News:  Dublin Gazette, Insolvents in Ireland. 1829

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Baker, George of Drumgoul, Co. Tyrone. Weaver.

Cosgrove, Francis, of Newtownhamilton, dealer.

Dowd, Thomas, of the city of Armagh, sawyer.

Ford, Thomas of Carrickeldrean, Co. Armagh, farmer.

Harlan, George, of High-Street, Newry, labourer.

Marshall, Ralph, of Newry, Co. Down, publican.

M'Keown, Hugh of Corlust, Co. Armagh, farmer.

Moore, Thomas, of Ballyloughan, weaver.

M'Williams, Alexander, of Lisagally, farmer.

Nugent, James of Newry, merchant.

Robinson, James of Rohan, farmer.

Thompson, W. of Turnasobe, labourer.

Wilson, Robert of Tamlet, labourer.


Barr, John of Loughbrickland, publican.

Bradford, John of Killileagh, pensioner.

Connolly, Nicholas, of Downpatrick, shoemaker and publican.

Dorrian, Henry of Kircubbin, weaver.

Dugan, James of Bullygally, labourer and weaver.

Emerson, C.W. of Bell-Hill, gent.

Finniston, Francis of Tullyglush, pensioner.

Flinn, Alice, of Seaford, widow.

Ford, Samuel, of Tullynore, pensioner.

Green, John of Grimness, farmer.

Lewers, Joseph of Liggamady, linen dealer.

Macken, James of the Demesne of Downpatrick, farmer.

M'Allister, W. of Blackcauseway, publican.

M'Gloughlin, John of Killough, mariner.

M'Neal, Daniel, of Downpatrick, butcher.

Meredith, W., of Newtownards, weaver.

Morrison, Mary, of Rathfriland, Co. Down, haberdasher.

Murdoch, W., of Newtownards, publican.

Quinn, Mark, of Tullymurry, dealer.

Ranaghan, Bernard, of Downpatrick, teacher.

Shannon, John of Loughbrickland, grocer.

Smart, James of Drumsallagh, weaver.

Smyth, Bernard of Downpatrick, white smith.

Walker, John of Drumidoney, farmer.

Welch N. James, of Downpatrick, butcher.


Alderdice, John of Lambeg, victualler.

Armstrong, Geo of Cavanaymurra, Co. Tyrone, labourer.

Black, Hugh of Carlough, Labourer.

Cameron, Robert of Ballygallagh, weaver.

Conway, Henry of Ballyfritmane, weaver.

Finlay, James of Ballyfritmane, bricklayer.

Freel, Thomas of Belfast, tobacco spinner.

French, George of Derryhollock, labourer.

Gillespie, John of same place, pensioner.

Gowdy, James of same place, publican.

Hannan, Thomas of Ballyginiff, labourer.

Hughes, Edward, of same place, shoe maker.

Johnston, Joseph of same place, coal meter.

Johnston, Robert of same place, cabinet maker.

Kelly, Alexander, of Parkhall, labourer.

Kennedy, Henry, of Crebelly, grocer.

Kernahan, Hugh of Moneydolbog, publican.

Lanson, Henry of Belfast, Bookbinder and bookseller.

Lawson, Joseph of the Stewart Brig, Brian Boru, of Belfast.

Linder, Mathew, of the same place, confectioner.

Magee, John of Malone, grocer and innkeeper.

Makay Stewart, George, or Makay, Stewart George, of same 
place, publican.

M'Ateer, Robert, of Ballyginiff, farmer.

M'Brier, Hugh, of Ballymacarrett, County of Down, carpenter.

M'Brinn, John of Marianestown, Carrickfergus, farmer.

M'Calpin, James of Tullyrusk, labourer.

M'Cappan, John of Barrack Street, Belfast, tobacco spinner 

M'Cartney, W. of Thornditch, labourer.

M'Clure, George of Artrasnaghan, grocer and spirit dealer.

M'Glaughlin, James of Belfast, Co. Antrim, butcher.

M'Keever, Denis of Belfast, tobacco spinner.

M'Loughlin, Catherine, of Ballymena, huckster.

Moreland, Thomas of Belfast, butcher.

Morrow, W. of Malone, gentleman.

Mulholland, W. of Whitehouse, shopkeeper.

Neill, James, same place, publican.

Nevin, Peter, of Lisnagarran, stone mason.

Nevin, Samuel of Lisnagarran, stone mason.

O'Kane, John of Portglenone, Co. Antrim, grocer and spirit 

Rafter, John of Belfast, pensioner.

Russell, Joseph, of same place, comb maker.

Sheals, Daniel, of Ballymena, dealer.

Salmon, W. of Belfast, publican.

Savage, John of Ballynafeigh, Co. Down, huckster.

Scull, John of Ballyscully, farmer.

Scullion, John of Castletown, weaver.

Service, Thomas, of Ballyedward, shoe maker.

Stewart, W. of same place, shoe maker.

Wall, James of same place, bookbinder.

Ward, Hugh, of Belfast, dealer.

Wilson, John, of same place, grocer and spirit dealer.


Aull, James, of Ballymetunber, Labourer.

Brady, Hugh of Maghera, innkeeper.

Dobbin, W. of Culderry, labourer.

Hunter, William, of Ballyhargan, Co. Londonderry, farmer.

Johnson, James of Memenogher, innkeeper.

Kerr, Andrew, of the suburbs of the city of Londonderry, 
shoe maker.

Kerr, Henry of Buncrana, Co. Donegal, corn merchant.

M'Ateer, Henry of Tyance, nurseryman.

M'Intosh, John of Drumaweir, Co. Donegal, innkeeper.

Quinn, Patrick of Kilred, flax dresser.

Taylor, Hugh, of Muylelragh, flax dresser.

(Spelling as per book.).