News:  Freemans Journal, Births, Marriages, Deaths 4 May 

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File contributed by: Joyce Tunstead. Transcribed by Mary Heaphy


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On the 29th ult, at Adamstown, Co. Meath, the lady of 
Captain R.N. BOLTON, of a son.

On the 30th ult, at the Grange, Kilcooly, Co. Tipp, the lady 
of the Rev. William R. TOWERS, of a daughter.

On the 1st inst, at Drumbo Rectory, the lady of Rev. H. 
MAUNSELL, of a daughter.


On the 2nd inst, in St. Anne's Church, William D. MOORE, 
Esq., of South Anne Street, to Catherine Mary, eldest 
daughter of Mark MONSARRAT, Esq., of Kildare Street..

On the 2nd inst, in St. Mark's Church, the Rev. George 
Edward EAGLE, only son of the late Edward EAGLE,Esq., M.D., 
Surgeon to the Forces, to Adeline Eliza, youngest daughter 
of the late B. BRADSHAW, Esq., of Baggot-Street.

On the 2nd inst., in St. Thomas's Church, Thomas SEED, Esq., 
of Belfast, to Eliza, daughter of the late Rev. Richard 
FITZGERALD, of Glenville, Co. Clare.

On the 2nd inst., in St. Peter's Church, Robert TOTTENHAM, 
esq., second son of the late Charles TOTTENHAM, Esq., of 
Ballycurry, Co. Wicklow, to Mary, eldest daughter of Colonel 
SYNGE, of Holles-Street.

On the 2nd inst., in St. Peter's Church, Jeffrey LEFROY, 
Esq., third son of the Right Hon. Baron LEFROY, to Helena, 
eldest daughter of the Rev. Frederick S. TRENCH, of 

On the 30th ult, in Muff Church, Co. Donegal, G. WOODHOUSE, 
Esq., to Margaret, daughter to the late John COCHRAN, of 
Londonderry, Esq., Merchant.

At Gibraltar, Captain R. LEWIS, of the 45th Regiment, son of 
the Rev. William Lewis, of Limerick, to Margaret Anne, only 
daughter of A. CAMPBELL, Esq., Tower Adjutant.

On the 29th ult, in London, Captain CARR, of the 38th 
Regiment, to Miss Jane CONWELL, of Park Road, Regent's Park.

On the 30th ult, in St. George's, Hanover Square, London, 
Albert WAY, Esq., son of the Rev. Lewis WAY, of Stansted 
Park, Sussex, to the Hon. Emmeline STANLEY, daughter of Lord 
STANLEY, of Alderley, and niece of the Lord Bishop of 


On the 1st inst, in Henrietta Street, of influenza, Anna 
Maria, second daughter of the late Patrick CONRY, of Kildare 
Street, Esq., Solicitor.

On the 1st inst, in South Anne Street, James EGAN, Esq., 
late of Tuam, Lieutenant on half pay of the 21st North 
British Fusiliers.

On the 1st inst, in Mountpleasant-Square, aged 84, Anne, 
relict of Major JAMES.

At Coothill, Co. Cavan, Hugh, fourth son of Henry MITCHELL, 
Esq., formerly of the 8th Light Dragoons.

In London, Mary-Ann, widow of Lieut. Colonel BAILEY, 
formerly Major in the 19th Light Dragoons.

On the 25th ult, at Chelsea, aged 70 years, Nicholas CLOAK, 
esq., formerly Surgeon of the 88th, or Connaught Rangers.

On the 17th ult, at Lisbon, Janet, wife of Captain J. 
MACKENZIE, on half pay of the 94th Regiment.

(Spelling as per Paper).