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On the 16th inst, at Magheramorne House, the lady of Thomas 
MAXWELL,Esq, of a son.

At Paramatta, Sydney, New South Wales, the lady of Lieut. 
WARDELL, of the 28th Regiment, of a daughter.


On the 18th inst, by special license, by the Rev. Dean 
GRANT, P.P. Wicklow, P.C. DORAN, Esq, of Castlemitchell, in 
the County Kildare, to Kate Frances, second daughter of 
Alexander M'DANIEL, of Banabrougha, Co. Wicklow, J.P.

On the 17th inst, George GORDON, Esq, of this city, to 
Olivia, third daughter of James PARKER, Esq, of 

On the 13th inst, Lewis WATTERS, esq, of Dungarvan, to Mary, 
eldest daughter of the late Thomas RYAN, Esq, of Cottage, in 
the County Tipperary.

On the 18th inst, John H. HAYDEN, Esq, of Carlisk, Co. 
Kilkenny, to Mary, only daughter of Richard WALSH, Esq, of 
Moonveen, in the same county.

On the 18th inst, John Thomas, eldest son of Odell WESTROPP, 
Esq, of Ballystein, Co. Limerick, to Sarah Elizabeth, only 
child of Charles SMYTH, Esq, of Rathkeale.

On the 16th inst, Daniel M'CARTHY, Esq, of Sugrenney, Co. 
Kerry, to Ellen, daughter of the late Captain TRANT, of 
Waterview, in the same county.

On the 16th inst, in Doneraile, James L. COTTER, Esq, son of 
the Rev. Doctor COTTER, Vicar of the Union of Buttevant, to 
Maria, eldest daughter of H. LANGLEY, Esq, of Ballyellis, 
Co. Cork.

On the 17th inst, at Barwick, John, second son of the late 
Silvanes ROBINSON, Esq, of Bandon, Co. Cork, to Sarah Anne, 
eldest daughter of James Hobson, Esq, of Leeds.

In Liverpool, Captain Adam White, of the merchant service, 
to Margaret HINDE, only daughter of Captain Walker, late of 
the 15th regiment.


At Kilbarry, Co. Cork, aged 86 years, James BARRY, Esq.

On the 14th Sept last, at Madras, Captain C. SANBACH, of the 
15th Hussars.

On the 31st Dec, at Lisbon, County St. Lawrence, State of 
New York, aged 75 years, A. O'NEILL, Esq, formerly of the 
County Antrim.

On the 10th inst, in the Workhouse of Wexford, James CARTY, 
aged 103 years.

On the 21st inst, in the 24th year of his age, at Bellgeen, 
Co. Meath, Mr. John FARRELL, deeply regretted by all who 
knew him. Deceased had been an auctioneer at Mr. BENTLEY'S 
establishment, 157 Capel Street, the duties of which 
situation he discharged to the entire satisfaction of his 
principal and the public.