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File contributed by: Joyce Tunstead. Transcribed by Mary Heaphy


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On the 25th ult, in Francis-Street, Mrs Martin LANDY, of a 

On the 25th ult, in Cork, the lady of Richard O'DONOVAN, 
Esq., of Drombroe Cottage, in that County, of a son and 

On the 25th ult, at Mitchelstown, the lady of the Rev. 
Thomas Edward EVANS, of a daughter.

On the 27th ult, at Adelaide Terrace, the lady of E. 
BARRETT, Esq., of a son.

On the 25th ult, at Drumshanbo Glebe, Co. Tyrone, the lady 
of the Rev. Richard JOHNSTON, of a daughter.

At Ballyshannon, the lady of J. WELSH, Esq. M.D., of a 

At Glasgow, the lady of the Rev. Richard WEBB, late of 
Limerick, of a son.


On the 27th ult, Matthew Walter DUNNE, of Punchestown House, 
Co. Kildare, Esq., to Kate, third daughter of Christopher 
COFFEY, of Scribblestown, Co. Kildare, Esq.

On the 25th ult, in Newry, James HAMILTON, Esq., Surgeon, of 
Dungannon, to Emily, daughter of John H. WALLACE, Esq., 

On the 25th ult., John Robert Wilton, Esq., of the 11th 
Regiment, to Betsey TANISH, youngest daughter of the late 
Major R. CLARKE, of the Royal Marines.

On the 25th ult in Liverpool, Captain G. HOOKEY, Paymaster 
of the Chatham Division of the Royal Marines, to Sarah, 
daughter of the late Thomas MASON, esq., of Lincoln.

On the 22nd of Oct., at Port Louis, Mauritius, M.B. GALLWEY, 
esq., of the Royal Artillery, to Constance Grace, widow of 
Archibald H. MONRO, Esq., of the 92nd Highlanders, and 
eldest daughter of Colonel PALMER, of the Royal Artillery.


On the 27th ult, at Kellyville, in the Queen's County, the 
Rev. Thomas WEBBER, rector of Castle Macadam, Co. Wicklow.

On the 9th of Feb., at Gibraltar, Francis Arthur MACAN, Esq. 
M.D. Staff Surgeon.

On the 24th ult, at his residence on the North-Wall, John 
STRAKER, Esq., aged 64 years, deeply regretted by his family 
and friends.

In Tralee, suddenly, Mary, eldest daughter of the late 
William BUSTEED, esq.

On the 25th ult, in Wexford, Ambrose, second son of William 
RUDD, Esq.

On the 20th ult, at Ben-Vale, Eliza, wife of the Rev. James 
ALLISON, of Cumber.

On the 20th ult, William HEWITT, and on the 24th, Alexina 
Ellen, children of John Mitchell DYSART, Esq., of 

At Grangemore, aged 78 years, Samuel HENRY, Esq., brother to 
the late Rev. Henry HENRY, of Connor.

On the 22nd ult, at Ballyderry House, Co. Wicklow, John H. 
WELDON, esq., fourth son of John H. WELDON, Esq., of Gravel 
Mount, Co. Meath.

On the 4th ult, of consumption, in New Street, Miss Phoebe 
STUART, aged 25 years.

On the 24th ult, in Queen-Anne Street, London, Douglas, 
second son of Major General MERCER.

At Great Torrington, Devonshire, William LEA, Esq., on 
half-pay of the late 20th Light Dragoons, and Captain and 
Adjutant of the North Devon Yeomandry Cavalry.