News:  Dublin Gazette, Insolvents in Ireland. 1829

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At Lifford, County of Donegal, 3rd March.

Bogan, Charles, of Clandy, Co. Tyrone, farmer.

Haughey, James of Gortaduggan, Co. Donegal, farmer.

Houghey, Charles of Gortaduggan, said county, farmer.

M'Laughlin, Michael of Castlepin, Co. Donegal, gentleman.

Robinson, Joseph of Garrychurry, said county, labourer.

Smith, Robert of Socker, said county, farmer.

At Omagh, Co. of Tyrone, 5th March.

Anderson, Joseph, of Dungannon, Tyrone, innkeeper.

Browne, James of Tallysallagh, Tyrone, tailor.

Cause, Thomas of Moyne, Tyrone, pensioner.

Corr, Edward, of Drumany, Tyrone, farmer.

Douglas, James, of Tolvan, Tyrone, farmer.

Eldowney, John of Lislemnahan, Tyrone, farmer.

Ferguson, James of Advarnish, Tyrone, farmer.

Gallagher, Owen of Cornamuch, Tyrone, farmer.

Glass, John of Gillygoolly, Tyrone, pensioner.

Hagan, Patrick, of Colrevagh, Tyrone, farmer.

Heney, James of Dunninaless, Tyrone, farmer.

Hughes, James of Aughnacloy, Tyrone, dealer.

Hughes, Joseph of Drumbelyhan, Tyrone, pensioner.

Johnstown, James of Omagh, Co. Tyrone, innkeeper.

Louge, Patrick, of Drummin, Co. Tyrone, farmer.

M'Crea, Joseph of Cavanapark, Tyrone, farmer.

Maguire, Patrick of Killeans, Tyrone, farmer.

Overand, John of Ardagh, Down, weaver.

White, Arthur, of Newtownlemarlin, Tyrone, shoe maker.

Wildman, William of Castle Caufield, Tyrone, pensioner.

At Enniskillen, Fermanagh, 7th March.

Crawford, William of Doonan, Fermanagh, blacksmith.

Early, John of Enniskillen, Fermanagh, cooper.

Givens, Mathew, of Brigho, Fermanagh, yeoman.

M'Donagh, John of Enniskillen, Fermanagh, publican and 

Mullan, Niell, of Aughnacloy, Tyrone, publican.

Quin, John of Woodyhill, Fermanagh, pensioner.

At Sligo, 9th March.

Burke, John of Culleens, said county, farmer.

Burns, James of Articuliney, said county, farmer.

Burrowes, James of Sligo, lieutenant and quartermaster in 
the Sligo Militia.

Conlon, Michael, of Sligo, professor of music.

Davey, Andrew of Sligo, said county, innkeeper.

Dyer, John of Sligo, publican.

Henderson, Patrick, of Sligo, said county, publican.

At Castlebar, County of Mayo, 12th March.

Cawley, Michael of Curraughmore, yeoman.

Grady, Patrick of Derrykill, yeoman.

Jordan, Edward, of Balloughadereen, pensioner.

Kilroy, John of Castlebar, publican.

O'Neill, Patrick of Rosmerrin, Galway, gent.

Redey, William of Dunfreney, landholder.

Sheil, Randle, of Castlehill, pensioner.

Sheridan, George, of Castlebar, gent.

Staunton, Michael of Swinford, publican.

Walsh, William of Westport, yeoman.

Walsh, Michael, of Castlebar, yeoman.

At Roscommon, 14th March.

Berne, Michael, of Caul, brogue maker.

Dunnellan, John of Ballyleague, publican.

Fallon, John of Corraghnaveen, landholder.

Hanly, Thomas, of Cagglestack, yeoman.

M'Dermott, Patrick of Arm, yeoman.

At Carrick-on-Shannon, Leitrim, 16th March.

Briggs, Joseph, of Pilkington, said county, gent.

Dunne, Patrick, of Carrick-on-Shannon, labourer.

Flinn, Patrick of Corrabeher, said county, farmer.

Flynn, Francis, of Tannagh, said county, farmer.

Gerlon, Patrick of Mohill, said county, victualler.

Lattimer, Robert, of Mohill, grocer.

M'Manus, Felix, of Ballinamore, said county, grocer.

Taylor, W. of Farnagh, said county, shoemaker and land 

Tully, John of Mohill, Co. Leitrim, blacksmith.

At Wexford, County of Wexford, 17th March.

Doyle, Thomas, of Wexford, haberdasher.

Edmonds, John of Wexford, half pay officer.

Gleeson, Andrew, of Fethard, said county, publican.

Handrick, Ellen, of New Ross, said county, haberdasher.

Irwin Devereux, Walter of Ballymathews, Wexford, ensign.

Lynagh, Anthony, of Coole, said county, farmer, formerly 

M'Guire, John of Enniscorthy, said county, pensioner.

Parker, Ralph, of Courtown Harbour, said county, publican 
and baker.

Sinnott, Phillip, of Wexford, said county, tailor and 

Sparrow, W. of Killagoly, said county, gentleman.

Sparrow, Joseph, of Enniscorthy, currier.

At Longford, County of Longford, 19th March.

Long, James, of Granard, said county, farmer.

M'Garry, Arthur of Abbeydarrig, said county, farmer.

Murray, Edward of Tooman, in the County of Leitrim, farmer.

At Mullingar, Co. Westmeath 20th March.

Brien, Thomas of Glasson, Westmeath, gent.

Clarke, Hugh of Clonmellin, farmer.

Clarke, John of Clonmellin, farmer.

Cooney, James of Hightown, tailor.

Donougho, Arthur, of Mullingar, shopkeeper.

Naynor, John of Clonfad, farmer.

At Waterford, 20th March.

Brett, Michael, of Lismore, of the city of Waterford, said 
county, farmer.

Clampett, Joseph, of the city of Waterford, bonnet maker.

Cleary, Edmond, of Knockawn, Waterford, farmer.

Donohue, James, of Battlehill, said county, farmer.

Gaull, Richard, of the city of Waterford, butcher.

Griffiths, Evan, of the city of Waterford, painter and 

Hartford, Bibby, jnr., of Shortalls Graigue, Kilkenny, gent.

Kennedy, John of the Glen of Ballybricken, Waterford, 

Potter, James of the city of Waterford, fisherman.

Price, W. of the city of Waterford, pensioner.

Swayne, John of the city of Waterford, farmer.

Walsh, John of Ballycallane, Co. Waterford, writing clerk.

Walsh, Thomas of Killongford, Waterford, farmer.

At Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, 23rd March.

Bibby, Thomas of Gurtnasey, farmer.

Buckley, John of Newtownadam, labourer.

Bourke, Michael of Thurles, labourer.

Burton, Thomas of Dublin City, clerk.

Cahill, James, of Drum, gent.

Coghlan, Thomas of Knockanedimshe, labourer.

Collins, Susanna, of Cahir, widow.

Cruise, William of the town of Tipperary, pensioner.

Daniel, Michael of Newtownadam, labourer.

Donoghue, James of Ballingiry, farmer.

Gleeson, Denis, of Gurteen, yeoman.

Herr, John of Feathan, yeoman.

Holmes, John of Gurtavoher, labourer, late publican.

Maher, James of Gurtraney, labourer.

Murphy, Eliza, of Caher, widow.

O'Donnell, John of the town of Tipperary, gent.

Prendergast, Thomas, of Clonmel, labourer.

Prout, Michael of Fethard, yeoman.

Purcell, James, of Ballynavin, said County, labourer.

Roche, Andrew, of Cullen, schoolmaster.

Ryan, John of Feathard, chandler.

Sheamam, Denis of Clonmel, said County, Blacksmith.

At Trim, County of Meath, 23rd March.

Flood, Terence, of Woodpole, Co. Meath, farmer.

Flood, Christopher, of Woodpole, farmer.

Hamilton, Richard, of Kells, nursery man.

Warren, Patrick of Druminesklin, farmer.

(Spelling as per paper.)