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    American Obituary-Copied from the Boston Pilot

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CONLON, Mary, Oct. 22nd, wife of the late Matthew Conlon, 
age 68, late of the Parish of Lison?, Co. Derry.

O'BRIEN, John, Oct. 22nd, native of Enniscorthy, Co. 
Wexford, age 32.

QUIN, John, Oct. 22nd, native of the city of Limerick, age 

FITZGERALD, Margaret, Oct 22nd, widow of Thomas Fitzgerald, 
of Liscarrol, Co. Cork, in her 70th year.

KAVANAGH, Ann, Oct. 23rd, widow of Peter Kavanagh, and 
daughter of James and Ann Murphy, Tullow, Co. Carlow, age 
either 33 or 55.

GALLAGHER, Luke, Oct. 24th, native of Omagh, Co. Tyrone, age 
30 or 50.

FLYNN, Mary, Oct. 24th, widow of John Flynn, of Tralee, Co. 
Kerry, age 58.

DOWNEY, Eliza, Oct. 23rd, wife of Edward Freeman, native of 
Conahy, Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny, age 40.

ANDERSON, Margaret A., Oct 24th, wife of Patrick Anderson, 
native of Mitchelstown, Co. Cork, aged 30 years, 6 months, 
and 24 days.

KINSELLA, Patrick, Oct. 23rd, native of Grange, Co. Kildare, 
age 66.

DUNN, Arthur, native of the parish of Killquade, Co. 

M'MAHON, James, Oct. 25th, native of the Co. Monaghan, in 
his 32nd year of age.

M'NEILIS, John, Oct. 26th, who lived within two miles of 
Ardara, Glenconwell, Co. Donegal.

BOUGH, Eleanor, Oct. 26th, wife of Charles, a native of the 
parish of Lurgan, Co. Cavan, age either 32 or 52.


WALSH, Bartholomew, Oct. 12th, in San Francisco, native of 
Fermoy, Co. Cork, age 48.

LEONARD, Andrew, 11th Oct., native of Sligo, age 36.

HARVEY,  Robert, Oct. 13th, native of Co. Tyrone.

FOGARTY, Catherine Mrs, Sept. 18th, at Moore's Flats, Nevada 
Co., native of Co. Kilkenny, and sister to the Rev. Father 
Manogue, of Virginia City, Nevada.

BARKER, Peter, Oct. 9th, killed on the railroad in 
Sacramento, native of Co. Monaghan, age 36.

SLANE, Thomas, Sept. 20th, at Slaine's Ranch, near 
Monteauma, native of Fermanagh, age 49.


HEALY or HANLY, John, Oct. 6th, in Kingston, age 88. He was 
born in the parish of Cloyne, Co. Cork, came to this country 
in 1814, and was a resident of Kingston for upwards of 50