News:  Freemans Journal, Births, Marriages & Deaths 20 Nov 1821

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At Rathmines Road, on the 15th inst, the lady of Captain 
MURER, Royal Fusiliers, of a daughter.

A few days ago in Lawrence's Street, Drogheda, the lady of 
Henry METCALFE, esq, M.P. of a son and heir.

At Ballinasloe, on the 13th inst, the lady of James Stanley 
IRELAND, Esq, 6th Royal Veteran Battalion, of a daughter.

On the 16th inst, at Blackrock, Cork, the lady of Robert 
MORRISON, Esq, of a daughter.

On the same day in Cork, the lady of James HENNESY, Esq, of 
Ballymacmoy House, of a son.

On the 28th ult at Ballymackeogh, the lady of William RYAN, 
Esq, of a son.

On the 6th inst, the lady of Lieut. Colonel Ross, of the 4th 
Dragoon Guards, of a daughter.

On the 14th inst, in York Place, London, the lady of Joseph 
HUME, esq, M.P. of a daughter.


On Wednesday last, by special licence, at Felbridge Park, 
Sussex, by the Rev. Henry PARSONS, General the Honourable 
Frederick St. JOHN, to Caroline Elizabeth PARSONS, youngest 
daughter of the late J. PARSONS, Esq.

On Thursday at St. Pancras Church, London, Lieut Colonel A. 
HOGG, to Agnes, daughter of William DINWIDDLE, Esq, of 
Burton Crescent.

On the 6th inst, at North Wellington Place, Glasgow, Major 
William STUART, of the 91st Regiment, to Anne, only daughter 
of the late Captain KENNEDY, of Spring Hall.

On the 15th inst, John PALDWIN, Esq, of Oak Grove, Co. Cork, 
to Esther, eldest daughter of Robert ELLIS, Esq, of 
Croughalickey, in said County.

On the 13th inst, in Lurgan, John McCORMICK, esq, to 
Margaret, second daughter of the late Mr. John HESLETT, of 

On the 6th inst, in Edinburgh, Captain Alexander GORDON, of 
the Royal Navy, to Mary Elizabeth, only daughter of the late 
Sir Ernest GORDON, Bart, of Parks.


At 2 o'clock yesterday, Mr. Thomas HARRICKS, aged 19, son of 
the late William Harricks, esq, of Onagh, Co. Wicklow, and 
brother to Richard HARRICKS, of Westmoreland Street.

At P*aistreet House, near Taunton, Somerset, in the 73rd 
year of his age, the Rev. Doctor Ambrose, of Mount-Ambrose, 
Co. Dublin.

At Lincoln, aged 80 years, John HARE, Esq, formerly a 
Captain in the Enniskillen Dragoons.

At Cannanore, in the East Indies, Major John GILES, of the 
55th Regiment.

On the 2nd inst at Ballygalane, Co. Waterford, Mrs POWER, 
relict of the late Doctor Alexander Power.

On the 11th inst at Reigate, Mrs JOLLIFFE, aged 76, relict 
of the late William JOLLIFFE, Esq, M.P. for Petersfield.

On the 10th inst in the 61st year of his age, the Rev. 
Robert HEZLET, Mayor Elect of the town of Colerain, and for 
upwards of 40 years Rector of the Parish of Killowen.

On the 10th inst at Twickenham, Mary BRITTAL in the 65th or 
85th of her age.

Age 83 years, Mr. John EDWARDS , of Erbistock, Flintshire. 
He and his wife had 40 children.

On Friday last in Ennis, much regretted, Lieut CRABB, of the 
46th Regiment.