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File contributed by: Joyce Tunstead. Transcribed by Mary 


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On the 31st inst, at Lyons, Co. Kildare, the seat of Lord 
Cloncurry, the lady of the Hon. E. LAWLESS, of a son and 

On Saturday last, in Upper Pembroke Street, the lady of 
Stephen BROWNE, Esq, Barrister-at-Law, of a son.

On the 28th ult, the Countess of ASHBURNHAM, of a son and 

On the 23rd of August at Bermuda, the Lady of Captain 
SILLERY, of the 30th Regiment, of a daughter.


On the 29th ult, in Cork, the Rev. S. Charles FOOT, Rector 
of Knocktopher, to Maria, third daughter of Colonel TURNER, 
Assistant Adjutant-General of the Southern District.

On the 29th ult, Arthur Gethin CREAGH, Esq, of Doneraile, 
son of the late Arthur Gethin CREAGH, Esq, of Laurentinum, 
to Eliza, only daughter of Admiral EVANS, of Oldtown, Co. 

On the 29th ult, in Cork, Francis W. LINDSAY, esq., of Rose 
Lodge, youngest son of the late John LINDSAY, Esq, to 
Hester, second daughter of Mr. Isaac COOMBE, of Chippenham, 

On the 28th ult, Ambrose RUSH, esq., of Galway, to Eliza, 
eldest daughter of the Rev. R. Colles, of Kilconnell Glebe, 
in that county.

On the 29th inst, in Redcross Church, Co. WICKLOW, Samuel 
Manning, M.D. Esq, of Arklow, to Sarah, only daughter of the 
late Aris Brass SHERWOOD, Esq, of Johnstown.

On Saturday last in Limerick, Arthur, son of the Rev. Henry 
PALMER, Rector of Tubrid, Co. Tipperary, to Maria, only 
daughter of the late George OWENS, of Limerick.

On the 28th ult, at Ovens Church, Cork, and afterwards at 
the residence of the lady's father, according to the rights 
of the Catholic Church, John SPLAINE, Esq, of Moneens, to 
Frances, eldest daughter of Richard DONOVAN, Esq, of 
Lisheen, Co. Cork.

On the 27th ult, Cornelius SULLIVAN, Esq, of Cork, to 
Margaret, only daughter of Patrick MURPHY, Esq, of 
Garryhesty, in that county.

On the 29th ult, William PHILLIPS, Esq, of Mount Phillips, 
Co. Tipperary, to Laura, youngest daughter of the late Rev. 
Dr. PENNEFATHER, of Newport, in the same county.

On the 25th ult, at Bath, the Rev. Henry George WALSH, third 
son of James WALSH, Esq., of Stedhall, Co. Meath, and of 
Port Hubert, near Nantes, to Louise, eldest daughter of the 
late Arthur WESTON, Esq, Major in the 3rd Dragoon Guards.

On the 28th ult, at Titchborne, Hampshire, John TOWNELEY, 
Esq, second son of P.E. TOWNELEY, Esq, of TOWNELEY, 
Lancashire, to Lucy Ellen, daughter of Sir H. TITCHBORNE, 

On the 28th ult, at the Hague, C. Van OSENBRUGGEN, Esq, 
A.M., to Anne BURNS, eldest daughter of Mr. John MARSHALL, 
of Downpatrick, Co. Down.

On the 25th August, E.J. M'Mahon, Esq, Deputy Assistant 
Commissary-General, second son of the late Bryan M'MAHON, 
Esq, Registrar of Limerick, to Eleanor, eldest daughter of 
Captain SUTHERLAND, Barrack-Master of St. Vincent.

On the 28th ult, at Lyme Regis, Lieut-Colonel TUBERVILLE, of 
Llanblethian, Glamorganshire, late of the 12th Regiment, to 
Elizabeth, eldest daughter of S. DOWELL, Esq, of Bath.


On the 27th ult, at Enniscorthy, Mrs Jacob, relict of 
Archibald H. JACOB, Esq.

On the 28th ult, aged 72 years, Mrs PORTER, relict of John 
PORTER, Esq, of Lackagh, Co. Donegal.

On the 24th ult, at Cove, Edward Barry CATHER, Esq, of 

At Mount Pleasant, Loughrea, Mrs DALY, relict of Malachy 
DALY, Esq, of R*ford.

On the 26th ult, at Fort Lyster, Athleague, James LYSTER, 

At Corondoo, in the Co. Galway, Sarah, second daughter of 
Michael DOWDALL, Esq.

On the 24th ult, at Hastings, Henry John Tomb, Esq., of 

In Liverpool, Mary Anne, relict of James MARTIN, Esq, late 
of the 38th Regiment, and only daughter of Colonel Charles 
MOORE, of the County Armagh.

On the 23rd ult, at Hackney, near London, Thomas HART, esq., 
formerly an extensive merchant in Limerick.

On the 27th ult, at Clifton, Catherine, youngest daughter of 
the late William PERRY, esq., of Gambonstown, Co. Tipperary.

At Maynooth, Mrs CHAMBERS, relict of Robert CHAMBERS, Esq, 
Assistant-Surgeon of the Kilkenny Militia.

On the 28th ult, at Cheltenham, aged 88 years, Lady STEWART, 
relict of General Sir James STEWART, Bart.

At Capperty, New South Wales, Henrietta, wife of Mr. Richard 
YOUNG, formerly of Armagh, and only daughter of the late 
Thomas WILSON, Esq, Surgeon in the Royal Navy.

On the 31st Oct, aged 16 years, Ellen, daughter of Thomas 
MULHOLLAND, of this city.

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