News:  Freemans Journal, Births, Marriages & Deaths 15 Apr 1841

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On the 13th inst, in Richmond Place, the Lady of R. 
ARCHDALL, Esq., of Riverstown, Co. Fermanagh, of a son.

On the 11th inst, the Lady of Captain HOEY, of Lower 
Sackville Street, of a son.

On the 9th inst, in Roscommon, the lady of Joseph HEILY, 
Esq., M.D., of a son.

On the 10th inst, in Limerick, the Lady of M.H. D'COURCY, 
Esq., of a son.

On the 10th inst, in Connaught Place, London, Viscountess 
Bernard, of a daughter.

On the 10th inst, the Lady of Doctor CHURCHILL, of Stephen's 
Green, West, of a son.

On the 9th inst, the Lady of Lestock Francis BOILEAU, Esq., 
Royal Navy, Inspecting Commander Coast Guard, Gorey 
District, of a son.

On the 9th inst, in Clonmel, the lady of the Rev. J.P. 
RHOADES, of a son.

On the 23rd Jan, in Deesa, Bombay, the Lady of Assistant 
Surgeon, R.H. A. HUNTER, 2nd or Queen's Royal Regiment, of a 


On the 12th inst, in Charleville, Co. Cork, by the Rev. Mr. 
COTTER, John Gilles, Esq, of St. John's, New Brunswick, to 
Susan, second daughter of the late John WHYTE, of 
Essex-Street, in this city.

On the 5th inst, at Stonehouse, Devonshire, the Rev. Thomas 
TOWNSEND, Rector of Kilruane, in the Co. Tipperary, to 
Caroline, daughter of the late Langley BRACKENBURY, Esq., of 

On the 26th Nov last, at Coleram, Bengal, W.G. BAER, Esq., 
M.D., of the 26th , or Cameronian Regiment, son of the 
Assistant Quartermaster-General in Ireland, to Elizabeth, 
youngest daughter of Captain WRIXON, late of the 5th Dragoon 


In Gloucester Street, Mary, Daughter of Professor KANE.

On the 7th inst, in this city, Maurice O'HALLARAN, Esq, of 
Killocrim, Co. Kerry, Lieut on half-pay of the 62nd 

On the 12th inst, at Laybeg, Co. Wicklow, Anobella, the 
beloved wife of John GREY, Esq. She was a most affectionate 
mother, and to her numerous acquaintances a kind friend.

On the 6th inst, in Castlebar, James BOWDEN, Esq, son of the 
late William BOWDEN, Esq, of Gardenfield, Co. Mayo.

At Eden, Co. Mayo, Alexander O'MATLEY, Esq.

On the 7th inst in Castlebar, John FINGLASS, Esq. M.D.

On the 6th inst, in Tipperary, Miss Ellen DAVERN, sister of 
Rev. P.O.B. DAVERN, Catholic Curate of Knockaville.

On the 12th inst, in Cork, Eliza, wife of Captain COLVILLE, 
of the 97th Regiment.

In Belfast, Surgeon John HAMMERSLEY, only son of Lieut. W. 
HAMMERSLEY, of the 3rd Garrison Battalion.

At Piltown, Samuel MATHEWS, Esq, one of the senior Aldermen 
of Kilkenny.

On the 12th inst, Emily, wife of Isaac MANDERS, Esq., of 
Castlesize, Co. Kildare.

On the 10th April, Major Benjamin Marcus BALL, formerly of 
the 40th Regiment.

In Tinhae, in the Island of Chusan, Lieut. John M. DANIELL, 
of the 26th Cameronians, youngest son of H. DANIELL, Esq, of 
New Forest, Co. Westmeath.

On the 7th inst, in Abbey Yard, Newry, Lieut Robert Needham 
CARLISLE, formerly of the 86th Regiment, and latterly on 
half pay of the 25th Regiment.

On the 7th inst, in Prussia Street, aged 94, Mrs Mary 
HOWISON, relict of the late Alderman HOWISON, of this city.

On the 10th inst, at his house, Bethampton, Rathgar-Road, 
beloved and esteemed by all who knew him, Alfred BETHAM, 
esq. in the 46th year of his age, youngest son of the late 
Rev. W. BETHAM, Rector of Stoke Lucy, in the County of 
Herford, and brother of Sir William BETHAM.

In this city, Mrs PEPPER, relict of the late Thomas R. 
PEPPER, esq., of Laughton, Co. Tipperary, and sister to 
General Lord BLOOMFIELD.

(Spellings as per Newspaper.)