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6TH DEC. 1763

Limerick, Dec. 8th . Last Saturday died Mr. Jonas Langford, 
of Tullaha, in the County of Limerick, a gentleman of such 
Integrity, Honesty and Sincerity, as gained him the esteem 
of all his acquaintance, whose death is most deservedly 

Last Wednesday died at Kiltennan, Mrs Mary Weeks, Mother to 
Nicholas Weeks, of Ballynanty, Esq., a Gentlewoman of 
exemplary Virtue and Piety.

Yesterday died at her lodgings in Mungret Street, the Widow 
Benner, in the 76th year of her age.

Belfast. Dec. 2nd. Last Sunday died at Mount Prospect, near 
Moirn, Mr. John Moore, eldest son to William Moore, of Mount 
Prospect. Esq.

1st September 1764.

Saturday last was married at Christ Church, Mr. Thos. Davis 
to Miss Mary Hickey.

2ND FEB. 1765.


A few days ago, Mr. Charles Galt, of Colerain, Merchant, to 
the daughter of John Allen, of Rashee, in the County of 

At Tuam, in the County of Galway, Mr. Thomas Browne, of 
Clodcely, Esq. to Miss Ann Davis, daughter of John Davis of 

Mr. John Rotheram of Leighmore, to Miss Dillon of Rathcor, 
in the County of Wexford.

Mr. Benjamin Clarke, Merchant in Ross-Lane, to Miss Read in 

Mr. Samuel Watson, Bookseller in Dame-Street, to Miss 
Watson, daughter of Mr. John Watson, of the Old-Bridge, 

Robert Pool, Esq, of Aungier Street, to the agreeable Widow 
Johnson of Bride-Street.


A few days ago, on Georges Quay, Capt. Robert Watson.

In Dame Street, Capt. Bewley.

At Knockmark, County Meath, The Rev. Oliver Carter.

In York Street, Capt Maunsell.

At Flowerfield, near Colerain, Felix? O'Neal, late of 

In Caple-Street, Mr. John Farran, formerly Cashier to the 
Bank of Hugh Henry, and Henry Mitchell, Esq.

In Exssex-Street, George Tucker, Esq., Clerk of the Ballast 

In the County of Wexford, the Widow Hoar.

At Kildare House, the Hon. Lady Louisa Fitzgerald, daughter 
to the most noble the Marquis of Kildare.

Near Drogheda, the wife of Robert Ball of Ball's Grove.

In Dawson Street, the Hon. Mrs Gore, lady to the Lord Bishop 
of Elphin.

At his house in Church Street, Josiah Bryan, Esq.

2ND MARCH 1765.


A few days ago, Peter Holmes, Esq. Member for Banagher, to 
Miss Elizabeth Prittie, Daughter of Henry Prittie, Knight of 
the Shire for the County of Tipperary.

William Barton Tenison, of Munalty?, to Miss Charity Noble, 
daughter of Adam Noble, of Longfield, in the County of 

At Gormanstown, Mr. Francis Abbee, to Miss Nelly Rafferty.

Mr. Jackson, to Miss Smith, of the Gravel Walk.

Mr. James Boyd, of Coleraine, to Miss Susanna Brown, of said 


A few days ago at Corke, Mr. Garret Barry, son of Mr. John 

At Enniskillen, James M'Kiernan.

In Smock-Alley, Mr. Edward Dezouzhe, Stay-Maker.

At Loughlinstown, Mr. James Purcell, formerly Wollen-Draper, 
in High Street.

In Killala, Samuel Kirkwood, Esq.

At his house in Stephen's Green, at an advanced age, William 
Palmer, Esq., formerly Gentleman Usher, and keeper of the 
Council Chamber.

In Coleraine, Robert Mackey, Esq. a Gentleman of unblemished 

In Skinner Row, Mr. Selcock?, Paint Seller.