News:  Freemans Journal, 18-Sept-1841 Repeal in Baltimore, 

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy


List Of Irish Who Subscribed To The Repeal Fund In Baltimore.

WALSH, Thomas, from Kelbrin, Co. Cork.

FORTUNE, James, Co. Wexford.

PRENDERGAST, Captain Charles, Wexford.

MOORE, Col. Samuel, Londonderry.

KELLY, Terence, Fermanagh.

DELANY, William, Wexford.

POWER, Michael, Cork.

M'CORMACK, James, Antrim.

M'DONNELL, John, Kilkenny.

KELLY, James, Fermanagh.

KEHOE, Thomas, Waterford.

CORRIGAN, Patrick, Tyrone.

CLOSE, Alexander, Antrim.

M'MANUS, John, Fermanagh.

BUTLER, Matthew, Cork City.

CARR, Patrick, Monaghan.

CLOSE, Robert.Antrim.

DALEY, John, Antrim.

BLUNDELL, Denis, Galway.

SLATER, William, Westmeath.

WARD, William, Mayo.

FITZPATrick, John, of Castle William, Co. Down.

REILLY, Patrick, Monaghan.

M'GLOAN, George, Tyrone.

MURRAY, James, Roscommon.

SHANNESSEY, James, Limerick.

BOYLE, Edward, Fermanagh.

CONERY, John, Waterford.

GALLAGHer, James, Donegal.

THOMPSON, Richard, Dublin.

LANDERS, James, Meath.

BUSHE, Maurice, Waterford.

ROONEY, James, Meath.

M'COLGAN, John, Cuidaff or Culdaff, Co. Donegal.

M'COLGAN, Charles, Cuidaff or Culdaff, Co. Donegal.

M'SWEENEY, Edward, Cork.

M'CAFFREY, Patrick, Tyrone.

MURRAY, Patrick, Galway.

SULLLIVAN, Eugene, Kerry.

COTTER, Nicholas. Kerry.

O'CONNOR, John, Roscommon.

CONERY, Michael, Galway.

CURRAN, Patrick, Meath.

AHERN, T.J., Liscarroll, Co. Cork.

BAYLEE, Francis, Armagh.

HUGHES, H.T.C., Dublin.

KENNEDY, Hugh, Galway.

M'CANN, Thomas, Tyrone.

DOUGHERTY, James, Donegal.

KELLY, James, Derry.

QUINN, Edward, Kildare.

PHELAN, N. Waterford.

BYRNES, Thomas, Wicklow.

MAGUIRE, Dr. Charles, Fermanagh.

BOGUE, Robert, Fermanagh.

MULLYNIX, James, Tyrone.

PLOWMAN, Eli. R., Dingle Bay, Co. Kerry.

HANEY, John, Armagh.

DELANY, Charles, Tyrone.

KEENAN, Anthony, Fermanagh.

HAGERTY, Edward, Donegal.

BLUNDELL, Malachi, Galway.

JENKINS, Hugh, City of Waterford.

M'NALLY, MichaelR. Cork.

M'NALLY, Christopher, Boulogne, France.

M'NALLY, Henry, Paris.

M'NALLY, N, Paris.

M'NALLY, E. Versailles.

M'AVOY, Hugh, Donegal.

M'CORMACK. J. Longford.

HENRY, Arthur, Derry.

GOODE, Patrick, Galway.


MOONEY, P. Armagh.

GOODE, John, Galway.

M'CLOSKEY, William, Derry.

M'GAULLY, John, Meath.

KELLY, Timothy, Fermanagh.

KELLY, Peter A., Fermanagh.

DEMPSEY. M.C. Galway.

DEMPSEY, Peter, Galway.

CAHILL, P. Cork.

KENNEDY, Hugh, Jnr. Mayo.

KENNEDY, Michael, Dublin City.

POWER, Richard, Kilkenny.

M'DONALD, D. Tyrone.

DONNELLY, O. Armagh.

HEFFERNAN, P. Kildare.

REILLY, Edward, Meath.

LAMBERT, Joseph, Mayo.

M'AVOY, Francis, Tyrone.

M'CORMICK, John, Antrim.

MORIARTY, Thomas, J. Kerry.

COUGHLAN, William, Cork.

LEWIS, John, Kilkenny.

COONEY, Daniel, King's County.

CULLAN, Richard, Meath.

KELLY, Patrick, Cork.

BURKE, M. Cork.

MULLAN, Peter, Louth.

BRADLEY, Henry, Derry.

M'CLOSKY, Michael, Fermanagh.

CURTAIN, Jeremiah, Cork.

QUIGLEY, John, Monaghan.

CASSIDY, Henry, Meath.

DALMY, Michael, Tipperary.

LANDRIGAN, John, Limerick.

KING, J. Limerick.

GALLAGHER, Francis, Donegal.


CAFFREY. T. Cavan.

LYNCH, James, Cavan.

MORAN, Anthony,Mayo.

KERNAN, Bernard, Meath.

CAREY, Thomas John, Kerry.

MAGUIRE, Michael, Monaghan.

MADDEN, David, Cork.

KEENAN, Terence, Fermanagh.

M'CARTHY, John, Fethard, Co. Tipperary.

M'GRATH, Michael, Armagh.

KERR, Thomas, Tyrone.

BRENNAN, Richard, Monaghan.

BROOKS, John, Antrim.

HOLDEN, P. Wexford.

BYRNES, Andrew, Wicklow.

BYRNES, Michael, Wicklow.

SMITH, Lawrence, Armagh.

BRODERICK, Daniel, Cork.

DUNN, Timothy, Co. Dublin.

KENNEDY, Thomas, Galway.

MACKIN, Bernard, Longford.

SULLIVAN, Thomas, Tipperary.

M'CAIRN, Jos. Armagh.

NUGENT, Thomas, Armagh.

DERMODY, John, Tipperary.

KELLY, Edward, Galway.

FITZPATRICK, Patrick, Longford.

JENNINGS, Michael, Galway.

LEE, William, Cork.

GROGAN, George, Queen's County.

COLBERT., M. Tipperary.

SMITH, Martin, Westmeath.

GARVEY, John, Armagh.

FOX, Pat, Armagh.

SHEEHAN, Edward, Kilkenny.

KERR, William, Tyrone.

CASSIDY, Patrick, Monaghan.

CASSIDY, Owen, Cavan.

M'ELROY, Patrick, Monaghan.

BYRNES, John, Wexford.

M'DONALD, Patrick, Wexford.

M'NALLY, James, Monaghan.

LOVER, Samuel, Cork.

DOUGHERTY, Thomas, Tyrone.

M'NULTY, Patrick, Armagh.

MURRAY, James, King's County.

MULLEN, James, Derry.

HANNIGAN, Phillip, Donegal.

MACGARR, John, Longford.

CUNNINGHAM, James, Down.

MURPHY, Phillip, Dublin.

WHITE, James, Cork.

CUMMINS, Timothy, Kerry.

M'CUE, John, Monaghan.

DONNELLY, James, Tyrone.

O'CONNOR, Patrick, Wexford.

SEXTON, Daniel, Clare.

RONEY, Patrick, Down.

CLARKE, Pat, Cavan.

CURRY, B. Sligo.

MULLEN, Pat, Tyrone.

MURDOCK. Thomas, Fermanagh.

HEALEY, Martin, Roscommon.

M'GINNESS, Ever, Down.

M'CRISTLE, Edward, Derry.

DIFFLY, J., Roscommon.

DONNELLY, Peter, Tyrone.

HEALY, John, Leitrim.

M'CREADY, Wm. Donegal.

WHELAN, Michael, Galway.

O'KEEFFE, Ann, Donegal.

MURRAY, Arthur, Tyrone.

AHERN, John, Limerick.

KENNY, Michael, Longford.

CATTON, John, Wicklow.

MAREEN, Terence, Monaghan.

M'GEE, Hugh, Fermanagh.

BRESNAN, John, Kerry.

M'KENNY, Peter, Monaghan.

LALLY, Mardecai, Galway.

MONAGHAN, John, Tyrone.

LYNCH, Daniel, Clare.

M'GLELLAN, G. Antrim.

BURNS, Martin, N. Wexford.

A boy from Paddy's Land pair a dol. (No Name).

O'DONNELL, Barney, Donegal.

O'NEILL, Mrs James, Dublin.

M'COLGAN, Barney, Donegal.


MULLEN, Tyrone.

MULHOLLAND, Arthur, Antrim.

CASSIDY, James, Cavan.

MOORE, Robert, Donegal.

STEELE, Samuel, Derry.

MURRAY, William, Dublin.

M'DONNELL, Robert, Fermanagh.

DUNLEVY, Thomas C., Fermanagh.

HYDE, Samuel, G., Fermanagh.

KERR, John, Tyrone.

O'NEILL, John, Wicklow.

KEARNS, Samuel, Tyrone.

M'DONNELL, James, Monaghan.

M'CONNELL, P., King's County.

DALY, Patrick, Cavan.

BOGUE, Hugh, Fermanagh.

BURDEN, Richard, Cork.

REILLY, Bernard, Monaghan.

PATEN, Hamilton, Donegal.

PHELAN, Nicholas, Waterford.

DOYLE, Peter, Derry.

MURRAY. J. Monaghan.

QUINN, Michael, Monaghan.

M'MANUS, Michael, Fermanagh.

ROACH, Michael, Cork.

SHARKEY, John, Donegal.

MURRAY, Patrick, Galway.


O'NEILL, James, Armagh.

TRACY, Matthew, Monaghan.

TRACY, Patrick, Monaghan.

TRACY, Philip, Monaghan.

MULLEN, John, Tyrone.

KELLY, Thomas, Mayo.

CLARKE, Patrick, Cavan.

MAXWELL, John F., Armagh.

CRAWFIELD, William, King's County.

M'KEWAN, Thomas, Armagh.

KERR, E.M. Cavan.

MADDEN, Thomas, Fermanagh.

MULLEN, J. Monaghan.

M'AVOY, Francis, Donegal.

KING, Nicholas, Carlow.

KAVANAGH, Jas. Wicklow.

M'GREEVY, John A., Down.

SCRAHEY or SCRABEY, Edward, Co. Down.

STANEY, John, Down.

SULLIVAN, Denis, Cork.

MULLEN, Peter, Tyrone.

COLLINS, Thomas, Kildare.

TIMMONS, Charles, Wicklow.

WARD, Charles, Donegal.

KENNEDY, James P. Tipperary.

GRIFFIN, John, Galway.

HARWOOD, Jas, Buncranna, Donegal.

HARWOOD, Thomas, Buncranna, Donegal.

DOUGHERTY, Neil, Donegal.

M'GOVERN, Edward, Leitrim.

KIRWAN, Barney, Monaghan.

KELLY, Pat, Fermanagh.

DROHEN, Thomas, Tipperary.

MOORE, Henry, Down.

M'MAHON, Francis, Fermanagh.

M'FADDEN, Pat. Donegal.

M'GUIRK, James, Galway.

DUNN, John, King's County.

DALY, Owen, Cavan.

MARTIN, John, Mayo.

MANLY, John, Meath.

M'CUSKER, Daniel, Tyrone.

CORRIGAN, Bartholomew, Sligo.

CONCANNON, Michael, Galway.

KELLY, Fergus, Galway.

M'DONNEll, James, Cavan.

KENNEDY, Michael, City of Dublin.

SMITH, Patrick, Meath.

COYLE, Thomas, Westmeath.

SHEA, Maurice, Cork.

DONNELly, James, Armagh.

GIRVIN, Henry, Armagh.

M'KEWIN, Hugh, Armagh.

STARKS, James, Cork.

ROCK, James, Armagh.

FERAN, Patrick, Armagh.

HAGAN, Mark, Monaghan.

ROCK, Neal, Armagh.

M'LAUGHLAN, William, Donegal.

M'QUADE, John, Tyrone.

DUNN, Edward, Queen's County.

GRIFFITh, Thomas, City of Dublin.

GALLAGHER, Lesley, Londonderry.

HUGHES, Patrick, Tyrone.

MULLIGAN, Thomas, Fermanagh.

MULLIGAN, Hugh, Fermanagh.

REILLY, Sylvester, Cavan.

FOX, John, Longford.

HAMMOND, D., Tyrone.

M'CADDAN, Bernard, Monaghan.

M'ARDLE, B or H., Monaghan.

M'GINNITY, F., Cavan.

KERR, John, Tyrone.

RONEY, William, Down.

COLLINS, J.P., County of Cork.

M'CLELLAN, Edward, Antrim.

M'GUIRE, Hugh, Longford.

ROCHE, Edward, Cork.

M'CLURE, Peter, Monaghan.

GRADY, Patrick, Clare.

M'ADAM, Edward, Clare.

CUNNINGHAM, Edward, Down.

WALSH, James, Donegal.

KERNAN, James, Down.

O'NEILL, Bernard, Down.

BYRNE, Cavin, Wicklow.