News:  Freemans Journal, Deaths, Births, Marriages 7, 22 & 
29 Jan 1842

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7th Jan. 1842.


On the 5th inst., in Herbert Place, the lady of R.B.M. 
M'CAUSLAND, esq., of a daughter.

On the 3rd inst, in Harley Street, Cavendish Square, London, 
the lady of Lieut. General Sir Lewis GRANT, of a daughter.

On the 3rd inst, at Windsor, the lady of Captain W.H. 
ROBINSON, of the 72nd Highlanders, of a daughter.

At London, Canada, the lady of G.R. DARTNELL, Esq. of the 
1st Royal Regiment, of a daughter.

On the 4th inst, at Mount Anville, the lady of the Rev. 
Richard ARDILL, of a son.

On the 24th ult at Frankfort-sur-Maine, the lady of John H. 
LETHBRIDGE, Esq., of a daughter.

On the 2nd inst, at Brighton, the lady of the Hon. Charles 
H. TRACY or TRUCY, of a daughter.


On the 5th inst, in St. Peter's Church, Henry ECHLIN, Esq, 
of Lower Mount Street, to Louise Henrietta, youngest 
daughter of W. ESPINASSE, Esq. of Dundrum.

On the 4th inst, in Limerick, Albert, second son of Arthur 
Williams, Esq., of this city, to Dora, only daughter of R. 
BOROUGH, Esq., of Kappa House, Kilrush, Co. Clare.

On the 4th inst., in London, Arthur Beresford BROOKE, Esq., 
of the 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers, only son of Lieut. 
General Sir A. BROOKE, to Frances Maria, daughter of the 
late Captain Thomas WEMYSS, of the Ceylon Rifle Regiment.

On the 24th ult., George KNOX, Esq., of Brownstown House, 
Co. Kildare, son of the late John KNOX, Esq., of Summer-Hill 
in this city, to Mrs Cecilia O'REILLY of Castlebar.

On the 4th inst., at Newcastle Church, Co. Wicklow, Edward 
Eustace FISHBOURNE, Esq., late of the Island of Jamaica, to 
Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late William REVELL, Esq., 
of Ballymoney, Co. Wicklow.

On the 1st inst, at Kinsalebeg, Captain Henry SHEPPARD, of 
the 10th Madras Native Infantry, to Melian, second daughter 
of George ROCH, Esq., of Woodbine Hill, Co. Waterford.

On the 29th ult, At Wharton, Lancashire, Captain F. PYNER, 
of the 5th Fusiliers, to Alice Jane, relict of D. Davison, 
Esq., and eldest daughter of John BOLDEN, esq., of Hyning 
Hall, Lancashire.

In Kilkenny, George Hamilton LOWE, esq., of Mallardstown, 
Co. Kilkenny, to Anne, fourth daughter of Walter KAVANAGH, 
of said city, Esq.


On the 5th inst, in Holles Street, Helen, relict of John 

On the 31st ult, at Phibsborough, Michael BURKE, Esq. of 
Danesfield, Co. Galway.

On the 3rd inst, at Roscrea, John CREAGH, esq., of 
Waterville, Rathkeale, Barrister-at-Law, and senior 
magistrate of the County Limerick.

On the 31st inst, in Limerick, Margaret, wife of Michael 
GAVIN, Esq., and sister of the late George O'Halloran, of 
the King's Own Regiment.

At Lodge, Co. Cork, aged 86 years, the Rev. Phillip FRENCH.

At Glanmire Road, Cork, Eleanor, wife of John BIRD, Esq., of 
the Royal Navy.

On the 4th inst, Frances Isabella, wife of William H. 
Carroll, Esq., of Harcourt-Street.

On the 1st inst, at Bromley, Kent, Thomas BAMDOOLAH, eldest 
son of the late Lieut-Colonel EVANS, of the 38th Regiment.

On the 17th of Oct., at Turk's Island, Bahamas, T. 
DAVENPORT, Esq., of her Majesty's Customs, youngest son of 
Wm. DAVENPORT, Esq., of Derry.

22nd Jan. 1841.


On the 17th inst, at Portobello, the Lady of Lieut. William 
NEDHAM, of the Royal Horse Artillery, of a son.

On the 17th inst, in Merrion Square, the lady of the Rev. 
John W. FINLAY, of a daughter.

On the 17th inst, at Virgemont, Co. Dublin, the lady of Rev. 
John CLARKE Crosthwaite, of a son.

On the 19th inst, at Annamoe Glebe, Co. Wicklow, the lady of 
the Rev. W.J. WEST, of a son.

On the 19th inst at Holywood House, near Belfast, the lady 
of Robert THOMPSON, Esq. of a daughter.

On the 18th inst, in Castlebar, the lady of Graham ACTON, 
Esq. M.D. of a daughter.

On the 16th inst, The lady of John LAWSON, Esq., of 
Kilkenny, of a son.

On the 12th inst., at Clonfert House, County Galway, the 
lady of John Eyre TRENCH, Esq., of a daughter.

On the 15th inst, at Prospect, Co. Wexford, the lady of ? 
BRADDELL, Esq., of a son.

On the 15th inst, at Saunders Grove, the lady of Robert F. 
SAUNDERS, Esq., of a son and heir.

On the 14th inst., the lady of Joseph BEVAN, Esq., of Glen 
Bevan, Co. Limerick, of a daughter.

On the 18th inst, at the Right Hon. John Wilson CROKER'S, 
West Molesey, the lady of George BARROW, Esq., of a son.

On the 17th inst, at Sandwell, Staffordshire, the Countess 
of DARTMOUTH, of a daughter.

At Meldon Park, Northumberland, the lady of Sidney 
STREATFIELD, Esq., late Major in the 52nd Light Infantry, of 
a son.


On the 15th inst., in St. Phillip's Church, Birmingham, by 
the Rev. J. Casebow BARRETT, George Thomas WHITESTONE, Esq., 
of North Earl-Street, Dublin, to Anne Cruise DUDLEY, eldest 
daughter of T.W. ATLEE, Esq., of Snow Hill. The bride was 
given away by her uncle, William DUDLEY, Esq., of Stoke, 
Newington. After the ceremony the happy couple left for 

On the 19th inst, in St. Peter's Church, George Thomas 
EVANS, Esq., of the 74th Regiment, third son of Eyre EVANS, 
Esq., of Ashill Towers, Co. Limerick, to Louisa Barbara, 
second daughter of the late Trevor CORRY, esq., of Newry.

In Donagh Church, Thomas WYBRANTS, Esq., of Templemore, to 
Julia Anne, eldest daughter of the late John Litton ROGERS, 
Esq., Sub-Inspector of Police, Carndonagh.

On the 11th inst, at Claremorris, Patrick Joseph CONWAY, 
Esq., eldest son of Simon CONWAY, esq., to Mary Cecilia, 
only daughter of John KELLY, Esq.

On the 17th inst, in Newry, Daniel M'Cartin, Esq., to Miss 
Bridget Jennings, both of that town.

On the 14th inst at Plymouth, Cholmeley Edward DERING, Esq. 
Lieut in the 85th Light Infantry, to Cecilia Elizabeth 
Louise, eldest daughter of the late Richard CHADWICK, of 
Ireleigh, Cornwall, Esq.

On the 12th inst, at Woolwich, Lieut George H. WALLACE, of 
the 16th Regiment, youngest son of Lieut Colonel WALLACE, of 
the Royal Artillery, to Charlotte Beatrice, youngest 
daughter the late George Neville ADAMS, Esq., of 
Gloucester-Place, Portman-Square, London.

On the 23rd ult., at St John's New Brunswick, Lieut. C.E. 
FORD, of the Royal Engineers, to Margaret, daughter of the 
Hon. William BLACK.

At Ghazeenpore, in the East Indies, Lieut Maxwell, of the 
Company's Artillery, to Mary, daughter of Captain MATHEWS, 
Paymaster of her Majesty's 31st Regiment.


In Sligo, Robert NICHOLL, esq., many years Land Agent to 
Edward J. COOPER,Esq., M.P.

At Moneyhow, in the County Derry, Mrs QUINN, relict of J. 
QUINN, Esq. of Coolsara.

On the 17th inst, at Hampstead Hall, near Londonderry, aged 
52 years, William Kerr M'CLINTOCK, Esq.

On the 6th inst, at the residence of his son, the Rev. Mr. 
MULLIGAN, Parish Priest of Forkhill, Co. Armagh, aged 84 
years, Mr. Francis MULLIGAN.

On the 9th inst at Glen Bank, near Belfast, T. MACKEY, esq.

On the 26th ult, at Geneva, after giving birth to a son, 
Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. John W. LA TOUCHE, rector of 
Mountrath, in the Queen's County, and eldest daughter of 
Alexander BOWKER, Esq., of King's Lynn, Norfolk.

At New Orleans, Eliza, wife of Raymond SAVAGE, esq., and 
daughter of the late Edward A. SCOTT, Esq., of Cork.

On the 15th inst., the Hon. George Vivian CHICHESTER, 
youngest son of the late Lord TEMPLEMORE, age 7 years.

Lately, William Foster DICK, only surviving brother of 
Quintin DICK, Esq., M.P. for Maldon, Essex.

At Newington, Lieut Colonel MACDONALD, Fort-Major of 
Carlisle, and formerly of the 4th Royal Veteran Battalion.

On the 15th inst, at Bromley, Kent, Captain Randal FOOT, 
late of the 6th Dragoon Guards.

On the 8th inst., in Edinburgh, Dr. Andrew CHRISTIE, 
formerly of the Enniskillen Dragoons.

On the 8th ult., at Acre, Lieut-Colonel William WALKER, of 
the Royal Marines, aged 57.

At Chirton House, Northumberland, aged 91, John COLLINGWOOD, 
esq., brother to the late gallant Admiral Lord COLLINGWOOD.

At Grenada, the Rev. Maurice O'CONNOR, Catholic incumbent.

At Trinidad, the Rev. John DALY, late of Demerara.

29th November 1844.


On the 28th inst, the lady of Edward M'DONNELL, Esq. Merrion 
Square, of a daughter.

On the 28th inst, at Upper Pembroke Street, the lady of 
Thos. COURTENAY, Esq., of a son.

On the 24th inst., at Kingstown, the lady of Andrew Castle 
MONTGOMERY, Esq. Barrister-at-Law, of a daughter.

On the 25th inst, at Loughbrickland, County Down, the lady 
of Robert Quin ALEXANDER, Esq., of a daughter.

At Ennis College, the lady of the Rev. Doctor KING, of a 
daughter, who survived but a few hours.

At Castlerudderry Park, County Wicklow, the lady of Martin 
L. METCALF, Esq., of a son and heir.

On the 25th inst., at Dunravan Castle, Glamorganshire, 
Viscountess ADARE, of a daughter.

On the 24th inst, at Woolwich, the lady of Captain 
Lethbridge, Royal Artillery, of a son, who only lived a few 


In Duncormick Church, Ralph LETT, esq., of Harristown, Co. 
Wexford, to Harriet Ann, second daughter of Edward WATSON, 
Esq., of Lacken, in the same county.

At Bailieboro, Co. Cavan, the Rev. David BELL, of 
Derryvalley, Ballibay, to Eleanor Isabella, only child of 
Richard CLARKE, Esq., of Bailieboro.

At St. Mary's, Newington, Richard James KELLY, Esq. M.D. 
late of Cork, to Sarah Morphett, eldest daughter of Captain 
TRIBE, of the Royal Navy.

On the 26th inst, in London, Captain Draper, of the 64th 
Regiment, to Anne Constance, fourth daughter of John Grubb, 
esq., of Horsendon House, Buckinghamshire.


At her residence, 77 Aungier Street, on the 24th inst, aged 
57, Mrs Mary TOBIN, widow of Thomas TOBIN, Esq., late of 
College-Street, in this city.

At Ely House, Wexford, Anne, wife of Robert HUGHES, esq.

At Kingstown, Kildare KENNEY, Esq. son of R.W. KENNEY, Esq., 
of Rocksavage, Co. Monaghan.

In Wexford, Mrs CONNOR, widow of the Rev. Maurice CONNOR, 
and daughter of the late Henry MARTIN, esq., of Cork.

On the 26th inst, in Galway, William, second son of the late 
Stephen LEE, esq.

At Gravesend, Mary, wife of Major James Glencairn BURNS, son 
of the immortal Bard, eldest daughter of the late W. 
BECKETT, Esq., of Enfield, Middlesex.

At Allan Park, Stirling, at the residence of his son-in-law, 
Major MEREDITH, of the 13th Light Infantry, James CREED, 
Esq., of Fairview, Cork, aged 88 years.

On the 6th ult., at Montreal, Mrs COX, wife of Colonel James 
COX, late of the 84th Regiment.

At Parramatta, New South Wales, Captain GUNTON, late of the 
50th Regiment.

On the 26th of July last, at Vineyard, Parramatta, Anna 
Josepha, widow of Captain Phillip Gidley KING, of the Royal 
Navy, formerly Governor of New South Wales.

At Hall Place, near Canterbury, Harriet Ellen, relict of 
Colonel WEBB, of the Coldstream Guards.