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Yesterday morning in Glenville Street, the lady of Patrick 
LYNCH, Esq, of A*field, of a daughter.

On Saturday last, at her father's Lieut Colonel HART, the 
lady of Charles DRURY, Esq, of Ballfree, Co. Wicklow, of a 

At Chichester, the lady of Captain SCHOMBERG, of the Royal 
Navy, of a son.

On Thursday last, a poor woman at Beeston, of the name of 
Grace HESTON, was delivered of three children, two boys and 
a girl, who with their mother, are doing well. Her husband 
is a collier, and frequently out of employment.


On the 15th inst, by the Archdeacon of Dublin, John ROTTON, 
Esq, of St. James's Square, Bath, to Anna Maria, second 
daughter of the late John STACKE, Esq, of Dominick Street.

On the 11th inst, Rodolphus MORTIMER, Esq, of Ballygally, 
Co. Waterford, to Frances Ellen, daughter of the late 
Neville BATH, Esq, of Cork.

On Tuesday, at Charles Church, Plymouth, T. BASS, esq, of 
the Royal Navy, aged 77, to Miss Jane SNEIL, aged 24, being 
the third time this Gentleman has entered into this holy and 
happy state.

On the 6th inst, John HAY, Jnr, Esq, of Smithfield and 
Hayston, to Miss Anne PRESTON, daughter of the late Lieut 
Colonel George Preston, of the Royal Marines, and niece of 
Sir Robert Preston, Bart, of Valleyfield.

At Windsor, Nova Scotia, John M'KAY, Esq, of Bettyville, 
Sutherlandshire, Captain in the 27th, or Enniskillen 
Dragoons, to Amelia Isabella, third daughter of the late 
Banjamin de WOLF, Esq, of that place.


On the 9th inst, at Kilmuray, Co. Wicklow, of a rapid 
decline, Mr. Philip MAGUIRE, son of the late Mr. Thomas 
MAGUIRE, Nurseryman of said county. He bore his approaching 
dissolution with the most exemplary patience and christian 

On the 9th inst, at Adelphi, at an advanced age, Mrs 
FITZGERALD, relict of William FITZGERALD, Esq, late of 
Kilcarragh, Co. Clare.

On the 6th inst, at Corgary Lodge, in the County of Down, 
Edward INNES, esq, in the 70th year of his age.

At Newcastle, Co. Limerick, Henry, eldest son of the Rev. 

On the 29th of March last, at Dinapore, Bengal, Colonel 
Alexander M'LEOD, of the 59th Regiment, after an illness of 
only three days, most sincerely regretted by his brother 

In April last, at Elch*pore, in the East Indies, Mrs 
OGILVIE, wife of Captain Duncan OGILVIE, of the 2nd Madras 
Native Infantry, and daughter of Doctor DUNCAN, of Ra*bo.

On the 17th of May last, in Campbell County, Virginia, at 
the extraordinary age of 121 years, Mr. Charles LAYNE, Sen. 
He was born near Buckingham County in the year 1700. He has 
left a widow of 110 years and numerous and respectable 
family down to the third and fourth generation.

On Tuesday, the 16th inst, Mr. Michael PHILLIPS, of Ormond 
Market, Butcher.

(All spelling as per paper).