Captain Christopher, Enistiman, Clare.

Byrne, Sir Gregory, Killene, Queen's County.

Butler, Colonel James, Kilveolugher, Tipperary.

Carbery, John, Kilbride, Dublin.

Colclogh, Colonel Dudley, Moyhery, Wexford.

Cruise, Patrick, Tatrath, Meath.

Colclogh, Caesar, Rosegarland, Wexford.

Clinch, Simon, Colledge, Dublin.

Carthy Mac, Charles, Lady Cahir's son of Re'ghil, Tipperary, 
now of Carrighnavar, Cork.

Cusack, Robert, late of Kilcolgan, now of Rathgarr, Dublin.

Dillon, Lord Henry, Viscount, Costelloe, Mayo.

Dunn, Daniel, Brittas, Queen's County.

Dowdall, Joseph, Corcullentragh, West Meath.

Dowdall, Henry, Athearne, Meath.

Dwyer, Thomas Captain, Bellacomulsk, Tipperary.

Delamare, Major Walter, Dublin City.

Delamare, John, City of Dublin.

Daly, Major Edmond, Gortnemuck, King's County.

Daly, Dennis, City of Dublin.

Dunsany, Randal, Lord Baron, Dunsany, Co. Meath.

Delhunty, Colonel Lawrence, Shandagin, Co. Clare.

Donnellan, Lieut-Colonel MacLaughlin, Caltrons, Gallway.

Dillon, Captain, Gerald, Manning, Mayo.

England, David, Enis, Clare.

Everard, Matthias, Randalstown, Meath.

Eustace, James, Yeomanstown, Kildare.

Forstall, Edmond, Garteens, Kilkenny.

French, Patrick, formerly of Dublin, now of Duras, Gallway.

French, Arthur, Clooniquin, Roscomon.

Furlong, Captain, James, Dublin City.

Gormanstown, Anthony, Lord Viscount. Gormanstown, Dublin.

Gallway, William, Cork.

Geoghegan, Major, William, Dublin City.

Geoghegan, Colonel Bryan, Donore, West-Meath.

Geoghegan, Hugh, Castletown, West Meath.

Hussey, Colonel Edward, Westown, Dublin.

Hore, Colonel John, Shandon, Waterford.

Hamond, Edward, Dublin City.

Kingsland, Nicholas, Lord Viscount, Kingsland, Dublin.

Kennedy, Captain John, Polenorman, Tipperary.

Kavenagh, Morgan, Burress, Catherlogh,

Leigh, Robert, London.

Leigh, Francis, Rathangan, Kildare.

Long, Darby, Burress, Catherlogh.

Lee, Robert, Wexford.

Luttrell, Colonel Henry, Luttrelstown, Dublin.

Mapas, Christopher, Rochestown, Dublin.

Malone, Edward,

Maginnis, Arthur, Cabragh, Down.

Mathews, George Snr and George Jnr, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Maginnis, Arthur, Lurgan, Down.

Martin, Richard, Corbeagh, Gallway.

Moore, Colonel Garret, Dublin City.

MacDonough, Lieut. Colonel Terence. Ballingarry, Mayo.

Magawly, Lieut. Colonel Patrick, Tully, Westmeath.

Nugent, Major Garrett, Moyne, Westmeath.

Nugent, Thomas, called Lord Riverstown, Pallas, Gallway.

Nettervill, Nicholas, Cruiserath, Meath.

Nettervill, James. Dublin City.

Nettervill, Luke, Lord Netervill's brother, Dublin City.

Nugent, Michael, Dublin City.

Nugent, Captain Matthias, Ballynascurry, West Meath.

Nugent, John, Cloncoskreen, Waterford.

Nugent, Colonel James, Castlenugent, Longford.

Nugent, Lieut. Colonel Robert, Carlingstown, Westmeath.

Nangle, Lieut Colonel Francis, Tallaghanade. West Meath.

Nangle, Garrett, Moyne, Westmeath.

Nugent, Lieut. Colonel Edward, Mitchelstown, Westmeath.?

Oxburrough, Colonel Henry, Bovin, King's County.

Plunkett, Colonel Christopher, Lagore, Meath.

Plunkett, Nicholas, Dunshally, Meath.

Purcell, Lieut. John, Crumline, Dublin.

Power, Major John, Clashmore, Waterford.

Purcell, Colonel Nicholas, Loghmore, Tipperary.

Reilly, Lieut. Colonel John, late of Conlin, Co. Cavan, now 
of Ballymacadd, Meath.

Redmond, Charles, Dublin City.

Roch, Morris, Cork.

Rice, Lieut. Colonel John, Hospitall, Limerick.

Shee, Richard, Kilkenny.

Stafford, Major John, Radonell, Donegal.

Seagrave, John, Caberagh, Dublin.

Sherlock, Edward, Dublin City.

Slingsby, Captain Francis, Ballyglass, Galway.

Sherlock, Thomas, Upper Butlerstown, Waterford.

Talbot, Lieut. Colonel John, Dublin City.

Travers, Thomas, Burgess, Tipperary.

Toole, Francis, Dublin City.

Usher, Patrick, Dublin City.

Warren, Thomas, Corduffe, Dublin.

Woogan, Lieut Colonel, John, Rathcoffy, Kildare.

White, Lieut. Colonel John, Rahagoone, Limerick.

Warren, Captain Michael, Warrenstown, Meath.

Walsh, John, late of Dublin City, now of Shagnogh, Dublin.

Dated at the Council-Office in Dublin, the 30th March, 1705.

(Spelling as per Book)

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