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File contributed by: Joyce Tunstead. Transcribed by Mary 


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On the 21st inst, in York Street, the lady of John COULTER, 
Esq., M.D. of a son.

On the 24th inst, at Eden-Quay, the lady of James MILEY, or 
MOLEY, esq., of a son.

At Plassnewyd, County Dublin, the lady of James O'BRIEN, 
Esq., Queen's Counsel, of a son.

In Limerick, the lady of Croker BARRINGTON, Esq., Lieut in 
the Royal Navy, of a son.

At Mount Carteret, in the King's County, the lady of John P. 
ARMSTRONG, esq., of a son.

At Finisklin, in the County Sligo, the lady of T.H. FERRALL, 
Esq., of a daughter.

In Gorey, the lady of Lieut. Henry. W. WILEY, of the **th 
Regiment, of a daughter.

In Coleraine, the lady of Thomas THORNLEY, Esq., 
Sub-Inspector of Constabulary, of a daughter.

On the 25th inst., at Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow, the lady of the 
Rev. William Smyth GUINNESS, of a daughter.

On the 25th inst, at Muff Glebe, near Cookstown, County 
Tyrone, the lady of the Rev. William IRVINE, of a daughter.

On the 18th inst, at Brighton, Lady Harriet Baillie 
HAMILTON, of a daughter.


On the 25th inst, at Ennis, Co. Clare, Octavius O'BRIEN, 
Esq., son of Matthew O'BRIEN, Esq., M.D. to Maria, eldest 
daughter of John HARLEY, Esq., of Clonroad.

On the 10th inst, at Stoke Fleming, Devonshire, Percy 
HOCKEN, Esq., of Dartmouth, to Mary Georgiana, and on the 
15th inst, Henry BROOKING, Esq., of the Island of Madeira, 
to Annette Caroline, daughters of T.C. Steuart CORRY, Esq., 
of Rockcorry Castle, Co. Monaghan.

On the 21st inst, at Llandysilio, Anglesey, George Crawford 
FEATH, of Cork Esq., Solicitor, to Isabella Jane, eldest 
daughter of Henry Andrew BATES, Esq., Lieut, in the Royal 

On the 19th inst, at Rossend, Fifeshire, James W. BROUGHTON, 
Esq. M.D. of Madeira, to Henrietta Robina BEATSON, fourth 
daughter of the late Major-General BROUGHTON.


On the 24th inst, in the 51st year of her age, Mrs Mary Anne 
SMYTH, relict of Mr. John SMYTH, of Eustace-Street. Her 
friends are numerous, so were her virtues.

At St. Vincent, of Typhus fever, the Rev. Charles WALLER, 
son to the Hon. C. WALLER, of Canada, and son in law to the 
late Austin LEVERS, Esq., of Limerick.

On the 13th inst, at St. George's Hospital, London, aged 73 
years, Joseph, the nephew of Oliver GOLDSMITH.

On the 21st inst, at Leamington, Lady MACLEOD, wife of Major 
General Sir Donald MACLEOD, of the East India Company's 

On the 23rd inst, at Dieppa, Bernard Topham Foord BOWES, 
esq., late Captain in the 95th Regiment, and nephew of the 
late Major General Foord BOWES.